How to Train Your Mind

February 26, 2022 - Comment

Finally, a Practical Method for the Development of Brain Power! * No Drugs * No Pills * No Mumbo-Jumbo * No Silly Gizmos * Forgotten Wisdom, Common-Sense Philosophy and a Practical Program Show You How to Train Your Mind the Right Way and Achieve Results You Never Thought Possible! Even if Especially if you’ve never…

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Finally, a Practical Method for the Development of Brain Power!

* No Drugs * No Pills * No Mumbo-Jumbo * No Silly Gizmos *

Forgotten Wisdom, Common-Sense Philosophy and a Practical Program
Show You How to Train Your Mind the Right Way and Achieve Results
You Never Thought Possible!

Even if Especially if you’ve never had success with brain-power boosting programs!

Dear Friend,

You are about to discover what might be the most effective program
ever developed to boost brain-power. You don’t need to buy any
drugs, pills, or herbal remedies. You don’t have to stick to a
special diet–though a healthy diet is recommended! You don’t need
to stand on your head, zap yourself with electricity, meditate
with crystals or even so much as wear a mood ring.

This program
is not about tricks and cheats to achieve short-term results.
You will not read this ebook tonight and wake up an Einstein in
the morning.

You probably didn’t learn these techniques in school, which is
a shame because the majority of the population would be better
off if they did.

If you’re like most people, in school you were
probably tossed a bunch of facts you were expected to remember.
You’ve probably forgotten most of them by now, haven’t you? The
problem isn’t you. It isn’t that you have a poor memory. It isn’t
that you have a short attention span. It isn’t any of those excuses
that have been made for you, or that you’ve made for yourself.

Actually, it is that you have a poor memory or a short attention span. But it’s not your fault!

The problem is that a number of facts were thrown at you, and
your mind never received the proper training in how to manage
that information. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by “information
overload” in today’s world, it is not because you can’t handle
all that data–it is because your mind was never trained how to
handle it!

Imagine a group of children that have never played football, have
never seen it played, and have no knowledge of it whatsoever.
Imagine now that the coach takes them out on the football field,
and starts throwing balls to them.

Some kids will catch the ball;
others will kick it around; and the remainder will avoid getting
hit. If the coach does not tell them when they should catch the
ball, when they should kick the ball or when they should avoid
touching the ball, how will the children ever know what to do
with the ball?

Some will score purely by chance, but most will
play around with the ball, feeling like they’re at least doing
something, but never quite sure what they should be doing with
the ball.

We’d never tolerate that kind of hit-or-miss coaching attitude,
yet we put up with it when it comes to something more important–our

Most people go through life never quite sure of what they
should be doing with the ball that’s been tossed to them. We assume
that we ought to know what to do with it, and make excuses for
why we don’t. Now is the time to stop blaming yourself and finally
learn the right way to exercise your brain. You cannot become
an exceptional athlete without training, so why do we expect to
become exceptional thinkers without the same?

Your mind needs training and exercise, exercise and training.
And, it needs the right exercise and the right training. Without
it, your mental clarity will just wither away.

No matter what your age or current mental ability, if you can
read this, you can increase your brain-power by training your

This program is for you if you’ve ever wanted to…

  • Remember the names of people you meet
  • Be more efficient at work
  • Make better decisions in your personal or professional life
  • Overcome bad habits
  • Increase your focus and attention-span
  • Accomplish the goals you set out to do!

Now is the time to stop dreaming, and start laying the foundation
for achieving your dreams.

Here is just a sampling of what you will learn when you download
your copy of How to Train Your Mind today:

  • How to possess a mind that remembers fully, reasons rightly and
    thinks constructively–a mind overflowing with man’s richest treasure,

  • The difference in the limits to the growth of the body versus
    the growth of the mind.
    (page 5)

  • How our habits help us or curse us–and what can be done about
    it. (chapter 2)

  • How to train your mind to control–and increase–your mental attention. (chapter 3)

  • The usefulness of single-mindedness. (chapter 4)

  • Learn how to establish mental orderliness. (chapter 29)

  • How to be the ruler over your mental kingdom. (chapter 6)

  • How to practise to increase the capacity of each of your five
    (chapter 8)

  • Why you should never stop learning! (page 63)

  • The harmful effects of worry and how to avoid it. (chapter 10)

  • Why will-power doesn’t matter. (pages 72-73)

  • The importance of concentration in remembering things. (chapter 12)

  • The one requirement for remembering the names and faces of people we
    meet. (page 96)

  • Why you should cultivate the powers of verbal expression. (page 133)

  • The right way to choose a hobby that will benefit your personal
    development. (page 139)

How to Train Your Mind is more than just an ebook–it is a comprehensive program for
mental development.

No Matter What Your Current Level of Brain-Training, You Can Start
Using This Amazing Program RIGHT NOW to Start Increasing Your

This isn’t a program for geniuses–in fact, it was not developed
for geniuses! It was developed for the average person who wants
to increase his or her mental power–the power to remember fully,
to reason rightly and to think constructively.

What Do I Need to Use This Program?

The good news is that all you need is this ebook, a pen or pencil, and a journal or blank paper. A stopwatch is recommended for some of the exercises,
but not absolutely required. There is no special equipment to

There are no drugs to take, no pills to swallow. This program
does not require any sort of herbal concoctions. You don’t need
to contort your body into unnatural positions. A comfortable
reading chair will do just fine!

For your convenience, How to Train Your Mind is designed for easy printing and can be printed double-sided (recommended) or single-sided. There is a color section for some of the training exercises; these pages are best printed on a high resolution printer to capture the fine details required. Most pages are black and white.

Please note that printing the ebook is not necessary. If you are comfortable doing the exercises on your computer screen, you don’t need to print them. However, in that case, a journal or blank paper will be needed to perform some of the exercises.

So, How Much Does This Complete Program Cost?

Since this is an ebook, there are no printing and shipping costs–plus
you can download instantly. This allows us to offer it for much
less than it would cost if it were a bound hard copy manual.
You get this incredible program for only $16.77!

Don’t wait another minute to order at this low price!

60-Day Money-Back GuaranteeOne you place your order, you will be directed to the download
page, where you can download your brain training manual and get
started immediately. How to Train Your Mind is in PDF format, so it can be
viewed on any computer (PC or Macintosh). You can read it on
your computer screen, or print out your own copy.

I’m so certain you will be completely satisfied with How to Train Your Mind
that I offer a full 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee. If you’re not happy with your purchase, you can get a full
refund of your purchase price. That means you get to use the package…

Risk-Free for Two Months!

That’s right. Not only do you receive the How to Train Your Mind program for a super price, but you also get to try it out for a full 60 days!

You get all that for only $16.77!

I want to make it easy and affordable for you to get started with this brain training program. That’s why
it’s aggressively priced at just $16.77. Don’t delay—buy now!

Remember, you will learn how to train your mind to control and increase your attention, how to rule over your mental kingdom with an iron fist, how to avoid worry and so much more!

If you need to be more efficient at work, if you need overcome bad habits or if you need to increase your focus and accomplish your goals, then don’t hesitate to start this brain training program right away.

You have much to gain and—with a full 60-day money-back guarantee—nothing to lose. And you’ll be able to download and start on your brain training program immediately after purchase.

Click the button below to order now.

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You will be able to download your product immediately after purchase.

The How to Train Your Mind eBook is in PDF format
and requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader to open. Files are compressed in ZIP format for smaller filesizes and faster
downloads. A utility such as WinZip is required to unzip (expand) them.

Wishing you great success in your brain training,


Dan C. Rinnert

Editor of How to Train Your Mind

P.S. Once you’ve downloaded your ebook, it is important that you read
the ebook from cover to cover. If you skip around, you will miss
important details and you will not gain the full benefit of the

As mentioned earlier, this program is not designed for people
looking for a quick fix to their mental deficiencies. This is
a program designed for the development of mental capacity. It
needs to be studied and practised to achieve results. Some results
may be gained faster than others, but it is important to study
the material closely and gain such a familiarity with the content
that its principles will remain in your active consciousness at
all times.

As a student athlete will not become a star athlete overnight,
nor will you become a mental giant overnight. The brain, like
the body, requires practise, training and exercise to reach its
full potential.

Disclaimer: The accuracy and completeness of information provided in How to Train Your Mind and opinions stated therein are not guaranteed or warranted to produce any particular results, and the advice and strategies, contained therein may not be suitable for every individual. The author shall not be liable for any loss incurred as a consequence of the use and application, directly or indirectly, of any information presented in this work. The author is not engaged in rendering legal, accounting, or other professional services of any nature. If legal advice or other expert professional assistance of any nature is required by the reader, the reader is encouraged to seek out the services of a competent professional trained and licensed to provide advice regarding the specific area of inquiry.

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