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“Is your career in trouble? Were you hoping that you might find something on this site that would help you realize what is happening, solve the problem and get things ‘back on track’ again? Or do you want your career to be even better than before, better than you ever thought possible?Do you feel like you’re only…

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“Is your
career in
Were you hoping that you might find something on this site that would
help you realize what is happening, solve the problem and get things
‘back on track’ again? 

Or do you want your
career to be even
better than before, better than you ever thought possible?

Do you feel like you’re
choice is between accepting things as they are now, no matter how bad
they get, or leaving your current job and move on to a better workplace?

If your
wish is to
save your career, then you have come to the right place
I wrote My Career Guide with YOU in mind, so that you will get
immensely satisfying results as FAST as possible.

Even if you
are inexperienced or if you have trouble with positioning yourself well
after a career break!

I designed My Career
Guide to be the most practical, easy-to-follow and
comprehensive system
available for people like you, wrestling with their career, who wish to
their career and get back on track to a healthy, long-lasting and
fulfilling career.

Thousands of people
just like you, have used my unique methods to put themselves on the
career rescue fast-track, while regaining their inner
happiness in
the process. Will you be next?

can receive My Books For Free Now. My Books about Career Development,
Finding a Job, Starting Your Own Business or Starting a Side Car are
now available for Free. Without Any Charge. 

Your Wish Is To Save Your Career

Then This Might Just Be The Most
Important Letters You’ll EVER Read…

You Be The Next Career success story?


biggest benefit I have gained from “My Career Guide” was

were so many lessons about how to look at what was
happening in my working life from a different angle. I needed clarity
and “My Career  Guide” gave me that.
Marjorie uses practical insights and
things that I could really work on to be proactive in salvaging my

true examples from real people gave
me insight that you can really survive a going through a bad Career
path! Marjorie’s book is
very different from many others in that the focus is on your
real strength and your real purpose in working life. 

salvation of my Career was
definitely what I was looking for.”

— Rosella  O. (Ontario)


found Marjorie   by reading on
when I was at a career crossroads and facing
many challenges in my life. I was looking for something that
could be a trigger and help forge a new career

Marjorie knows how to get me thinking , asked
the right questions
and My Career Guide helped me figure out a strategy for
pursuing a new
career direction. 

My Career Guide helped me define
specific, concrete goals to
help me achieve success. Finally, the book structured a
regular plan for the road ahead.

of people can help you re-write your
resume but what
Marjorie really helped me do was to figure out and discover
what should be my next, best career move and then her
book helped me
set out a strategy to get there. 

I highly recommend My Career Guide and will definitely buy her
other upcoming books 

— Tom S. (Santa Barbara, LA)


“Since I began reading
your My Career Guide I am changed 

so much for your advice and help! 

career has
made a great
breakthrough. I followed the ‘ten minute talks’ strategy for six
month and one month ago I started in a new job! A job that is
really fulfilling and even pays better then my previous

reading My
Career Guide I believe I found my destination in working live.” Thank
you so much Marjorie!

(Carson City, Nevada)


has just blown me away with the detailed, thoughtful, advice she
offered on
how I could improve first my Career goals and second my job search
To be honest, I got her book from my sister who could not stop telling
me how great
full she was with the new insights and helpful tools Marjorie’s book
gave her. I got curious by noting
that my sister really
was changing.

I started reading it myself and I followed up with doing the tests
and exercises and started using the tools also. I was particularly
impressed with
Marjorie’s tool on how to abandon thinking such as: ‘this is not going
to work for
me, others can do that but not me”. Thoughts that kept me away from
in my work as well as in my daily life. 

looking for a career coach
will be
hard pressed to find someone or something more helpful than My Career
And be honest! How much money would a career coach cost you? Money I
cannot afford. I’m very great full for the lessons learn.” I
quit my job at the local
hardware store and find a
fulfilling job at the Mill twenty miles from where I live and enjoys it
every day

— John
B. (Longmount, CO)


glad I came across your Career Guide website. The situations
and solutions presented are real, practical and simple to

websites painted a picture that career success is easy if you just
follow the steps they provide but we all know that’s

your book has shown me that  a successful
career needs work and
a change in certain attitudes and behaviors and after that
things are
not as complicated as we like to think. 

Marjorie for a wonderful help with My career Guide and for
helping me as a senior , who thought her days were over, to get my
Career back on

— Paige
S. (Sacramento, CA)

Testimonials from my Off Line Work

clever woman, professional, committed to the success of her clients,
with a good knowledge of the job market. 

able to
support any kind of applicants. She’s brilliant, witty, able to change
your despair mood and turn it in a positive way. 

can make
people feel at ease, an excellent coach.”

Debbra W. (Los Angeles, CA)

Mensink is a powerhouse! What can I say? I haven’t worked with someone
so enthusiastic, high spirited, and tenacious as this woman! She has
amazing spirit, courage and a never give up attitude.

Marjorie also has
heart of gold and is very supportive to anyone who crosses her
path. She is most definitely an inspiration to anybody there wanting to
become self-employed! She is unstoppable.

Thanks Marjorie for your
friendship, encouragement and support. 


a free lance copy
writer :-)”

— Thomas
Santa Barbara, CA)

has just blown me away with the detailed, thoughtful, advice she
offered on how I could improve my resume and job search

gave me amazingly useful (and personalized) insights on doing job
searches. Her willingness to go above and beyond for everyone she meets
is extraordinary. I was particularly impressed with Marjorie’s tips on
how to focus, and tailor, my resume to ensure it doesn’t just become so
much noise.

Her knowledge in how to use social networks is also extensive. 

looking for a career coach, to assist them in finding new opportunities
I advise: Go and see Marjorie”

Richard K. (Long Beach, CA)

implemented your resume suggestions on the first of May. 

14 days
I had 3 phone interviews; one which lead to a personal
interview. I’m confident that next week I’ll have in person
interviews from the others. 

my job search, I’ve sent out
dozens of resumes, but didn’t have any luck until I overhauled my
resume in the way you suggested! 

am so thankful that you share your
knowledge and insight. Thank you, thank you, thank you”

— Justine
O. (Albuquerque, NM)

book picture

Defeat Career Setbacks, and Make
Your Career Dreams Come True

a limiting
believe. It’s
true as long as you believe it. It’s not true
the moment you begin to see how you are limiting yourself.

least it’s not true
all the time. Very few of my clients literally
can’t afford it. Most of the time what they are really trying to say
“it’s not worth it.” And sometimes they are right. If you have a
perfect career, live in a beautiful house, give your siblings all they
need and
you are happy with what you are doing, why should you bother? If you
own all
this then the right thing to think is: “It’s not worth re prioritizing
my life, not
worth the risk, not worth what I’ll have to give up to get this, not
being in debt for.”

But, if you
are really wrestling because you you have no idea how to get that job,
that career that fits your
and you are not there yet then you cannot afford the luxury of despair
and you must
say: “I don’t know how yet, but some way or another I can afford it”.
Despair is
adapting to disappointments. No one is forced to adapt to disappointing
career results.
Either you accept your current situation, or you learn, develop, and
make an
effort to move forward and get more out of your life. You live very
if you choose just to live with the idea that eventually your ship will
towed into safe harbor automatically.

reality, ships don’t move unless we climb aboard, make sail, and start


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