VestaCP Installation Tutorial (Free Website Hosting Control Panel)

October 8, 2018 - Comment

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This tutorial shows you how to install VestaCP, a free open-source website control panel. You can use it to manage your website files, databases email accounts and more.

Skill level: easy
Requirements: any compatible* Linux distribution.

* At the moment of publishing, supported distributions are CentOS/RHEL 5-7, Debian 6-8 and Ubuntu 12.04-15.10. For the latest information on compatible distributions, check

Customizing your VestaCP installation:
You can customzie your vestaCP installation by selecting what software packages are to be installed. Go to for more information or use the following command-line parameters to get started:

bash –nginx yes –apache yes –phpfpm no –vsftpd no –proftpd yes –exim yes –dovecot yes –spamassassin yes –clamav yes –named yes –iptables yes –fail2ban yes –mysql yes –postgresql yes –remi yes –quota yes –hostname –email –password


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