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Wednesday, 10:15 am From: Ovi Dogar, Creative Director AbsoluteCovers Studio Dear author, If you’d like to make your ebook look much more professional, and… look so unique that everyone has to read it, then this will be the most important letter you’ll ever read. Here’s why: Your ebook will sell like crazy or I’ll re-design…

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Wednesday, 10:15 am

From: Ovi Dogar, Creative Director

AbsoluteCovers Studio

Dear author,

If you’d like to make your ebook look much more professional,


look so unique that everyone has to read it,
then this will be the most important letter you’ll ever

Here’s why:

Your ebook will sell like crazy or I’ll re-design
your ebook cover for FREE! That’s my personal promise
to you.

I’m a business owner just like you, as well as a graphic artist.
I’ll design your new professional ebook cover with the single business
goal of making you more money.

I know you’re probably skeptical. That’s normal and healthy.
Let me give you three good reasons why you should order
your new ebook cover design today

Three Reasons To Believe What I Say

  • Reason one: You probably feel your ebook
    is extremely well done. You want to show your great talent
    to the world, but you don’t have a professional image
    yet. I’ll make your ebook turn from bronze to gold with
    a top quality ebook cover design that sells.
  • Reason two: Your new ebook cover design will reflect
    your image and will incorporate your chosen colors… you
    tell me what you want and I’ll give you exactly what you
    asked for.
  • Reason three: Photos of your choice will
    be included in the ebook cover design to ensure that you maximize
    your profits
    from day

Professional Graphics Quickly Pay
For Themselves

Even if you need a software box or just a simple ebook cover, from your increased profits, your new professional graphics
will quickly pay for themselves. Actually, there’s
no expense involved
. By paying for themselves, the price
of your new professional graphics become a “hidden bargain”
in disguise. Eventually costing you nothing!

Here’s how professional graphics quickly paid for
themselves, and brought more profits to this business owner:


It’s as if you reached inside my brain and pulled
out the ideal image I had in
mind for my business. I’m stunned, thousands of
dollars richer and absolutely floored by your

In recent
market tests, I’m now pulling in over 10 times
the sales volume that I was before uploading my
new covers. I knew they would make a difference,
but this is absolutely incredible.

My improved results are fantastic, but what really
impresses me about you, Ovi, is your commitment
to excellence and willingness to go the extra mile to get it just right — down to the smallest detail.

Your service is a steal at thrice the
and I consider myself deeply lucky
to have discovered you so quickly. Thank you for
caring about my business as much as I do!”


-Stone Evans, The Home Biz Guy


Imagine… uploading just one image to your website can bring you tons of hot leads and
new customers, ensuring they keep buying over and over again,
and referring you to all their contacts.

Does it sound too good to be true?

Well, it is true! Stay with me for a few
more seconds and you’ll realize why you should get
your new ebook cover designed today

“Does it really matter what kind
of ebook you have created and for whom? If you want to
discover the perfect ebook cover for your ebook, you only have
to further read this letter to SEE IT!”

Dear author,

You’re here because you have a great ebook.

Because during the wee small hours, while your friends were
having fun, wasting their lives, you were expressing your
thoughts and ideas on your computer.

Without my even reading it, I know that your ebook is unique
and inimitable and it represents you entirely.

Dear author, every visitor on this site has a unique ebook.

“A ebook
is like a baby: born in pain, it grows up, comes to maturity
and finally it leaves you and goes away!”

Your ebook is your cyber-child. It’s the child who will be
an extension of yourself – it will communicate your thoughts
and your ideas. When it “moves away from home” this
child will be influencing the minds and souls of its new family
– your clients.

My friend, we both know that for your child, “influencing
the minds and souls of your clients” means making them
want to buy it!

Creating A Professional Image That Represents
Your Information Product You Can Transfer A Sense
Of Solidity And Realness About Your Offer To Your

-Allen Says


“eBook Covers are like
a beautiful woman’s clothes: they attract your attention, reflecting
the inner beauty and its mystery, causing you to want to learn

We both know what you’re looking for: a ebook cover design for your ebook,
a ebook cover that matches your talent and ideas – an
exclusive ebook cover design

Fellow entrepreneur, unique things sell instantly because in the complex world
of the Internet, unique means sold.
Always remember that each of us wishes to invest only in exceptional

Your Design Was Awesome!

“I just
want to tell you that your efficient service and
ebook cover design quality are top-notch.

I know whom to recommend when it comes to logo,
templates and ebooks design.




“The amateur always promises the
impossible, because he can’t evaluate the possible. The expert,
a man that knows his job, never promises anything. The expert

Your previous designers failed to make good on their promises.
They tried to lure you with their sweet-talking. Some of them
charged you hundreds of dollars for a ebook cover design that was probably
killing your sales
. Others guaranteed that you would
sell millions of copies if you used their ebook cover designs.

Ask yourself if they had the patience to understand your ebook!

“The fascination that
uniqueness exerts on others is caused by the fact that it strictly
follows the Three S Golden Rule: simple, substantial and spectacular!”

You must know that I always carefully read my clients’ ebook because every ebook cover that I design represents
me the same way it represents your next bestseller.

As a designer, I’m not promising you millions of dollars and I’m not trying
to persuade you by sweet-talking but if you asked me how I imagine
your ebook cover design, I’d answer:

  • It will be so simple – you’ll want to read
    it right away.
  • It will be so straightforward that it will
    reflect the essence of your message!
  • It will be so spectacular that you’ll know
    in a minute that this is a ebook you must read!

Benefits of Having a Professional eBook Cover

  • Tantalize your visitors with a professional-looking
    ebook cover design and increase your sales by
  • Make your visitors imagine themselves using
    and holding your ebook in their hands and watch them staying longer on your site
  • Put an astonishing image of your ebook into
    your visitors’ minds and you’ll see them coming back
    to your site
  • Because they love the way your ebook cover looks,
    your visitors will remember your professional ebook
    instead of your competitor’s.
  • A professionally
    designed ebook cover will provide increased credibility for you, your
    business and your ebook
  • You’ll notice fewer ebook returns because your ebook looks real and solid.
    It is not just another piece of information in your
    client’s mind.

Here’s How YOU’ll Benefit

  • You’ll make more money, without any extra effort
    on your part; your new professional graphics will do all
    the work.
  • You’ll receive
    residual income,
    year after
    year, long after your new professional graphics have paid
    for themselves.
  • You’ll enjoy
    peace of mind,
    knowing you
    made the right business decision for your future.
  • Your beautiful
    new professional ebook covers
    will instantly boost the perceived value of your ebooks.
  • You’ll gain
    new recognition and respect;
    be seen as a proud and serious business owner with a professional
    ebook cover design.
  • You’ll become a member
    of a special group
    of shrewd
    business owners, who use professional services to prosper
    in the marketplace.

Ovi, I just wanted to let you know how thrilled
I am about the graphics work you did for me. I
love your knack and style.

You’re professional and fast. Your intuition and
experience were invaluable. I have already told
some friends about your service, and I’m anxious
to see the excellent artwork you’ll do for me
for my next project.

Oh yeah, your price is outstanding also. Keep
up the first class work!”



Dear author, if you’ve reached this point in my letter, it means we
have many things in common. As your ebook will share your
beliefs and ideas with its users, I have shared my thoughts
with you: your time and money have the same value as mine.

To create the best ebook cover for you, I have to understand your
ebook, so I’ll know exactly what to do. That’s why I will ask you many questions about it.

  • Every ebook cover I create is distinctive.
  • Every ebook cover design follows the Three S Rule:
    simple, substantial and spectacular
  • A ebook cover, once created, can be sold only to
    one client.

Other Benefits of Working with Me

  • Usually, your new ebook cover design will be ready in
    less than 48 hours
    but this may extend to a
    maximum of 7 days (during heavy workloads).
  • No up-front payment! Invest only when you’re 110% satisfied!
  • Graphic design is what I do best – you can
    rest assured that your ebook cover is designed with just one
    goal in mind: To bring you more sales! And
    this is done by a professional with more than 20 years
    experience in the advertising design business.
  • I take the time, hassle, and expense out of
    your profitable ebook! You send me
    the text; I make your
    professional ebook cover design
    for you!

Proud ebook cover design owner


Your work is outstanding. I’ve been buying and
selling online for five years and this has been
the best buying experience I’ve ever had!

A great
product AND fast, friendly service.


-Stephen Holt


What Will You Get?

  • A professional unique ebook cover design. This ebook cover is specially
    designed to complement your sales letter and to better
    represent your ebook.
  • The ebook cover design will come in 4 different
    sizes for ease of marketing (you can even give me your
    desired dimensions)
  • Special, discounted prices for different additional graphics matching your ebook cover design
    to help you create a unique, professional image for your visitors!

You Can Select From:

  • A uniquely branded website header panel graphic
  • “Order Now” button,
  • Flat representation of your ebook cover
  • Matching background image,
  • Minisite HTML Template
  • Favorites Icon
  • Animated Banner

Proud ebook cover design owner“I
was blown away by the quality of the ebook covers
you created for me and the fact that you did
it all within 24 hours!

Not only did you give me one sample ebook cover design, you
gave me three to choose from. I’ve enthusiastically
recommended you
to all of my clients!

If you are looking for online graphics – look
no further than Ovi. He’s the best!”



Remember, my friend!

I take the worry out of ordering, because you are backed up with a solid, take-it-to-the-bank
90-day money back guarantee!

If you request your free quote now, you’ll also get up to eight different graphics at a very special introductory price.

How Does This Work?

  • Click here to request your FREE quote.
  • Based on your project details, I’ll get back
    to you with an estimated turnaround period and a quote
    for the work.
  • As soon as you agree with the quote, I will use your
    description to complete the layout and design using
    either royalty-free images or the graphics you supply.
  • I will send you the link to the page where
    I upload the results of our work together in real
    time so you’ll always know where we are with your
  • You can tell me then, “yes…, no…, yes,
    but…” and we can go from there.
  • When you are pleased with
    the new ebook cover design, I’ll start working on your additional
    images until I’ve finished them too. As soon as I
    have them ready I’ll send them to you together with the payment link.

Here Are Your FREE Bonuses!


FREE Graphics
Safe-Keeping Service
at $37)

  • If you ever lose or misplace your graphics,
    let me know, and I’ll quickly replace them.


FREE Unlimited
(valued at $97)

  • If you ever need to change the date, URL,
    name, price, color, etc. on your graphics,
    I’ll gladly do it for you. There’s no time


FREE Unlimited
(valued at $37)

  • You can have as many different sizes of
    your graphics as you like.


FREE Full Ownership
Of Rights!
(valued at $97)

  • Your graphics are yours to keep! You only pay once. No text link-back
    to my site. No royalty/lease payments ever!


FREE Unlimited
Email Consultation.
at $97)

  • You can email me any time to discuss your
    current graphic project, or pending future
    projects. Together, we’ll develop a profit
    plan for your business.


FREE “Split-Run”
(valued at $47)

Here’s My Gift to You as a Way of Saying: “Thank You
for Giving Me a Try”!

Request your free quote now
and I assure you that you’re backed up with a 110% satisfaction

In other words, if you receive your ebook cover art, and if for any reason you are not completely satisfied with it, you don’t have to
pay me a dime.

I urge you
to lay all the risk on my shoulders, and make me deliver the
best possible graphic for your ebook!

Now, how’s that for a sweet deal? So, wait no more… Try
me now!

Get Your eBook Cover Design Now, Risk Free

After all, you don’t pay anything unless you’re 100% delighted
with the ebook cover I design for you. Fair enough?

Also, if for any reason you feel that our service isn’t the most professional you’ve ever
found on the Net, simply tell me and I’ll issue you a 100% refund immediately

It’s true! No one else in the ebook cover-art design-field has done
this before – you are protected for 12 months by my 100% take-it-to-the-bank money back guarantee. That’s
more than 360 days to evaluate my work and see if it produces
results for you!

And, because I’m so positive that our ebook covers work like crazy, listen:

Proud eBook Cover designer

if you decide on the 366th day of the guarantee
that your ebook cover design is not what you want, I will refund
your money, and I will work on your new project
for FREE! And every piece of our work will be yours
forever: to use it as you see fit.”

And that’s not only a guarantee! It’s my personal promise!

Here’s How to Order
Your Professional eBook Cover

Step #1. You’ll click
this Request A Quote link.

Step #2. You’ll fill
out an easy order form, telling me what you want.

Step #3.
You’ll get a confirmation email with the turnaround time and our price quote.

Step #4. If you agree with the quote, you’ll get your initial graphics (normally, within 48 hours).

Step #5. If needed, I’ll
make any revisions you want.

Step #6. Once
you’re satisfied with the drafts, I will complete the project and send it to you along with the payment link.

You can test-use your new ebook cover design for FREE for a full week (7
days). If the profits it brings in are not what you’ve expected,

The next move is up to you!

Always at your service,

Ovi Dogar, Your Covers Guy

P. S. — Go ahead and order your new professional
ebook covers now. A delay in ordering is a delay in new profits. Remember, your new professional graphics will quickly pay for themselves, making them a “hidden
in disguise; eventually costing you nothing!

P. P. S. — Let’s be honest: if you pass on
this offer, will you have a ebook cover design to upload in less than 48 hours? Probably not! So act now, ask
for a free quote now!

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Click here right now!

that, by ordering today,
I’ll take advantage of your special introductory
price that may never be repeated again, and
the six special bonuses that
I get to keep forever, no matter what.

that you will design a stunning,
professional-looking, ebook cover
for my ebook within 5 days, and
that I will choose the style, size and colors
I want.

I understand
that, if I do not like
the ebook cover design, I do not have to pay you anything
and I will still keep my bonuses forever. My
order is therefore risk-free and totally guaranteed…

It’s just impossible for me to lose!

Still Not Convinced? Read Some Customer Reviews…

is a true gem. He’s so fast I would have doubted
he slept at all, except that he sent me an email
as he went to sleep in Romania and had my feedback
implemented within half an hour of waking up.
And I’m so impressed with the ebook covers he made and
his high level of professionalism.”



Proud ebook cover design owner...
“I have worked with Ovi on multiple projects and he has overdelivered each time.

He is a pleasure to work with, and his graphic design skills are excellent. I highly recommend Ovi.

You won’t be sorry if you hire him!”



Proud ebook cover design owner...“I
just want to take the time to thank you for the
great graphics (software box and header graphic)
you’ve made for me. The look of my website has
been immensely improved and I’ve already received
about twice as many downloads for the demoversion
of my Promobuddy database software than before.
This might eventually result in more sales as
they have been added to a followup series in which
all the benefits of my program are explained…;)

For a sales letter, it is absolutely essential
to use graphics which are made by a professional.
And I must say that you have the abilities to
make it look like a work of art. When I saw the
sample graphics in your gallery, I knew you were
the right person to give Promobuddy the “magic
touch”. And the speed of delivery was outstanding!

Thanks again. I’m sure your business will soon
lift off like a rocket if enough people get to
see your work!”



Proud ebook cover design owner...“Ovi,
your are an artist beyond compare! I can’t believe
the quality and attention to detail that was followed
with my ebook cover project. I have used many different
people in the past and I have to say you are one
of the best.

You were quick and had no issue with redesigning
my ebook cover in a flash. I will be definately be using
you in my upcoming projects. Keep up the great

-Rod Beckwith

JV Expert and Publisher



You’re a true artist…You don’t have to worry
about competition because your work is truly one-of-a-kind,
and the best I’ve seen online! And equally amazing
is the fact that your prompt and lightning fast
service matches the quality of
your work… Don’t change a thing!”


-Bryan Winters


“Hi Ovi,

First I just want to say, you’re
extremely talented!

I would be more than happy to let my clients know
about your phenomenal work. Your work beats everyone
else’s hands down. Outstanding!”

-Mike Jezek, Sales Letter specialist



For many months my readers have asked me for an
“ebook” on a topic we discussed in my
newsletter. After weeks & weeks of research,
I still didn’t know which ebook compiler to use,
much less where to find a decent ebook cover!

Then I found your site! Not only are your ebook covers
the best I’ve seen online, but your book service
took all the working & thinking out of putting
my book together!!! Putting a whole book together
including the “top rated” ebook cover art
for $97? All I can say is WOW!

Thank you so much Ovi!”



“Let me say I can’t express the thanks
for your outstanding work!

No superlatives would be enough! Your custom ecovers
are worth much more than the price you charge.
Workmanship of this quality is a rare find at
that! I will recommend your service to everyone.

Your url is going into the top spot on our resource
page! The process of the order itself was outstanding.
You gave us three covers to look at and then we
went to the next step, thus allowing any changes
to be made before proceeding. Most services of
this kind would just take your preferences and
create the graph, no corrections or look overs.
And thank heavens you perform your services this
way for I goofed on the spelling of my partner’s
name! 🙂

Again thank you for the wonderful cover and I
look forward to doing business with you in the
near future!”



“The covers are great!

I didn’t know that ebook covers could make such
a difference.

The work is excellent and finished in record
time. Thanks for the fantastic covers. I am so
inspired that I want to become an affiliate.

Keep up the good work!”

-Patricia Creasy


work is Outstanding Ovi! I will recommend your
service to all my e book friends and newsletter
patrons. Also your service is the quickest I’ve
seen in a long time. Please Keep Up The Good Work!

Thanks a Bunch.”



“I am truly so pleasantly surprised at
the quality and rapid turnaround of my ad supplement

I wholeheartedly recommend AbsoluteCovers, and
it’s a delight working with Ovi.”

Rich Friedling


“I couldn’t believe how professional my ebook
covers looked after you designed them and at lightning
speed. I had the four completed covers within
10 hours! How’s that for service.

I know where I will be getting my covers from
now on, keep up the great work Ovi.

Best of Luck!”



“Fantastic covers done in
record time. If you need something done in a hurry
this is the place to get it done. Thanks again
for your fast service.”



“Ovi, I’m simply delighted with the superb
quality of your work! Absolutely fantastic and your
service is the fastest I’ve encountered – less than
6 hours! I will recommend you to all my friends
and colleagues.

Keep up the excellent work!”




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