Traffic Cones and High-Fives: A Glimpse Behind the Warriors’ Curtain

October 23, 2018 - Comment

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Traffic Cones and High-Fives: A Glimpse Behind the Warriors’ Curtain
“We don’t have any secrets,” Kerr said, “and if these guys are interested in coming
to watch us practice, there’s no harm in it and there’s a lot of benefit.
“Here are the greatest players in the world,” he said, “and they’re still working on the basics.”
Green, 64, is a decorated junior college coach, having won two national titles and more than 400 games at South Plains College in Levelland, Tex.
I like for them to see what we’re doing, and if it helps them and their teams and their players develop, I’m all for it.”
Bruce Fraser, one of Kerr’s assistants, said he often wondered how much other coaches gained from watching the Warriors practice.
“I don’t know if underwhelmed is the word,” Fraser said, “but you may look out there and say: ‘Is that all they do?’”
He added that much of the Warriors’ offense was so nuanced
that it must be difficult for someone to just pop in for a day or two and acquire a ton of insight.
“You can see on tape if a guy is catching the ball at his shoelaces instead of in his shooting pocket,” Kerr said recently.
“We can’t do that because I don’t have 22 assistants,” he said.
(“Great teammate,” Kerr said.)
Green also mentioned that Emmanuel Omogbo, one of his former players at South Plains, was on the Warriors’ summer league team.


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