Trading for a Living: Simple Strategies to Make Money from Home

November 10, 2018 - Comment

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Ready to quit your job?

It’s every trader’s dream to quit his job and make a living trading from home. No boss, no commute, flexible hours, and lots of money.

But how do you actually do it? This book will provide you with a simple road map that anyone can follow.

Are you a complete newbie? Or a trader who has blown up his account and is ready to start again? Or just someone who is curious how to make money from home, using just a laptop computer?

If any of these describe you, this book is for you.

Amazon best-selling author, Matthew Kratter, presents simple yet powerful trading strategies and other money-making ideas that anyone can use.

You will learn:

An aggressive trading strategy that can create huge returns, even if you are trading a small account
A more conservative trading strategy that will allow you to sleep soundly at night
How to trade the strategies using either stocks or options

Get started today. Download now.


Anonymous says:

Useful basic strategies The author covers two techniques. The first is following the trend insmall cap growth stocks, and also using call options in this sametechnique for leverage. The more buy orders one can place, the greaterthe probability of profits, because the profit margin in this kind of“bet” can be eight times (for example) the amount of capital risk. So onecan afford to lose five times, for example, if one wins three times. This strategy requires applying the Bollinger…

Anonymous says:

Not for active traders Very easy read but not what I was expecting. I thought it was going to be for active traders but he gives a strategy of buying and holding and tells you to go make money online. Yes he suggests that you earn money online (not trading) while you wait for his strategy to complete. If you are looking for strategies because you enjoy day trading / swing trading actively this is not for you. Glad I only paid $3.

Anonymous says:

Good information for learning to trade. Great stuff now learn to apply the knowledge. I appreciate the authors efforts and his clear instructions. Worth the pricing and time.

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