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WARNING:  Don’t Waste Your Hard Earned Money on Outdated Resale Rights Products or Packages Until You’ve Seen What I Have to Offer YOU! How Much Money Can You Make With a Never Ending Supply of Products You Can Sell for $20, $50, And Even $100 & Keep 100% of the Profits? Finally Here’s Your Chance…

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WARNING:  Don’t Waste Your Hard
Earned Money on Outdated Resale Rights Products or Packages
Until You’ve Seen What I Have to Offer

How Much Money Can
You Make With a Never Ending Supply of
You Can Sell for $20, $50, And Even $100 &
Keep 100% of the Profits?

Finally Here’s Your Chance to Own the Total
Resale Rights

 to Hundreds of Fast-Selling
Info Products That People Want All for A Low, No Risk,
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The Total Resale
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Almost every one of the more than 300 products
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3)  Traffic
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The Total Resale Rights Package
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 Package provides
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Here’s What You’ll

100% Rights to Every

Why spend days, weeks or
years designing your own product when you can own the rights
to products
that are already proven to sell!  Every product
comes with Master or Full Rights.  This means that you
can sell them individually, or as a package at whatever price
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Ready-Made Sales Sites

Almost every product comes with a Ready To Publish
Website or you to plug in your own ordering information and
upload to your own host!  No need to spend hours writing
sales letters and designing web sites!  And if you don’t
have a hosting company or domain then I’ll make special
arrangements to host your sites on my servers for a very low

Valuable Information from
Pro Marketers

Many of the products listed
in the Total Resale Rights Package are ebooks written by the
best of the best in internet marketing.  These are the
men and women who have made and are making hundreds of
thousands of dollars marketing on the net, and are now sharing
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So What Exactly Will You

with my Total Resale Rights Package?

 Package Quick Summary:


Package # Of

3 $147 $147

5 $102 $102

79 $97 $5500

8 $37 $331

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165 $37 $4373

55 $47 $680

3 $594 $594

Total 363 $1085 $12185.00

All 9 Packages with over 300
Products valued at $12,185!

For a low one-time
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If you
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The value of this package to your
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Immediately after ordering you will be
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 Words can’t explain how I
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 Thanks for  making such an incredible range
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Nowhere Else Will You
Find So Many Attractive, High-Demand Products In One Instantly
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And not
just any old products! These are ebooks and software that
practically sell themselves and that bring in up to $99.00 a sale –
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You’ll get access to my Exclusive download area
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Just Imagine What You Could Make With More Than
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friend, think of it like this.  Even if you sell only 3
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But because people are just itching to get
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Many of the products included in the Total Resale

Package resell for $47 or more – ALL BY THEMSELVES.

Could you
make just one sale a day using countless pre-made
sales pages and your choice of hundreds of high-demand

If you
answered “yes” then you could make an extra $1410 a month!  And that’s with
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Even at this rediculously LOW Price

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56 Day
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My Promise
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If you are not completely
satisfied with your purchase at ANY point during the
next 56 Days I will immediately issue you a prompt and
FULL refund – No hassles, No hoops to jump through, No
questions asked.  That’s 8 Weeks!

Consider it a 56-Day trial
period.  If for any reason you aren’t 100% happy with
your purchase, I don’t want your money, and I’ll gladly issue
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In fact, I am so completely certain that
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trying to aid in your success,


Garrett Dann

Right after the confirmation of your payment, your download link to secure your copy of My “Total Resale Rights Package” along with download instructions will appear. Please follow the instructions carefully.

P.P.S. Will my “Total Resale Rights Package” make you wealthy? To be completely honest with you: I don’t know how rich you’ll get once you read, absorb and begin to use the secrets in this package. I’m selling you a hammer. Whether you build a doghouse or a castle is up to you. My suggestion, because it’s what I do, is: Think BIG! Isn’t it time?

P.P.P.S. Remember that you use the “Total Resale Rights Package” more than risk free. If you’re not satisfied with the results you get, I’ll happily refund you 100% of the purchase price. You just can’t ask for a better guarantee than that!

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