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Then It’s Time to Learn How to Transform a “QR” Code Like This: Into a Viral Marketing Message That Helps You Generate This: So What Exactly Are “QR Codes” and How Are They The Most Effective Marketing Tool On the Planet? At its most basic, a QR code is a unique matrix barcode that can…

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Then It’s Time to Learn How to Transform a “QR” Code Like This:

Image of a QR (Quick Response) Code

Into a Viral Marketing Message That Helps You Generate This:

Image: stacks of gold coins

So What Exactly Are “QR Codes” and How Are They The Most Effective Marketing Tool On the Planet?

At its most basic, a QR code is a unique matrix barcode that can be scanned and read by any smart phone with a QR reading app. You can literally see these QR codes popping up just about everywhere from business cards, brochures, websites, and more.

Once scanned, the browser on the smart phone will then redirect the user to the company’s website or some other site relevant to the campaign being advertised via the QR code.

Image: Man scanning quick response code on shipping box with his smart phoneBut that’s not all—QR codes can literally be used to do just about anything, including:

  • Send Standard Messages to Prospects!
  • Make Calls
  • Redirect to Social Networking Platforms
  • Play Videos
  • Send 100% Unique Messages to Prospects!
  • And Much Much More!

So what’s so great about some fancy barcode that you can read with your iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or other smart phone device?

QR Codes Solve the Two Biggest Problems with Most Marketing Systems Today:

  1. Rising Costs
  2. Decreasing Effectiveness

Skyrocketing Costs

Image: Man drawing upwards arrowInternet Marketing was revolutionary leap forward compared to traditional marketing methods like television, newspaper ads, classifieds, yellow pages, radio, etc.  With significantly lower costs, access to a worldwide audience, plus the added advantage of being able to specifically target you core audience (by using specific keywords)—Internet Marketing is no doubt superior in many respects and far more pragmatic for the average small business owner to use vs. most traditional offline marketing methods.

Today, however, with most large corporations devoting significant resources to developing an online presence and millions of new entrepreneurs launching e-businesses each and every year—the costs have skyrocketed.  For PPC, keywords that cost only $.75 a click a year ago may be $1 .50 or more today.  The same holds basically true for banner ads, sponsored emails, etc.  Even those specializing in SEO have found it harder and more expensive to maintain page rankings due to the increased competition.

Bottom line:  While it may have only required $25 in online marketing costs to make a $50 sale a year ago, you might have to spend $40 or more today—leaving very little, if any, room for profit. 

Decreasing Effectiveness

The ultimate goal of all marketing is to drive more sales—period.  Unfortunately and in almost every single case, most marketing systems are actually less effective than they were just a few years ago.  There are several causes for this decreased effectiveness in traditional marketing platforms, including:

  • Less Use of Newspapers, Television, and More Traditional Marketing Platforms
  • Consumers More Savvy and Just Plain Bored with Sponsored Ads, Banners, and Traditional Online Marketing Tools
  • Increased Use of Mobile Smart Phones for Web Surfing, Purchasing, etc. (traditional online tasks formerly performed on computer)
  • Simply Too Many Other Companies/Business Using Same Marketing Methods so Difficult to Capture Attention and Differentiate Yourself

But QR Codes Solve These Problems and Provide You with a 21st Century Marketing Solution That is Less Expensive and Far More Effective Than Any Other Option on the Market Today!

How much does it cost to generate a QR code?  Absolutely nothing!  There are several sites such as who will literally generate your QR code absolutely free! 

And with more than 50 million smart phone users in the US alone—the effectiveness and overall use of QR codes will only increase in the coming months and years to come!  Already, QR codes are popping up on billboards, in magazines, and in just about every medium you can think of for one simple reason:  Because they REALLY WORK!

Advantages of QR Codes for Marketers/Business Owners:

  • You Can Generate QR Codes Absolutely FREE!
  • More Efficient and Effective Than Any Other Marketing Tool on the Market Today!
  • Embed QR Codes on Business Cards, T-Shirts, Coffee Mugs and Just About ANYTHING to Virally Spread Your Marketing Message!
  • One of the Highest ROI’s of ANY Marketing Option!
  • Deliver Unique, Personalized Messages to Your Prospects!
  • Dramatically Reduce Marketing Costs While  Driving Significantly More Qualified Prospects To Your Door!
  • QR Code Potential Audience is Over 50 Million in U.S. Alone—And Growing By More than 1 Million Per Month!
  • QR Codes Are 21st Century  Equivalent of Viral Marketing Smart Bombs” For Both Online and Offline Businesses!

It’s simple:  If you want to succeed in sales or growing a business in the 21st century, then you need to master QR Code Marketing!

The Viral Virus:  QR Codes @ Work Teaches You Exactly How to Create, Distribute, and Leverage QR Codes To Drive Waves of New Qualified Prospects Directly to Your Website, Phone, or Door!

Image of The Viral Virus: QR Codes @ Work Ebook

  • Absolutely No Sales, Marketing, or Mobile Phone App. Experience Needed!
  • Dramatically Increase Your Marketing Reach and Branding!
  • Immediately Enhance You and Your Company’s Credibility!
  • Quickly and Easily Track Response Rates so You Can Know EXACTLY How Effective Any QR Marketing Campaign Is!
  • Reduce Marketing Expenses While Significantly Increasing Sales—And Profits!
  • Learn How to Create and Distribute Effective QR Codes—ABSOLUTELY FREE!
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back!

QR Codes @ Work puts you at the leading edge of the QR Marketing revolution because it is created by one of the world’s leading experts in Mobile and Internet marketing:  Bobby Marhamat.

Image: Photo of Bobby Marhamat Author and Creator of QR Codes @ Work

For more than 12 years, Bobby Marhamat has been at the forefront of the Online and Mobile marketing fields.  Currently the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Verizon Wireless EVO and a former marketing executive at several successful corporations, Bobby’s experience and proven track record of success speak for itself.

The Viral Virus:  QR Codes @ Work combines Bobby’s experience and personal marketing strategies to create one comprehensive, step-by-step resource for creating, distributing, and leveraging QR Codes for maximum effectiveness! 

In fact, Here’s Exactly What You’ll Learn:

  • How to Use QR Codes to Promote Specials and Coupons
  • Using QR Codes to Boost SEO Rankings and Increase Natural Traffic to Your Website!
  • Building Your Social Network Using QR Codes
  • QR Marketing Tips for Small “Brick and Mortar” Business!
  • Converting Foot Traffic into Web Traffic Using QR Codes!
  • Tips for Improving ROI of QR Codes
  • Learn 100’s of Distribution Strategies for QR Codes—Many of them Totally FREE!
  • Making All Ads Interactive Using QR Codes—And Why This Helps Your Bottom Line!
  • 6 QR Marketing Mistakes to Avoid At All Costs!
  • How the Big Corporations are Using QR Codes—And How You Can Cheaply Emulate Them and Boost Profits!
  • And Much More

Gain Instant Access to QR Codes @ Work Today for the Introductory Price of…

$59? No!

$39? No!

Just $19!

Image of The Viral Virus: QR Codes @ Work

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Want to Combine the Power of QR Codes with the Unparalleled Reach of Social Marketing?

Then Order QR Codes @ Work Today for Just $19 and I’ll Include My Best-Selling Trying to Keep My Business From Being Left Behind in this Social Media World For Just $10—or $29 for Both Books!

Image: Trying to Keep My Business From Being Left Behind in this Social Media World

There’s no question that Social Media are playing a growing and dominant role in just about every facet of our lives—especially in business.  Trying to Keep My Business From Being Left Behind in this Social Media World was specifically designed to help small to medium-sized businesses take advantage of the Social Media phenomenon.  This book normally retails for $24.95 but its yours for just $10 when you order QR Codes @ Work for the introductory price of just $19!

Ready to get both books for just $29?  Then…

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Yes!  QR Codes Literally “Supercharge” The Results of Any Marketing Campaign!

Let’s say you hand out 100 business cards at an industry conference.  At best or unless you really made an unforgettable impression when handing them out, you might get a response rate of 5%–or maybe 5 phone calls.  At best…

Now what if you handed out the same 100 business cards—only this time, they all had your mysterious-looking QR code embedded on the front.  Depending on the placement and use of that QR code, you could easily boost the response rate to 10 or even 15%!

How is this possible? 

Human Psychology.

It’s simple:  You display some mysterious symbol that can only be “interpreted” with the use of an app on your smart phone—and curiosity takes over.  When contextualized properly, people will absolutely have to know what that symbol means.  Plus, you give them a valid reason to use their fancy smart phone and special QR app—and voila—you send response rates through the roof!

It is absolutely possible to double, triple, or even quadruple response rates/sales by combining the power of QR codes with traditional marketing tools like business cards, brochures, websites, etc.!

Of course—its not quite as simple as merely creating a QR code and placing it on a business card or other medium for people to see.  The message itself must be properly targeted, very concise, and designed to prompt action.  In many cases, you need to contextualize the QR code in order to “tease” prospects to scan and read the code.  Plus, you need to think of how best to display the QR codes to connect with the greatest percentage of your target audience.

QR Codes @ Work is specifically designed to help you create effective QR codes and then leverage them to maximum benefit in any marketing campaign, including:

  • Image: Green apple with a QR Code stickerBillboard Ads
  • Real Estate Listings/Websites
  • Guerilla Marketing Campaigns
  • Business Cards
  • In-Store Displays
  • Websites
  • Event Ticketing and Tracking
  • Print Ads
  • Special Contests
  • Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Trade Shows
  • Email Marketing
  • And 100’s More!

QR Codes @ Work

teaches you exactly how to dramatically boost ANY marketing campaign using highly targeted QR marketing tools and strategies—or your money back!

Guarantee LogoHands down, QR codes are destined to become one of the biggest marketing tools for the foreseeable future.  QR Codes @ Work is designed to help you create, distribute and leverage QR codes using the most advanced and effective strategies available.

Once your order is complete, you will be provided with instant access to QR Codes @ Work and then have a full 60 days to review and evaluate everything.  If you are unhappy with the results or dissatisfied for any reason, you may contact us for a FULL, ZERO HASSLE refund.

  • No Rude Customer Service Reps to Worry About!
  • No Return Authorization Numbers to Track Down
  • No “Restock” or “Admin” Fees!
  • No Questions or Hassles of Any Kind!
  • All Refunds Processed within 2 Business Days or Less!

Bobby Marhamat Signature

You either love QR Codes @ Work and start using it to send a growing wave of new customers/sales to your door—or you don’t pay one dime. 

You risk nothing by ordering so see for yourself how quickly QR marketing boosts your bottom line!

Image of The Viral Virus: QR Codes @ Work

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In Business, You Are Either Leading or Following—But Only the Leaders Are Making Any Money!

Can you remember back to the late 90’s—even the early 00’s after the dotcom bubble collapsed—when brick and mortar business owners swore up and down that they didn’t “need” a website (the familiar:  “I’ve never needed a website before, why would I need one now” was a common reason)?

Or how about just a few years back when places like Borders “didn’t need to develop e-readers because people will always want to read a physical book”?

The truth is:  Technologies change and if you resist that change for too long—well, you risk becoming obsolete or so inefficient that you can’t generate a consistent profit.

QR codes are no different than websites in the 90’s or e-readers in the 00’s—they are more efficient and are destined to dominate whether you like it or not.

Right now, QR marketing is relatively new but with over 50 million smart phones and a growing wave of savvy entrepreneurs and major institutions like the US Army already using QR codes in their marketing efforts—its only a matter of time before QR marketing is as common as a website or e-reader!  And those who learn how to master the secrets of QR marketing first—will make the most profits!

But You Better Hurry and Order The Viral Virus:  QR Codes @ Work Before My Adwords Account Balance Hits Zero…

At just $19, I am literally losing money on every single sale of QR Codes @ Work due to marketing costs.  To help get the word out about my book, I decided to load up my Adwords account and sell each and every copy for just $19—and yes, I’m losing money on each sale.

But I can only do this until the account balance hits zero.  At that point, I will have to “crunch the numbers” and determine the true marketing costs for the book and adjust prices accordingly. 

And Then the $19 Introductory Price Will Be Gone Forever!

The account balance could well hit zero today, tomorrow, or next week.  Whenever it does, one thing is certain:  The $19 introductory price will NEVER be offered again—in fact, it may well double or more when I determine the true marketing costs!

So don’t sit on that fence too long and miss your chance to gain instant access to The Viral Virus:  QR Codes @ Work for the introductory price of just $19!

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To Your Marketing Success,

Bobby Marhamat Signature

Bobby Marhamat

Author and Creator, The Viral Virus:  QR Codes @ Work

P.S.:  Don’t miss your chance to drive your profits and sales through the roof using QR codes before everyone else catches on—secure your copy today and Order Now!

P.P.S.:  Remember—the $19 introductory price is guaranteed to disappear forever once the ppc account balance hits zero—after which, the cost may literally double or more!  So download your copy today for the rock-bottom price of just $19—and remember, your order is fully backed by our 60-day money back guarantee so you risk absolutely NOTHING!  So get off that fence and Order Now!


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