The Money Pit

January 20, 2019 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

Exactly what you need when the ceiling starts dripping… The night I closed on my first house I ordered a pizza and watched The Money Pit. At the time, it was just about the funniest thing I had ever seen. Two poor unsuspecting lovebirds get suckered into buying what they *think* is the house of their dreams, only to have everything under the sun go wrong. It was so over the top absurd that I laughed myself silly.Fast-forward five years and I have a WHOLE new appreciation for this movie. I bought a “fixer-upper” with stars in my…

Anonymous says:

You Can’t Beat 80’s Comedies Looking for a light-hearted comedy that’s suitable for the whole family? This is an excellent pick. I had my fiancé watch it with me after we just moved into our first house and finished remodeling it. It seemed like appropriate timing and he definitely got a kick out of it. Shelley Long and Tom Hanks have awesome on screen chemistry and are a great comedic duo. This is a nice choice for those who want to laugh but are tired of today’s raunchy, over-the-top flicks.

Anonymous says:

Great comedy One of my favorite comedies starring Tom Hanks, who’s a great comedic actor before he became known for dramas.I liked Shelly Long as well from Cheers. The slapstick and physical comedy is great and you really can’t help but laugh to see the house collapsing before their eyes. All’s well that ends well so the ending satisfies. It was great to find this movie in blu-ray format.

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