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We’re sorry, but the programs (listed below) that used to be sold on this web page are no longer available for sale to the public and are now only sold privately. Anyone can still sign up for our autoresponder to the right. Enjoy! —- Here’s our entire premium package (that has sold in the past…

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We’re sorry, but the programs (listed below) that used to be sold on this web page are no longer available for sale to the public and are now only sold privately. Anyone can still sign up for our autoresponder to the right. Enjoy! —->>>

Here’s our entire premium package (that has sold in the past for as much as $1,500). It is now available by private invitation only and comes to you at a special discounted price…

This exclusive package also includes:

  • A number of bonus recorded calls
  • 2 months access to weekly “tell all” and “answer all” live conference calls
  • Access to our exclusive “future social media rock stars” members area that comes with even more bonus materials

  • …and take those same secrets to EXPLODE your internet marketing business making you the next “social media rock star” and online internet marketing success story!

    Dear Friend,

    You’ve heard of Pay Per Click advertising and the wonders that it can do for your business. It’s all true, but there are a number of people online who completely miss out on the number one way that they can put their business into overdrive, and fast!


    Now unfortunately my partner and I had to spend thousands of dollars in online advertising before discovering the truth. And if the gurus would have simply told us this one thing, it could have saved my partner Dan Dimit from spending 4 years of his life doing cold calls!

    And what could these tips have done for me? I was so depressed when I worked for over half a year and finally completed my fist big internet marketing project only to get slapped by Google. I was happily paying between 20 and 50 cents per click for that project until overnight my click costs increased to $1, $2, $5, and $10 per click! If I would have known the truth about traffic generation and how to receive real online success, then I would have known how I could start getting free traffic from Google in order to completely dominate my niche will little effort and a lot less stress.

    What was it that we were missing? Why were we working so hard only to make minimal income in our niche markets? Well, it’s a simple tip really, a tip that could have expanded our businesses fast while giving us the thousands of dollars per month in free online exposure that we enjoy today. It’s what most internet marketing gurus usually don’t tell you, and I think I know why.

    And that is why the gurus ARE THE GURUS. And, the people who aren’t gurus will likely never be because they don’t know this one thing. So here’s the secret: Most gurus are gurus because THEY EVENTUALLY LEARNED TO GENERATE LOTS OF THEIR OWN TRAFFIC. And when you learn to do this you will soon find yourself almost everywhere across the web.

    Now of course many of the online marketing gurus still use a lot of PPC in order to drive more traffic to their sites, but we have seen that the majority of the traffic generated by online gurus in almost all niches is free website traffic, meaning that they get a large amount of free online publicity and have a number of others who promote their products and services for them. The secret is that by following these techniques, YOU can become the guru! These are the techniques and methods that will EASILY build a huge name for yourself in many well known AND lesser known locations, all across the web!

    So here’s some quick proof: We believe that my partner, Dan Dimit, is the only person online with his name. Now, the results usually vary, but if you do a Google search on Dan Dimit’s name in quotations, you will usually find that he and his information is mentioned over 50,000 times across the web. I have never seen a search where the info wasn’t THE Dan Dimit. And a majority of this came from only around 5 months of effort! Click Here To See (opens in a new window).

    So, let me ask you a few questions. Do you hate doing cold calls? Do you hate paying a majority of your online profits towards your advertising costs? Are you sick of only being viewed as small fry in your industry? If this is you, then it is time to discover the methods that Dan and I have used in order to get floods of prospects calling us. In only a few months Dan went from nothing to the top distributor in a network marketing company because of these techniques. Many of our friends have been able to double and even triple their online businesses with this free targeted traffic. And for ALL except one of our current sites, we receive more free online traffic (from paying visitors) then paid traffic. The free traffic we now receive is so profitable and grows our businesses so well that we focus a large portion of our energies to generating our own traffic rather than paying for it. Dan Dimit and I just had to bring this system to the world…

    Introducing: The Entire Social Media Niche Domination System!

    This system comes in 2 parts. First, you’ll learn step-by-step what you need to know about social media to be able to become a true social media expert (bringing you massive online exposure). Part 2 teaches you how to truly monetize with this knowledge. Here is just some of what you’ll learn in Part 1 of this course…

    • How you can start getting “paid back” as Google starts giving you free online exposure!

  • The trick to getting hoards of free traffic to a brand new site within 24 hours, without using any SEO techniques.
  • Learn how in the first week that Dan and I launched this specific site, we were able to bring in hoards of free unique visitors, without using a super affiliate, telling our lists about our site, and without spending a single dime in advertising!
  • The secret tools we use to dominate keywords on the web. We have dominated certain keyword phrases within hours, getting top 10 Google placement and eager prospects ready to learn more!
  • How to multiply your efforts and have one of your content distributed to hundreds of websites for massive exposure, all with a click of a button!
  • How to easily turn each one of your website visitors into a viral marketer, providing you with priceless word of mouth advertising.

  • Why if you follow a few simple techniques, any business, online or offline, will literally multiply in size overnight!
  • How you can compete as the little guy against big businesses, including all of those giant companies that have been around before the dot com bust. Then, learn to legally “steal” massive profits straight from those sites!
  • Generate more profits and more money through your sites than you ever thought possible!
  • How you can get top Google rankings for hundreds of small market niches that still get hundreds of searches per day!
  • Discover how you can set up affiliate programs through multiple sites where you only pay per performance, getting even more free traffic to your site!

  • How you can set up your own “free traffic school” and get paid for teaching other people how to get free leads and website traffic!
  • How to use the same PPC data that people are paying for in order for you to start driving even more free traffic to your site.
  • How to easily create a viral report or eBook for your business in less than 48 hours, bringing in more traffic!
  • The secret to getting people to call you for your business or product every day, so you NEVER have to do cold calling again!

  • How to dominate multiple positions on the first page of Google listings. Having the #1 spot is great, but why not go ahead and take spots #2 through 7 while you’re at it?
  • How to make a current business of yours profitable, even if you have been at break-even for months! (I used to have a product in this same situation, I’ll share my story of how I am now making hundreds per month in residual income with that one product (that used to be a for sure failure), without spending a dime in advertising!)
  • How you can legally “spam” people, and build a list of thousands of prospects, and your I.P. address won’t even be blocked. You’re gonna love this one!
  • How to get free leads and people calling you for your business, even if you never set up a website! (and still get those top search engine rankings!)
  • How to have all of your affiliate commissions be 100% pure profit!
  • How to get tons of links pointing straight to you, without ever linking to anyone else! (Personally, I hate the concept of link exchanges!)

  • How to get the highest search engine rankings for products that you don’t even own. The product owners will be scratching their heads, wondering why YOU have top search engine rankings and they don’t! (I’ll share with you how I got a HUGE company wanting to talk to me on the phone because they thought that I was some big shot in the industry! NOPE! Within only a few hours I had better search engine placement for their company name, almost effortlessly!)
  • Oh yeah! Dan Dimit did the same thing with another company and you would think that he was that company’s owner if you didn’t know any better!

    “I’ve used these techniques to promote so many websites, I can hardly keep count anymore.”

    I’ve been able to work with tons of people across the web and make a better life for my family. You guys have truly put together the free traffic techniques the insiders use and keep secret. This step by step format will help a lot of people out.

    -Ernie Garcia –Sierra Vista, AZ

    “You Need This Product”

    This is one of the most comprehensive systems I have ever seen. It is also one of the simplest programs to implement. If you want to multiply your traffic and your profits, you need this product.

    -Jared Carter –Salt Lake City, UT

    “With these web 2.0 strategies I’ve expanded my businesses exponentially”

    We all know that any business is about building relationships. It’s increasingly difficult to do that online. Web 2.0 makes it so much easier… It’s about time somebody put these techniques out there in such an understandable format! Thanks guys.

    -James Broadfoot –Wilson, NC

    “I’ve crushed my competition by dominating the search engine results for my niche.”

    This information and secrets are what I used to go from a moving business that broke my back to an internet hero. My major success was done with just video marketing. So imagine what will happen when you implement everything else. Great job guys.

    -Oz Fuentes –Phoenix, AZ

    • How to easily implement important keyword research before you even get started so you will guarantee your top search engine rankings!
    • The most important thing to look at when you do your research.
    • How to easily create hundreds of killer 2-3 minute “commercials” (that people will love) so that they will immediately want to visit your site.
    • The BIG SECRET to legally stealing traffic straight from your own competitors. How to get prospects straight to your website, even when they were looking for your competitor’s website.

    • How to look like you are a pro at SEO and get great search engine rankings for your web pages, even if you haven’t discovered what SEO means yet.
    • The secret to increasing your sales with your newly implemented media formats.
    • The secrets to viral content: Learn how to have friends, family and coworkers want to share your content with the rest of the world.
    • What you should NEVER do while building free traffic.
    • The perfect lengths for your videos, articles, and free reports
    • Where you can get free materials in order to provide your prospects with killer content, that appear to have been created by a Fortune 500 company. Your prospects will be left thinking that they are dealing with a multi-million dollar enterprise.
    • The best formats for uploading your content.

    • The best free tools in order to leverage your time while generating this free traffic.
    • Why almost no-one is telling you about these free traffic generation methods, and why they are so effective.
    • Should you pay the big bucks for search engine optimization? Find out exactly what SEO techniques you should be using and WHY you never need to pay for them!
    • Exactly how to tie all of these free traffic generation techniques together so you can generate the most amount of traffic with the least amount of work.
    • The secret to making money with free and paid publicity. (And it’s so easy it’s sickening!)
    • Step-by-step how to make money with your free blog traffic.

    • And much much more!

    Bonus #1: The “Free Leads Chasing You” conference call. In this recorded call, Dan Dimit discusses how he uses the formula in order to get a stampede of prospects chasing you, making it so that you never need to do cold calls again! Dan Dimit gets multiple people each week to call him for his home based business opportunity and uses a few very specific techniques to make sure he gets leads calling him. All of the best techniques in order to make this happen will be revealed in this call, and Dan says that all of this is easy!

    Bonus #2: Secrets To Complete Local Niche Domination. Before I got a heavy start in internet marketing, I was able to apply my marketing expertise to businesses that I created offline. One of these businesses is a local business that I started in Salt Lake City, Utah. In this call I reveal how I only took ONE of the techniques taught in “The Free Traffic Formula” in order to completely dominate a local market niche on the web with only 10 hours work. I also explain why my competition will likely NEVER know how I pulled this off and I explain how you can achieve similar results with almost any local business.

    Bonus #3: And you won’t believe that we are currently giving this one away for free… The full pdf report: “The Proven ‘Expert’ Game Plan for ‘The Free Traffic Formula’ And Our Other Websites…” In this pdf, we cover our exact game plan from the first meeting discussing our plans for dominating our niches online where we spent days flooding the web with our content. In this pdf we cover exactly how long it takes us to follow our own game plan for new sites, and exactly to what extent you should follow things in order to dominate your niche markets. We also go into detail on how we created this product and we then discuss our concept of a marketing blitz, which is what we initiated for this website’s launch. There are also a few surprise bonus secrets that we reveal in this pdf, like exactly how we learned to take this free traffic and monetize it, because tons of free traffic is going to make you money, but tons of free traffic along with some conversion secrets will make you even more money.

    Bonus #4: The entire 3T Traffic System!

    Here’s Exactly What You’ll Discover In The 3T Traffic System…

    • How to achieve top search engine rankings, even in the most competitive markets!
    • The #1 technique that we use, and step-by-step how to follow it in order to get more free website traffic today!
    • How to make Google happy so that they give you free website traffic from years to come. You competition will start to wonder why Google likes YOU more than them!
    • Why your competitors while likely never be able to compete with your new online presence.

    • How to avoid costly mistakes so that you can keep the free traffic coming (Dan goes into great detail on how to avoid these mistakes in the bonus CD “Residual Website Traffic: How to get on top and stay there!”)
    • The real secrets to success that will establish yourself as an absolute guru.
    • How to make your website “tip” which will cause an unstoppable wave of viral marketing for your site!
    • The secrets behind creating what we call “direct response videos.”
    • The big marketing secret that we have used for this site in order to assure a flood of unique and highly interested website visitors.
    • Step-by-step what to do. In the 3T Traffic System Manual I am giving you an exact game plan to follow. Follow it and the traffic will come.
    • How to build relationships with extremely popular websites, making it so that they promote your website for free! (Just this one technique can bring you all the traffic you would ever need!)

    • How to leverage your time with these techniques so that you can achieve the biggest results with the least amount of effort.
    • The number one frustration that people encounter while climbing to the top of Google’s search engine and how to avoid it.
    • The little things we do while building free traffic that make a HUGE difference.
    • And so much more!

    Let’s take a quick moment to introduce the 15 social media rock stars that we interviewed…

    Eric Green was a corporate salesman for over 10 years. He has a wife and kids. Regular guy, right? Then came social media! Now he’s able to stay home with his family and raise his kids how people want to. He’s making thousands of dollars a month from home and loving it. He’s also known as the Digital Gangster, using a well known technique to brand himself even though he has a very common name. Google his name and you’ll see why he’s one of the most famous people on the internet.

    Susan Bonfiglio has one of the most compelling life change stories you’ll ever hear– She went from taking care of her elderly parents to working directly with the legendary Bob Proctor! She started out as a social worker, and is now one of the most sought after success coaches out there.

    Viktoria and Gary Affron are a couple that found each other online and they now work as a team in internet marketing as well as network marketing. Just to show you that anyone can do this, when they started, Viktoria didn’t even know what the cut-and-paste feature was on the computer!

    Greg Demario had very low self esteem when he was growing up as many of us experience. He was able to quickly put a few of the techniques included in this information in order to not only set himself financially free, but also help others with their self esteem and confidence issues. He is one of the most unlikely stories in all of internet marketing. He not only survived, but thrived when everything looked like he would be lucky to turn out just “average.”

    Steph Perez went from low income housing to making a great living with the new social media phenomenon. She was part of the push that started this popular wave on the internet. She’s not worried about money anymore! She gives some of her best golden nuggets of wisdom in this interview. You can feel her passion for helping others in each of the videos she puts out there.

    Christian Fioravanti has amazing story! Let’s start with the fact that he just turned 16 years old and makes an adult’s full time income from the internet …while balancing his high school education and social activities. His parents have to sign the contracts and deposit his checks! You have no excuses left. You must put this into practice. If this kid can do it at 14 years old, you can do it in your current situation. To all you parents out there, have your teenager listen to this interview if you want them to strive harder and believe that it’s possible.

    Gregory Drake is one of the biggest superstars to get into Social Media! The crazy thing about his story is this: 2 months before he started his social media strategies, he was digging in the seats of his car looking for the coins he needed in order to buy gas to get to his dead-end job. Now he happens to be one of the major players in this arena and he’s one that made this trend a major marketing force on the internet and got people talking about it offline as well.

    Holly Powell has helped so many people to be successful on the internet that she can no longer count them. She had to cofound a training organization in order to make sure her students could get the proper care. They teach some of the information that you will learn in this curriculum. She’s been in the marketing game for a long time. She has used her skills to see a huge trend coming and was smart enough to take full advantage of the wave that’s just beginning to get big.

    Curt Frieden is a great example of carving out a niche for himself and taking advantage of the phenomenon of social media to get the word out all over the internet about his specialized skills. He is someone that every professional marketer can learn from, whether they’re beginners or old-timers…By the way, he just turned 21. When his college friends are just settling into their not-so-safe jobs and starting out at the lowest salaries, Curt is way beyond them in financial as well as time freedom.

    Marj Wyatt is a fun lady, but she has a serious and extensive business background. She uses social media in order to have her clients find her and seek out her services. She was tired of working for the big corporations, and decided to make herself rich instead of the ”boss”. She now works with people all over the world and her business has the same reach as the multinational corporations she once worked for.

    Shane Garrison lost his cushy management job because of a layoff. He thought his future was set with the company that he had poured his heart and soul into. He was wrong. But instead of feeling sorry for himself and going to the unemployment line, he found web 2.0 and put it to work and told his story, which resonated with many people in these times. He now has a huge following and is actually “flipping” websites and making huge profits! He also owns several of his own business opportunities that anyone around the world can take advantage of.

    Steve Schuitt… I don’t even know where to start with his story. Let’s start with the fact that he made $15K in the first month once he learned about social media and web 2.0 and he was only using specific technique!! He worked 2 jobs to try to get to financial independence…didn’t work. He tried being a sales stereotype…didn’t work. Then he said “Forget it! I’m going to just be myself.” He’s now a superstar with his own training groups and even software programs that he owns and sells globally!

    Barbie Figueroa is the envy of every mother in America!! She has a thriving internet business and literally thousands of people have seen her websites because of her massive online exposure. With her 3 boys, she no longer has to worry about them getting into trouble while she’s at work, because she actually home schools them. She’s a rare combination of career business woman as well as home maker. She also happens to be one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet. All of this shows why she’s a superstar in this arena.

    Diane Hochman is a huge inspiration for thousands of people because of where she came from and what she has accomplished on the internet. She is the true definition of Social Media Rock Star. Diane is personally responsible for making hundreds of people very successful in many different kinds of businesses. Her “students” become “teachers” in no time. She gives us her wisdom and a personal look at the history of the internet and how Social Media has affected home business.

    Tobias Fransson is proof that you don’t have to live in the United States to become an internet superstar. He started out as an avid competitor in the global video game arena, and now he’s one of the most sought-after bloggers in world. He does it all from his home office in Stockholm Sweden. He didn’t even speak English when he started, so it shows that literally anyone can do this.

    These 15 Interviews Along With Our 3 DVD Set “Social Media Money Machine,” Will Provide You With So Many Ways To Monetize With Social Media That You’ll Burn With Excitement!

    • The Advanced tips that NOBODY is sharing about how to completely dominate in even the most competitive online niches using video marketing and social media

    • A Step-By-Step Game plan for not only becoming the next social media superstar, but then taking those tips to either explode your income in your new business
    • How you can easily provide local and national businesses with a huge spike of leads and sales, and then charge those businesses $3,000 to $10,000 per month!
    • The 8 Top Ways That We And Other Social Marketing Rock Stars Make Money The Easiest While Using Social Media

    • 5 Additional Ways, PROVEN To Generate Income Using This Info!
    • The real secrets to success to establishing yourself as an absolute guru.
    • Plus, additional money making secrets revealed in the interviews, some of which I had never even thought of!

    • This means that you are learning from a total of 17 social media marketing experts, all who generate a significant income, and you learn exactly what we do and how we do it!
    • Oh yeah, and did I mention that the 3 DVD set shares nearly 6 hours of step-by-step money making techniques that we personally use with social media? This includes step-by-step how we charge a number of businesses $3,000 to $10,000 per month for our social media consulting services!

    #1: Our social media system is unlike anything else that you may have seen or tried before because we are giving you an actual PROGRAM that leads you step-by-step through the social media money making process, start to finish. So, you will never need to worry about what steps you can take to get started or what you should do next. We guide you through the whole thing.

    #2: This is nothing like those eBooks that you find on the web and will forget about over night. This system contains 2 pdfs with over 270 pages of solid content, 10 audio CDs, 3 DVDs, and an additional manual. These resources give you all of the tips, secrets, methods, resources and information that you will need in order to accomplish your goals online!

    #3: With tons of real-world examples about how we and others have used this system to explode their businesses, you will see how this formula doesn’t teach you any “trick the system” marketing tactics. Everything that we teach you will be able to get you the results you need for your business for years to come.

    #4: Unlike other hyped up marketing systems that somehow get away with extraordinary claims of how you will make X amount of money in zero time, we actually guarantee that you’ll make NOTHING with this program. But we do promise to teach you every step of the process that we take in order to make a significant income with these techniques and truly help you by sharing with you real life success stories from 15 other social media rock stars! You’ll learn that if we can do it, and if these other 15 individuals that we interviewed can do it, then you should be able to do it to if you simply follow these proven steps!

    #5: Many people offer programs with a bunch of boring downloads, but we are giving you immediate access to a number of downloads and we will also ship to you today a LARGE package in the mail full of audio trainings, DVDs, and a manual in order to help guarantee your success!


    As you can see, the total value of this package is worth $1,547, and in the past this same package offered to you today has actually sold for as much as $1,500. So make sure that you can pick this valuable information up today while it is at a special discount.

    Sorry! But there is absolutely no way that you can order any of the products mentioned on this page unless you have been given a special invitation from one of our sales coaches. Please don’t email us or call us with questions as to how you can order because we have a special agreement set up that allows this program to only be sold exclusively.

    If you have been extended an invitation to buy, then here are a number of our different forms of payment…


    Act now by speaking with your sales coach to take advantage of this special offer!

    As you know, we reveal in this system each and every one of our secrets to making money online with social media, and in fact we teach you EXACTLY what to do to copy our success. Just make sure to order today while you are guaranteed access to this great offer!

    Now if by chance you have any problems, then make sure to contact us via email at or by giving your sales coach a call. Those guys are great and should be able to easily assist with any of your questions.

    To your success!

    Daniel Pereira

    Premier Internet Marketing, LLC

    4031 Severn Circle

    South Jordan, UT 84095

    P.S. — Remember, you are not only getting access to a number of downloads including our 240 page pdf, but you are also getting 10 CDs, 3 DVDs, and a manual shipped to you via priority mail! Don’t miss out of this valuable offer!

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