The Definitive Child Custody Blueprint For Fathers

October 6, 2021 - Comment

In The Definitive Child Custody Blueprint For Fathers, You’ll Discover… How To Show The Court That You’re The Better Parent and Win Custody Using The Father’s Custody Paradox.You’ll learn in more detail what men have been mislead to believe about winning custody and then I’ll teach you how to prove to the court that you…

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In The Definitive Child Custody Blueprint

For Fathers, You’ll Discover…

  • How To Show The Court That You’re The Better Parent and Win Custody Using The Father’s Custody Paradox.

    You’ll learn in more detail what men have been mislead to believe about winning custody and then I’ll teach you how to prove to the court that you are the better parent using the REAL formula the court uses. This is the foundation to the Custody Blueprint and you’ll learn how to use this for your own case. This will instantly put you in control, enabling you to steer your case in whatever direction you want it to go. Essentially turning the tables on a rigged court system and your ex… and putting the odds in your favor.

  • How To Get 50/50 Time-share in a Temporary Order While Your Final Hearing is Pending.

    You’ll discover how I got “50/50” time-sharing in a temporary order while waiting for the final hearing. Use this clever way to ask the court for half visitation time in a temporary order. I give you all the details in Module 6 Video 2. You’re ex will have no way to argue against it and the judge will have no reason not to give it to you. This also prevents your ex from arguing to the judge at the final hearing that she should have custody because the child has been spending more time with her. This stops her from using the “maintaining continuity” argument against you.

  • How To Recognize and Tactfully Capitalize On Mistakes Your Ex Has Already Made or Will Make In the Future

    You’ll learn how to effectively use her words and actions against her, but more importantly you’ll also learn what NOT to do when she’s making mistakes. You need this now, especially if your case has already started.

  • How To Set Traps To Show Your Ex’s Pattern of Bad Behavior.

    Once you recognize bad behavior committed by your ex… you’ll learn how to set traps so she continues the bad behavior, establishing a pattern that you can effectively use against her in court.

  • Which Type of Health Professional You Should Choose For Your Child Custody Evaluator.

    There is more than one type of Child Custody Evaluator.  Discover which one is the most likely to screw the evaluation up and get it wrong.  Pick the wrong one and you’re finished. I tell you which one to pick and why.

  • How To Win Over the Child Custody Evaluator.

    If you have a child custody evaluator assigned to your case both you and your ex will be required to take psychometric exams. These tests are purposely built to trick you and if you do not answer them “properly” you’re doomed! You’ll discover how to take them properly without falling into the evaluators traps. If you have your psych exams coming up then you need this ASAP!

  • The 3 Things Most Men Say In Court That Usually Backfire.

    If you’re thinking about saying any these to the judge or child custody evaluator… DON’T! They hate it when fathers do this.

  • How To Stop Your Ex From Getting the Jurisdiction of Your Case Moved To Another State or County

    It is very important that you do not allow your ex to file in another state or county to move the custody case out of the jurisdiction you and your kids live in. This is another common tactic that shrewd, sneaky mothers try to pull off to get the upper hand in the case and also to hurt the fathers by taking their kids away. I’ll show you a simply way to stop her.

If You’re Serious About

Winning Custody

Please Read On!

The following information is only for those who are truly interested in winning custody.

I have found that different people, for different reasons come here to get my Custody Blueprint video course.

(Believe it or not many are women who want it for their husband, boyfriend or adult son that has a child with a crazed ex!)

My concern now though is getting this information to someone like yourself who is trying to do the right thing.

Now pause for a moment, take a deep breath and PICTURE THIS:

Take a look into the future and visualize that your custody case has come to an end…

But you decided not to get my Custody Blueprint video course when you had the chance…

Your final hearing is now over and you’ve been anxiously waiting to hear the judge’s decision.

Finally, your phone rings and its the call you’ve been waiting for…

It’s your attorney and he says, “I’m sorry but you lost. Your ex got custody.”

He then tells that your visitation is limited to every other weekend and Wednesday nights for only 3 hours…

And your child support payment is going to be more than half your monthly income.

It will be so high that you wont be able to afford your car payment…

and you’ll have to down size and move into a smaller place.

As you’re sitting there holding the phone in disbelief you’re wondering what went wrong and if you could have done more.

Now STOP and look back on today…

Considering that you’ve lost, you don’t have your kids and half your income will be going in your ex’s bank account…

What kind of value would you place on being able to prevent that from happening?

I’m not sure how you could even start to put a price on something like that…

For the last 15 years I’ve been quietly and privately coaching fathers one-on-one with their custody issues…

And they happily paid me $2,000 for a few hours of my time to teach them what I have laid out in The Definitive Child Custody Blueprint For Fathers…

Obviously, time with your children is more valuable than anything…but lets not pretend here…money is important too…

Imagine if your ex wins custody… how much do you think you will have to pay her month after month, year after year in child support?

And will she be spending that on her nails and hair, a new car payment, her new boyfriend, or your kids?

Previous fathers I helped agreed that paying $2,000 one time was better than losing valuable time with their children…

And better than paying thousands over and over, month after month until their child’s 18th birthday.

But if all The Definitive Child Custody Blueprint For Fathers did was work 1/2 as good as I say it does…

And instead of full custody you get 50/50 custody and you don’t have to make any child support payments…

Would it be worth it?

Would you agree time with your kids has no price tag on it?

So $2,000 can’t even scratch the surface of something that has no price.

But don’t worry, you’re not going to pay $2,000.

Not even close.

So I decided that I only want this information going to fathers who are truly interested in winning custody…

If that’s YOU, and you order today, you’ll get The Definitive Child Custody Blueprint For Fathers video course…for a one-time payment of just $399.00, $199.00.

UPDATE: You arrived at this page just in time to take part in a special marketing test. If you order today October 06, 2021, I’ve lowered the price to just $97. Just promise to give me some feedback, either good or bad, on what you think of the course. This way I can quickly make any improvements to the course to make it as informative as possible.


You should be… I don’t want you to blindly believe anything I said here today.

I want you to decide for yourself…So let me prove it to you!

I’m going to give you a full 60 days to dig through the Custody Blueprint For Fathers course before you decide if you even want to keep it!

And if your not impressed with the course, or simply decide its not for you, just email my 24-hour Customer Support Team for an IMMEDIATE 100% refund – you don’t have to explain yourself or give any reason.

Look, I’ve been where you’re at right now.

Not knowing what the future holds for you and your kids is a scary thing…

And so the last thing I want to do is give you something else to worry about…

That’s why I’m offering you the 60-day No Reason Needed 100% Money Back Guarantee.

There will be no hard feelings if you decide you want a refund and I’ll be sending you good vibes and good luck with your case!


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