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Here Is What ACTUAL Users Have To Say About Synthesys Todd Gross #1 Voice Over Artist in Internet Marketing http://toddgross.rocks/70k Chris Derenberger http://tubeze.com “I am SO blown away by the quality of Synthesys. As a digital consultant who sells services to local business clients, I can’t tell you how much money I’ve spent on voiceovers…

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Here Is What ACTUAL Users Have To Say About Synthesys

Todd Gross

#1 Voice Over Artist in Internet Marketing


Chris Derenberger


“I am SO blown away by the quality of Synthesys. As a digital consultant who sells services to local business clients, I can’t tell you how much money I’ve spent on voiceovers over the years. I’ve stayed away from using AI generated speech because the quality has never competed with the real thing. That has all changed. I LOVE THIS!”

Matt Bush


“Wow! The voices in Synthesys are so natural I could have saved a fortune on all the voice overs I’ve paid for. No other text to speech app has been good enough before, but now my head is spinning with the possibilities for my business.”

Chrissy Withers


I was never a fan of text-to-speech tools. I found most to be a bit robotic and weird sounding. When I first heard Synthesys, I was astounded. The quality, tone and cadence was unlike anything I had ever heard. Synthesys is a TTS that I am actually excited to use! I made a video for a business, and I was even asked who the voiceover guy was 🙂

Ray Lane


If someone told me that there was a solution that enabled me to convert text to speech with REAL human voice, I’d laugh them off. But after checking out Synthesys , I’m truly stunned. It delivers what it promises guys. I love it and I’m sure you won’t make the mistake of letting this pass away. It will be my new secret weapon to create speech for my Amazon video reviews.





Synthesys allows you to voice your CALL-TO-ACTION as a genuine invitation to learn more, rather than a sales pitch.


Bring your script to life and convey EMOTION and EXCITEMENT to fully engage your audience with Synthesys.


Close MORE sales by adding SCARCITY to the tone of your voice over and make your customers sitting on the fence take action.


Say goodbye to high-priced voice-overs and delays caused by script changes, casting talent, and booking recording studios.

Secure Access To SYNTHESYS And Head Straight To:

Fiverr to sell your voice-over services for $750-$1,000

Andrew charges $750 for a demo

Whereas Mark here charges $1,000

for the same gig…

Customers have been paying Tanis $750 until now… with SYNTHESYS you can do way better?

Meet Tony…charges $895 per VO


(Synthesys is digital and the images are for visualization only)


Meet Your Army Of Professional Voice-Over Artists

That Will Turn Any Text/Script Into A Highly Engaging And Sexy Voice-Over

In Just 3 Clicks – At Your Service 24/7/365

Listen To This Difference & Be Shocked.

Amazon Polly vs. Google Wavenet vs. Synthesys

‘SYNTHESYS’ Effortlessly Creates

Professional Real-Human Sounding Voice-Overs In Minutes For:

Sales Video

TV commercials



Demo Video

Video Sales Letters


Explainer Video

Instagram Stories



  • Paying an arm-and-a-leg to overpriced Freelancers
  • Waiting and chasing voice-over artists
  • Going back and forth to get perfect a voice-over
  • Leaving the most important part of your marketing & sale into someone else’s hands
  • Scaring away your visitors with creepy sounding robotic voice-overs made using free text-to-speech tools

Turn All This Around With SYNTHESYS

To Achieve…

  • Lower bounce rates
  • More Trust
  • More Authority
  • More Money In Your Pocket

Look At Just How Easy It Is To Use Synthesys

All It Takes Is 3 Simple Steps…

Choose Voice

Pick your perfect business voice, gender and
tone from 8 real human-sounding
synthetic digital voices


Type your text or simply copy-paste your
script and click “Create”

Render & Share

1-Click render and share your voice-over
on any platform or device, wherever you need it AND Don’t Forget To Use Your Commercial License To Add Another Profit Stream To Your Pocket.

Login to UpWork as soon as you secure access.

UpWork There are people desperately looking for your service already…


Synthesys Is Different Than Anything You’ve Ever Seen –
Including Google Wavenet and Amazon Polly

With SYNTHESYS, You Can Now Create Voice-Overs On Demand!

By leveraging the power of the next-generation Synthetic Speech Technology, a state-of-the-art Instant Text-to-Speech converter, and total control over the tone of the voice over…

…you’ll get more engagement and higher revenue from your traffic than ever before!

SYNTHESYS gives you 8 Real Professional English Voice Actors to convert your script into a highly engaging voice over!

They help you build trust by allowing you to use the same voice for a brand…without having to chase a professional voice-over artist on platforms like Fiverr or VoiceBunny.
Boost engagement, reduce bounce rates, get more leads into your sales funnel, and most importantly… earn more profit!

Why Businesses, Marketers And Entrepreneurs Are
Simply Falling In Love With SYNTHESYS

Find THE perfect Voice for everything

Create engaging learning experiences, training, real estate videos, advertising audio promotion materials, product tours and more.

Cutting-edge technology

Deep learning researchers train a dataset of voice recordings from real-life voice actors to create a neural network.

This neural network generates audio clips from text input by users.

The voice-over generated sounds 100% real human-like.

Unmatched quality at an unmatched price

With the latest innovations in synthetic digital voicing, and super-fast text-to-speech conversion and render…there’s no other app, software or tool on the market that comes close – at any price!

Higher engagement and lower bounce rate –

SYNTHESYS improves engagement with visitors. They are not repulsed by a creepy sounding robot telling them about the product or service.

Done-for-you voices

Get started instantly with ready-to-use voice overs. Use these for presentations and videos and save both time and money.

Bring your scripts to life

Professional voice-overs on your own terms, on your schedules and without any haggling for prices. Bring your scripts to life in just 3 clicks.

Never Hire A Voice Actor again

Both Male and Female voices from real-life actors are made available through the neural network.

Special emphasis has been given to tone, breathing, sentence pauses etc. to ensure that your voice-overs sound 100% real.

Multi-purpose use

SYNTHESYS can be widely used for Gaming, Podcasts, Film & Animation, Real Estate Promotion Videos, Training Videos, Walkthrough Videos, Advertisements etc. to create professional personalized audio promotional material and more.


This stunning technology is budget-friendly. What’s more, it’s a fraction of the cost of studio-recorded narration. SYNTHESYS help you with a professional voice for your presentations and videos while helping you save time and money.


Simply type or copy and paste your script into the text box, make your voice selection, and click to render. Getting a high-quality voice-over has never been easier and faster.

No need to cut corners and compromise
on quality

Voice-overs are needed right at the end of building a product and the related marketing material. By this time, most businesses have already over-spent on their budget.

But now with SYNTHESYS…no more compromising on the quality of voice-overs to save money. Also, say goodbye to delays caused by script changes, casting talent, and booking recording studios.

Works seamlessly on any device

Access your SYNTHESYS secure dashboard via any web browser. It’s hosted on the cloud – no software installation or downloads required!


Take a look at some recent profiles of voice talent that I found on VoiceBunny:

The lowest one starts at $125 which is most likely per 100 words. So if you have a 1000 words script, you’ll be looking at $1,250.

Go for a little better quality and this amount easily increases to $211 per 100 words… resulting in a whopping $2,110 bill for a 1000 word script.

I have a confession…

Over the years we have ourselves hired a lot of voice-over artists and

Paid A LOTTTT Of Money…

Sent Voice-Over Artists
Endless Reminders
Of Deadlines…

Ended Up With Less Than
Satisfactory Voice-Overs…
Lacking In Excitement
and Emotions

Missed Out On A
LOTTTT Of Revenue &

But ALL Of That Changed When We Developed And Started Using SYNTHESYS…

…And Nobody Would Be Able To Tell That These Are Not RECORDED By

An On-Site Professional Voice-Over Artist

Your Voice-Overs. Choose Artists Depending On
What You Need A Voice-Over For:

8 Male and Female Professional English Voice Actors. Unique Tones.

    Click to Play   

Video Ad Example

Dan R.

Lively, precise, and clear. Dan’s voice is great for commercial and explainer videos. #Male #Middle-Aged #Ad #Cheerful #Powerful #Hard Sell

Film Trailer

John M.

Deep, mellow, and resonant – pick John for storytelling. #Male #Middle-Aged #Ad #Hard Sell #Low-Pitched #Powerful

AudioBook Example

Renee W.

Deep mellow and soft. Renee’s voice is great for podcasts. #Female #Middle-Aged #Documentary #News #Gentle #Hard Sell

Audiobook Example

Mary S.

Mellow mature and bright, Mary has an inviting voice. #Australian #Female #Middle-Aged #E-Learning #Narration #Classy #Informative

Radio Advertisment Example

Alicia M.

Friendly, Cheerful, excited, and easy-going. Choose Alicia for your narration. #UK #Female #Young Adult #Ad #E-Learning

Audiobook Example

Deborah D.

Artistic clear and expressive. Deborah is perfect for games. #Female #Child #Ad #Games #Cheerful #Excited

TV Commercial

Beatrice J.

Poised and expressive, choose Beatrice for your ad campaigns. #Female #Young Adult #Ad #Cheerful #Engaging #Excited


Edmund L.

Good-natured and lively, Edmund is great for e-learning. Audiobooks narration. #Male #Middle-Aged #Ad #Audiobooks #Powerful #Warm

Here is What ACTUAL USERS Of Synthesys Have To Say:

All previous “text to speech” apps are suddenly obsolete. The real-human quality of Synthesys is so good, that I am honestly feeling like my days as a voice-over artist are numbered! The Interface is so easy to use as well. This is a must-have for every marketer and video creator.

Todd Gross


The Synthesys voices are extremely lifelike and much better then the ones found in other text-to-speech programs. It gives us a great tool to create professional voice-overs without incurring the time and huge expense of hiring voice-over specialists.

Spencer White

President Owner Only Benefits & Consultants

Wow, Synthesys Is AMAZING.

I’ve tested other Text-To-Speech platforms before and this is by far, the most real & human sounding like solutions I’ve experienced so far.

I’m sure that’s because it is actually based on real human voices! Absolutely Incredible and strongly recommended!

Synthesys is mind blowing. The voices are as good as I usually get from professional voiceover artist on Fiverr after paying big bucks. The fact that it beats voices from Google and Amazon is extraordinary. I highly recommend Synthesys, you’ll never go wrong with it.

Rohit Shah


Doesn’t matter what’s your business… SYNTHESYS will MAKE & SAVE you thousands of dollars

Affiliate or social media marketer?

Add a SYNTHESYS powered voice-over video to your blogs, websites and landing pages, so you can evoke excitement in your visitors and get them to click on your affiliate links or to get them to join your lists!

Ear FAT commissions and CRUSH leaderboards to make thousands of dollars promoting your affiliate offers.

You can even record a product review in one particular voice that your list can then get accustomed to.

This is especially helpful if you don’t want to record a video in your own voice as sometimes you may not be feeling that excited and that would definitely dampen your audiences’ spirits leading to decrease in conversions.

Run an e-commerce store?

Use SYNTHESYS to welcome your visitors with a high-quality voice-over for your welcome video.

Give them a walkthrough of your store and show them your merchandise.

Impress them the moment they reach your store and experience a surge in sales.

Once the sale has gone through… send them a walkthrough of the product and help them get started on the right note.

Turn your one-time customers into loyal recurring customers and advertisers for your products through referencin

Run an offline business?

Use SYNTHESYS to create a cool voice-over for a video… telling your audience about your products and offers.

A professional-sounding presentation shows your customers that you highly care about providing them with the best experience while doing business with you.

It convinces your customers that the quality of your products and services will be top-notch because you don’t seem to cut corners even when it comes to just preparing a presentation for your customers.

The highly professional sounding voice-over will make them believe that you have spent a lot of money on something that most businesses take lightly.

Customers are more than happy to pay a lot MORE if they are convinced that your business does not compromise on quality.

Marketing consultant?

Because you get a commercial license, you can offer SYNTHESYS as a premium service to your business clients for a high one-time fee.

Provide a professional voice-over for your clients’ videos.

Remember, it will only take you minutes to do that, but you can charge them BIG money telling them that you run a voice-over agency as a side hustle (that you would, in reality, too…with the commercial license).

Product creator?

Use SYNTHESYS to welcome your sales page visitors. Just like an eCommerce store owner, you too can create product walkthrough and training video voice-overs.

Give your customers a quality introduction to your product.

Get more conversions and increase sales and revenue.


Easily crush the competition by bidding for jobs open to both male and female applicants…

Ok, I have been saying that creating a professional

real-human sounding voice-over with SYNTHESYS is as easy as 1-2-3…clicks!!

But Seeing Is Believing. Watch Me Do Exactly That In This Short Video…

The ONLY Voice-Over Artist Or Tool

You Will Ever Need…

    Limited Budget?

    NO PROBLEM: Most voice-over artists promise a 24-hour turnaround time and most of them deliver well after 72 hours. Drastically reduce the time that you spend on getting a high-quality voice-over… down to minutes.

    Short On Time?

    NO PROBLEM: SYNTHESYS boosts engagement, conversions, and sales on ANY website, landing page, blog etc. 24/7 without hiring expensive voice-over artists charging you per word… forcing you to say less about your product/business.


    NO PROBLEM: Choose from our “done-for-you voices”, customize and be ready-to-go in minutes.



(Regular Price: $197/Month or $997/Year)

Sell Voice-Overs as a service and maximize revenues with no limitations.

It just takes a few minutes to create a high-quality voice-over using SYNTHESYS.

Use the included “done-for-you” voices to make your first few thousand dollars.

SYNTHESYS cutting-edge

Synthetic Speech”

technology delivers EXTRAORDINARY quality, so you can command top dollar for your services!

To Celebrate This Special Launch And With It The FORMAL Arrival Of This Advanced Technology To The Market…

When You Get Access Today You Are In For A Surprise…

Along With Access To SYNTHESYS,
You’ll Get These Exclusive Valuable Bonuses:

The Ultimate Guide to smashing it on Fiverr using Synthesys. Step by step guide on how to create a Gig and start selling voice-overs using the most powerful tool in the market. All you need to know to create a REAL business in autopilot.

There are over two million self-published books released every year, and most of those books are sold predominantly online.

Once your book is narrated, perfected, and published, you have to get it out there to listeners.

Just like your digital and print versions, there are specific tactics you can use to generate traffic, reach new listeners, and maximize your profits. You will learn those tactics in this report.

If you’re starting your show from scratch and you’re doing everything yourself, then you need all the help you can get.

While recording and publishing your own podcast may sound simple enough, there are actually a lot of things that happen behind the scenes.

Planning and creating content, editing your podcast audio files, marketing and promoting your show will take its toll on you if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Podcasting Profit Secrets is a step-by-step blueprint for launching a profitable Podcast.

Inside This Easy To Follow 5 Day Crash Course You Will Be Introduced To The Power Of Podcasting For Your Business!

Podcasts are very popular because many people would much rather listen than read an article or watch a video. With a podcast your target audience will be able to listen to pre-recorded ‘internet radio show’ where you provide content on topics of interest to them.

Once a podcast is recorded, it can be broadcast to a growing audience in several ways. It can be listed in directories so it can be discovered by people searching for your topic of interest. It can also be broadcasted to other websites and listened to anytime, anywhere, by people who subscribe to your podcast.

Podcasts are considered “push” content. Because they are in audio format, they are available to your customers at whenever and wherever they want to consume it.

Unlike video, which requires a user to be visually engaged, or text, which requires reading, podcasts are portable and allow your audience to listen as they perform other tasks. This also makes the content “on demand.”

Your podcasts allow you to highlight your expertise, and illustrate why your products or services are the best. It can all be accomplished without doing any traditional marketing.

Get Instant Access NOW



  • Synthetic Speech Technology
  • Access to 8 professional voices
  • Create UNLIMITED Voice-Overs
  • Sell UNLIMITED Voice-Overs
  • Fully Web-Based
  • FREE Commercial License
  • 30,000 credits included**
  • Special Bonuses
  • Use With Your Clients & Prospects

Why is it ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL that you get access to SYNTHESYS as an Early-Adopter today…

Look, I want to be brutally honest with you.

SYNTHESYS is powered by the ultra-advanced Synthetic Speech technology.

This technology has never-been-seen before anywhere in the market.

The amount of money, time and other resources that went into building SYNTHESYS was enormous…

…not to mention the money we will be investing in future to keep it on the leading edge.

The ONLY reason we are making SYNTHESYS available at this massively-discounted one-time price is…

… that we want to get it into the hands of any marketer or business owner who wants to maximize their traffic, generate more leads, get more customers, and boost sales.

However, once this launch period ends, the price will increase

So be sure to take full advantage of our one-time super-low introductory price offer NOW, while it’s still available!

Zero-Risk. Money Back Guarantee

Test Drive SYNTHESYS 100% RISK FREE With Our Money Back Guarantee

We don’t want anything to stop you from getting SYNTHESYS right now.

This is like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

SYNTHESYS will help you create voice-overs that instantly capture attention & build trust. It will save you thousands of dollars.

In fact, with the Commercial License you’re getting access to today will help you MAKE a lot of money.

That’s why we’re going to ELIMINATE all of the risk and give you a full 60 days to try out SYNTHESYS.

Meaning you can feel comfortable knowing that we’re the ones taking all of the risk.

You either absolutely love SYNTHESYS Or Your Money Back.

Who am I?

Hey, I am Mario Brown and along with my friend Oliver Goodwin we’re excited to bring you Synthesys…

…till date I feel the same thrill and excitement bringing my customers tools that help them grow their business and explode their profits. I watch the trends with a hawk-eye and always try to analyze & predict the next BIG change.

I had been working on tapping the synthetic voices since last year.

But seeing the latest trends since the start of 2020…

… I pushed my team to ramp-up.

We all know…Businesses around the world are not going to be the same after this all ends.

We’ve worked hard to create an app leveraging Synthetic Voices based on actual humans and we can’t wait for you to experience it yourself inside your Synthesys Dashboard.

Have Questions. Ask Away…

Yes. We have big plans for SYNTHESYS. This service is unique, and many things could change during the journey. As an Early-Adopter, you are going to receive all the updates and upgrades without being charged any extra fees.

Yes, you have 60 days no questions money back guarantee.

Since we don’t use Google or Amazon technology, we support only the English language at the moment.

30,000 credits meaning that each letter is one character. We have packages to buy more credits when you run out of credits.

Get Instant Access NOW



  • Synthetic Speech Technology
  • Access to 8 professional voices
  • Create UNLIMITED Voice-Overs
  • Sell UNLIMITED Voice-Overs
  • Fully Web-Based
  • FREE Commercial License
  • 30,000 credits included**
  • Special Bonuses
  • Use With Your Clients & Prospects


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