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“If I could show you a way to make $25 Dollars in just 12 minutes while sitting at home in your pajamas and you could do this again and again … Would you be interested?” For the past several years I have been making a very comfortable living working from home, often wearing nothing more…

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“If I could show you a way to

make $25 Dollars in just 12 minutes

while sitting at home in your pajamas

and you could do this

again and again

Would you be interested?”

For the past several years I have been making a

very comfortable living

working from home, often wearing nothing more than my pajamas. I work whenever I want (which isn’t often, maybe 2 – 3 hours per day) and I have plenty of quality time for myself, to do the things I want to do and to share quality time with my family.

I’m not a millionaire, but I do make a good living and although my spouse & I still occasionally fight (hey, we’re human!) we don’t fight or worry over money anymore…

All because I discovered a way to:

You see, each year just in the United States alone companies spend over

250 Billion Dollars

trying to attract new customers and get consumers to buy their products and services. That’s a huge amount of money spent every single year, and a large portion of that goes towards market research – understanding why people act the way they do, what their buying patterns are, and what their attitudes are towards various marketplaces.

In this way companies can better understand how to meet and fulfill the needs of their customers. They can refine their advertising, store efficiency, and customer service and attract more customers – thus improving their business and most importantly making more profit.

For this reason, companies are more than willing to pay you very good money simply for giving them your opinion and feedback.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, whether you’re a man or a woman, where you live, what you do for a living…

Right this very moment there are companies who


want your opinions and are

willing to pay you top dollar for it.

This is not restricted to people who live in the United States either. If you live in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, or even Europe there are market research companies looking for participants in your region and who want to pay you money for your opinion.

How much money can you make? Do the math…

Let’s do the math on how much money you can make taking paid surveys online:

If you only do 1 $20 paid survey a day = $140 per week

= $560 per month

= $6,720 per year!

If you took 2 $20 paid surveys a day = $280 per week

= $1,120 per month

= $13,440 per year!

And if you took 4 $20 paid surveys per day = $560 per week

= $2,240 per month

= $26,880 per year!

Now ask yourself:

What could you do with an extra $26,880 per year?

But paid surveys are only half the story. Since each survey only takes a few minutes to do, you still have plenty of time to do other forms of paid market research. There’s also paid focus groups, paid product testing, paid consumer research, and more. Let’s take a look at the math on focus groups alone:

Most focus groups pay between $50 – $175 dollars (some pay more). Let’s lowball it and go with the $50 number…

If you participate in just one focus group a week = $50 per week

= $200 per month

= $2,400 per year!

Remember this is in addition to what you’ll be making from whatever paid surveys you choose to take, and bearing all these numbers in mind there’s really only one question you should ask yourself:

Can you really afford NOT to participate in these online paid surveys?

Why We Are The Best

Survey Absolute is the largest and most comprehensive database of paid survey and market research companies anywhere –

we guarantee it.

How can we claim this? The answer is simple: we value our members and go the extra mile to make sure they get the best service. We are constantly updating and adding to our database of paid survey companies and have a team of researchers dedicated to finding new market research companies to make certain we have the largest and most comprehensive database on the internet. But in addition to this we have a standing offer to our members:

Any member who reports a legitimate paid survey site that we do


already have listed in our database –

We will immediately pay them $10.00 for bringing the new site to our attention.

That’s right, we pay our members $10.00 every time they report a new website or company to us that should be listed in our paid survey database. We’re that serious about having the largest and most comprehensive paid survey database. This system lets us reward members who report new sites to us while building a larger and better database, which benefits and makes all our other members happy.

But that’s not the only reason we’re the best.

Survey Absolute is also dedicated to customer service for our members, making certain they get the best resource available for paid market research. Check out our special offers:

Special Offer #1 – Our $10.00 paid survey challenge

This paid survey opportunity is available exclusively for Survey Absolute members. Any new member can participate and earn $10.00 immediately – on the very day that member joins, if he chooses to take the survey challenge immediately (there’s no time limit; new members can take the $10 Survey Challenge whenever they like). Payment is made within 48 hours – this offer is exclusively for Survey Absolute members and you will not find it anywhere else.

Special Offer #2 – We’ll show you how to earn over $200.00

on the very first day you join!

We hesitate to mention this special offer because almost no-one believes it could be real, but it’s absolutely true – we’ll show you how you can easily earn over $200.00 cash money (not ‘gift certificates’ or ‘points’ or any other nonsense) on

the very first day

you’ve joined our site. (The exact amount you can earn from this special offer is actually


, believe it or not) It sounds crazy, but it’s true, you can actually earn this on your first day of membership – it actually takes less than an hour to do, we’ll show you how.

Also, if you join Survey Absolute today you’ll also get our incredible Bonus Package worth over $130 – Check it out:

Bonus #1 – Get Paid to Shop

There are stores and restaurants that will actually pay you to be a mystery shopper – to shop and eat at restaurants, then report back to them on what the customer service was like. Most of these ‘mystery shopping’ jobs pay between $25 – $150 each!

We’ve compiled a huge database of hundreds of companies that are seeking mystery shoppers right now. Other online companies charge $25 – $40 for access to similar databases. Our mystery shopping database is

actually larger and more comprehensive

than theirs are, but we are proud to give it to our members

Absolutely 100% FREE!

Bonus #2 – Get Paid to Read Email

We’ve compiled a list of hundreds of websites and companies that will pay you just for allowing them to send you emails. Other companies charge $20 – $25 for access to similar lists. Our list is bigger and better, and yet we still give it to our members

100% FREE!

Bonus #3 – Get Paid to Drive Your Car

There are actually companies that will pay you just for driving your car as you normally would. In fact if you don’t have a car, some of these companies will give you one for free! These companies are seeking drivers right now, and we’ve compiled a database of legitimate companies that will pay you to drive your car. Other websites charge $30 or more for similar ‘paid to drive’ databases, but we offer it to our members

100% FREE!

Bonus #4 – Get Paid to Pass Out Free Samples

We’ve compiled a list of hundreds of companies that will pay you simply to give away free samples of their products. This is a $20 value but we provide it to our members

100% FREE!

Bonus #5 – Free Survey Taking Software

As a Survey Absolute member you’ll also recieve access to free software designed specifically help you fill out the surveys faster by pre-populating forms. The faster you fill out the surveys, the more surveys you can take in a shorter period of time, which means more money for you. Of course access to this software is also

100% FREE!

Ok, let’s do a quick recap…

Lifetime membership to Survey Absolute normally costs

but today –

– the membership cost has been lowered to only $49.97! Join now to take advantage of this incredible savings!

You get access to the largest database of paid survey companies available on the web, which is constantly being updated and added to…


you get access to our Survey Challenge and can

immediately earn $10.00


you get access to our special offer that shows you how to

immediately earn $285.50

(takes about an hour to do)


you get our bonus package consisting of databases of companies that will pay you to mystery shop, read email, drive your car, and pass out free samples (valued conservatively at




you get access to free software to help you take paid surveys faster so you can do more of them in less time and earn more money (a



Let’s see… doing the math that’s a whopping

$440.50 value

for a one-time membership cost of only $49.97…


We offer a 45-Day money-back guarantee (see our Refund Policy below)

So considering all of that…

Doesn’t it make sense to join Survey Absolute right now?

Our 45-Day Refund Policy

Updated as of April, 23, 2007, 12:00:00 PM PST.

Taking paid surveys isn’t for everyone, and here at Survey Absolute we understand that. We offer a full refund, of the membership fee, to anyone who – within 45 days of first joining us – tries out our service and decides they don’t want to continue.

We do ask that you give it a fair try. We have assembled hundreds of market research companies in our database, and to be successful at this we strongly encourage members to register with as many of these companies as possible.

If you decide this line of work isn’t for you, well that’s fair enough. But if you haven’t registered with any of the survey companies you haven’t really given this business a fair chance.

We want to be very clear about our refund policy: to claim a full refund, of the membership fee, you must at least have registered with 20 of the top 30 paid survey companies in our database. We consider that the bare minimum you must do to give this business a fair try. All of these survey companies are free to join – we personally guarantee that none of the survey companies on our site are going to charge you a penny to join their company. If they do, report it to us and we’ll take them off our site.

If you do register with 20 of the top 30 survey companies in our database, then you have done your part and given the paid survey business a fair try. If you then feel it isn’t for you, we’re happy to give a full refund, of the membership fee. Be sure to save copies of your welcome letters from all sites you join because you will need them for proof of joining to get a full refund, of the membership fee.

If you don’t think you can be bothered to register with at least 20 survey companies, please DON’T join our site – it would only be a waste of time for you and a waste of money for us (it costs us to process your membership). If you’re not motivated enough to do that, you aren’t cut out for this business and we wish you well in other endeavors.

Anyone who joins and is not willing to register with at least 20 survey companies out of our top 30 listed will NOT be eligible for a full refund, of the membership fee. In that case, Survey Absolute will only give a 50% refund, of the membership fee. Again, if registering for 20 different paid survey companies seems like too much work, we strongly encourage you not to join Survey Absolute.

Very few people who join Survey Absolute ever ask for a refund as our service is the best in our industry.

We are happy to give a full refund, of the membership fee, but we expect you to do your part and register with at least 20 of the top 30 survey companies we have listed.

All memberships are subject to a $10 non-refundable processing fee.

“I was very skeptical when joining your site… it sounded too good to be true. I’m happy to report though that not only did I make back all the money I spent on the membership fee in the first day (and actually made more) I have recieved more and more paid surveys day by day and the checks are starting to come in. Thanks a million – your service really works.”

– George K., Wichita Falls

“…Ever since my accident I have been unable to work. I make a small amount from the insurance settlement, but it’s barely enough to scrape by on. Finding your service has been great, ever since I became a member I’ve been taking surveys every day, earning lots of extra money that sure has made life a little easier in this difficult time. Thank you for an excellent service,”

– Craig N.,

Salem, MA

“I was skeptical at first but then I earned over $200 in just the first day of my membership! Now I make an excellent income & can finally afford to give my family the things I want.”

– Miriam P., Newport Beach

“Thank you so so much! To be honest, I thought your service sounded to good to be true, but because you had a money-back guarantee I decided to give it a shot. Now I’m getting so many paid surveys that I’ve had to turn some of them down (not enough time!) The extra income has been really great…”

– Susan P.

Oak City, AL

“It’s a real pleasure to finally find a paid survey site that delivers on it’s promises and advertising. As you know my job is to review paid survey sites and report back to our readers on which ones are scams and which are legitimate. Forgive the pun, but Survey Absolute is absolutely the best paid survey database on the internet, bar none.

“Perhaps the highest praise I can offer is that those who join Survey Absolute will never have to join any other paid survey site… Survey Absolute is our #1 recommendation among paid survey sites…”

– Scott Welch,

“Ok, I’m impressed… I joined Survey Absolute knowing nothing about the paid survey market but very skeptical that the whole thing was probably too good to be true. Within minutes I was already earning money and over the next couple of days it just got better and better. Now I spend around 3 hours a day taking paid surveys and I already make more than I would at a part time job…”

– Cathy M.,

Las Vegas


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