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ATTENTION: Get the super fast and exhilarating thrill of snowboarding! ARE YOU THRILLED? Dear Snowboarder, Snowboarding is Boz! Nothing beats the sound of the snow ripping as you tear downhill, cold wind peppering your cheeks and your heart pumping to elevated, new levels of excitement as you get ready to make your first Canadian Bacon……

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Get the super fast and exhilarating thrill of snowboarding!


Dear Snowboarder,

Snowboarding is Boz!

Nothing beats the sound of the snow ripping as you tear downhill, cold wind
peppering your cheeks and your heart pumping to elevated, new levels of
excitement as you get ready to make your first Canadian Bacon…

And when you land in a
flurry of snow dust, legs trembling with excitement, the feeling of
excitement will rush up from your heart and explode right out of your face
into a rip-roaring, screaming laugh…


And the elevated
feelings of total, free exhilaration will stay with you…

And you’ll be raring
to get up the mountain for your next wild ride…

And guess what?


to Learn Snowboarding too!

Hey there,

My name’s Ben Turner
and snowboarding is my passion. If there’s anything you want to know about
this sport just ask me… I reckon snowboarding is the best legal fun you
can have – Period! But just because it’s easy to learn doesn’t mean you can
just pick up your board and straightaway be throwing half pipes like Shaun
White — that’ll come later…

Man, that dude


The levels of
dedication he’s put into this sport…

And you know what? He
was once a beginner too! Yeah, just like you and me he started from nothing
and worked his way, paid his dues… And when you pick up your snowboarding
guide you’ll soon be working your way too…

You’ll soon be tearing
down the mountain, snow flying…

But you gotta get
started right?

And that’s why you’re
here – to

find out all about the gear, snowboards and how to snowboard

so let’s move on. Read on and find out:


To Go From Raw Novice to

Accomplished Intermediate Snowboarder

In the Shortest Time Possible

First up you gotta get
your gear. And you want to make sure you get good gear without getting
ripped off…

Also, you know snow is
slippy and you’re gonna fall at some stage so you want to make sure your
clothes give you the best protection too – so you don’t get hurt.

Then, you’ve gotta get
your board and boots and bindings…

There’s so much choice
here it can make your head spin – What size board?, How flexible?, Sidecut?…
all the technical specs the companies throw in your face – man it sure
confuses a starter…

make it easy for you

I’ve laid it out plain and simple… So you

won’t feel overwhelmed

and won’t get ripped off.

You’ll cut through all
the mumbo jumbo thrown at you and

you’ll make wise choices that suit you and your budget

You’ll come away smiling

with all the gear YOU need…

And now you’ve got
your gear you’re going to discover how to have tons of fun using it

Snowboarding 101 Guides You to

Higher Levels of Enjoyment

I got so many
questions from my buddies asking me how to get started snowboarding: “how do
I do an ‘Ollie’?”, “What’s an ‘Air to Fakie’?” and more that I found I
wasn’t getting the time I wanted to ‘hit the snow’ myself. I was spending
more time answering questions so I wrote a couple of guides to give them and
stop them pestering me.

And because you want

find out how to snowboard in the shortest time possible

you can grab them yourself today…

When you do you’ll
discover all you need to know about:


  • Snowboarding gear – what to wear and what definitely not to wear
  • How to Get Started Snowboarding
  • Snowboard Care and Maintenance
  • Where to go Snowboarding
  • Tricks like straight airs, Grabs, flips
  • And more because…

You’re going to get:

Three Power Packed Volumes

For the Price of One…

All in easy to read
pdf format so you can read them immediately on any computer.


Volume 1 –
Learning Snowboarding 101

Starting with the
basics, “Learning Snowboarding 101” gives you all you need to know about
selecting the correct clothing and the right board for you. It moves through
setting up you gear, learning to snowboard before finishing on enjoying the

You’ll find it
contains all you need to know in 44 power packed pages without any BS or
filler, take a look at the table of contents to see firsthand what you get:

Now you’ve got your
gear and mastered the basic you’ll want to take a more in depth look at
snowboarding ‘essentials’, When to snowboard, first time checklist and more.
And you need look no further because…

Volume 2 – A
Beginners Guide To Snowboarding…

Is the next logical
step in snowboarding mastery progression. Flip it open and discover what you
need to take on your snowboarding trips, what not to wear, where to go and
how to get the most from your snowboard.

Clearly this action
book takes snowboarding up to a whole new level of skill and enjoyment. And
there’s still more because you also get:


Volume 3 – Tips ‘n
Tricks for the Intermediate

This fascinating book
takes snowboarding up to a whole new level of skill and excitement…

Flip it open and
you’ll be drawn immediately to section 4 – ‘Tricks, grabs and Turns’

you’ll discover all about:

In fact
you’ll get the lowdown on 93
different tricks
in this section alone. And to help you understand
the sport even more there is a section on the history of snowboarding
because understanding adds more enjoyment to snowboarding:

Take a look at the
power packed table of contents:


Clearly this book
is going to help you enjoy a whole new level of snowboarding skill. Who
knows, it might just spur you onto becoming a ‘Shaun White’ yourself.


Three Comprehensive
Snowboarding Volumes

Guaranteed to Give You Pleasure

I guarantee you
will learn to snowboard in the shortest time possible when you follow the
principles in these three astounding volumes. They are
packed with all the actionable
steps you need to derive the most snowboarding pleasure
in the
shortest possible time.

And you have 60 full
days to put them through their paces without any fear. I know it won’t
happen, but I demand you request a full and immediate refund should you find
any of the tips not worthy. If you do simply email me and I’ll personally ensure you are
rushed an immediate refund.

As you see you have
nothing to lose and everything to gain when you invest in your snowboarding

Why not put me to the test right now?


Snowboarding Instruction

Were you to hire the
services of an instructor to teach you how

to snowboard I’m sure you’d expect to pay upward of $50 per hour of

And since a lot of
that time would be spent repeating the same things over and over, to buy an
instructors time to teach you all you find in these three comprehensive
volume would cost you a pretty penny wouldn’t it?
10 hours of instruction alone would cost
you $500…

And would an
instructor be able to go shopping with you?

Yet when you order
your three volumes today you get much more
than ten hours personal instruction
. You get all the tips, tricks and
techniques needed to turn you from raw beginner to confident intermediate
snowboarder to study at you leisure.

You can take as much
or as little time as you want to thoroughly learn them all without having to
worry about an ever escalating hourly cost…

Think how much that
money will save you.

Clearly you would save
hundreds of dollars wouldn’t you?

So if I were to ask
you to invest $97 for these three volumes you agree that would be a fair
investment. That’s only $32 per volume… and since each volume contains
more than ten hours instruction you score.

But you won’t have to
pay $97 today, nor will you have to pay $67 for these three power packed
volumes. You see, I want you to get the most joy possible from snowboarding
at the least cost.


NO Shipping Means You

And since these are
downloadable volumes I don’t incur printing or shipping costs… so I can
pass those savings onto you…

So if you order today
you can get these three volumes for the
small, one time investment of only $37
– that’s less than $13 a

But here’s the thing
about marketing, sometimes people don’t feel a price as low as this for
these exceptional manuals offers fair value… such a low price sometimes
stifles sales… so I advise you to
grab all three volumes at this low, low investment whilst you can


If I get a hint this
price drops sales I’ll raise it immediately without any warning to the level
that gives the most sales. If you come back later you may have to pay $47 or
even $67.

And because you don’t
want to pay more later you’d best take the opportunity right now before it
goes away.

If you still need a little push in the right direction, read some
of the fantastic feedback we have had so far:

 “…Saved me a boat
load of cash…”

I was talking to a buddy of mine, he is
taking lessons and he is paying $35 per hour! You saved me a boat
load of cash!

I didn’t have the money for private
lessons, and so was looking on the web and found this website.

Your books were just what I needed and
helped me cream my buddy! The Tricks I learned were awesome!

Jeremy Sterling, Denver, CO

I wanted to learn but
the guys won’t help me…”

I wanted to learn how to snowboard, but
the guys won’t help me
learn. So I bought the books and I am doing
well now. Sure showed them guys a thing or two!

Melissa Summers, Butte, Montana

“The Tricks Book is worth
the $37…”

I wanted the tricks book, since I was not
new to snowboarding, but thought I would give it a try.

I was happy with the Intermediate book, that was the level I was at
and the tricks are slick. I did like the audio too. The Tricks Book
is worth the $37.

Todd Springfield, British Columbia

Remember you get this fun packed snowboarding program, available via instant
download in PDF and audio mp3 formats.

You get:
Volume 1 – Learn to snowboard 101
(value $27.00)

(instantly downloadable PDF)


You get:
Volume 2 – A Beginners Guide to
Snowboarding (value $27.00)

(instantly downloadable PDF)


You get:
Volume 3 – Tips ‘n Tricks for the
Intermediate (value $27.00)

(instantly downloadable PDF)


You get:
Bonus Audio Book Snowboarding
Instruction Book worth $47
Absolutely FREE

downloadable audio)


over $128 of Snowboarding FUN for only $37!

You get:
Absolute peace of mind with my
comprehensive 60 day ‘rush me my money back’ guarantee.

Here’s Your Honest

100% Money Back Guarantee


“I’m so confident that you will be happy with your purchase
that you get my 100% Money back Guarantee. You risk nothing.

If you decide that “Learn to
Snowboard 101, Beginners Guide to Snowboarding and Tips & Tricks for
the Intermediate Snowboarder”

is not for you, just let me know at any time
during the first 60 days after purchase.

I’ll send you a   prompt 100% refund
for every penny you paid. That’s a full refund, not partial or
pro-rated. Could any offer be fairer than that?”


Ben Turner


FREE Bonus $47

Audio Snowboarding Instruction Book

Because it‘s
pretty difficult to read a book on the slopes I’ve recorded all you need into
audio form too. It’ll be like I’m there with you, whispering encouragement into
your ear… showing you how to do it… letting you know the best way to do
it… And this is yours absolutely free when you
order today

You get the best of
both worlds, the pdf books to study from the comfort of your home and the audio
books to listen to as you learn on the slopes all for the low one time
investment of only $37…

Please rush me my
snowboarding package, available via instant download.

And since you’re
covered by a comprehensive 60 day money back guarantee you have absolutely
nothing to lose.


You Bet You’ll Be
Thrilled Snowboarding!

Are you ready to have
the rides of your life… to feel that surge
of raw power that comes with each Adrenalin Rush? Are you ready to
hear the snow ripping apart as you tear through it… charging to a heroes
welcome after launching into a ‘Rocket Air’? If so you’ll want to get the
best snowboarding advice possible, clearly that makes sense.

When you

order your snowboarding guides
you get instructor level, quality snowboarding advice you can
profit from forever.

Let’s do this and make some serious
snowboarding fun!


Grab Your Copies…

Ben, I Want To Snowboard!


Me My Snowboard Stuff!

# 1. Learn to
Snowboard 101

# 2
. Beginner’s Guide to

3. Tips and Tricks for the
Intermediate Snowboarder

And, as My Special Gift

I get the

*** Bonus Audio Book ***

Instruction Book worth $47

Absolutely FREE!

Special Introductory Price:

Just $37.00

(usually $67.00)

Instant Download Access 24 /7!

Click The Button Below To Order Your Copy!

On that understanding
here’s my $37 Ben, I can’t wait to get my guides and start snowboarding!

Yours to more
snowboarding thrills,

Ben Turner


Don’t try to go
snowboarding without instruction, that’s the path to disaster and spills
without the thrills.

  You get
expert advice in three handy, power packed volumes and a FREE audio
instruction book you can take on the slopes with you. All for the low
investment of only $37

  Why wait too discover

grab your copies now
before they go…

Do You W
to Learn How to Snowboard the Fun, Fast & Easy Way?

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