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Online marketing, digital marketing, web marketing, the terms have changed in popularity over the years since I started full time professional digital marketing in Australia in 1999. Never select a cheap digital marketer in Australia or overseas on price. When it comes to the SEO part of digital marketing ask: ‘What COMPETITIVE phrases have you…

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Online marketing, digital marketing, web marketing,
the terms have changed in popularityAustralian digital marketing sales strategies. over the years since
I started full
time professional digital marketing in Australia in 1999. Never select a
cheap digital marketer in Australia or overseas on price.
When it comes to the
part of digital marketing ask:
What COMPETITIVE phrases have you achieved for your clients?
We know sex sells but don’t be  locked in to expensively priced
digital marketing contracts by seductive sales tactics. I believe
proven performace is a better selection criteria than price or other
marketing of digital marketing strategies.


Our winning expert digital marketing connects your
sales information with lots of the right customers searching for what you
sell. Digital marketing puts your sales information and brand marketing
in front of customers searching for what you sell.
SEO is our digital marketing specialty.
Eg one of our pages is Google organic SERP first for “brand marketing

Digital marketing:

  • Improves performance in search engine result
    pages (SERPs).
  • Increases volume and quality of self-qualified
    traffic to your site.
  • Grow revenue cost effectively and drive ROI.

  • Brand marketing for brand recognition
    Convert more leads into sales and instill customer loyalty through brand

How does your online web marketing fit with the
sales funnel? Are you doing all your own digital marketing or do you want
helpful, independent, web marketing advice, even if it is only to help you
audit your out-sourced web marketing contractors’ KPI setting?


Is your
business using Google’s Webmaster Tools
(re-branded as “Google Search Console“)?

Page load speed is a search engine ranking signal? You might have a responsive,
mobile friendly web design but it might be failing Google’s page speed insight
test for mobile devices.
Complete our longer form for a free page load
speed analysis report with report scores, fix tips and resources for your
web designer to fix your web page. During a free 20 minute phone or free
in person, introductory digital marketing consultation at our Perth Western
Australia office, we’ll review your SEO and other
digital marketing strategies. We’ll list
marketing recommendations for you or your web designer to fix.

If you know the area of online digital marketing help you need, use

this longer online form
to let us know, otherwise if you’re not sure
which type of digital marketing works best for your marketing needs, simply
use the contact form on the RHS of his webpage.


Winning SEO


  • Digital marketing strategies

    starting with the EXTREME importance of IP control. Do you/your company
    own your trademarks and domain names or does your web designer or worse,
    your partner? Web marketing consultations / professional development.web marketing training

    Working with CEOs, CFOs, Marketing managers, Advertising and PR executives,
    Business coaches, web designers, copy writers etc. eg:

    Hotel Marketing Bali
    .  Web marketing
    plans for organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) including
    copywriting for
  • Hands on SEO,
    our specialty. Select a web marketing plan or hourly rate. Never select
    an SEOer on price. Any and many with a smart phone in a Philippine or
    Indian village call themselves “web marketing experts”. If you don’t
    lose all your marketing investment (you’re not covered overseas by Australian
    consumer protection laws) you might get 100% improvement in site popularity
    and think that’s good but with 4 Web Marketing you’d likely get at least
    300% guaranteed and more likely 1,000% improvement.
  • Project management
    of modern, responsive, mobile friendly website design by

    professional web designers
    for clients who want a good new cheap
    $1,500 websites. Cost includes WordPress training so that you’ll be
    confident and not beholdened to slow, rude web designers. Big discounts
    for multiple webs.

Online web reports

  • $40 keyword research and keyword reporting.
    Site analysis and site audits.
  • Comprehensive site statistics 4 web marketing

  • Social media marketing
    training, content marketing such as 360 degree VR video production,
    review marketing, eg for your
    hotel marketing.
  • Search engine
    marketing SEM
    management and PPC cost reduction with better
    landing page “page scores”.
    Google’s brand name for PPC is “Adwords”

  • Media Buying

    • Linked banner ads 4 instant web
    • Advertorials
    • Video marketing

Marketing Web Marketing

4 Web Marketing’s other types of web digital marketing includes:

  • Free web page analysis

  • Google My Business help

  • Quality content marketing creating content that serves to facilitate ..

  • .. getting quality, natural dofollow links (good link juice) to your website

  • review marketing

  • digital marketing strategy consulting, etc.

Our digital marketing agency in Perth Australia makes websites popular, with
the best
expert SEO

can offer, and other
digital marketing strategies. We
connect your sales information with customers searching for what you sell.
Web design without SEO is like wasting money on TV ad production without air time.

All the geek speak from self proclaiming professional natural / organic SEO specialists, such as “we’ll improve your keywords meta tag” etc does not matter one iota.  Before you waste web marketing funds on spammy, cheap online marketers, who often hide their own poor site popularity by sending spam via Hotmail or Gmail, you need to ask: “demonstrate search engine successes you’ve achieved for your clients’ COMPETITIVE keyword phrases?

Ask our satisfied web marketing clients who will gladly testify to dramatically increased organic search engine position ranking our web marketing strategies, including search engine optimisation Australia wide, have helped them to achieve. 4 Web Marketing is an Australian digital agency based in Perth, Western Australia specialising in but not limited to SEO.


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