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Introducing Scroller Control V3 An Attention Grabbing Way to Display Content, Videos and Images on Web Pages Throughout the Internet Designed to Target and Grab a Visitors Attention Give Your Websites a Professional and Unique LookEdit ALL Scrollers INSTANTLY From One Location When it comes to delivering traffic to your website you want all the…

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Introducing Scroller Control V3
An Attention Grabbing Way to Display Content, Videos and Images on Web Pages Throughout the Internet

Designed to Target and Grab a Visitors Attention

Give Your Websites a Professional and Unique Look

Edit ALL Scrollers INSTANTLY From One Location

When it comes to delivering traffic to your website you want all the advantages you can get. What’s even more important is grabbing the attention of those visitors once they have arrived.

Scroll Just About Anything You Can Imagine

Scroller Control™ has some remarkable features and capabilities you won’t find anywhere else.

The old boring text scroller is long gone and what’s now available to you is the ability to scroll text, scroll images, scroll videos, html code and even RSS feeds. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg.


Scroller Control™ is search engine compatible. Unlike most Javascript Scrollers. Scroller Control™ allows the use of includes (automatically generated by the script).

The use of includes instead of JS code will insert full html code into your pages allowing search engine crawlers to follow through and index your scroller content.

You Can Now Take Text Scrollers and Image Boxes to


The significant benefit of having Text, image or video scrollers displayed on website(s) is that a large percentage of visitors to your web site tend to click on links rather then just browsing a webpage. For those who have control over their own text, video and image scrollers – That’s Good News!

With Scroller Control™ you can host unlimited text, video and image box scrollers and also obtain a huge amount of website traffic by simply giving others an easier way to add your text, images or video scrollers onto their web sites with just one simple code.

Hi Bruce,

I have been so impressed with Scroller Control that I wanted to send you a quick note about how pleased I am with it.

It’s rare that you find a Scroller with as much effort and dedication as you put into your script.

Bruce, let me say that your Scroller is an excellent script and You give an excellent support too, that

makes Scroller Control a top notch product.

Alain Aubertin

Take a Minute and think about these possibilities…

  • Scroll your own products or services by scrolling images and
    descriptions of your products.

  • Scroll affiliate products by scrolling
    images and descriptions of the affiliated products.

  • Scroll as many products or services as you like.

  • Display news bulletins in membership sites and update them

  • Scroll Tips or Articles or Blog Posts and syndicate them
    with other webmasters with one simple code and update automatically when
    using rss feeds.

  • Add Scrollers to your Blogs and at any time update them instantly.

When you unleash your imagination, I’m sure you can come up with ways I’ve never thought of.

The Scroller Resource Box and Content can be 100% Customized with Full HTML Integration

“Customize” Scroller Control Scroll Boxes to Match Your Site

(Scroll Up, Down, Left or Right)

Create, Edit and Delete an UNLIMITED amount of Text Boxes, Video Boxes and Image Boxes AND add an UNLIMITED amount of Html and Information
WITH hyperlinks that Scrolls up, down or across the Scroll Box.

Scroller Control Allows you to:

square Syndicate Whatever News you wish to display on Any Number of Web Sites!

Scrollers that are in Syndication can be edited in Real Time at Any Time through Admin. The Changes will reflect on all the Web sites that are Hosting the Text
Box, Video Box or Image Box codes INSTANTLY!


Everything regarding your Scroller can be 100% completely customized to the look and feel of your website: Header and Body table and border type, Page background color, Footer, Content, Hyperlink style, Hyperlink hover style, font types, font weight, font colors and so much more!

Syndicate Blog Content and RSS Feeds

Syndicate Your Blog Content, Clickbank Products and Videos with RSS Feeds

Allow others to easily add your Scrollers to their Website with one Simple Code:

(For above scroller paste the code below into a webpage where you want the scroller to  show)

(Highlight the code above and use Ctrl C to copy)

Scroll Clickbank HopAds

With Clickbank you can receive up to 75% Commissions from other peoples products. Now you can Scroll Clickbank Products with your Clickbank ID inserted.

There are Endless Benefits and Possibilities

Using Scroller Control Text, Video and Image Boxes

Complete Admin Control

A Powerful Script that doesn’t intimidate it’s user. The fewer the links to click on the better. You won’t need to swim up a river or jump through hoops to understand this product. Scroller Control™ was designed with the Beginner in mind and yet powerful enough for the Advanced at heart.

  • User Friendly Admin Area. You won’t have to spend
    days trying to figure out how it works.

  • Easy Access to Insert Codes for each scroller. Just
    click on the “Code” Link of the scroller you want to add to a
    website and the codes are automatically generated. 

  • Built-In Html Editor with Advanced Option giving you the choice to use the Html editor or switch to Advanced and simply add or paste code to create your scroller content.

  • Full HTML Integration – The news, articles, and information you use for each scroller box can be html coded manually or by using the built-in Html Editor.

  • Advanced Option – Allows you to paste your code directly without using the html editor to give you more freedom to design using your own editor.

Search Engine Compatible

Unlike Most Javascript Scrollers. Scroller Control allows the use of php includes. Using the php include option instead of the JS code will insert full html code into your pages.

  • Create Unlimited Text, Video and Image Scrollers – Create unlimited Text Boxes or Image Box Scrollers.

  • Preview/Edit/Delete Scrollers – At Any Time you can Edit any Scroller and the text, videos and images are updated automatically across every webpage displaying your scroller content.

  • Hyperlinks – Create unlimited Hyper-linked images or text within the scroller boxes.

  • Scroller Hosting – Webmasters all across the internet can display your Scrollers on any of their websites by adding just one simple line of code to their web pages! This in itself can deliver a magnitude of highly targeted traffic!

  • 100% Complete Customization – Everything regarding your text boxes and images boxes can be formatted and 100% completely customized to the look and feel of your website: Header, Main Body, Footer, Text, Hyperlink style, Hyperlink hover style, font types, font weight, font colors and much more!

Here’s Even More Incredible Advantages of Using

The Scroller Control

  • Gain more targeted traffic by allowing other webmasters to host your scrollers on their websites.

  • Syndicate your blog posts, articles, Tips and news information with one simple code!

  • Deliver your news headlines and important updates using rss feeds. Email no longer required!

  • Instant Brand Awareness for Your Business and Yourself.

  • Scroller content can be directly Hyper linked to any webpage you want to send traffic to.

  • Incredibly Easy to create scrollers and add them to your websites.

  • Gives a Professional and new unique feel to your web pages.

  • With RSS feeds, your Scrollers can be syndicated and updated Automatically.

Requirements and Set Up Details

  • Your host should be able to run .php files and should have at least 1 MySQL database available. (Can be added to an existing database but not recommended)

  • Ability to Upload Files to your server

  • Installation Assistance Available if Needed.

Detailed Instruction Manual and How to Videos Included

No need to worry about the technical mumbo jumbo. Scroller Controlis a breeze to install and easy to use. Everything is laid out in the simplest manner for both creating and navigating through the program.

Scroller Control
Text Scroller and Image Scroller has an installer module included that automatically creates mysql database tables that configures the script to work on your server!
Just type in the admin url and tell the script what your mysql username, password, and database name is and the script will install itself automatically.


I’ve been purchasing your products for years and every single one of them is fantastic. 

You have hit not only another home run with Scroller Control, but you have hit a Grand Slam.

Scroller Control is the perfect product for any Internet Marketer, especially Affiliate Marketers as it provides the easiest way to promote: 

Affiliate programs

Affiliate products

Affiliate and Individual services all at the same time

and it’s Search Engine Friendly. 

The uses of Scroller Control are only restricted by imagination. If I can promote it, if I want to sell it, Scroller Control is there to help me.

Also, what makes this such a great product is that when a visitor arrives at a website, human nature will take over and the first thing they will want to do is see what is “moving” across the page. Scroller Control will catch their attention and generate so many more hits than a static text link.

Well done. I’m already working on a website that will feature my product line with your latest must have product… Scroller Control

Allen Lundy 

No need to worry about installation. If for any reason you feel you are not up to installing and prefer my assistance. You can reach me personally anytime at: and request an install. (You can count on my support because to me support is the backbone of any successful business).

Okay, Now Comes the Cut to the Chase Part

“What is all This Going to Cost Me?”

Well, Today I am not going to be charging you $97 (it’s current value) or even $67, the going rate for this type of product and they don’t even come close to what the Scroller Control features offer you.

V3 Limited Time Special Offer

(A Professional Scroller Management Software)

Yes, I want to download ScrollerControl™ V3 now!

I understand that I will be instantly downloading ScrollerControl™ V3 at the

Special Offer price of ONLY $12.95

A Limited Time Special Offer

One Time Payment – Instant Download

Order via Paypal secure payment servers either by credit card or Paypal.

(I reserve the right to end this Special Offer at anytime without warning.)

Scroller Control is a unique product. Ways of using it is non stop and I’m sure by now you have to some degree have in your mind some ideas for your own use. Put ScrollerControl™ into action today!

Best Regards,


Bruce Hughbanks



I value each and every customer and I stand behind and personally give full support on every one of my products. You Just can not loose With my 100% unconditional guarantee!

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