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February 25, 2022 - Comment

On-Demand Beginner to Expert SAP BI/BW/BO Training How SAP BI/BW eLearning Works SAP BW Training allows you to easily onboard and educate your team in a consistent and scalable way as schedules allow. Hands on activities, real-world exercises, and knowledge checks ensure your SAP BW Training investment is maximized Unlimited access to instructor for questions…

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On-Demand Beginner to Expert SAP BI/BW/BO Training

How SAP BI/BW eLearning Works

SAP BW Training allows you to easily onboard and educate your team in a consistent and scalable way as schedules allow. Hands on activities, real-world exercises, and knowledge checks ensure your SAP BW Training investment is maximized

SAP BW Training

Unlimited access to instructor for questions

No expiration on your membership

New content, free of charge

Optimized Training Curriculum

Learn from anywhere, on any device

Certification Preparation

All courses contain study materials

All curriculum has been meticulously crafted to streamline your learning

Enroll in Course Packages and Save!

Our Gold and Silver Packages were designed to get the most bang for your buck!

Get unlimited access to our courses.

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From startups to fortune 500 companies, we’re ready to train your team

What out Customers say about us

Excellence speaks for itself

This course is very good. Has theory and examples and is well structured. Rob should price this kind of information accordingly, right now it is under priced for the amount of effort he put into it. Great job !

Has everything that I need to complete the course. Will recommend this to all


Very well explained and easy to understand. Instructor is very knowledgeable about the topics and always prompt response to any question that you may have.

It is helping me learn and practice the skills for my current job. Actually I’m an IT Trainee, which means I’m still learning how to use SAP BW system. This course is definitely going to help me speed up my learning process.

I have taken many trainings, this one of the best. The trainer makes it easy to understand every step of the way.

This is a detailed course which helped me understand step by step process. Previous experience of Data warehousing helped me understand quickly. Instructor is very good to explain the importance of steps. His speed of teaching is very good.

The course content was on point. The SAP BW Training delivery championed the call for clarity and completeness.

Instructor demonstrates deep understanding of the subject matter area. Well paced, illustrated and a very good logical development of the material. Excellent Job!

For a new person to BW this was an engrossing training. I sat through and completed this in two days. Rob was to the point and delivered the content systematically and coherently. Wish he comes up with a session on reporting tools as well.

The way of teaching is very Good. All the chapters are covering different topics and they are told practically instead of some narration from a slide show. Really if somebody wants to learn BW all they need is one BW environment and this course.

Frequently Asked Questions

Group Discounts?

Yes! Depending on the number of team members you’re looking to enroll, you may be eligible for a bulk discount. Contact us to find out more

What if I have Questions?

You’re never alone. Reach out with any questions if you require clarification on anything at all. We’re happy to help you throughout your training journey.

How does this Training work?

Enroll in a single course or package of courses to begin your on-demand training experience. You will instantly be brought into a step-by-step training module that walks you through every lesson and exercise. Get stuck on something or need clarification, contact us anytime

Certification Prep?

All of our training courses fully prepare you for both Associate and Professional SAP Certification. Learn more about each certification on SAP’s website

Can I save on my taxes when I enroll in the training?

Learn a new skill and save on your taxes! Your training fee should be 100% tax deductible. Do make sure to consult with your accountant.

Is BI/BW/BO a good module to start with?

Absolutely! I personally started with BI/BW many years ago and loved it! I think BI/BW is a great place to start because it allows you to work across every line of business within an organization (Finance, HR, Accounting, etc.) because all of their data resides within SAP BW. You gain exposure to each teams goals and strategic priorities. BW is also relatively easy to pick up as all development is done via the BW interface, no coding required.

Prior SAP Experience Needed?

I designed our training in such a way that you really don’t need any prior experience to pick it up. The BW310 training deals with the modeling and data loading aspects of the business warehouse. The BW305 training complements the BW310 training as you are creating queries off of that same data within the warehouse, except now you are presenting data in a report-like fashion. The same goes with the Business Objects (BOW310+320) training where you are creating detailed reports to tap into the underlying data. Many years ago, I too was new to the SAP BI/BW world, and found it to be a tremendous skill set to learn. It enables you to work with so many different business areas as there is a ton of overlap within the BI/BW environment. You’re tasked with providing data-driven reports to the business which I found is extremely valuable and rewarding. I’d be happy to help you out with anything that stumps you along the way to ensure you get the most out of your training experience.

How long before I’m skilled enough to seek BI/BW jobs?

If you’re able to whiteboard out an end to end BI/BO solution like we outline in detail in our training, you’ll be fine! As soon as you’re able to practice building out solutions without constantly referring back to our videos, you’re ready.

Will I get Sandbox access to practice live?

BW310 + BW305 Trainees

  • We provide you with a free SAP BI 7.52 server access tutorial. You can easily add more time by renewing your SAP license (free of charge) and keeping your server hosting account active. Remember, Microsoft Excel is required for BEx training.

BOW310 + BOW320 Trainees

  • Check out this video walkthrough of how to set up a FREE BO Trial Sandbox in the cloud. We’ll even show you how to connect that system back to BW!

What Software Versions are used in the training courses?

SAP BW 7.51 and BO 4.2. This SAP BW training is backwards compatible through BW 7.3

Will I be able to watch the training videos on my mobile device / iPad?

Our courses are optimized to seamlessly work across all modern devices. Just bring your internet connection!

We can’t wait to see you in class!


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