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October 9, 2021 - Comment

From The Desk Of Carolyn Hansen Re: Safeguarding Your Most Precious Commodity You are hard-working. You understand the meaning of sacrifice. And you would do almost anything to guarantee the safety and well-being of your family… In short, you are not unlike the millions of breadwinners and primary care providers who put the welfare of…

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From The Desk Of Carolyn Hansen

Re: Safeguarding Your Most Precious Commodity

confident of success

You are hard-working.

You understand the meaning of sacrifice.

And you would do almost anything to guarantee the safety and well-being of your family…

In short, you are not unlike the millions of breadwinners and primary care providers who put the welfare of others above themselves.

This is an admirable trait – one that deserves the respect of everyone for whom you are willing to put your own health on the line to ensure that
theirs never suffers.

Which is exactly the way it ought to be.

At least, that’s probably what you have been telling yourself for years. After all, it’s not easy, is it, to endure the hardships you MUST endure to
ensure that you and your family will ultimately have all the good things in life they deserve?

You need to be possessed of a strong inner talk that reduces each new hardship to a temporary obstacle to be handled in stride. This, in part,
is what makes you so worthy in the eyes of the people that depend on you.

It is the reason that you are prepared to work so hard, often for the barest of short-term rewards. You understand the value of commitment to your
own cause and it does not bother you in the least whether it takes you ten years or thirty to realize your dream of welfare and security for your
family’s future.

confident of success

So long as at the end of it both you and those for whom you have built your dream get to enjoy the rewards you will have paid for with years of selfless
dedication and hard work…

But what if I were to show you in the next 5 minutes that this is NOT what fate has in store for you?

That in fact all your rosy projections about what it will be like to enjoy your just rewards are about to burst into flames as we apply the searing
heat of reality to this picture…

Here’s the question you should be asking yourself:

“Have I Really Done EVERYTHING I Need to Protect Myself Against Complete Physical And Financial Annihilation?”

Before I explain just WHY it is

so important

that you give this question the highest priority right now, let me tell you about a friend of mine,
Jake, who – even though he had plenty of opportunity to do so over the years – never did take my gentle protestations seriously enough…

Jake was what you would call a self-made man.

Coming from a rural background he was the first in his family to put himself through college and go on to secure a masters degree in business administration
from the University of Auckland.

real estate riches

Jake later leveraged his natural salesmenship and what I would describe as pure charisma to become a recognized figure in the
world of real estate investment.

Eventually he settled in my home town of Waikato and ran an investment house there for more than 30 years.

Jake was also a close friend of mine.

For as long as I had known him he seemed to always have his finger on the pulse of local business. Community leaders loved him.

His dynamic personality and the fact that he really seemed to care about everyone he met made his sense of optimism about the boundless
opportunities life had in store for each and every one of us
truly infectious. Really, it was impossible NOT to like him.

And every weekend he could be seen running across the local hillsides, or bicycling through the township. He almost seemed indestructible…

But there was another side to Jake that I do not think people saw very often. And I think it was only because we had once been very close that he would
occasionally let his guard down and I would see it in his face, in the tension with which he gripped the handle bars of his bike, and perhaps most
significantly in the re-emergence of a slight stutter he once told me had plagued his youth…

I was repeatedly reminded when seeing him like this of something that has become clearer to me with each passing year:

Unfortunately, When It Comes To
Most “Peak Performers” Perform Quite HORRIBLY!

This may be because they are constantly receiving faulty signals from those around them. Signals that reinforce the notion that they are
nothing less than a force of nature,

when of course nothing could be further from the truth.

Because no matter how much we might wish it were otherwise, we are ALL vulnerable to the stresses and strains of “life in the fast lane”.

In Jake’s case I always sensed he was a lot more STRESSED than he liked to let on to those around him.

Because of this I would teasingly encourage him to drop his sporting activities and take up residence instead in my gym.

This was because for more than three decades now I have turned to weight training as my number one source of
stress management and fitness training, not only for myself but for
every personal client I have trained over the years.


I never did manage to get him to give up his long distance events, or set foot in my gym.

But I wish I had.

One day Jake hopped onto his bicycle and, like he had done many times before, my good friend and “weekend warrior” entered himself into a long-distance
racing event.

The event was to last seven days. But Jake never made it to the end of the first day.

He suffered a massive heart attack and died before reaching the hospital.

He was 63 years of age.

When I heard the news I was as shocked as anyone.

I am no stranger to death, but when someone with vitality is suddenly snatched away like this it
is a sombre reminder that no-one is immune to the laws of biology, and that we take our fate in our hands every single day that we take our health for granted.

I do not know what killed my friend that day. Many factors might have contributed. Stress, diet, high blood pressure coupled with poor medical intervention,
or none at all… Who knows? But I can say two things with some degree of certainty.

The first is that despite the apparent “out of the blue” nature of his death, Jake’s body had probably been moving towards a state of crisis for some
. People rarely collapse and die without first getting warning signs in the days or weeks leading up to the event.

The second thing I can say with some confidence is that he never saw it coming, or else he would not have turned up that morning knowing that
the 820 kilometers of road between him and the finish line was going to push his body to the limit.

Somehow he missed all the signs.

Despite being one of the most attention-detailed and strategic people I have ever known he missed the most important message anyone can receive – that
our health is THE most precious commodity we have and should be allocated the highest priority in life.

Of course, this begs an obvious question that I feel compelled to ask you right now…

Could You Be Making The Same Mistakes? Unknowingly Risking Your Own Safety And The Welfare Of Your Family?

What annoys me perhaps the most is that Jake’s story is not of the “one in a million” variety that can easily be shrugged off as tragic but, well,

frankly inconsequential

– because it isn’t very likely the rest of us might suffer the same kind of fate.

Instead, the truth is much closer to the exact opposite.

That’s because premature death is the norm today, not the exception. And each time it happens the disruption
to lives it causes goes well beyond the immediate deceased.

Imagine yourself in Jake’s position for a moment.

You put everyone around you ahead of yourself to forge better business connections. You give generously of your time. But the unavoidable consequence
of this is that your family has to pay the price in less time shared with you.

But that’s OK, you tell yourself.

Because what you are doing is exchanging time now with your family for time with them later when their financial security will be guaranteed…

You make huge sacrifices now with the understanding that your deferred rewards will more than make up for today’s losses when the time
comes to put up your feet.

But what if, like Jake, you never make it to the finish line?


[Credit: Brian Smithson – Flickr]

Would everything you have given up to get ahead and live the life of the peak performer still be worth the experience?

Or would you feel immensely cheated – supposing for a moment there really is an afterlife where you get to reflect on the life
you have now said goodbye to forever?

And the family you leave behind. Are they likely to think the shared sacrifices were worth the end result?

Can you imagine the anguish experienced by your son or daughter as they step forward to place a farewell rose on the polished mahogany of your

Worth the end result? Of course not.

You know full well that you would do ANYTHING to reverse the clock and be with them again. Only now it is too late!

But it’s not too late is it?

Because you’re here, right now, and unlike most people who will do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING on hearing about a potentially fatal mistake they are making you are
the kind of person who knows how to take action to achieve the goals you care about.

But I would be painting an entirely incorrect picture for you if I made it seem that circumventing an early death was my only concern for you. Because as
tragic as Jake’s death was, it could have been worse for his family.

He might have survived, but been so crippled physically that medical attention to sustain his life all but guaranteed his hard-won fortune was slowly
drained away to ultimately leave his family bankrupt.

$190,000 open heart surgery

And if you’re reading this and feeling inclined to shrug off the financial hit because you know you’re covered by health insurance… well, think again.

Especially if you happen to live in the United States.

TIME Magazine columnist Steven Brill thought he had an excellent understanding of the U.S. health care system and its “astronomical cost” because he had
written a special cover story on it.

But just a year later, emerging from an open heart surgery that saved his life, even he was shocked at the final cost.

He discovered that because the quality of the care he received was so high the hospital that billed him $190,000 for his care was able to get away with
offering his health insurer a mere 12 percent discount. So of course his final out-of-pocket expenses for the procedure were considerable.

Luckily for him he was in and out of the hospital in a week.

But if you were forced to live out the rest of your days in critical care while racking up an ongoing bill for $77 boxes of gauze pad, $451 snapshots
under the portable x-ray machine, and a never-ending series of blood tests that added hundreds of dollars to the dotted line each week…

Would you really feel that cheating death had been a victory?

Or would you feel like pulling the plug yourself?

Clearly, this is NOT the kind of legacy that any family deserves to inherit!

Over the years I have come in contact with many people who have befallen far worse fates than my friend Jake.

People struck down by the miserably slow and painful spectacle of cancer, kidney disease, emphyzema…

And for the most part these are entirely preventable diseases that we bring on ourselves out of pure ignorance of that factors that heighten our
risk of contracting them.

Now, you would think that those of us who make it a practice to perform at the highest possible levels of efficiency and effectiveness would also be
smart enough to avoid making the kinds of mistakes that encourage disease rather than forestall it.

But it turns out being smart doesn’t always confer the advantages you’d think it might. In fact, the more intelligent you are, the greater
the handicap may be when it comes to making all-important life decisions…

This is something that interested psychologist Lewis Terman when he set out in 1926 to launch a study that would track the lives of 1500 gifted individuals
for decades.

The question: Just how much does the role of intelligence play in getting what you want from life?

As it turns out, not as much as you’d like to believe.

nobody escapes the tough decisions

Terman looked at the rates of divorce, alcoholism, and suicide in his group.

He found they reproduced fairly closely the numbers suffered by the rest of society.

Peak performers were no less prone to making hopelessly inadequate decisions about what was good for them than someone who spent most of their
life deferring to the advice of others and following a decidely less entrepreneurial path.

An example. Every year thousands of seemingly intelligent people with health care die each year of heart attack because they are caught debating with
themselves whether the cost of an ambulance ride (which in the U.S. may add up to several thousand dollars) is worth the risk of discovering that their chest
pains are actually due to a harmless panic attack.

They literally (over)think themselves to death.

The lesson: NONE of us are above making these mistakes.

When it comes to our health and well-being we ALL share a mental blind spot that can easily become our undoing…

What does this mean for someone like yourself who has been operating for years, maybe even decades, on the assumption that strength of mind alone will
see you through to achieving your goals?

Simply that you may shortly be in for a RUDE SURPRISE when your “health bank account”, as I like to call it, runs dry.

Let me give you a couple of examples of this.

human kidney

Consider for a moment the human kidney, the function of which is to filter toxic build up from your blood.

From a functional point of view it is an extraordinarily efficient biological device.

Even so, it is sensitive to the ravages of high blood pressure, excessive consumption of alcohol, caffeine, and other stimulant drugs… all of which
degrade the performance of your kidneys and damage their delicate machinery.

To counter this loss of function your kidneys will simply work harder and harder so that you scarcely notice the declining loss of function.

Until efficiency has eroded so much that they can no longer keep up the charade and suddenly you are looking at a diagnosis of impending and
irreversible renal failure.

Likewise, high blood pressure may be the tell-tale signature of slowly narrowing blood vessels that nevertheless continue to keep your body oxygenated
with blood from a severely overworked heart

Until the day the last bit of plaque moves into place and cuts off that blood flow and causes you a heart attack or stroke.

Already you may be noticing signs that your body is heading slowly and unnecessarily toward a catastrophic event…

For instance have you noticed any of the following symptoms that may have scarcely affected you just a decage ago:

  • Difficulty catching your breath after moderate physical exertion, like walking up a flight of stairs
  • Loss of physical strength
  • Unusual fatigue – you wake up tired and have little energy to do the things you used to love doing
  • Changes in vision – headaches and periods of blurry vision
  • Fleeting feelings of anxiety for no reason
  • Frequent indigestion
  • Sleep disturbance
  • Excessive weight gain or loss
  • Loss of libido and romantic performance

This is by

no means

an exhaustive list of warning signs.

Even when these indicators are simply reflections that your body is slowing down through neglect,
the implication that your days of peak performance living are coming to an end is not particularly comforting.

Especially not when it affects your earnings potential, your ability to enjoy all aspects of your life, and your projections of where you
will be in the next ten years
(washed up, put out to pasture, and forgotten – assuming you are still in the land of the living at that point).

Here’s the real problem.

You’ve probably spent so much time listening to other succesful people tell you what you need to do to reproduce their
success that you’ve brainwashed yourself into believing that they are telling you the FULL STORY.

After all, aren’t they all saying much the same thing?

That the driving force behind personal achievement, fulfillment,
and fortune, is nothing more than total belief in yourself and your unswerving willingness to put in the work needed to make your belief
and vision become your reality?

“All you have to do is put your mind to it and make it happen!”

So what is wrong with this picture?

What “Unquestionable Truth” Have You Fully Vested Into That Might Threaten To Shortly Take Away Everything You Deem To Be Of Value In This World?

It is the implicit assumption that your mind, your consciousness, is an “engine of dream realization” over which you have

complete control


It is the idea that your mind will remain strong, clear, and focused for whatever amount of time it takes to secure your goals.

In reality your mind is anchored to the flesh and blood of your brain, your brain reactant to the immediate demands of your body.

There is no thought or philosophy that cannot be eroded by the relentless wash of daily hormonal surges and the slow battering of cellular degradation.

And unless this very real mind-body connection is acknowledged, and attended to, the walls of your carefully architected vision of the future will
eventually come tumbling down.

It’s just biology at work. Evolution does not forge dream builders, it perfects the art of replication, and for that it only requires you stick around for the
first forty to fifty years…

You may not wish to hear this.

You certainly would not have been told this enough by the people you look to for advice. I get it. It is not a popular idea.

But it is the TRUTH.

Hopefully you are hearing about this now, at a point in your life where you can make up for any prior inattention to your state of health and well-being, and
do everything needed to ensure you can preserve with vigor your pursuit of the peak performance lifestyle for decades to come.

If that sounds like something you wish to do, keep reading because…

You’re about to discover the golden takeaways from half a lifetime spent optimizing the blueprint for peak physical performance…

But before we get there I want to remind you that we live in an age of

unprecedented scientific discovery


Every day we learn about breakthroughs in medicine and technology.

medical breakthroughs

We are amazed and tantalyzed by the promise of what tomorrow may bring and how it may benefit not only our children, but us directly.

At this very minute scientists are applying every bit of knowledge they possess toward the goal of extending our lifespan.

They have already achieved remarkable success with the simplest of organisms.

Yeast for example, where if today’s routine manipulation of the genes that control
lifespan could be successfully transplanted to the human genome, we could benefit from a lifespan in excess of 800 years.

Science fiction?

Or a glimpse of what tomorrow COULD hold in store for those of us who stick around long enough to see it for themselves?

Experiments with mice have already managed to DOUBLE their life span.

Imagine how your own outlook on life would change if you discovered that you could pop a pill and live twice as long as you were expecting to do.

Do you suppose that would perhaps seriously change the focus on what you are doing right now?

science predicts a 140 year life span

It should.

Many scientists believe that under the right circumstances there is no reason why you could not live as long as 140 years.

That if you were not handicapped by the ills of modern society which take the form of widespread chemical contamination, depleted food quality, and an
alarming slide into an almost completely sedentary lifestyle, we might routinely live well beyond the century mark.

Well, if you think the way I do, and you’d like to perhaps take advantage of the breakthroughs in anti-aging and life extension that science
will afford us in the decades to come, it should be pretty clear what needs to be done right now to make this a possibility…

We need to put the aging process ON ICE – at least until we are in a position to exploit the developing SCIENCE OF LONGEVITY
and seriously extend our life span

can we turn back the clock?

Luckily, this IS something we know how to do.

Not stop the clock. Not turn it back. At least not yet…

But we can slow it down.

The trouble is that no one is teaching it and the person who ends up paying for that is you. Your pursuit of the peak performance lifestyle is
not only slowly killing you, it’s sabotaging your ability to achieve your goals by slowly degrading your performance in every area of your life.

But you can turn it around. Right now.

And not just because I am in a position to teach you what you need to do.

But because you are exactly the type of person who knows how to take a solid plan of action and implement it.

Without feeling sorry for yourself. Without making excuses as to why this plan may be solid but somehow just will not work for your particular case…

For more than 30 years now I have been deeply involved in the art and science of physical fitness. Admittedly more art than science in the early years, and far
more likely to discover what does NOT work than what does when it comes to mental and physical conditioning of the type that allows your body and your mind to
perform at peak efficiency and effectiveness.

But I have learned from my mistakes, and because I have put those days long behind me you’ll be able to skip them and get
an immediate and significant compression in the time needed to implement your “revised peak performance lifestyle”.

My training will not just prepare you for the rigors of middle age and beyond, so that you can expect to enjoy DECADES more time spent doing the things you
love to do, and doing them well.

No. You’ll also begin showing performance improvements just weeks from now…

You will hear about mitochondria, the tiny energy units that power your cells and are responsible for whether or not you feel like you have energy bursting
at the seams, or you can barely muster the strength to pull yourself out of bed. Indeed, some scientists believe that dwindling mitochondria numbers are
chief cause of aging itseld.

Discovering how to renew your mitochondria supply could result in more energy to achieve your goals than you ever dreamed would be possible, and it can be
achieved with nothing more than the proper application of food and exercise.

teleomeres influence the aging rate

You’ll also learn about telomeres (one of the most exciting recent discoveries in the science of anti-aging).

About how they control the aging process at the level of the gene, and how they too are also amenable to the influence of nutrition and physical activity.

What does this mean for you?

Simply that it is possible RIGHT NOW for you to take advantage of recent scientific knowledge to slow YOUR OWN genetic clock and begin
feeling like you have shaved YEARS off your true biological age.

These improvements will translate into more opportunities seized upon, more wealth accrued, and a lot more pulling power when it comes
to getting the people around you to do exactly what you want them to do.

Because there is no one more persausive than the guy or gal
who seems to have tapped into a new source of power and is behaving like they just reclaimed ten years of their life.

Imagine for a second that I am already training you, so that I can demonstrate just how this will work for you

I want to give you 3 tips right now that can dramatically improve the quality of your life.

Possibly even save your life.

I know that sounds dramatic, but that is EXACT nature of this page. To help you discover ways to radically reduce your risk of losing THE most precious assets
you have in your life, and that includes the ability to draw breath!

TIP #1: Get Out Of Your Chair

I have been active pretty much my entire life. Jazzercise instructor, professional body builder, personal fitness trainer, and most recently a gym owner.
If anyone knows the importance of movement and physical activity, it’s me.

But like everyone else in recent years I have become glued to my computer monitor.

The world on the other side of it is an addictive place. It is where the money is to be made, the fame is to be earned, and the belief that your message
can reach and influence the world is fueled like nothing else I have ever known.

Which is why I have found myself doing less and less physical activity, more and more sitting.

Unfortunately sitting on your duff for most of the day doesn’t just make you fatter. Six or more hours a day spent in a chair or on your couch in front
of the TV increases your risk of heart disease by 64 percent.

But that’s may not be the worst of it. Sitting also shaves about seven years off your life span, in part by setting you up for another early, unpleasant,
and out of the blue kind of death…

Every year more than 300,000 Americans (maybe even as many as twice that number) are afflicted by deep vein thrombosis, or DVT – a clotting of the blood
in one of the deep veins, usually of the lower legs, thigh, or pelvis. This can rapidly lead to pulmonary embolism, where the blood flow to your heart is affected.
One out of four people who suffer an embolism die immediately.

Just from sitting too long in one spot.

It is VERY hard to regain your full health after a DVT episode. So get into the habit of taking regular breaks every 30-40 minutes. Get out of your chair
and walk around. This simple habit may literally save you life.

TIP #2: Get A Standing Desk

Recently I made the decision to reduce my own “sitting time” by upgrading to a standing desk. I strongly recommend you do the same. Instead of only sitting
at my computer I now have the option to stand while I am surfing the web or doing work at the keyboard.

standing desks reduce health risks

[Credit: Ramsey Beyer – Flickr]

Not only is this an enjoyable way to work once your body adjusts to the new workload, but you will likely lose weight too!

Many people report losing 10 or more pounds within a month or two just because they are buring a few more calories per hour from standing.

Today I probably spend twice as long standing as I do sitting at my work space.

All while drastically lowering my risk for DVT and embolism, as well as the more gradual but potential just as fatal chronic diseases like obesity and
metabolic syndrome.

Think of “sitting” as the new “smoking” health concern, and be aware that even if you do exercise it will not offset the effects of sitting when it comes
to warding off a DVT episode.

Invest in a standing desk of some type. There are even models that offer all the standing benefits and yet allow you to retain your current desk. Trust
me, this will be one of the greatest investments into yourself that you will ever make!

TIP #3: Train Yourself To Recognize Risk – Then Demolish It!

It isn’t easy trying to figure out everything you need to do to preserve your health.

Take the sitting issue, for example. I’m a trained professional. I’ve been looking out for clients for decades. Yet it was only recently that this health
risk was brought to my attention.

That’s because until recently NOBODY understood the risk.

Unless you are committed to keeping abreast of the issues they will escape you.

It certainly may not be your fault that you’ve so far managed to remain ignorant of important health and fitness concepts that bear directly
on your future health.

But it IS your responsibility from this point on to make a real effort to plug the leaks and get back in control of your ship before it unexpectedly
beaches you and leaves you stranded.

I can help you with that.

I can show you how to reprioritize so that instead of having your life play out the way it does for most people, where the sum
total of your performance looks like a dying battery that is slated to fizzle out completely by the time you reach your sixties:

normal loss of function with age

instead you can expect to MAINTAIN your ability to perform at the highest levels for decades longer than would otherwise be the case:

maintenance of function with age

If this sounds like the kind of life that you would like to enjoy, where your total lifetime productivity (measured to some degree by the area beneath the curve
shown above) is enhanced by 50 percent or even 100 percent, then you’ll immediately understand the value of the offer I am now about to make.

In fact, if the benefits of program I have developed for peak performers who wish to stay in the game for as long as humanly possible do not
strike you as absolutely necessary to your continued performance and good health in the years to come I want you to close this page right now and go on with
what you were doing before I interrupted your day.

Why? Because if everything I have said so far has not yet raised red flags about things you secretly suspected might be true about where you are headed then
there is probably nothing more I can say to convince you of that.

But if I have done my job properly, then the value of the following program should be immediately apparent…



A Program To Supercharge Your Level Of Fitness So You Can Lock In Another 20 More Years Of Peak Performance Living!

peak performance living

Let me be absolutely clear about this.

Because while I AM talking about fitness, I am not talking about merely getting in shape.

Or about being able to put in your scheduled allotment
of exercise reps so that you can hit the showers feeling like a million bucks because you’re on target to your meet your workout goals for the month.

No, I’m talking about something that goes MUCH deeper…

It’s an aspect of fitness training that, quite frankly, separates the true winners in life from the also-rans. Not just in the gym.


Now, because I have practiced so many forms of physical fitness over the years, and instructed so many others in the art of doing likewise, naturally I have
become a master in this area and enjoyed the kind of physical well-being that most people can only dream about.

But it was only recently that I became aware of just how the benefits that fitness has bestowed on my health over the years have been directly
responsible for the enormous successes I have enjoyed in other areas of my life

So not only has this approach been able to move me closer to the ideal of the endless summer we all dream about whenever we see yet another
ad for an anti-aging cream or a testosterone booster, but I benefit in areas that have absolutely nothing to do with the way I feel physically.

health epiphany

Honestly, this has been nothing less than an epiphany for me.

Like a light bulb finally going off after all these years, and my only response to this is: “Ah. Of course!”

This notion of a wider sphere over which peak health is the primary influence in our lives is what I have repeatedly refered to on this page as
“peak performance living”.

In short, it is a way of leveraging your commitment in one area of your life to raise your “level of participation and success” in another.

Over the years I have benefitted enormously from this interplay, all the while attributing many of my accomplishments to good fortune.

But none of these were accidents it turns out.

Business successes. High self-esteem and confidence levels. Personal relationships in private and public life. And even the courage to simply face the
inevitable tragedies that life throws our way on occasion.

Now you might argue that none of these achievements or abilities could possibly spring directly from being able to move a heavy
weight repeatedly through a short range of motion, or from being able to sprint up a small hill without collapsing at the top of it.

But indirectly? Yes, absolutely!

This is the strange but wonderful outcome that results from a life optimized for peak performance. A life that uses physical fitness as a
springboard to attaining all the as yet unrealized goals you have set for yourself.

Simply put – body forges mind, and mind forges wealth.
Be it financial wealth, intellectual wealth, spiritual wealth, or interpersonal relationship wealth.

Yet despite enjoying most of the benefits that come from living the “peak performance life” (although I have my off days too, I will readily admit)
this is an outcome that I now realize very few people are able to achieve. Even when they KNOW that it is possible to do so.

Well, I’d like to help you change those odds in your favor. Which is exactly WHY I created this page and the offer found below –
where the goal is nothing less than to fully realize your achievement of the “peak performance” lifestyle.

So if you’ll allow me a few more minutes of your time I’d like to tell you more about what my program has in store for you…

The CORE Of The Program Consists Of EIGHT AUDIO SESSIONS That Break Down The Minimal Requirements For A Fully-Sustainable Approach To Peak Performance Living

reclaim your longevity audio series

My goal for you with the “Reclaim Your Longevity” program, as I have repeatedly stated, is to

extend your years of vitality

. I want to help you dial
in at last 20 more years of peak performance living.

Accordingly, I have prepared eight audio sessions to help you achieve this goal. Each (roughly one hour) session is dedicated to a different topic as we delve
into the core philosophy that has guided my way of thinking for the last 30+ years.

My belief is that you’ll discover, as I have, that the peak performance approach is not only one that can last a lifetime, but both extend it, and dramatically
improve the quality of your later years.

Over the course of 8 sessions I will reveal to you secrets that will allow you to slow your biological clock, reclaim years of quality time, and achieve a state
of true unity of both healthy mind and body.

Here is how we will turn these problems over and devise the optimal solution for each, one module at a time…


Instead of looking forward to decades of pain as your body slowly deteriorates, with Peak Performance Living it is absolutely possible
to live your life as if you are 50 years old for the rest of your life.

To achieve this aim, we will be looking at strategies to increase your
longevity, achieve and maintain a normal body weight, tap into an endless source of energy, and tremendously enhance your everyday mood.


  • What the lifestyle of the ancient Romans and Greeks can tell us about how to live a peak performance life in the modern era.

  • What the age-old practices of Yoga and Tai-Chi can teach us about the all important connection between the mind and body needed for optimal health.

  • How to change your brain chemistry to a higher-level state that makes tasks like scheduling workouts and making healthy eating decisions – and sticking to these choices – seem like no problem at all.

  • What the 4 lifestyle habits are that, when adopted, can reduce the risk of chronic disease by up to 80 percent.

  • Why a “minimalist” approach to exercise and nutrition has a far higher chance of helping you to achieve your health and fitness goals than what you probably doing right now.

  • How to reduce the odds that you’ll be affected by chronic disease from “1 out of 2” to far less than “1 out of 10”.

  • Why the number of days you’re likely to spend ill and dehilibitated in later life has surged by a factor of 10 in the last 100 years and what you need to do to prevent this happening to you.

  • Why it is that modern medicine is failing us, and no more clearly than in the United States where the per capita amount spent on pharmaceutical drugs is 10 TIMES GREATER than in most other countries and yet the average American lifespan is SHORTER.

  • What the difference is between wellness and health mindset and why concentrating your efforts on the wrong one can be detrimental to your long-term physical health and well-being.

  • Why the old saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” should become your daily mantra if you truly care about how your health will progress in the days ahead.

MP3 format

Format: MP3


To strengthen personal power so as to help you become more confident, deal with change easier, and recover faster from life’s knocks.

To this end we note that both your physical and mental health are like a bank account, and with almost everything you do you are either making
deposits or withdrawals, all of which affect the status of your health and well-being.

And just as importantly, unless your MIND is fully immersed
in the philosophy needed to implement the ideas in this program – and implement them without resistance – you will get nowhere fast.

So we will work to re-orient your way of thinking for success in all aspects of your life. In short – to improve your physical health we will
need to address your brain health too.


  • Why you should start to think of your state of health as a bank or credit card account which you can “borrow from” for only so long before you have to pay back what you owe. And if you DON’T pay back in time it’s not the creditors who come a-knocking, it’s the grim reaper.

  • Why your genetic allotment is NOT the true determining factor in how long you will live. In fact it plays only a very SMALL role and the factors that DO matter greatly are likely to surprise you.

  • How to reduce your personal risk of premature death by more than 50 percent, and perhaps by as much as 70 percent!

  • The secrets to generating the kind of boundless enery that allows an 80-year old to ski competitively, or someone to run a marathon past the age of 100 years!

  • How to forestall the “usual” age-related problems characterized by muscle loss, bone loss, joint disease, decreased heart/lung function, immune system deterioration, and mental decline.

  • How to identify and eliminate from your life the 6 primary factors that cause premature aging.

  • How to change your way of thinking so that you can foster with ease the mindset of peak health and therefore peak performance.

  • Why, before you take that first step to improve your diet or your exercise plan, it is of the UTMOST importance that you get your MIND right first so that you will be able to follow through on your goals.

  • How to IDENTIFY and ELIMINATE the negative thoughts and limiting beliefs that have been sabotaging your past efforts to get on the track for ling term health and wellness.

  • The simple strategy you can have your children adopt to help improve their grades by up to 30 percent – and it involves not a single second of extra study! Moreover, applied to your work habit it can improve your productivity by 15 percent without having to work any extra hours.

  • You’ll discover the 4 pillars that make up Peak Performance Thinking which you can put into practice to reap immediate cognitive benefits.

  • Why MOTIVATION is highly overrated and nowhere near as important as DISCIPLINE is when it comes to achieving your health and fitness goals.

MP3 format

Format: MP3


Perhaps the greatest roadblock to achieving the body you deserve and the feelings of well-being that go with it is mindset.

Because of this we will first consider the role of habit and how it heavily influences your chances of successfully moving to a NEW
pattern of physical activity – one that puts you on the path to not just physical excellence, but enhanced longevity.

As discussed in Session #2 life can be a long and bumpy journey. By equipping yourself with the BEST possible body you will be able
to weather the unexpected storms that are hurled your way.


  • Why I believe that MINDSET trumps both nutrition and exercise when it comes to achieving your health goals.

  • What the SINGLE most important weapon in your arsenal is when it comes to realizing ANY goal.

  • Why and how negative mental conditioning is managing to silently steer you AWAY from your goals.

  • The exact 7 WORD MANTRA I repeat incessantly when events threaten to derail my efforts.

  • The importance of consistently revising your self image to get to the next level of achievement.

  • Why small actions taken daily become increasingly critical the larger the end goal.

  • How to tell whether your lifestyle is indeed sedentary and in need of immediate physical activity to prevent a life-altering turn for the worse!

  • Why the loss on ONE tissue type over time can have a huge efect on your ability to fight off potentially fatal diseases like cancer.

  • Which seemingly harmless activity associated with the sedentary lifestyle has earned itself the title of “number one health threat” – a distinction once held by smoking.

  • How in the last few decades our calorie requirements have almost halved due to an increasingly sedentary life – and yet our appetites have gone up!

  • Which single exercise movement can be performed to stimulate your fat burning metabolism – even while chained to your desk!

  • Why your declining physical state actually mirrors your possibly unsuspected decline in mental state – and what to do to halt it!

  • How to tell what the state of your heart health is simply by looking in the mirror.

  • Why strength training can be thought of as your personal Fountain Of Youth – and also doubles as the most effective beauty aid you are likely to encounter in this lifetime!

  • Which 4 bio-markers of aging can be radically influenced by physical activity and never more strongly than right now!

  • How to reframe the need to exercise as powerful calling that you will feel compelled to fulfill.

MP3 format

Format: MP3


In the last 200 years or so we have doubled life expectancy from around 40 years to around 80 years. But can we keep going?

According to scientists today, we can. We may even be able to live for as much as 140 years in the future by making use of new breakthroughs
in medicine. But until that time we’ll need to get there, or at least a fraction of the way, ourselves.

In this session we look at exactly what that involves, making use of nutrition and exercise “smarts” to do what science is not quite
ready to achieve for us…


  • Which “Fitness Hormone” needs to be activated in your body before you can expect to realize the full potential of your workouts, and HOW to make that happen.

  • How to take advantage of a “do it yourself” stem therapy approach to anti-aging that has the power to replenish your dwindling cell line.

  • The critical importance of growth factors to the anti-aging process, and how to stimulate them for maximum aging retardation.

  • Why the new science of telomeres (the genetic clocks within us) may usher in the next breakthrough in life extension by REVERSING the aging process itself!

  • Which lifestyle habits damage telomeres and ACCELERATE the biological aging processes – and what you can do to protect these fragile genetic clocks!

  • Which lifestyle habits IMPROVE telomere influence over the biological aging processes – and how you can exploit these to add YEARS to your life span.

  • Why protecting your telomeres may be the key to circumventing Alzhiemers and dementia.

  • How a study of 2400 twins revealed the number of hours of weekly exercise needed to slow the clock by 10 years, and what that amount is.

  • Why your blood sugar level is so critical to good health even when you’re not even close to being diabetic.

  • Why there’s a GOOD chance you’re already PRE-DIABETIC and yet you’d still not have a clue about it!

  • Why diabetes acts like an age-accerant and has the power to strip 15-20 year off your life span, and the actions you need to take to avoid this devastating diagnosis!

  • Which 4 fully controllable factors put you at greatest risk of diabetes.

  • Which physical activities work to stabilize blood sugar levels and which are a complete waste of time.

  • How to heighten the nutrient-density of your meals by adding super healthy protein shakes to the menu.

  • How to BOOST your energy levels so that you can face the rigors of blood sugar stabilizing strength training workouts.

MP3 format

Format: MP3


They say you are what you eat, and in this session we discover not only why it is true, but what the implications are for
our quest to improve the quality and length of our life.


  • Why “nutrient-dense” foods hold the key to long-term health and a lean frame.

  • Why the secret to moving your body towards an efficient fat-burning state lies in the adoption of an eating philosopy that concentrates far more on WHAT to eat than what NOT to eat.

  • Why cutting CARBOHYDRATES and eating more healthy fat and protein is the FASTEST way to take of excess pounds of unwanted body fat and keep them off for good.

  • Why cutting CALORIES is an almost surefire way to put you on the path to eating MORE calories than before!

  • What it means to EAT CLEAN and why this is a critical component of any plan to reach your ideal body weight.

  • How to reduce your risk of cancer by 30-50 percent simply by changing your diet.

  • How to replace the UNHEALTHY FATS in your life with HEALTHY FATS that can help displace unwanted reserves of body fat. Yes, really!

  • Why inflammation due to carrying excess body fat can disrupt hormonal responses and ESCALATE weight gain.

  • How toxins that you are unwittingly taking into your body are making your body even more resistant to losing weight, and what you can do today to reverse this process.

  • Why the “3 square meals a day” philosophy is outdated and needs to be replaced if you are to have ANY chance of correctly managing your blood sugar levels and avoiding overeating.

MP3 format

Format: MP3


After you take into account the “obvious” topics that need addressing on your journey to achieve Peak Performance Living what
is left over are the “overlooked” factors that can nonetheless have a HUGE influence on you ability to achieve your goal. In this session
we identify those other facts and address them.


  • Why chronic stress may be the one thing in your life that you aren’t taking into account that might actually KILL you tomorrow.

  • Why you’re likely dealing at this very moment with a LOT more disease-causing chronic stress than you think you’re dealing with.

  • Why you should think of exercise as life’s most EFFICIENT medicine for alleviating the effects of life-shortening stress.

  • What you need to know about the IGNORED class of disease that affects more people each year than cancer does and will soon be the SECOND leading cause of death and disability.

  • Which one activity – and it’s not exercise – that when skipped can cause your skin, metabolism, immune system and mental state to be seriously affected for the worse.

  • Why getting too LITTLE sun can increase your (non skin) cancer risk in the same way that getting too much sun can do.

  • How to slow the rate of aging within you simply by taking a common VITAMIN.

  • Why long periods of SITTING can increase your odds of becoming obese by a whopping factor or TWO to THREE.

  • How the simple act of REMOVING YOUR SHOES can alleviate symptoms of discomfort you may never have realized were affecting you so much!

MP3 format

Format: MP3


What else can you do to enhance your results on the road to Peak Performance Living? In this session we consider the use
of supplements to boost your results even more.


  • The 3 CRITICAL requirements that every supplement MUST SATISFY before you consider putting it into your body!

  • The situations for which taking supplements may be entirely the WRONG thing to do, and what to do instead.

  • The truth about PROTEIN POWDERS – which ones to AVOID, why you SHOULD be adding a powder to your diet, and WHEN to take it.

  • Why meat and diary products from GRASS-FED cattle is SO much better for your health than produce from GRAIN-FED stock.

  • Why FISH OIL may be the most important supplement you will ever take.

  • What the difference is between OMEGA-6 and OMEGA-3 fatty acids and why too much of one might KILL rather than cure you.

  • Why sunflower oil, corn oil, soybean oil, cottonseed oil, and peanut oil should immediately be ELIMINATED from your diet.

  • Which foods and PROBIOTICS help to improve gut health and ensure that your body can fully absorb the nutrients you supply it with.

  • Which class of vitamins you may be deficient in if you adopt a low carb or low animal protein diet – too little of this class and the outcome can be anemia, or nerve and brain damage!

  • Why taking a MULT-VITAMIN is not only likely to be unnecessary – it may actually negatively affect your health.

  • Which superfood contains all of the A, C, E, K, and several B vitamins, as well as essential minerals including iron and calcium. Hint: Popeye the Sailor Man put this food on the map in the 1930s!

  • Which TOP 10 FOODS appear on my list of superfoods that NEED to be on your shopping list right now if you’re serious about adding another 20 years of peak performance living to your lifespan.

  • Why VEGETABLE JUICING is an almost perfect way to implement your high-nutrient approach to healthy eating and FAR SUPERIOR to fruit juices.

MP3 format

Format: MP3


In this final session we look back at the totality of the program and see how all the pieces fit together to promote our
overall objective: the pursuit and attainment of a life that can justifiably be described as peak performance living.


  • How to RETHINK your priorities so that scheduling time to meet the needs of this program seems not only doable but an ESSENTIAL requirement of your week.

  • How to utilize the power of HABITS to rewite your brain and make the implementation of the ideas in this program almost FULLY AUTOMATIC.

  • The true meaning of the powerful phrase: “Habits are like cobwebs at first… cables at last.”

  • The 14-POINT LIST of activities you need to adopt to ensure the best results from this program.

  • How to appreciate the true importance of MUSCLE TISSUE and it’s role in the rapid recovery of your dissipated strength and overall health.

  • The SINGLE physical measurement that works amazingly well to characterize your overall state of health – DECREASE this number and you are well on your way to improved health and well-being.

  • The ONE factor that determined right from the start whether your efforts will be doomed to failure – and it’s something totally within your control!

  • How to instill an unshakeable belief that you deserve the body and life of your dreams – the first step to ensuring you get them!

  • How to harness self-esteem to ensure you do not set yourself up for failure with short-term diets, useless exercise regimes and unrealistic goals.

  • The importance of the role of self-discipline, self-esteem, and self-purpose in the care of the MIND – the driving force in everything you hope to achieve.

  • The secrets to building the framework for a life of continuous improvement where you consistently perform at your highest level.

MP3 format

Format: MP3

And When You HAVE Secured Your Future – Here’s What You Can Do With It…

I’ve gone to a lot of trouble to lay out my


for you. It’s a plan that focuses on


both your health and your wealth.

But that’s not the only thing I have in mind for you. Because, like me, I have a very strong feeling that you’re not going to be content to rest on your
laurels, once you’ve eroded your risk for unexpected catastrophe.

Instead, you’ll want to continue making the MOST of whatever gifts you’ve inherited, and whatever skills you’ve built up over the years.

I’m almost certain that if the ideas on this page have touched something deep inside you then this desire I speak of is in your blood. It’s the “never say die”
attitude that so impresses me in the people I bump into on my travels around the world as I attempt to expose more and more audiences to the ideas in
Reclaim Your Longevity.

It’s an attitude that vividly expresses itself in the productivity level of peak performers.

super productivity

These are people who don’t just perform remarkably well. Instead, they often operate at a level which seems almost super human to onlookers.

Some of these high achievers may measure their productivity by the size of their bank account.

Others use different, but still familiar markers that have
a longer-term impact on society and stir a much wider appreciation from those who benefit from the works.

Museums, libraries, television series, books, revolutions in communications technology. The list of possible works produced by highly-driven and talented
individuals is practically endless when it comes to the fruits of a productive mindset.

In all likelihood you’re imagining right now some unaccomplished task or innovation that you’ve dreamed about but have yet to bring to life. Maybe because
you haven’t had the time, or other elements of life have simply got in the way.

But you’d still like to bring your dream to life if there was a way to do it. If you had more time, more energy, more opportunity to realize your full vision…

So in addition to helping you curb your propensity for financial and physical disaster I have included a component in this program on how to harness your
potential for super productivity

I call this component Super Productivity Secrets, and it’s full of exactly the kinds of suggestions that will help you ramp up your levels of motivation,
self-discipline, due-diligence, and all-round mental toughness so that you can succeeding at a level denied to all but a very few individuals.

At the end of the day, it’s what we leave behind that stands as a measure of the usefulness of our time spent toiling, and the wisdom of the choices we
make along the way. So if you feel your story has not been completely realized – if you feel like you still have a TON of amazing ideas to be poured out
of you and turned into the stuff of reality – then I want to help you with that too!

What It Boils Down To Is This – I’m Ready To Help You If You’re Willing To Help Yourself!

Here’s what I mean by that.

It doesn’t matter a jot how much quality information I put into my products if the people who buy them simply forget about them the moment they hit
the order button.

So I’d like you to make me a promise…

I’d like you to promise me that you’ll take the information to heart…

And ACT on it.

I want you to promise me you’ll treat it as though it was a manifesto for which you have paid thousands of dollars.

Not because it will cost you anywhere near that amount to get started with
Reclaim Your Longevity today, but because I believe with every fiber of my being that the information contained within it is worth so much more…

In fact I am not exaggerating when I say this information is priceless – because you simply cannot place a price on the value of your well-being.

It is THE most precious asset you have and will EVER have, bar none.

I know this, and I now believe you know this too, or you would not still be reading. In fact I’m confident that you’re one of the less than 10 percent
of the population that EVER WILL get this. The tiny fraction of achievers that can commit to a program the stakes of which are nothing less
than life itself!

So I want to congratulate you for being among that small group, because the sad reality is that nine out of ten people are simply NOT prepared to do this.

That’s just a fact of life – one that until very recently I did not fully appreciate.

I am almost embarrassed to admit it… but for the longest time I thought I could save everyone who was willing to just raise a hand and ask for advice.

But what I’ve learned the hard way, by owning a gym and taking on hundreds of personal clients over the years, is that being willing to ask for advice
and having the gumption to ACT on the advice received are two VERY different things.

After a lot of soul searching I came to a surprising realization.

I am really only interested in helping those who are willing to help themselves.

The People I Care About Most Are The
Go-Getters Like YOU!

This is why I was willing to go the extra mile…

If this program contained ONLY the EIGHT audio sessions described above you would have more than enough material to put you on the fast track to a life
where performance and its optimization drives nearly all your waking decisions.

But the audios are just the FIRST component of “Reclaim Your Longevity”. There’s more to come…

You’ll Also Get All Of The Following!

A 90-Day Action Plan

RYL 90-Day Action Plan

In just 90 days, or 12 short weeks, it is possible to completely upgrade your life and reclaim the years that modern living tend
to subtract from us over the course of a lifetime.

In this guide I’ll show you how to break this upgrade into an easy-to-assimilate 12-week plan. By concentrating on manageable
weekly goals you will never feel overwhelmed by the scope of the changes (and the rewards!) that lie ahead for you.

As the title implies, the program is all about taking action. Follow this blueprint to the letter for 90 days to have success
follow YOU for the rest of your life.

PDF format

Format: PDF

The “Make It Happen” Guide

The Make It Happen Guide

Make no mistake, peak physical fitness plays a HUGE part in determining whether you’ll ever be able to conduct yourself at the
highest level in each area of your life. A maximally performing mind requires a fit, healthy brain which depends critically on
the state of the rest of your body… So the fitter you are, the better your brain will work. It really IS that simple!

That’s why in this guide I’ll show you how to reframe the necessity to apply yourself to the task of getting fit. You’ll
learn how to transform that necessity into DESIRE.

Before you know it you’ll be a slave to your fitness schedule and missing a workout will never be a problem again!

PDF format

Format: PDF

The Minimalist Exercise Program

The Minimalist Exercise Program

Are you wasting your time with ineffective and outdated theories of what you SHOULD be doing to achieve maximal health and fitness?

Most people are. But with the MINIMALIST program you learn how to get quality results with the least amount of effort.

After all, why do twice the amount of work and spend double the length of time to achieve the same result? If you want to achieve
the most bang for your buck, the minimalist approach will get you there.

PDF format

Format: PDF

The Minimalist Nutrition Program

The Minimalist Nutrition Program

Confused by all the contradictory information that comes your way about what you should and should not eat? I certainly would be
if I wasn’t already an expert on the subject!

Now you can be too. Or at least I’ll show you how to become a master of “minimalist nutrition”. That is, knowing just the essentials
about what to eat to stay lean and healthy year round.

You may be surprised to learn that eating “minimally” does NOT mean eating less. In fact it’s really the exact opposite. You’ll learn
how to prepare nutrient-dense meals that give you more energy while at the same time they promote maximum fat burning!
the most bang for your buck, the minimalist approach will get you there.

PDF format

Format: PDF

Mindset Mastery Secrets

Mindset Mastery Secrets

Mind and body. Only when they work together can you truly expect to achieve peak performance in everything you do. Neither your
mind nor your body can reach their maximum potential when the other is weak and undisciplined.

In “Mindset Mastery Secrets” you’ll learn what it takes to keep your thought processes focused on success patterns that can be
turned into desirable habits that reinforce automatic behaviors that continually bring you closer to your goals.

Peak performance thinking is an absolute requisite for getting “in the zone” and achieving rapid-fire successes in every area
of your life. I’ll show you the mental tricks that the high achievers use to get the job done.

PDF format

Format: PDF

Super Productivity Secrets

Super Productivity Secrets

In this core productivity guide we’ll go over the factors critical to what I like to think of as “super human” performance. It’s
the way everyone would live if they only knew what was possible.

We’ll cover the expected mental side of the equation, factoring in diligence, self-discipline, confidence and goal-setting.
Then there’s mental toughness, focus, and concentration. These are all essential to maintaining the positive mindset that drives

But then there is the other side of the equation – the one not so commonly talked about, and far less understood. That’s the
physical side. The quantifiable strengths and weakness that determine, ultimately, just how far you can push yourself – and
that, of course, is where we want to be, on the cutting edge of what it is humanly possible to achieve.

PDF format

Format: PDF

The Ultimate Guide To Goal Setting

The Ultimate Guide To Goal Setting

Great achievements are the hallmarks of a life in which the principles of peak performance are valued and practiced routinely.
Such achievements never happen by chance.

The difference between those who go from one great achievement to the next, and those who struggle to come anywhere close to their

It is goal setting. Whether in business or personal matters your ability to consistently perform at high capacity is greatly facilitated
by the practice of setting realistic short-term goals that keep your momentum going until you reach the final prize. I’ll show you how
to get there, one goal at a time…

PDF format

Format: PDF

geoff wilkins

Within the space of 4 months I have lost 18lbs…

As an ex sportsman it has often been hard to accept that increasing age brings greater difficulty keeping in shape, keeping strong
and maintaining health. Unfortunately injury and illness can take their toll and you find yourself so far out of shape that getting
back optimum health and fitness becomes a bigger and bigger challenge.

Reclaim Your Longevity addresses these challenges in a sensible and uncomplicated way. Using RYL and taking things step by step has
allowed me to change my approach to eating and exercising.

Within the space of 4 months I have lost 18lbs and dropped out of obese BMI for the first time in 7 years. I have also increased
my strength and vitality.

The most surprising aspect of this has been how easy the plan is to follow. I have been on lots of diets and fitness regimes in the
last 20 years – some have worked better than others. None have ever seemed this easy.

– Geoff Wilkins

Nobody Deserves To Be In Charge Of Your Future More Than YOU Do

Here’s what I know.

This is a hard truth that has been demonstrated time and time again in my life.

Over the years I have seen many of my close friends and casual acquaintainces pass on. Not always quickly. Sometimes after years of battling
with a painful and degrading disease that could have been prevented.

why gamble on your health?

What I have learned is that while living the peak performance lifestyle has a LOT of benefits that you’ll enjoy immediately, one of the greatest actually
comes much later in life when you realize that you have cleared a HUGE hurdle that most people will not.

While they have been content to roll the dice and hope for the best when it comes to avoiding a sticky fate you will have already performed
what amounts to the most valuable risk management process that can possibly be imagined.

The ability to reduce your risk of chronic disease, which I will show you how to do, by upwards of 80 PERCENT simply by adhering to the
philosophy of the peak performance lifestyle.

I guarantee, reclaiming your longevity will be the most valuable investment you ever make!

But ONLY If You Act While You Still Have Plenty Of Time To Course Correct And STAY OUT Of The Danger Zone…

Unfortunately we never have as much time as we think we do to correct our mistakes. And we often get ourselves DEEP into trouble before even the first
signs of danger make themselves apparent.

are you in danger of being swept away?

Several miles upstream from Niagara Falls, where gravity suddenly converts a river of roiling water into a thunderous and spectacular display of raw
power, is a warning sign intended for swimmers and boating enthusiasts.

Venture beyond this point, the sign warns, and you may not be able to return. Ever.

There is nothing remarkable about this location in the river.

It seems perfectly harmless and looks for all the world the same 100 feet downstream from the sign as it does upstream. You would never know on passing this
point in the river that your fate is now sealed. That there is NOTHING you can do to avert your destiny…

And you would not find out what is in store for you for some time yet.

It is exactly the same with your health.

If you tell yourself that you will act when you notice the first warning signs your body puts out before an impending
crisis it may already be too late. You may have long since passed the point of no return.

This is why I strongly recommend you make the decision right now to ensure this does not happen to you.

Download your copy of Reclaim Your Longevity today and commit to making the kinds of changes to your life that you already know you need
to make.

Allow me to be the catalyst for the changes in your life that sooner or later you were going to attempt to make anyway. It’s just that if you
begin making them today it may actually save your life!

are you truly protected against impact?

Listen, it’s true that you could navigate these waters by yourself…

You could close this page right now and say to yourself “Yes, Carolyn’s made some good points. But honestly, I just have a feeling I’ll be OK…”

You might, although it’s extremely unlikely. More importantly, are you willing to accept the consequences of being wrong?

Every year millions of people unexpectedly find themselves on the wrong side of that warning sign. Even the ones that THINK they might be prepared
for the impending impact discover that it was all just wishful thinking.

Wouldn’t you prefer me to help you keep upstream of the danger?

Not that I hope you see my program as merely something like a kind of misery and even death avoidance plan. As I have stressed repeatedly, it goes
way beyond this.

But Let Me Spell Out In Detail The Benefits Afforded By My Reclaim Your Longevity Program

I want you to live life to its full potential.

Not just live a LONG life, but one in which your level of productivity and enjoyment is pushed to the
very limit of achievability. This is the goal of the peak performance lifestyle.

If you have yet to attain it I will try to help you get there. If you have attained it I will try to help you maintain it.

Here’s what’s at stake – what you may currently be missing out on that defines peak performance living. Whether it be fitness or career success or any
other standard by which you measure your ability to get what you want from life, and which Reclaim Your Longevity was designed to
help you achieve for the long-term:

  • Greater stamina

    When you apply the strategies for improved fitness outlined in the program you can expect to see dramatic changes in the way your body responds
    to physical exertion. Instead of running out of breath within a few minutes of moderate activity, and feeling as though you need to rest to recover,
    you’ll actually feel like you’ve just shifted into second gear and are ready foe the next challenge!
  • More energy

    One of the most commonly repeated regrets of my middle-aged personal fitness clients is that they never feel they have the energy needed to keep up
    with their family – especially if they have grandchildren. But when your body begins responding to the regimen of exercise and nutrition taught in
    this program you can expect your energy to soar to levels last seen when you were 20 to 30 years younger. More energy simply means more opportunity
    to do the things you love to do – without exhausting yourself.
  • Increased strength

    Ever been caught unable to get the lid of a jam jar? As you age and muscle strength decreases you discover that the seemingly simply things you took
    for granted become increasingly difficult to pull off. But when you recognize the cause of the problem and implement the strength training protocols
    outlined in the program you’ll recoup your muscle mass and bring back your lost strength – making life a WHOLE lot easier as the years pass by.
  • Undiminished focus

    Brain power. It literally determines who you are and the extent of your capabilities. And just like the muscles you can rebuild with determination, so
    too can the strength of your mind be maintained, even enhanced, by the improvements to your overall health that you can expected as a result of rebuilding
    your level of health and fitness. That means greater ability to focus on the problems you need to solve to achieve your goals.
  • Improved relationships

    Besides your immediate health there is probably nothing more precious to you than the relationships you have with your loved ones. By reducing stress
    and giving you more time to focus on what matters most to you you will discover that your relationships become MUCH easier to maintain – if only because
    the person you become is so much easier to get along with! This benefit alone is worth the price of the program.
  • Enhanced productivity

    What happens when instead of winding down over the course of a day like a dying battery you are able to keep up with people half your age? You do more
    with your hours, that’s what. Your work output goes up dramatically. It’s like someone slipped an invisible work day into your week that you never even
    notice is there. But your bottom line will notice. And over the course of years this extra producivity will REALLY add up. Not to mention the extra years
    you get to work (if you want to keep on working) because the age of retirement now means absolutely nothing to you…
  • Increased creativity

    Once you begin dramatically improving the health of your body you’ll begin to notice something unexpected. Your mind begins working a whole lot better.
    It begins making connections that it never would have in the past, as though you were somehow now connected to an entirely new database of ideas and
    creative expression. It’s a mind-body effect that we simply do not understand yet. But there is no reason you cannot benefit from it right now!
  • More respect and recognition

    What is it worth to you to begin seeing the subtle but unmistakeable expressions of envy and admiration on the faces of your colleagues when they begin
    to notice that you are outstripping them in new ideas, speed of execution, and plain old chutzpah! Don’t be surprised if some of them innocently begin
    to ask what it is you are now taking that you were not before. Because they’ll certainly be wanting to put their hand out for some of it!
  • Increased levels of motivation

    Remember what it’s like to be forever telling yourself that all this effort you are applying to get where you want to go in life will some day be worth it?
    Well, soon you won’t have to do that. That’s because what once seemed to require sustained effort no longer will. Instead of eyeing the clock and counting
    down the minutes until you can pack it in for the day you’ll discover that you are sailing through your work because you enjoy it once again. Motivation?
    That’s a word for people who don’t like what it is they’re doing. And that won’t be you!
  • Soaring self-confidence

    Remember what it was like to be 25 years old, at the prime of your life, firing on all cylinders and ready to engage no matter what the issue? Well that’s
    exactly the feeling you’ll experience again when you’re living a life of peak performance. When that happens it’s just plain impossible NOT to feel like
    the most confident person in the room.
  • Greater earnings potential

    Of course, one of the inevitable consequences of soaring levels of productivity, creativity, recognition, motivation to succeed, and the self-confidence
    to believe that you have what it takes to go the extra mile is MORE MONEY. You cannot help but attract wealth when you apply your talents to solving the
    problems of others. And when you do so at the new level you’ll be capable of, and for potentially a much longer time, your earnings potential will go WAY UP.
  • Greater appreciation of life

    Do you make time to stop and smell the roses? You should. Your appreciation of the world around you goes a long way to helping you maintain a low stress,
    high efficiency lifestyle. That’s because you’ll spend far less time grumbling about the inconsequential things you cannot change anyway, and applying
    you efforts to making a real difference where you can. Ultimately the ONLY reason you aspire to the peak performance lifestyle is BECAUSE is gives you
    a way to appreciate life to the maximum possible extent, and for the longest possible time.
  • Dramatically reduce disease risk

    One of the CORE tenets of the Reclaim Your Longevity philosophy is that it is ABSOLUTELY possible to reduce your risk of chronic disease in
    later life by an astonishing 80 PERCENT through the application of just 4 simple but essential lifestyle habits. By adopting these habits taught in the
    program you will dramatically increase the likelihood that you will increase your life span by 20 or more years. Not only that, but ENJOY those extra years
    because you prepared your body ahead of time to more than accommodate the normally dehibilitating effects of old age.
  • Enhanced sex life

    Not ready to retire your love life at the age of fifty – when drive, performance, and desire all pack up and take an unexpected holiday for good? Luckily
    you won’t have to, because it turns out this is a completely UNNECESSARY consequence of getting older, but is a very real consequence of letting your body
    slide into complete physical obselescence. Get ready to relive the exhilirating experiences that you and your partner may have thought were gone for good!
  • More opportunities for enjoyment

    Now that you know you’re going to be spending a LOT more time with your loved ones, and have the energy, physical capability, and motivation to engage
    with them you better get out the planning book and figure out what it is you are going to do with all that time to have fun!
  • Dramatically improved body shape and appearance

    It almost goes without saying that when you begin eating correctly and making physical exercise a regular part of your weekly schedule you will begin
    to see pleasant improvements to the shape of your body as you gain muscle and drop unwanted body fat. This is just one more consequence of using the
    “minimalistic” nutrition and exercise principles found in Reclaim Your Longevity to skyrocket your level of health and fitness.
  • Reduced dependence on others for help

    Nobody wants to spend their last years hobbling about with a cane, confined to a wheelchair, or bed-ridden. You deserve so much more than that, and so
    does your family, on whom you would be forced to depend just to stay alive. This is NOT the life for you, and not the life that
    Reclaim Your Longevity was designed to help you achieve. Instead, by following the practices promoted in the program
    you can expect to be able to take care of yourself for the rest of your days!
cyndi krupp

At 53 I now feel better than I did 20 years ago…

After a serious illness last Spring I have been on a personal mission to learn, and implement, everything I can to bring my body
into a state of perfect health and well being.

Carolyn Hansen’s “Reclaim Your Longevity” has been an invaluable resource and I am
very grateful. At 53 I now feel better than I did 20 years ago – but not nearly as well as I will a year from now 🙂

The key to my recovery and wellness has been finding easy to understand and implement tools such as Reclaim your Longevity – and
then following the rewarding and tasty recommendations. I can not recommend Carolyn Hansen’s work enough – it will change your life.

– Cyndi Krupp

So What Will Be The Size Of My Investment Carolyn – When I Pick Up A Copy Of Reclaim Your Longevity Today?

Before I answer that question I’d like to try putting something into


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I have called the plan in front of you right now “Reclaim Your Longevity”.

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Or “The Ultimate Guide To Reducing Your Risk Of Disease By An Astonishing 80 Percent And Living Another 20 Years”

Or “Eight Simple Steps To Implementing And Extending The Peak Performance Lifestyle”.

I have tried to give you an idea of the very REAL costs of taking for granted the most valuable asset that ANY one of us has to surrender: our health and well-being.

Whether that involves having to pony up $190,000 for an unexpected open heart bypass operation, or selling your business for pennies on the dollar because
you made the all-to-common mistake of building it around YOU while never really believing the day could come when an unanticipated medical emergency
takes you out of the game for good.

Like my friend Jake.

The goal of my Reclaim Your Longevity program is to ensure that NONE of this happens to you.

Now I have sold this program from the stage in the past to small initimate gatherings of people committed to the peak performance lifestyle for $497.

But because I have now moved the program online I can take advantage of certain economies of scale to significantly reduce your investment today.
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Because the truth is I still want as many people as possible to be able to experience the joys of peak performance living, and the benefits it confers.

Honestly I can imagine no more satisfying outcome than to be able to help everyone achieve their goals by waking up each day feeling as though
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But I know that only a special FEW will be able to do this and I believe you may be one of them. And this is why I am offering the valuable information
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