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Have you always wanted your own internet business that you could earn extra money from every month but don’t know where to start? Starting a web-based business can be a daunting task if you’re not an experienced web developer.  Good custom web design can cost thousands of dollars and adding articles or changing content can…

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Have you always wanted your own internet business that you could earn extra money from every month but don’t know where to start?

Starting a web-based business can be a daunting task if you’re not an experienced web developer.  Good custom web design can cost thousands of dollars and adding articles or changing content can be a technical nightmare!

Race4Treasure offers an easy solution to this by providing a wide selection of pre-made HTML, PHP and WordPress websites that are already filled with content and waiting to make money!

Our sites are designed for people with little or no web development skills.  They are turnkey, ready-to-go sites that are just waiting to be promoted.  Whether you’d prefer an ecommerce affiliate store, or an information-based niche website, we have many topics to choose from.  Our advice would be to choose a site on a subject that interests you or that you are passionate about!

Are you looking for premade turnkey websites that you can buy today and use for your online business? How about purchasing a huge collection of hand-made high quality niche sites and then retail it for steady passive income?

Whether you are into the business of buying and reselling websites or setting up an empire of cash generating niche affiliate sites, you just discovered the source and provider of modern turnkey sites.

Read on and you’ll discover a not so well-known niche but highly profitable business that even big dogs in the internet marketing field aren’t yet promoting wildly… and that means a ton of business opportunities for you.

What are These Websites?

The term “turnkey” means “ready for immediate use” so in a nutshell these products are ready made, done-for-you, ready to use websites complete with articles, relevant images, and graphics. In addition, these sites come with premium themes and plugins so your site is not that cheap looking.

What you need here is a domain name of your choice and a reliable web host.

Now, all you have to do is upload on your web host and install on your own domain which normally takes less than 15 minutes depending on your internet speed.

Why Should You Buy Turnkey Websites?

In the high risk internet marketing industry, niche sites and affiliate websites is the safest long term investment you will find. It is a old proven method that requires minimal maintenance and a very slim marketing budget. The long term rewards of nice and steady passive income is what makes our clients buy these niche sites again and again.

We at Race4Treasure have 20+ years experience from all aspects of niche and affiliate marketing. We put all of that experience into every niche website we create before it is passed on to you.

Building A Website vs Buying A Website

A lot more goes behind building a successful niche site than what other “gurus” selling costly courses like to admit. From choosing a niche to website design, every part plays an important role and can make or break the website.

But, as a beginner, all of that can be overwhelming and you’ll often find yourself debating on the popular question – to buy a ready-made niche website or start from scratch.

Well, they both have pros and cons so let’s compare the differences to give you a clearer idea:

Building A Website from Scratch

Considering you’re a complete beginner, you’ll need to learn a few things before starting a website, and here’s how much time and money you’ll require for the same:

  • Deciding on a profitable niche (can take at least a week of intense research)
  • Keyword research and competitor analysis (more than a week and you’ll most likely need to purchase a premium SEO tool. Investment = $100)
  • Domain and Hosting purchase (Investment = $200)
  • Website designing (It requires you to learn WordPress and the basics of designing. Purchasing a premium theme and a page builder. Investment = $200)
  • Content writing (Let’s assume you’ll outsource it to an experienced writer. Investment = $3 per 100 words)
  • Waiting for Google to index the website and rank for keywords (Time = 4 to 6 weeks)

The advantage here is that you’ll get to learn the process of building the website and can control everything. However, you also risk losing more time and getting stuck at a step or eventually dropping the project because you couldn’t get it to work.

Buying A Turnkey Website

Moving to the second option, you’ll be saving at least 8 weeks of your time right off the bat. The website will most likely be indexed on Google and getting traffic. Not only that, it’ll have quality content and a beautiful design.

A turnkey website essentially lays down the foundation for you to build upon and grow further.

This way, you can focus your valuable time and money on growing the website, improving it, getting links and traffic, and monetize it.

Not to mention, you’ll also be saving a ton of money as the website will include the cost of the domain, content, and premium theme and plugins.

Another important factor is proven techniques. We’ve been building websites for a long time and have outsmarted several Google algorithms. This has allowed us to prepare a list of foolproof proven techniques that each website has to follow.

Top Features

Here are some of the amazing features you get to enjoy when buying a turnkey readymade niche website from Race4Treasure.

Quality Websites

Unlike our competitors, we don’t cut corners when it comes to building a quality website.

Each and every one of our sites has to follow the strict guidelines that we’ve prepared and only after it’s built according to these standards, does it go for sale.

Top-Notch Content

Content is King and we treat it so.  All of the content development is handled by our in-house trained professionals who do intensive research and strives to prepare articles that solve reader’s query.

How our turnkey websites for sale are made

Buying a turnkey website can potentially save you from a lot of work and waiting time. These turnkey websites are build from scratch by experienced digital marketing specialists and affiliate marketers that have several years experience from making a living from affiliate marketing and content marketing.

The articles are all written based on manually research keywords with low to medium KD (keyword difficulty) and good search volume. We have then SEO optimized all article pages for maximum effect.

The keywords used are a mix of buying intent and informative keywords. The Informative keyword articles will be support pages for the buying intent articles.

When you browse through our turnkey websites for sale, you can keep in mind that these are one of the safest investments you can make online. These niches are evergreen, they are built based on quality work, and they are turnkey sites that can just sit around and age and rank in your website portfolio.

Get your turnkey website today!


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