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…Even If You Have Never Designed A Header Before And Have No Graphics Skills Whatsoever! Thursday, 6PM From: Leva Duell Re: Header Templates Dear Internet Entrepreneur: Let me ask you: Are you tired of paying a designer $50 to $100 for just ONE graphic? Are you frustrated with not getting all the sales you want…

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…Even If You Have

Never Designed A Header Before And Have No Graphics Skills


Thursday, 6PM

From: Leva Duell

Re: Header



Internet Entrepreneur:

Let me

ask you:

  • Are you tired

    of paying a designer $50 to $100 for just ONE graphic?

  • Are you

    frustrated with not getting all the sales you want from your web


  • Do you want

    to stop wasting your time trying to create compelling

    header/banner graphics yourself that only get disappointing


Well, let’s be

frank – you don’t need a PhD to design web images but you do need

graphic design skills. Up to now, without these skills, you would

spend a lot of time playing around with images. And chances are you

would get frustrated because you’re not getting the kind of look you

want for your web headers and other web images.

What’s a header

image? A header is a graphic at the very top of a web page. Some

people call it a banner, masthead, heading, headline, title, etc. It

can include a headline, web address, logo, background images and

other images. (See the image at the top of this page.)

Why is a header

image important?

The very first thing your web visitors see is your

header image.


your first chance to make a good impression.

A good header image

can turn a mediocre site

into a stunning one


Headers can

help you make the sale … or lose it!

Here are

more reasons why headers are important:

  • Headers can

    increase your sales conversion ratio by 300%.

  • A

    high-quality header image can give you a winning edge over your


  • They catch

    the visitors’ attention.

  • They make you

    look more professional.

  • They give

    impact too and dramatically change the look of your web site.

  • A

    professional-looking header will give you instant credibility. In

    turn, because your visitors trust you more, you will see an

    increase in your sales.

  • They give

    your site a unique look.

  • They provide


That’s why designers can charge $50 to

$100 or more for just one header image. And you

know what? Many graphics artists use templates just like these. Then

they add your words and sometimes your image, and charge you $99.00

or more to do this.

But not everyone

can afford to pay a professional designer – especially people who

are just getting started with online sales. And if you have several

web sites, the cost of paying for multiple images can quickly add


But now, with these header templates, you can easily design your own headers.

Look at What Satisfied Customers Are



Leva, I just had to write and tell you that I love the

header graphics! What a time saver they

are! All I have to do is type the text and save. You

have made a tedious task very easy for

me. I also love

all the extras you’ve included, especially the order

buttons and backgrounds. I will definitely

recommend your site to my friends.”


Miller, Fort Pierce, FL


“Dear Wonderful Leva, I don’t even know how to

start thanking you… WOW! I LOVE THE PRODUCTS! Just one of the flash

sites was worth at least $5,000. I can not believe just

how much value I got for my dollar. It made my little

old site look sooooo professional. I’m so very

impressed. I used them at: ganobrandcoffee.com/; marketing/ And many more to come! You

can bet on that! I have been on the web for many years,

and I must say… 

QualityHeaderTemplates.com is the very best value

you will ever find on the web! Already I’m finding

more people are joining my affiliate program, simply because your headers gave us a more

professional look. And they are placing

more orders too! 🙂 Please keep me on your

mailing list. I can’t wait for more offers!”

Robert Russell – Las Vegas, NV – ganobrandcoffee.com/

“Because my business consists of numerous web

sites and relies completely on internet marketing, I

really understand the importance of

well-designed graphics and web templates. I’ve

seen a lot of people selling graphic services, but very

few… if any… have impressed me or been able to “walk

their talk” when it comes to creating artwork that actually

helps a web site sell. You always deliver a very high

quality product!“

Mike Matthews –

KamiCarlsbad, CA



Your Header Templates Here

So, what are your options to get a

quality header?

Should you

design your own header? You can design your own header if you have

experience in creating effective web graphics. But what if you don’t

have that kind of experience?

Here’s my own

experience with designing web headers:

After creating flyers and newsletters for people for

years in my secretarial business, I became a web designer. I

knew how to make a web site easy to read but had a lot of

trouble designing a good looking header. It would take hours

to create a header and I didn’t like the way the header

looked. And worse, my clients weren’t impressed either.

To keep my

clients happy, I had to pay a designer to create web headers but

there were several problems with this.

  1. Paying a

    designer for each header cut into my profits.

  2. It took

    several days to a week before I got the header from my designer

    and before I could start working on the web site. (I like to see

    the colors of the images before choosing colors for the web


  3. I often

    wanted to change the font and text size. And my designer was often

    reluctant to make the changes which caused conflicts and more


I needed an

easier, faster solution. I wanted to be able to add and change text,

change fonts, and change text colors and sizes in a


That’s why I had

this header template package designed. I love using these templates.

Now I can make any changes I want, I don’t have to wait for my

designer to finish a header, and I don’t have to keep paying a

designer over and over again for each header I need.

Now there is an easier solution to creating quality headers! You can

use these same header templates I’m using and create

attention-getting headers the easy way!

Header Templates Let You Create

Professional-Quality Headers Fast!

Are You Tired of Paying a Graphic


Now you can

create YOUR OWN professional-looking headers easily in about 10 minutes! And anybody who can type can do it.

Here are some benefits:

  • Save a

    fortune on designer fees.

  • You will

    never have to pay $50.00 to $100 for one graphic ever


  • You won’t

    have to wait 3 days or more for the designer to finish your


  • You won’t

    have to send 10-20 emails back and forth before your header looks

    the way you want it to look.

  • You can even

    start your own header design business and have customers pay you

    $50 to $100 to create headers for them.

“Just wanted to say ‘thank you’ … Having recently used your product, I am amazed at how professional my banners look allready. The web is my shop window so it’s critical I get it right – and with your quality product it’s guaranteed.”

Carol Blanc, France


🙂 I just want to say I love your programme…. it is

just what I needed. I have looked everywhere for this

kind of stuff, and it must have been a case of “not

seeing the forest, for the trees!” I have now made 3, 4

or 5 backgrounds – simple but cute and a header or

two…..so, from the prices I was asked to pay by other

companies for less – it is true to say, your programme had

earned itself in – in less than 24 hours. I enjoy

using it and it is so easy. I have now added a

background to a site and it feels so good to be able to

do it so fast

and so easy, and from now on …. free of charge. Great stuff..!! Well done.” Don Myatt –


“Leva, Thank you very much for the templates,

headers, clip art, buttons and more. Where else on the

net could you get all of this information for under $60

plus videos and tutorials show you how to use them? I

can’t say enough how this has made my life a lot easier

in building a web site. Thanks again.”

A K – http://www.ph-health.net/

Now You Can Become an Instant Web Header


Even if You Don’t Know What a Pixel or Bitmap



make it easy with….

188 Professional-Quality Header Graphics … for Less Than the Cost of 1 Professionally-Designed



you read that right, 188 headers for less than you would pay a

designer to create just 1 header.

About the header images:

  • Professionally designed, appealing, and effective.
  • Fully

    customizable. You can change these graphics any way you want

    to. Just add your own text, add your own images, or even

    delete some of the graphics.

  • You don’t

    have to learn specialized header generator software (that you can

    only use to design headers and is useless to design other web


  • Easy

    to use. Quickly and easily create beautiful, professional

    headers in just minutes.

  • All templates

    are effectively designed to upload quickly.

Header Templates In JPG


It’s easy to work with JPG images! Just

open the JPG files in any graphic program of your choice, add your

text and save the image. You can even add some of your own images

if you want to.

Customizable Header Templates In

Photoshop Format (PSD)

PSD files give you

even more flexibility to change and customize. You can

easily change these PSD headers with an image editing program such

as Photoshop (Photoshop 6 and above), Fireworks, Paint Shop Pro,

or Gimp (Free). Open a PSD file and add your headline and

even an image if you wish.


you don’t have any of these programs, you can get Photoshop for a

30-day free trial. I’m also giving you some resources for free graphics

programs that you can use to design headers,

order buttons, backgrounds, and your other graphic design



the short, to-the-point videos will show you exactly how to create

headers, buttons and background images. They show you how to add

text, images and special effects quickly and


Let Me Show You How Simple and Quick It Really

is to Create Headers with These Templates

Take a look at

the sample header below. It only took me 5 minutes to create these

sample banners.

Before and After


Step 1: Open one of the header


Before: This is a sample header template without

any text.

header template

Step 2: Add your


After: This is how your header will look with

your text.

You can format the text any way you want


web header template

Here are some more before and after


(actual headers are larger)





Now you have the

opportunity to get your hands on…

188 Totally

Customizable Professional Header Graphics

Click on the links below

to see the header images.

These header graphics come in .PSD format and every

aspect is easily editable with a graphics program such as Photoshop

or Fireworks or Gimp (free graphics program).

Modify any way you want. You can even start your own

graphic design business and get paid to create headers for other


But this is only

the start. I also throw in some useful BONUSES!


The Professional Header Templates Package Today and

receive 9 Powerful Bonuses

Bonus #1:

14 Video Tutorials

Short and to the point… these video tutorials

are a ‘must have.’ You’ll save time and money creating

your own custom graphics.

  • Video Tutorial on Making and Editing


  • Video Tutorial on Creating Interesting

    Background Images.

  • Video Tutorial on Making Order Buttons and

    Subscribe Buttons.

web graphics tutorials

The Master Web Graphics Tutorial Set with 11

videos, including how to:

  • Download a free graphics program.
  • Work with different graphic formats.
  • Crop graphics.
  • Resize graphics.
  • Change the color depths of graphics.
  • Apply effects to graphics.
  • Take and work with screen shots.
  • Add text to your graphics.
  • Automate time-consuming graphics tasks.
  • Apply quick color changes to graphics.

Bonus #2:

106 Order Buttons

You’ll get

a series of 85 order/subscription buttons similar to the order

button at the bottom of this page that will increase your

sales and subscriptions:

19 PSD

“Order Now” buttons, 16 PSD “Download Now” buttons, 18 PSD

“Subscribe Now” buttons, 16 “Enroll Now” buttons, 16 “blank”

PSD buttons (these have “Your Message Here” on them as place

markers), 21 “blank” JPG buttons (without text).

Order Button Before


order buttons


Button After Sample

Subscribe Button Before


order button templates

Subscribe Button After


Click here to see more sample order/subscribe


Bonus #3:

34 Background Images

See the image around this web page? You’ll get 17 PSD

background images + 17 JPG backgrounds without text that you

can easily customize.

background templates

Background Before Sample

background images

Background After Sample

Click here to see more sample

background images.




Where to find images and photos for your headers.

Provides a wealth of resources, including: graphics,

clipart and photo resources, tons of FREE graphic resources,

fonts, graphic design and web design




FREE Graphic Software Program


A free graphic software program that has all the

features you need to create and change header images. This

graphic program does photo retouching, image composition and

image authoring. It is a free alternative to Photoshop. Plus

additional resources for FREE graphic software




300+ Award Winning, High Quality Web


Now I

know that I’ve really gone mad! But as a marketing

test, I’m also offering a chance to get some of

the hottest web templates that are absolutely

stunning to the FIRST 50 PEOPLE WHO

ORDER ONLY. They are valued at $99.00

and are yours FREE! These are the “Best of

the Best” and they are yours to keep FOR FREE!

Bonus #8:




advertising banner templates come in all sizes, from 468 x 60

to skyscraper banners 120 x 60, and everything in




How to Boost eBook Sales With Quality 3D


by Leva

Duell & Peter Libby

If you’re selling an ebook or

information product, having a quality representation of

your product is an absolute must!

The tips provided in this ebook

apply to header graphics as well. Includes: How to

support your sales message with images, create effective

images, choose/find images and clipart, choose stock

photography, choose colors, select fonts, and much


Here’s a quick overview

of what you will receive

when you order the Header Kit today:

  • 188 headers (PSD and JPG)
  • 34 background images (17 PSD and 17 JPG images

    without text)

  • 19 PSD + 19 JPG “Order Now” buttons
  • 18 PSD + 18 JPG “Subscribe Now” buttons
  • 16 PSD + 16 JPG “Download Now” buttons
  • 16 PSD + 16 JPG “Enroll Now” buttons
  • 16 PSD “Put Your Message Here” buttons
  • 21 “blank” JPG buttons (without text)

header templates

That’s a total of 397 images!

+ 14 video tutorials

+ 9


Okay Leva, you’ve sold me! What is

the price for

these templates?

I want them! I need them!

I have put a lot

of thought into this. You see, marketers told me I need to sell this

for at least $97.00 or more. You would spend $99.00 or more for just

one header image that you can’t even edit because they are locked by

the artist. These are all editable in any paint program that can

open .psd files.

But I

believe in giving you more value for less money! That is why I am

giving these templates away for only $57.77.


getting 397 images that are worth over $1000.00 all for less than

you would pay a designer to design one single custom image. This is a fantastic money-saving graphics package that will

instantly spruce up your web sites and have them looking like you

paid 10 times that much.

You Can’t Lose

With My 100%, Ironclad, Money-Back Guarantee!

Unconditional 100% Risk-Free


Because I’m so confident you’re going to love

this Professional Header Templates Package, here’s my Iron-clad, better than

risk-free, money-back guarantee:

I personally guarantee that if you

make an honest effort to try one of our proven header

images in your web site, you’ll get a 245% sales

increase within the next 60 days! That’s right, sales

that would have never seen the light of day without the

use of my proven, effective and hard-hitting header

images! You’ve got 2 full months to prove to yourself

these images really do work.

But, in

the unlikely event that you aren’t 100% satisfied,

simply contact me anytime within 60 days and I’ll refund your



Today and Get the Professional Header Template Package


All the Bonuses NOW!

You can totally “make over” your web site


these high-quality images in less than 1 hour!


Easy Ways to Get Immediate Access/Instant


Instantly download the Header Templates Package, with

headers, background images, order buttons and all the bonuses right


As soon as you place your order, you will be directed

to our secret download area where you will be able to download the

images and can start using them NOW!


Click on the order button below to order with a credit


order button templates

2. Or Click on the PayPal button below

to pay through PayPal.

To Your Online


Leva Duell

PS 1. It has never

been easier for you to create your own professional header graphics

in record time.

PS 2. I give you quality. Some

web sites provide hundreds of templates that are low quality and are

useless. I carefully selected these templates. You don’t have to

wade through tons of useless stuff.


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