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February 27, 2022 - Comment

RecommendationsThis Month Dear Internet Traveler, I would like to thank you for stopping by and spending some time on my website.  My name is Wayne Strnad. This website was a result of several years of helping people empower themselves to take action and get things done for their community.  In fact, if you want to…

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This Month

Dear Internet Traveler,

I would like to thank you for stopping by and spending some time on my website.  My name is Wayne Strnad.

This website was a result of several years of helping people empower themselves to take action and get things done for their community. 

In fact, if you want to learn how to get things for your own community, I have a free guide that you can download and employ for your own use within your community.

Now you can learn how to get money

for your community.

The Marmora Project

Are you in the same position as millions of others who simply pay taxes yet feel that you don’t get the services you should?

Is your neighborhood getting its fair share of tax dollars returned to your community in the form of capital improvements?

The fact is there are literally millions of neighborhoods across the nation that are falling apart. Sidewalks need replacement, light poles are 50+ years old and need repair, curbs that were once nice looking are now showing the signs of age, etc.

This guide shows the exact methods I used to get about $125,000.00 in repairs that included new sidewalks, curbs and gutter, catch basins, a new asphalt street and electrical lights.

You can read the particulars by clicking on the image to the left.

Just a little history for your enjoyment….

Introductory Algebra

     I am an author, publisher, researcher, consultant, programmer and retired teacher. 

Now you may think that I changed direction in my life several times because of all the hats I wore but in fact, as a teacher I authored a couple of books that were published by various well respected publishing companies.  These were your traditional paper books that were paper bound.  

     Also as a teacher, I taught mathematics and computer programming during a period when desktop computers were first coming to the market place.  I also designed and implemented the first Learner Center which serviced high school and adult students – mainly single moms who had to drop out of school to raise a child.

     When I retired from teaching I became involved in research and provided a consulting service for businesses.  I wrote the software that was the first on-line newspaper that had a dial-up connection;  its copyright is still valid to this day and can be searched on the US Copyright Office in Washington DC.  The software eventually lead to a full-fledge newspaper that serviced the community.

     If that tickled your fancy, then you might be encouraged to know that I ran for political office – 5 times total.  Never won but I did learn about the ins and outs of the political process and how corrupt the entire thing is – and that’s fact, not fiction. 

     In case you are interested you can see that I have a political committee and you can view the data by visiting the State Board of Elections in Illinois.  Please do a Committee Search, Committee Name Contains, and type in Strnad.  If you need voting information from the past, then you can download it by visiting the Voting Information Category.

If you’re interested in running for political office then you should consider purchasing this document that addresses getting on the ballot.

     I tell you this because I want you to understand that what you will read throughout this site is real and true.  Many politicians do not like what I do because they all want things to remain with the “status quo” which essentially boils down to making everything look beautiful, in our highly imperfect world, and make deals behind closed doors for financial gains – usually not in your interest but theirs.

     I’ve seen many a crook get elected and sometimes, even get caught, charged, and sentenced.  Some of what you can read about and even purchase deals with some political figures.  Recently one of them was indicted and confessed his guilt, in exchange for a lesser sentence.  His name is Isaac “Ike” Carothers.  Here is a glimpse into his persona.

     As you can easily see from what little appears in this brief introduction, I’ve been around the block a few times, to say the least.  Although many might think of this work as a lot, I look at it as a lot more to accomplish in my remaining years.

What You’ll Find On This Site

     This site is unlike any other you have ever seen.  I call this the Strnad Exchange because it is more than a site for business.

     I believe that it is good business when a business gets involved with the community through a wide variety of activities.  I attain that goal by harnessing social awareness, responsibility and perhaps, some enlightenment as to what really goes on within local, state and federal government.  You should not be alarmed by that statement.  In fact, you should embrace it and get involved in issues that affect you or your community!

     If you are a small business owner then you must realize that the big guys get involved every day!  They set up PACs and arrange for money to be transferred at will to congressmen and senators so that a vote goes their way.  There are numerous cases that show this to be true.  You too must be involved in any way you think possible that will benefit not only your business but the community in which your business services people.  You must make your voice heard!

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We Research and Publish Information

     My domain,, was specifically chosen to represent the fact that much of what you’ll find there is information.

     In the past I have analyzed elections, looked at voter records, looked at petitions that were submitted by candidates, and even challenged a couple of candidates because their petitions were not in proper order according to law.  I have also helped many get on the ballot.

     Challenging a candidate was to no avail, however, because the Chicago Board of Elections is just as corrupt as the Cook County Judicial Process.  Fact is, many of those who work for the Board of Elections are themselves connected to some political figure. 

     The Cook County State’s Attorney Office turns their eyes away from voting irregularities, does not investigate anything pertaining to voter fraud, and is essentially in bed with the Mayor of Chicago and all the other cronies that set direction for the City of Chicago.  Yes, you can read and even purchase some of the documents that show beyond a reasonable doubt, how corrupt this entire system is here in Chicago and Cook County.

     Do we only investigate things that happen in Chicago and Cook County?  No, in fact if you read further you’ll discover something about the scope of our research and how Wayne Strnad Exchange for business and community works to help others and, at the same time, exposes the roadblocks, which are usually aldermen and others associated with the administration.  However, we do not limit our research and do address issues that affect all of us here in the United States of America. 

     For instance, you can look at some of the videos that expose the FDA – an organization that really needs to be investigated for its links to the AMA, big pharma and Monsanto for their total disregard for human health in this country by not even considering alternative cures to cancer.  Visit this video link index to see some of the exposures.

     Recently, meaning over the last couple of years, we have explored information regarding people’s health.  Some of our findings appear right here within the Exchange and others are on our main website.  Feel free to look over the information.  It’s there so that people can educate themselves.

We Fight for the Children

     The children are the future of this country.  Anyone, of any age for that matter, should have equal opportunities and by that I mean, not only on paper as found in some Act of Congress, but in reality found in each and every street, borough, or neighborhood.  Here are two simple examples that illustrate what I mean.

Disparity Exposed….

Oriole Park

This park is located on the far North Side of Chicago. It is well maintained, has a great baseball field, and a fantastic field house.

Hanson Park

The park you see to the right was under construction for several years. The City of Chicago, with its usual misinformation office telling different stories, first saying it belonged to the Chicago Park District and then later changing its story saying it belonged to the Chicago Board of Education.

Funny how that worked because on the other side of the park, past the Field House found in any of the Chicago Park District’s property, they built a school to handle the overflow of children at “Hanson Park Elementary School.” You can see some of photos by visiting the Chicago Park District Disparity.

As of October 2010, the fences have finally come down (at least the chain link one) and another wrought iron fence has replaced it; many of the wrought iron fences that appear on “public property” were done by one company who, by reasonable estimates, has overcharged the taxpayers between $20 – $30 million but that’s OK (tong in cheek). Why? They were Daley’s buddies. Do you think the Inspector General for the City of Chicago (a former FBI agent) is going to do anything about it? The latest word is he’s thinking of running for public office himself. Guess who needs an endorsement and some “foot solders” come election time?

    It Gets Better

Volleyball Protest

     A successful businessman moved his business from Buffalo Grove, Illinois.  He purchased a rather large building and wanted to do something to help out the children.  He converted part of the building into a multi-sport environment so that the children could play volleyball, basketball and soccer.  The local alderman, who’s name shall be withheld because Alderman Suarez wouldn’t like to see his name appear on this website, was against it.  Here is a link to some

other photos of what was done by the community.

Wayne Strnad exhibits sign on behalf of children Wayne Strnad participated in the protest held outside of Suarez’s Office and then set up another informational picket at his usual spot located near the Brickyard, here in Chicago.

     You, as a business minded person, must also realize that people have rights – specifically, Free Speech rights that are guaranteed by the Constitution. 

     It is because of these rights that you can set up your own positive picket.  This is a new trend, actually something that has been done years past, that is making its debut again. 

Two Companies that Practice Free Speech….

Companies like Jiffy Lub are sending out their employees to stand on the public way and hold a sign about oil changes.

Buy Your Gold is another example.

Focus on Health Issues – Women’s Health, Vaccines, Cervical Cancer, Cancer

Photo of Harris Coulter     A couple of years ago, my research took me down that medical path to wellness.  Some of my concentration dealt with vaccines

     I was not aware of it but our children, in many states of the United States, are required to have up to 26 vaccines by the time they finish grade school. 

     Amazing because while I grew up I had a total of 1 vaccine and have lived a productive life all the way through my existence.  I outright refuse to have anything injected into my body whether done by a MD, PhD or whatever.  It should be noted that if you visit your local pharmacy that distributes the flu shot, there are no ingredients posted anywhere on the literature or anywhere else.

     I later discovered that many of these companies that are the producers of vaccines lobby the state representatives, offering them money for their campaigns (bribery), all in the name of protecting the children.  Nonsense, I say.  They are not really concerned about our children at all but the bottom line of their profit sheet.  What better way is there to guarantee a profit every year, then to force people to do something, like take their potients or concoctions? 

     I ask that you at least click on that link above and view some of the information.  You might also like to look at the information found in fluoride and mercury and discover that these shots may contain mercury – a toxin to humans.

     Since 2007, there have been numerous cases cited regarding a drug called Gardasil, produced by Merck.  It was, in theory, a prevention for cervical cancer and, in fact, touted as a vaccine. 

     Merck has lobbied very hard to get it passed through many state legislatures as a requirement for 9 year old female children to get before they attend school. 

     Mind you, we are talking about children here who are not sexually active and therefore not able to get any such cancer that Gardasil would allegedly be used to address. 

You can find further information about this by reading – beware of Gardasil.

Beware of the Fluoride Myth

     The claim is that fluoride is good for you.  After all, our government allows it to be placed in our water and dentists even claim it’s good for your teeth.

     Fluoride is a toxin to humans and a chemical bi-product.  You might like to visit this website to see the truth.
One of the first groups of scientist to work on controlling people were commissioned by a dictator to come up with a substance that could easily be distributed without the people thinking it was bad for them. To find out who and what visit Fluoride – A Toxic Waste.

Focus on High Unemployment and the Bailout

Wayne Strnad fights for American Worker      In response to the high unemployment that’s affecting many families in the United States, I set up a twitter account that strictly deals with unemployment issues.  The purpose is to gather information from around the world regarding unemployment.  You can find out the latest information on unemployment by clicking on the little bird located in the left column of this web page, or, you can visit my Twitter Account here.  You can read the information even if you do not have a twitter account.  You will be asked, near the top of the page, if you want to create your own account.  It costs nothing to create an account on twitter.

     Regarding the BailoutHere is the list of failed banks provided by the FDIC.  Sorry, but history has dictated that banks are not your friends.  Miss a payment, get a large late fee on the next statement.  Miss a couple then your problems are going to get worse.  Banks would foreclose on you in a heartbeat.  Why should the taxpayers give them a break?  I don’t believe that the entire monetary system would collapse because a few of the big banks went belly-up.  There would be little banks that could fill the void both in service and backing.  Isn’t this what capitalism is all about?  Here is a link that shows some of the insight about the bailout bull, as I call it.

Update:  Chase Bank, one of the largest in this country, recently lost $4 billion dollars (reported in Time Magazine, June 4, 2012 edition).

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Now you have a bit of flavor as to what this website is about.  We are involved in both the business end of things as well as community participation.

Let us state that whenever you purchase anything from this site you help Wayne to help others so that everyone can enjoy that small bit of the “American Pie.”

*** Special Products ***

 Item #1

Desktop Utility


As time goes on I’m sure that you will have the same problem that many people have with their desktop.  It get cluttered with many icons that lead to a program on your system.  Technically, it’s an executable file (file that ends in .exe) or some link to some installation program or website.

Comman Conrol is a database software package that can help you clear your desktop of icons while at the same time preserve the links to your executable files, installation program and/or website.

Not only that, you can categorize all your desktop items and run queries to find the one you want.

You’ll be able to run the software from within command control and visit a website, if you so desire. 

To discover how to remove the clutter and yet preserve your links, click on the picture above.



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Have you often searched for the reason your web page is not rendering properly? Depending on the size of the source code, this could take hours or even days trying to figure out why the web page does not look right.

Well, now there is a utility that analyzes your source code and looks for missing tags and then gives you the results in a matter of seconds. 

To find our more simply click on the picture above.

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So, I invite you to explore some of the items you’ll find in this website if for no other reason than to give you an insight as to what is really going on in your community and our country.


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