BUT, When They Saw The Results

They Understood How They Could:

    • Train their horses with ease
    • Stop bad habits
    • Work safely with their horses
    • Avoid fear and embarrassment around others

Time-Proven By Tens Of Thousands:

The Most Successful Horse Training Course In History

If you want to know the most effective horse training techniques so your horse stops its bad habits…and…is much safer for you to ride…then this message is just for you.

You see, you can quickly and easily do your own horse training and stop your horse, shying, kicking, running away, biting, halter pulling, rearing, or make your horse easy to shoe and more. Much more.

Because here on this web page you’ll discover proven horse training techniques long forgotten by many of the modern so–called horse training ’experts’ around.

These modern day horse trainers want you to spend hundreds of your precious dollars on training your horse. They want you to fall for their slippery words. They insist on telling you it’s a job for a ‘horse training expert’.

Perhaps you’ve even started to contact a few horse trainers to get quotes. And realized it’s going to cost you a small fortune to train your horse properly…and eliminate your horse’s bad habits.

Well guess what?

You don’t need to send your horse to an expensive horse training expert. You don’t need to pay for horse training, stabling, food, travel and any vet’s fees while your horse is there.

Its absolute hogwash you’ve being told.

Over 300,000 horse owners have used these horse training techniques to successfully train a horse. That’s how effective these horse training skills are. And the best bit is you can use these horse training skills to train your own horse yourself.

The truth of the matter is you can quickly and easily eliminate your horse’s bad habits yourself. You don’t need to spend hundreds (perhaps thousands) of dollars on horse training to have a perfectly trained horse.

You see it doesn’t matter…

1If you’ve never done any horse training before. (First time horse owners and inexperienced horse owners have used these techniques in training horses.)

2. How much time you can devote to horse training. (You’ll be amazed at how quickly your horse adopts his new habits…once you start using these horse training techniques.)

3. How badly behaved your horse is right now. (You can eliminate your horse’s bad habits once you start using these horse training secrets…even if your horse is wildly uncontrollable.)

4. How old your horse is. It’s never to late to re-educate your horse and re-train him so he’s perfectly trained.

You don’t need any special horse training premises. You don’t need any special horse training equipment. And you don’t need any special horse training skills. In fact, anyone can train a horse once they know these horse training techniques.

Here’s what it’s all about:

Prof. Jesse Beery knew the secrets of horse training and natural horsemanship. Right from an early age he discovered some horse traing secrets.

The Horse Isn’t Dead!!

This horse had been trained (that same day) to lie on its side. Prof. Jesse Beery would lay a horse down like this and usually have one of his accomplices walk around the horse beating on a pan or something to show that the horse wouldn’t move or react to loud noise after being trained using his Course in Horsemanship.

His parents owned a farm and one day when Beery was out riding his horse he dismounted to open a gate and forgot to tie up his horse.

Big mistake, his horse seized the opportunity and bolted back to the farmyard. It was a long, tiring walk home under the hot sun for the young, furious Jesse Beery.

And when he arrived home on foot the rest of his family laughed at his misfortune. There and then he vowed to fully train his horse so nothing so humiliating would happen to him ever again.

In the proceeding days and weeks Beery worked and trained his horse. And he discovered a startling horse training fact; If he could understand the horse’s mind he could train the horse. Any horse.

As the months went by, horses were sent to him from neighboring farms to be trained as Beery was regarded as a horse training expert. And then even the most valuable horses from neighboring counties arrived, until Beery couldn’t handle any more horses. So he started traveling and teaching these horse training secrets.

And here’s the thing. He would stop in the middle of one of his horse training demonstrations and explain the condition of the horse’s mind and the details of his methods. So onlookers could go home and use these horse training secrets to train their own horses.

In all of Prof. Beery’s travels he always succeeded in showing that…

…His Horse Training Methods Were The Result Of A Scientific System And NOT Personal Magnetism

And that horse training could be done by anyone – once the trainer knew how to read the horse’s mind.

For instance, consider the time in Fort Wayne, Indiana where he gave two highly bred colts the Confidence Lesson. In under two hours both colts were taken through drills entirely new to them in front of Beery’s students without making a single error or showing any attention to any other person (or even the other horse).

Or the particularly vicious horse he subdued in Tiffin, Ohio. Known as “Stone Horse” the owners had given up on trying to ‘break him in’ as he destroyed anything he was hitched to. That was until Prof Beery made him so tame and submissive he could…

…Fire Three Shots From a Revolver…

…Beside “Stone Horse”…without the horse moving a muscle!!

Then there was the occasion Beery trained an eight year old vicious kicking stallion in New York.

Many attempts had been made to reform this horse. All the horse training attempts failed. Anytime anyone approached this horse from behind – the stallion lashed out. The horse couldn’t win his battle with Beery. And by the time Beery had used his horse training secrets with him the horse was as mild as a child.

On another occasion an eighteen year old mare with severe shoeing problems was brought to Beery. This mare had hardly been shoed in her life because she lashed out at the sight of a blacksmith. In front of 75 of his pupils Beery trained her and afterwards she stood perfectly submissively with the blacksmith shoeing ALL four feet.

Sounds almost unbelievable doesn’t it?

“…Stopped a Horse Being Terrified of Cars…”

“I doubted if Prof Beery’s horse training methods would work. Not any more. I have just finished handling a mare that was terrified of cars. Now she is absolutely fearless of them.” T. Small., Australia

“…Stopped Running Away…”

“My three year old horse used to make a break and run away. I could not hold him with a rope tied to the jaw. The Beery horse training system changed all that. It has been several months since I handled him and he has never shown any inclination to run away.” AH Baird, Arkansas

“…Stopped Mare From Kicking…”

“I have overcome for all time my mare’s habit of kicking. She was one of the worst kickers I have ever seen. Formerly any sharp noise would start her to kicking. Today I can fire a gun with the barrel resting on her neck, half way between the ears and withers, and she will not kick. In fact she doesn’t make a move.” H.H. Herkens, Eastern Illinois

“…Now So Gentle My 8 Year-Old Son Handles Her…”

“Since completing Beery’s course in horse training I have trained a four year old that was so badly spoiled and had been given up by everybody. She was so vicious no one would enter her stall. Now she is so gentle my eight year old son handles her.” Dell Nicholson, Michigan

“…Easy To Shoe Now…”

“I had a horse bad to shoe. And a number of trainers had given up on her. But following your the Beery system of horse training made her docile to shoe.” Douglas Clark, Canada

But Beery knew what to do. And he demonstrated his horse training skills time and time again.

For instance, the case of the persistent shyers in Fort Wayne, Indiana? There, two valuable sorrels were considered unsafe and worthless by their owner because of their shying. But after Beery had recognized their character type and given them the appropriate horse training after ONE HOUR their shying was a thing of the past.

I could go on and on showing you successful horse training stories. Each time there being a happy ending. With the horse being ‘cured’ forever of his bad habits. And owners almost disbelieving it…if…they hadn’t seen the difference with their own eyes.

But it doesn’t end there.

You see, Prof Beery was so good at teaching other people to train horses that he opened his own horse training school in Pleasant Hills, Ohio – The Beery School of Horsemanship. And students flocked to him in their thousands, eager to learn his proven horse training techniques.

And now you can see them too. That’s because Prof Beery wrote his own horse training course – The Beery Course in Horsemanship.

And get this.

Over 300,000 horse owners bought his horse training course. And not just from the US. This course was mailed worldwide – UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa to name a few.

Who acquired it? Good question. Anyone who wants to discover how to do horse training. Or had a problem horse with bad horse habits on their hands.

And that’s how I first heard of Prof. Beery’s horse training course.

You see, my ten year old mare had always had a bad kicking problem. I only put up with her because she was so good otherwise.

It was just if you approached her the wrong way she’d lash out at you. It was OK if you knew this…but if you didn’t…you got a painful blow.

Things came to a head when the new farrier arrived and he had to fight with the horse that was out of control.  It wasn’t pretty.

That’s when I knew something had to be done. And quickly. By chance I came across the Prof Jesse Beery course.

But….could a hundred year old horse training program really work?  Could Beery’s horse training techniques really stop a kicker from kicking?

Well I got my hands on his program.

And applied what he said for kicking horses. The results were amazing. My horse – a ten year old who kicked ever since the day I owned her – was cured.  She never kicked again.  If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes I wouldn’t have believed it.

There’s no doubting.

You name a horse behavior problem and Beery could cure it. Here’s just a quick glimpse of what you’ll discover:

The one huge human advantage you hold over your horse…and how you can use this to maximum effect to teach and be the boss of your horse at all times.

A surefire method of ‘communicating’ with your horse to get it to follow your commands exactly. Use this method to ‘talk’ with your horse to get it to follow your commands. Simple horse training you can do.

How to read your horse’s ears to gauge his mood and…

…Second Guess His Intentions!

8These giveaway signs never lie and maintain your upper hand. Yet too few people learn to recognize these important signs…and that’s stopping you from understanding your horse’s state of mind.

8The secret you need to adopt so your horse never finishes a training session feeling confused.

8The one single thing you should never ever do with your horse because you instantly give your horse the upper hand. When this happens, your horse immediately loses confidence in your training.

8Exposed…the tricks, tips and insider techniques which are essential to successfully train your colt. Including the step-by-step lessons you need to follow to make sure your colt becomes totally trustworthy.

8How to recognize which of the four types your horse is. Use this guide and you’ll know at a glance what your horse’s natural character is inside-out. And crucially, how you should adjust your horse’s specific training according to its type.

8A ‘forgotten’ method you should use to get your horse accustomed to unexpected surprises so he doesn’t panic and throw you. This way he’ll remain calm so…

…You’ll Still Retain Perfect Control Over Him…

…Even under the most provocative circumstances.

8How to stop a nervous kicker. It doesn’t matter whether your horse is young or old you can eliminate his habit.

8How to accustom your horse to sudden loud noise. This makes him far safer for you to ride in town with all the noise from traffic and other people.

It’s astounding how quickly these horse training secrets quickly make a horse forget his bad habits.

You see once you know these horse training secrets you can discover…

8How to subdue and totally reform a confirmed kicker. This surefire method never fails…and…stops even the most vicious of kickers from lashing out and catching you unawares.

8Understand why your horse balks….and how to stop the habit as soon as it appears. And the step-by-step process you need to use in order to break a confirmed stubborn balker.

8 The correct use of your whip. Too many horse owners use their whip at the wrong time…and…it loses its impact. Now you’ll discover correct whip use to command instant attention from your horse.

8How to teach the commands “Steady”, “Whoa” and “Get Up” to your horse and get immediate obedience.

8 How to train persistent shyer and runners-away. You’ll be amazed at how soon you can stamp this habit out in your horse.

8One successful method of teaching a horse to hold back when going down hill. This also…

…Injects You With Supreme Confidence

…In your horse whenever you’re out riding in hilly terrain.

8How to train your horse for shoeing using a sneaky method involving your horse’s tail to stop its rear legs kicking when being shoed. And a simple way to make your horse submissive to having its front feet shoed.

8Revealed…The horse training secrets behind successful halter training…and…the only knot you should use (for your horse’s safety) during this process.

8 How to teach your horse to ‘reverse’ by standing in front of him.

8How to quickly and easily stop persistent tongue hollers and loggers.

And then there’s the tricks you’ll train your horse to do.

Imagine impressing your friends and family as you show them how clever and intelligent your horse is. And how you’ll be the one to get the plaudits. You’re going to love seeing your horse perform these tricks. They really are good to watch once you see them being performed by your horse.

What’s more you don’t even need any expensive horse training trick props. In fact, right now you’ve probably got everything you need in your stable to teach them. These tricks really are that simple. All you need are the secrets behind them.

You’ll be delighted once your horse demonstrates these tricks. Because all of a sudden…you’re going to start receiving a heap of compliments from your family and friends.

In fact here’s a taste of what you’ll discover:-

8The Number One rule you must always adhere to when teaching any horse a new trick. And the first thing you should do BEFORE attempting to teach a horse any trick.

8The type of horse that readily learns new tricks. You could waste hours of your time by trying to train the wrong type of horse.

8How using a dressmaker’s tool can teach your horse to say “YES” and “NO”.

8How to teach your horse to pretend he’s a vicious animal and chase after others…even if he is…

…Placid and Totally Trustworthy…

This is one of the most easiest, yet sensational tricks your horse can master. Perhaps you could even use it on someone you dislike…

7The secret method behind teaching your horse to walk on his hind legs. This never fails to impress onlookers.

7How to teach your horse to do many other impressive tricks!

Look, take a few moments now to look into the future. You understand all of Prof Beery’s horse training secrets. You set aside some time to stop your horse’s bad habits. At first your horse resists. It’s understandable. He doesn’t want to change. They’ve had these habits for years.

But you see him changing. Bit by bit he submits to your teachings. Until he’s perfectly obedient and submissive…within minutes. You can’t believe the difference. But the proof is right in front of your eyes.

And you’ve had the pride and satisfaction of training your horse yourself. Not to mention the small fortune you’ve saved.

However the change doesn’t stop there. A couple of weeks later you feel far safer when you’re out riding him. You trust him. He’s far more under your control. He’s quieter and obeys your commands INSTANTLY.

When you’re riding in traffic…noise…unexpected events don’t spook him. He takes it all in his stride. He’s easy and docile to shoe. Your farrier can’t believe the difference. And says he’s the best behaved horse he shoes.

Shying, kicking, running away are things of the past. All those infuriating bad habits have disappeared. The difference between your old horse and your new one is night and day. It’s as if you’ve got a new horse.

Look at it another way.

If your child had behavioral problems you’d seek out the best help wouldn’t you? You’d track down the very best help to solve the problem as quickly as possible. To eliminate or overcome those deficiencies using the most effective means available. You wouldn’t want those problems to hinder your child’s development into a well adjusted adult. And live, knowing you didn’t find the very best help available to rectify the problem.

Same with your horse. Right now at your fingertips you’ve got the proven techniques from probably the World’s most effective horse trainer. Why ignore his advice…when it’s been proven successful in thousands of similar situations to yours…time after time.

When Beery recorded his horse training secrets over 300,000 copies were first sold.horse trainingOf course over the years, many of these horse training secrets became lost. And those that did survive the passage of time only a few remained intact.

However don’t worry. You won’t have to suddenly make a beeline for any used book store (and pay over the odds for a copy). That’s because I acquired a rare copy and scanned it into my computer. And now you can access these proven horse training secrets within minutes.

You’ll find the Prof. Beery’s Illustrated Horse training Course in Horse Training easy to follow as it shows you exactly how to train your own horse. And gives you easy to follow diagrams to help you.

However that’s not all – you’ll also receive a copy of Prof. Beery’s other Course…

The Secrets of Riding Saddle Horse (Value $47)

Prof. Beery's horse training courseYou see, Prof Jesse Beery also wrote a course on the secrets of saddle horse riding.


  • The correct use of the reins…and the secret of getting the reins into position quickly. Adopt this routine and the action becomes automatic to you.
  • The one position you must master that most of your security and skill in the saddle comes from. Adopt this and you instantly assume the classical riding pose.
  • How to successfully vault onto your saddle from the ground. This trick leaves bystanders open mouthed.
  • The characteristics you should select in your ideal horse. These critical tell-tale signs indicate your horse’s powers of endurance, indicate his ability to maintain a balanced gait and cope with hard riding…without injury or mistakes.
  • And many more tips, techniques and insider secrets designed to make you a better rider.

Two FREE Bonuses

6You’ll also receive a FREE copy of The Arabian Art of Taming and Training Wild and Vicious Horses (Value $37). It’s the perfect companion for the two other horse training courses.

5And a free copy of the Horse Disease Resource (Value $37). In here you’ll find there is everything you need to know to treat your horse when he suffers from something. So you can keep the necessity for veterinary treatment to the minimum. It could save you hundreds of dollars in the process.

Stop The Press!

Here’s Another Special Horse Training Bonus:

4Special Bonus – CONFESSIONS OF A HORSE DEALER (value $47)

You’ll also receive a rare copy of Confessions of a Horse Dealer. This rare book (on sale for $297 in one book store specializing in old and rare books) details all the devious tricks horse dealers used to exploit (con) unsuspecting horse buyers.

Dealers back in the last century were as crocked as they come. And no doubt some of their best dodges have been handed down and are still used today.

Listen once you know these conniving tricks you’ll know what to look out for when you’re buying your next horse. So you’re never taken for an ‘easy’ mark.

Read this absorbing book and you’ll gasp in amazement at the lengths horse crooks went to – and probably still do today.

Remember these bonuses are yours FREE when you order these horse training secrets today.

If you were going to send your horse away to a horse trainer to be trained it would cost you hundreds of dollars in training fees and stabling. Then there’s the cost of traveling as well.

And then there would be no guarantee your horse returned with his bad habits eliminated. Or fully broken in. Such is the way of the business world we live in today.

Normally the true value of Prof. Beery’s renowned horse training course is $79.95. And then there’s the $168 of FREE BONUSES, as my way of saying thank you for buying Prof Beery’s course.

But you won’t have to pay anything like that for Prof Beery’s course. In fact…

…Your special price is just $27.00

Aren’t you looking forward to having a well trained horse? Of course you are aren’t you?

So my final question to you is…

…Why put up with a badly trained horse A SINGLE DAY LONGER?

Prof. Beery’s Illustrated Course in Horse Training is Instantly Accessible – you can be reading it within minutes – because it’s instantly downloadable and you can start training your horse immediately.


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Use These Horse Secrets FREE For 60 Days

Naturally you’ll be covered by my rock solid 60 day money back guarantee. Take that time to use every step that’s outlined.

If you’re not satisfied at the end of that period that…

… You can’t cure your horse of a persistent fault…

…Your horse isn’t responding to any commands.

… You can’t see any improvement in your horse’s behavior, or that your horse hasn’t mastered any of the tricks outlined.

…. Or any other reason you may have…. simply contact me…

…And I’ll give you an immediate refund for these horse training secrets. You’ll receive every last cent you paid.

However if you don’t take action now…nothing will have changed in your horse’s behavior. You’ll still be enduring a torrid time with your horse. And perhaps even started to contemplate a future without him.

That’s why I urge you to confirm your order now.



Jake Hamilton

PS. You can train a horse yourself, and remove any bad habits that they might have – and transform him into the obedient horse of your dreams.  But only if you take action today. Otherwise your choices are limited and you and your horse may never reach the potential you both have.

PPS. You’re not risking a single cent here. Take a full 60 days to use these horse training secrets on your horse. If you’re not delighted you’ll receive a full refund. Every last cent that you’ve spent.

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