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February 24, 2022 - Comment

Finally Launched to the Public: The Real Professional Forex Tools use by Real Forex Traders (Please bear with the ugly graphics and fonts as we are forex traders not graphic designers) Here’s why you will need this: Professional Forex Entry with Money Management Feature – It allows you to trade like a professional. Professional forex…

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Finally Launched to the Public:

The Real Professional Forex Tools use by Real Forex Traders

(Please bear with the ugly graphics and fonts as we are forex traders not graphic designers)

Here’s why you will need this:

Professional Forex Entry with Money Management Feature

– It allows you to trade like a professional. Professional forex traders are using this. Shouldn’t you?

– To be successful in forex trading, money mangement and trading psychology makes up 90% of the winning odds. This professional forex tool will take care of it.

– It is a money management system set up in place. You will enter your desired risk % and the system will automatically calculate the correct lot size to trade.

– Professional Forex Traders become rich because of COMPOUNDING. This Professional Forex Tool has this covered for you as well. As your account size grows, it will increase it’s lot size in accordance with your account size. As your account size decreases with losses made, the lot size will decrease as well. With this system in place, you will be able to grow your capital massively with compounding and yet not over leveraging.

– You will not miss any more good trades. You know that inorder to calculate a proper position sizing based on your account balance is time wasting and frustrating. And you may have it happen to you when you spotted a good trade, but by the time you have calculated the proper lot size to trade with. The trade has already gone off your way. This will not happen any more with the professional forex tool.

– You will no longer enter a wrong lot size. If you had entered a wrong lot size before, you will know that it will cause your account to lose money where you should have profited. Eg. You normally risk 2% per trade. But on one scenario, you entered a lot size wrongly and risked 5% that trade. As a result, you made a loss on that trade and loss 5% of your account. Your previous earnings of 2% per trade could not cover that loss made. As a result of a wrong lot size, your account size made a loss instead of a profit.

– Enter trade with ease and with instant execution. You are now able to enter trade without the stress of calculating the correct lot size. And the Professional Forex Tool is so quick that it will instant execute the moment you entered the trade. In forex trading, every second counts. And that’s the reason why professional forex traders use this.

– It allows you to split a trade into different percentage %. For example. Your trading style compromises of 2 profit taking points in a single trade. You are able to split the trade into 2 based on your percentage. So if you normally risk 2% per trade. You can enter 2 trades with risk of 1% each. This way you are able to have 2 profit taking targets.  If you wish, you can also enter trades like one with risk of 1.2% and another with a risk of 0.8%. Which also adds up to 2%. Therefore, you can enter a trade anyway you want it.

– It removes away the emotions! We all know emotions is the No.1 killer in forex trading. With the Professional Forex Tool, you will NOT see the account balance and the lot size traded. Therefore, you will always enter a trade with a proper money management. The reason behind this is that. For example: if we are able to see the account balance we have, and if we see our account size dropping. We will tend to enter higher lot sizes to “make back” the money we lost. But we know that by entering higher lot sizes, we will more likely to eventually lose it all.

Therefore by not seeing the account balance and the lot size to trade. We are able to enter a trade correctly based on the correct judgement and not based on emotions.

– Simple and easy to use interface (Nothing complicated)

1) Just enter your Risk %

2) Enter your Stop Loss price

3) Enter your Open price. If it is an instant execution order, keep it at 0.0. If it is a pending order, just enter the level you want.

That’s ALL!

ProForexTool will then automatically calculate your lot size and execute your trade.

News Feature


– Know when is the upcoming news (time left feature), (impact of the news) and the pairs it is affecting.

All Professional Forex Traders will need to combine fundamental analysis with technical analysis. With this news indicator, you will now be able to know the upcoming news and to make a wise decision on whether to trade or to avoid the trade.

– It will automatically show the news which the pair is affected. And it works for ALL pairs. For example: Forex Pair: Eur Usd will show the news of Eur and Usd.  And Forex pair: Cad Jpy will show news of Cad and Jpy.

This way, you will know the exact news that will affect that certain pair.

This News indicator is a super important tool that all forex traders needs.

Time Left Feature


– Know exactly when the bar/candlestick will close on a certain timeframe.

It will show a countdown timer at the last bar/candlestick. Showing how many minutes that certain bar/candlestick will close.

With this feature, you will know accurately and exactly when does a bar/candlestick closes and no longer rely on your computer timing which is really inaccurate.

Most professional forex traders enter a trade exactly when a bar/candlestick closes. As such, this is one important feature to keep track on it.

Auto Stop Loss Mover


– Allows you to set and forget a trade.

Meaning, if you entered on a trade. And you want your stop loss to be shifted to a certain point when it hits a certain target. You need not do this manually any more.

You are now able to use this feature and your stop loss will automatically move to your desired target when your point is hit.

All this will be able to configured and now you can enter a trade and let the Professional Forex Tool do the work.

This way, you will not be emotionally involved as you will no longer need to keep staring at the charts to wait for the time for you to move your stop loss.

Why we need to use this feature:

We want to get into free trades most of the time. Free trades means that once it hits a certain target, we can either take a certain profit off the table and shift the remaining position to break even. Therefore, with our stop loss for the remaining position set to break even, even if the trade turns against our way. We will not make a loss.

This is a important feature as entering into free trades is what we should do all the time. The key to making money in forex is to not lose money. By entering into free trades all the time, we will not lose money and is able to consistently grow our account.

By having this feature, you are able to leave your computer and yet know that your trade is firmly and safely in place.

Everything a Professional Forex Trader Needs

There you go, we have covered everything a professional forex trader needs. And that is the reason why professional forex traders are able to make massive money consistently.

This Professional Forex Tool is well worth a monthly subscription of $197/month or more.

As this is a new public launch, we will keep the price low for the time being.

You will be able to get the full personal license of all the above features at just a one time fee of $297 Nett. 

No monthly subscriptions.

Please note that the price is for your personal usage only and you are not able to pass on or resell it.

BUY NOW @ $297

You are also back by a 60 days no questions ask money back guarantee if you feel that this is not for you.

 Click Here to Buy @ $297

After you have made the payment, you will be able to download the softwares instantly. No waiting time needed. 

To your Forex Success,

Ezekiel Chew

 P.S: Be sure to try it for free with our 60 days no question ask money back guarantee. I am sure that once you use it, you can’t do without it. This is how good this is. Get it if you still see it crazily priced at just a one off fee at $297.


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