Physical Therapy Marketing System

February 25, 2022 - Comment

  Download Your Customizable Newsletter Template Here!   Fully Customizable, Done-For-You Newsletter Written Twice A Month By A Team Of Licensed Physical Therapists In Private Practice Automatically E-Mailed To Your Patients For You, On The First and Third Monday Of Every Month, Without The Need For You To Remember! Guaranteed To Drive AT LEAST 2…

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Download Your Customizable Newsletter Template Here!

  • Fully Customizable, Done-For-You Newsletter Written Twice A Month By A Team Of Licensed Physical Therapists In Private Practice

  • Automatically E-Mailed To Your Patients For You, On The First and Third Monday Of Every Month, Without The Need For You To Remember!

  • Guaranteed To Drive AT LEAST 2 New Referrals to Your Practice Each and Every Month


  • Cut Marketing Costs Dramatically and Enhance Bottom Line

  • You Don’t Need Any Technical Knowledge or An Existing Website

  • You Don’t Need a “List” of E-Mail Addresses

  • Be Up and Running in 20 Minutes Or Less

  • Completely Automate Your Patient Referral System

  • Brand Yourself as a Leading Expert in Your Community

  • Dramatically Increase Patient Retention

  • More INDEPENDENCE For You, Free Up Your Time to Focus on Patients and Family

  • Unlimited Phone and Email Support

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  Nitin Chhoda and  Ritika Gulrajani


Fellow Practitioner: 

Imagine if you had access to a system that would deliver as many as 17 new patients to you each and every month like clock work, kept 87% of your past patients coming back, reactivated most inactive patients and automated all your networking and referral generation right now, opening up your time, giving you independence and freedom to live life on your own terms…… generating $24000 in additional income each year for less than a cup of coffee each day?

To too good to be true? I’ll prove it to you in a minute.

As a private practitioner, I have spent countless hours in the clinic, treating patients and doing paperwork endlessly. My goal , like you, has always been to deliver the highest quality of patient care, effectively market my practice and have enough time left over to spend with my family and friends.

Easier said than done.

As I got more and more busy, it became difficult to market my clinic. I found myself becoming a slave to my practice, drowning in appointments and paperwork, unable to focus on systems for growth, marketing and and long term profitability. I became tired and discouraged, to the point where I considered giving up my practice. I was frustrated and began researching ways to automate my marketing with little or no money set aside for advertising.

And then everything changed with a simple discovery.

I designed a system to create a patient newsletter, customize it and deliver it automatically to patients via email (so it was sent out even if I forgot). It was not restricted to email alone. Each newsletter could be customized, printed and handed out to patients. Best of all, it could be faxed to doctors. All of this could be accomplished within minutes, not days or weeks.

Something powerful happened. My practice exploded as I sent this newsletter out via email, print and fax.

I found freedom, empowered patients to heal themselves and transformed my reputation to become as THE physical therapy provider in the community.

Now you can too…

Therapy Newsletter is the untold secret that will unlock a flood of patient referrals while boosting quality patient care. It will become a ‘patient attraction magnet’ and pull referral sources towards your practice like bees towards honey. It is the ultimate ‘pull’ marketing tool and signals the end of all the ‘push’ advertising that tends to put people away.



In the 21st century, no private practice can survive without a targeted and effective marketing system that has the following four legs:

1. Brings In New Patients/Referrals

2. Improves Retention of Existing Patients

3. Enhances Your Visibility/Reputation In Your Community

4. Gives You Independence and Freedom To Spend Time With Family


Without such a marketing system, each day is like leaving money on the table for your practice.

Unfortunately, most private practices fall prey to expensive marketing seminars and are victims of a disjointed, ‘broken’ marketing system that lacks the 4 legs mentioned above.

The reason? Our marketing foundation is as gut-wrenchingly week. Back in school days, professors taught us to be good clinicians and outstanding therapists. We all went to school and invested time, money, and effort to learn how to help our patients. But how many of us were taught how to promote a physical therapy private practice to get new patients?

What they failed to teach us is how important it is to market your clinic and how to succeed in private practice—especially in today’s ultra-competitive environment when patients can easily opt for another provider or avoid physical therapy altogether to avoid high copays!

In this economy, you need a true 21st century marketing solution that is easy-to-implement, automated, cost-effective, builds relationships with patients, doctors and the local community and most importantly—drives more patients to your practice!




  “The Therapy Newsletter is well overdue to our industry. It provides a perfect (and low-cost) way of staying in front of our patients in the midst of schedules that get tighter each and every day. This tool not only has the potential to further enhance a patient’s opinion of the value of Physical Therapy, but also insures improved retention among active patients – and thus better outcomes. This is a resource you’ll want to try!”

Charmaine Azeez

PT, Physicians Choice Rehab, Munster, IN

  This is a resource you’ll want to try!  

  “This is an excellent web-based marketing system for physical therapists. It helps remind the community about the importance of physical therapy and its benefits. I like the fact that this patient friendly newsletter allows me to remain in the mind of my patients post discharge, and this is a simple way to set yourself apart from other providers in the area. This system has the ability to improve direct access referrals and physician referrals, because it helps us build credibility in the eyes of the referring doctors.This is a significant, well thought out marketing plan and is a boon to the physical therapy community”

Francine Noël-Ford

PT, DPT, Back To Basics Physical Therapy

  Significant, well thought out marketing plan!  

  The Therapy Newsletter system has allowed me to remind my patients about the benefits of physical therapy on a consistent basis, without the need for me to dedicate time, energy and resources. I spent some time setting up my account, and am completely satisfied with the quality of content that is updated every other week and the automatic email delivery. This system stimulates direct access referrals and empowers me to stand out as the provider of choice in my community. I can introduce new products and services, which will help the reputation and the credibility of my clinic. Strongly recommended as the #1 marketing tool for your clinic.”

Alina Fish

PT, Alina Fish Physical Therapy

  Strongly recommended as the #1 marketing tool for your clinic  

  “This newsletter is a great tool to market to patients and doctors alike. The tips and secrets are very user friendly. I particularly like the refer-a-patient-click-here feature.”

Philip Chan

PT, Hands On NJ Physical Therapy

  The tips and secrets are very user friendly  

  Each new patient, depending on their insurance plan, can be worth $500-$1000 in revenue potential. has an average billing potential of approximately $1,000 per year.  We send out 2 content-rich, patient-friendly newsletters each month, designed to stimulate referrals. 24 newsletters are sent out each year and if you only got one new patient per newsletter—that’s a $24,000 increase in overall revenues using this system!  
TherapyNewsletter LevelsJOIN Therapy Newsletter Today

and Join Our Growing List of Success

Stories Who Are Not Only Surviving—But

Thriving—Especially In Today’s Tough

  • Each Newsletter Is Written by a Team of 5 Practicing Physical Therapists! We have a team of APTA board certified, licensed therapists on staff to do all the researching and writing for your newsletter!

  • All Of Your Information is 100% Secure: We are 100% HIPAA Compliant and Have a Premium Secure SSL Site Certificate with 256-bit encryption Hosted on Dedicated Servers to make sure your information, and your patient’s information is protected.

  • Instantly Enhances Credibility with Patients and Doctors! Imagine if you could call a physician and say “I have a newsletter that goes out to 500 local patients via email and print, and I would like to feature you as a preferred provider in my next newsletter.” You get a picture and a brief bio from the physician and customize your Therapy Newsletter, choose your preferred template and in minutes, have a newsletter featuring the physician. This builds your reputation with the physician, positions you as an expert, gives you a legitimate reason to contact them, ask for the newsletter to be feaured in their clinic which brands you with their patients and allows you to identify new, unknown referral sources.

  • Save Thousands On Marketing Costs: Setting up your own newsletter of the same quality would literally cost thousands of $ by the time you paid the writers, editors, graphic artists, and programmers necessary to produce an effective newsletter and email marketing system—not to mention the headaches trying to coordinate everything! Therapy Newsletter provides you with a fully automated newsletter and email marketing system that looks and reads like you created it yourself—for a fraction of the cost!

  • Multi-Purpose Content: Feel free to use the high-quality information found in each and every edition of the Therapy Newsletter in other marketing efforts as additional content for your own website, blogs etc! We license the content to be reused by you, in any manner you choose!





Plus—You Can Fully Customize Each Newsletter In

Minutes To Make it Look Like You Spent Hours By

Choosing From 7 Templates and Over 50 Different Styles!

  Fully Customize Your Newsletter System With Over 7 Templates & 50 Styles  
  Fully Customize Your Newsletter System With Over 7 Templates & 50 Styles  
  Don’t worry— your patients, doctors, and even your family will

never know it was created by us
  Even better, Therapy Newsletter has a wide range of customizable features

to greatly
enhance the
effectiveness of your marketing efforts!
  • Each Newsletter Includes Your Name, Logo, Website, Phone Number and more!
  • Links Directly To Your Website!
  • Patients Can Contact You and Schedule Appoints Straight From the Newsletter!
  • Consistent Quality and Delivery Time, Every Time!
  • Send Out Customized Emails To Your Entire Patient List in Seconds!
  • Customizable “Patient Stimulator E-books” For Patients To Download





Don’t have “a list” or know the first thing about patient newsletters?

Don’t Worry, We Can Help You Build Your

Email List of Patients Too!

As An Exclusive Member, You Recieve Our FREE Special Report, THIS MONTH ONLY!:

  Quadrupling Your Email List in 30 Days or Less  
  Marketing to your patients with an email newsletter isn’t the future—it’s the here and now!  If you aren’t building a patient list with names and email addresses, don’t know where to begin, and don’t really have a lot of time to waste getting things up and running—then “Quadrupling Your Email List in 30 Days or Less” is precisely what your practice needs!

“Quadrupling Your Email List in 30 Days or Less” provides you with an easy-to-follow blueprint for building a list of qualified prospects that can then be transformed into loyal patients! 
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Patient Stimulator FREE BONUS  – 4 “Patient Stimulator” E-books – Capture Website Visitor’s Emails and Build a List of Potential Patients!

Don’t have any list of patients or qualified leads—or really need to “bulk up” your existing patient list in the shortest time possible?  No problem—we’ll help you build your list of subscribers AND enhance your credibility in the process!  When you join Therapy Newsletter before midnight tonight, you will gain instant access to 4 professionally written e-books that function as ‘patient stimulators’. Imagine telling your patient “We have 4 free books for you, all we need is your email address so we know where to send them”. Patients will be clamoring to ‘get on your list’ and become subscribers to your newsletter!  This will help you generate new prospects and find new patients outside of your existing base—without patient-to-patient and physician referrals!

  4 “Patient Stimulator” Ebooks - Capture Website Visitor’s Emails!  
  • Guaranteed Fastest Way to Add Subscribers To Your Newsletter!

  • Each book is valued at $99 and professionally written: These are by no means ‘run of the mill’ e-booksthey are “high value” giveaways that are guaranteed to help build your subscriber list FAST because you have our permission to give them away FREE!

  • Little Initial Set-Up Time:  Simply cut and paste one piece of HTML code to your website and you have an instant “patient stimulator”! We handle everything for you, and deliver the e-books to patients automatically when they sign up for your newsletter. All you do is ask patients to visit your website to get the free e-books and we take care of the rest!!

  • Automatically Signs Up For Newsletter:  Once your html code is in place, all the visitor needs to do is sign up and they will automatically receive it via email AND be signed up for your newsletter—a true qualified lead that can become your next patient!
  This $396 Bonus Is Guaranteed To Help Build Your Subscriber List In

Record Time and Is Yours Absolutely FREE—But Only If You Join Before

Midnight Tonight!
  You Are Just Three Steps Away From a Fully Automated

Newsletter Marketing System Guaranteed To Send You a

Growing Stream of New Patients
, Lower Your Marketing

Costs, and Help You Focus On Treating Patients and

Spending More Time with Your Family!

Step 1:  Join Now and We Will Call You to Schedule Your Exclusive Demo and Customize Your Entire Set-Up FOR A LIMITED TIME, by Coaching You Step by Step Over The Phone!

Step 2:  Upload Your Picture and Customize Newsletter (this only takes about 20 minutes and you never need to worry about it again!)

Step 3:  Sit Back, Relax, Watch Your Practice Grow With Each Newsletter! 

  FREE Trial Now!  
  Committed To Your Success,

Nitin Chhoda, PT, DPT, CSCS


P.S.: Remember—the Patient Stimulator Bonus is yours FREE but only if you join before midnight tonight—so JOIN NOW!!

P.P.S: There is absolutely no risk—your investment is completely safe and we will gladly refund it if you are not completely convinced that this system will take your practice to the next level and free up more of your time to spend with patients and family! JOIN NOW! YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE!



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