Pheromone Spray For Men

October 26, 2021 - Comment

ATTENTION: Single Guys Who Are Sick & Tired of NOT Getting the Women They Desire…​​​ Discover How to End Your Dating Problems – In 24 Hours or Less – Using an ‘Under-The-Radar’ Method that Works Every Time (Already Used by 67,873 Men to Date Beautiful Women)… …Without having to Learn Cheesy “Pick Up Lines,” Empty…

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ATTENTION: Single Guys Who Are Sick & Tired of NOT Getting the Women They Desire…​​​

Discover How to End Your Dating Problems – In 24 Hours or Less – Using an ‘Under-The-Radar’ Method that Works Every Time (Already Used by 67,873 Men to Date Beautiful Women)…

Without having to Learn Cheesy “Pick Up Lines,” Empty Your Wallet on Expensive “Dates,”
or Step Out of Your Comfort Zone…

And “YES”, This WILL Work – Even if You’re Shy as Hell…

Even If You Never Know What to Say to Women…

…and Even If You’ve Been REJECTED, or “Friend Zoned” Countless Times Before…

From the Desk of Dating Coach Troy Valance

London, England


And, what I’m about to show you WILL completely change your Sex-Life…

…making you more Attractive than you ever thought possible – in 24 hours or less (even if you’ve never had any luck with women before).

You see, when it comes to Meeting, Attracting and Dating HOT, Beautiful Women…

…the Secret contained in this Letter is going to give you an “Unfair Advantage” over all the other guys – so you don’t have to suffer the following 4 Common Dating & Attraction Frustrations that cause most SINGLE guys never-ending heartache and loneliness…

Going on just 2 Dates a year (or less)

Settling for a woman they aren’t really interested in

Being low on confidence (as well as desperate, needy and insecure)

NEVER having sex (this is true of 30% of Men under 35 – they never, ever, have sex)

If you want to make THAT kind of MISERY a thing-of-the-past, this letter is probably for you.

However, before you get too excited, let me ask you a few quick questions (so you can know for certain if this letter is worth your time).

Answer them honestly for me…

Do you ever worry that you aren’t good looking, tall, muscular, well-endowed or rich enough to attract and date the kind of women you want?

Have you ever been REJECTED by a woman, leaving you feeling embarrassed, HUMILIATED and low on confidence – to the point you wished the ground would “open up and swallow you whole?”

Have you ever ‘lowered your standards’ and been on a DATE – or even had SEX with – a woman you didn’t even like, simply because you were desperate, and felt she was ‘all you could get?’

Do you ever feel like all the women you find ATTRACTIVE, and really want to be with are ‘way out of your league?’

Have you ever started a conversation with a woman, only to have it ‘fizzle out’ and get AWKWARD, because you ran out of things to say?

Have you ever spent time with a woman, gotten to know her and developed feelings for her, only to then have her PUNCH you in the GUT by saying “I think we should just be friends”​?

Have you ever gone more than a month without getting intimate with a woman?

Does NOT having a girlfriend ever make you feel embarrassed (or even like a LOSER) – and, worse still… Does it hurt when your friends and family judge you negatively because you’re the only one without a woman in your life?

Have you ever gotten a woman’s phone number, and felt really excited to get in touch with her… only to have her not respond to your texts or calls (and then try to convince yourself she’s probably just busy, even though, logically, you know she’s ‘blown you off’)?

Have you ever arranged a “Date” with a woman, and then suffered the disappointment of her FLAKING on you at the last minute – giving you some lame-ass excuse (or, totally disrespecting you by failing to show up and not bothering to tell you at all)?

Has Approach Anxiety ever stopped you dead-in-your-tracks and prevented you from approaching a woman you found really attractive… causing you to spend days afterwards kicking yourself because you knew you should have approached her, but were too afraid to do?

Do you ever worry that you’ll never meet the girl of your dreams, and end up SINGLE and LONELY for the rest of your life?

If you answered “YES” to even just ONE of those questions – I feel your PAIN.

You see, I’ve been there before.

However, here’s the important bit:

I’m not there anymore. And YOU don’t have to be either.

In the past, I’ve experienced rejection more times than you can imagine.

I know what it’s like to be a single guy who struggles with women…

I know how it can cripple your confidence when you approach a woman, and she REJECTS you…

…I’ve experienced the humiliation, embarrassment and shame that follows. I used to pretend it didn’t bother me. But it did…

I’ve felt the PAIN of going on a date, feeling like everything went great, only to then have her IGNORE your calls and texts afterwards. Leaving you feeling needy, insecure and confused – wondering “What the hell did I do wrong?”

And, perhaps worst of all…

I know what it’s like to get to know a woman, and fall for her HARD… hoping she felt the same way… only to get “Friend Zoned” and then see her date some other guy (who doesn’t even treat her as nicely as you did).

All of this is frustrating and painful. It can make you feel LONELY and DEPRESSED.

However, while I feel your pain, I also want you to know this:

There is a way to end your problem. For Good.

There’s a simple method – used successfully by 67,873 regular men ages 18 to 75 – that YOU can also use to become Magnetically Attractive to Women (even the kind of smoking hot, beautiful women who you might currently think are “out of your league”).


This method works FAST (in 24 hours or less)… so long as you can follow simple instructions.

When you use this PROVEN method – you’ll start finding it much EASIER to approach women (for a very good reason, as you’ll discover in just a couple of minutes)…

Heck, you’ll also find yourself ‘getting intimate’ with women too (just promise me that you’ll use the secret I’m about to share with you with INTEGRITY… and that won’t become a heartless womanizer… sleeping with a different woman every night of the week).

“Would You Like to be Able to Attract Practically Any Woman You Want – No Matter How Sexy, Popular, Beautiful & Unobtainable She Might Be – and Then Have Her BEG to Spend Time with You?”

You’re a ‘Red-Blooded Male’ who likes women, right?

Answer that question for me…

“Would You Like to be Able to Attract Any Woman You Want – No Matter How Sexy, Popular, Beautiful & Unobtainable She Might Be – and Then Have Her BEG to Spend Time with You?”

You see a woman you find attractive… and, within a few minutes she’s already ATTRACTED to you – hanging off your every word – offering your her Phone Number…

…giving you Puppy Dog Eyes and saying: “You promise you’re going to call me, right?”

You’re in a social situation – restaurant, bar, nightclub, wherever – and Hot, Beautiful Women are approaching to YOU…

Fighting with each other over who gets to talk to you first…

…over who gets to put their Phone Number in your Phone first!

Then, you’re texting a hot, sexy woman who gave you her Number yesterday in a Coffee Shop – and she’s responding to ALL of your Texts immediately

Asking you questions, desperate to get to know you…

Clearing her diary to see you.

Later that day, you’re on a Date, and everything is EASY and ENJOYABLE…

She’s laughing at all your jokes (even the bad ones)…

She actually interested in everything you have to say…

She’s licking her lips seductively and suggestively stroking your inner thighs under the table!

At the end of the night, she asks you:

You give her an answer, and she agrees. Eagerly. Without hesitation. Because YOU are in control.

This scenario isn’t just a one-off. It happens… every single time. Without fail.

With EVERY woman you’re on a date with.

No woman is out of your league.
You can have practically any woman you want.


If you’re reading this, and thinking it all sounds ‘too good to be true’… you would be HALF right. It does sound too good, however… it’s definitely very true!

All of this, and more, really can be your reality…

You really can become Magnetically Attractive to Women, and attract the very best women much more easily than you ever thought possible…

even if you’re ‘vertically challenged’, overweight and not the best looking guy in the world…

even if you think you’ve passed your prime….

… and, even if you’ve been rejected more times than you care to remember)…

“The Real Reason Why Some Guys Seem to Have ALL The Luck with Women – Despite Often Being Short, Broke, Overweight and Very Average Looking…”

If you saw this guy I’m thinking of right now, and his girlfriend – you’d raise an eyebrow.

You see, he’s about 5ft 5″ on a good day (so not very tall)…

…his midsection confirms he needs to lay off the evening carbs (and probably get a gym membership)…

His questionable dress sense only makes things worse.

Has a slight speech impediment too.

And his whole demeanour screams: “Mr Average.”

Yet, his girlfriend Charlotte is a sight to behold!

She’s a full 5 inches taller than him, without heels. Long flowing hair with an impossible hourglass figure. And a face that could grace the cover of Vogue magazine.

Her perky breasts, long legs and firm ass are “The Icing on the Cake”

Charlotte turns heads everywhere she goes. The kind of woman who makes men weak at the knees… and makes other women WISH THEY WERE HER!

Stranger still… he’s north of 40, and she’s just turned 24.

“How The Heck Did This Guy Land Such a Hottie?”

Well, you might be thinking that:

He has a MASSIVE ‘package'(and that he’s some kind of “Sex God” in bed)

He’s filthy RICH, and she’s nothing but a Money-Grabbing ‘Gold Digger’

Yet neither of those things are true. He earns a modest salary. And his ‘package’ won’t smash any World Records…

Yet, the truth is… they have an incredible relationship.

Now, you could be forgiven for thinking that this guy just ‘got lucky’ with Charlotte… that he just happened to find the ‘one-in-a-million’ kind of girl who doesn’t care about good looks, height or money.

Yet, that’s simply NOT the case. And no, she’s not blind either.

In his younger days – in his teens, twenties and early thirties – this guy was USELESS with women…

…one of the only guys who didn’t have a Date at his High School Prom…

Guys used to MAKE FUN of him in College…

…girls would join in too…

…he was the definition of a “High School Loser” – no confidence, few friends, no dates. A Social Outcast.

Sad, miserable and lonely.

In fact, he once went 6 years without a date (“YES”… that’s not a ‘typo’ Nearly SIX YEARS without ANY female attention. Not even from the ugly ones!)…

He didn’t lose his virginity until his 27th Birthday, and even then it was by a sheer stroke of “Drunken Luck” (which she totally regretted the next morning, told him NEVER to tell anyone… ordering him to delete her number… and threatening to reveal embarrassing secrets about his “performance in bed” if he told anyone about what happened the night before).

In His Late 30’s and Early 40’s, He became DYNAMITE with Women…

Women would often approach him

He got female attention whenever he wanted it…

He once notoriously had 4 long-term girlfriends at once (and, they all knew about each other, and didn’t even mind, because they were besotted with him)…

And, he even went over 5 years without jerking off or watching Porn, because, in his words:

“I was getting laid so much, with so many hot women, I didn’t need to degrade myself by jacking off watching other people f***”

How do I know all of this?

“How the Heck did I go From being Such a DUD, to such a STUD, with Women?”

How did I go from being the LOSER in high school?…

to dating drop-dead gorgeous women all the time?…

The answer is simple my friend…

I used the exact same secret you’re going to discover in this letter!

Now, before I reveal this powerful secret to you, let me show you a few other examples of its proven effects…

Real Stories from Single Guys Who Used The Secret You’re About to Discover in This Letter to Enjoy Massive Success with Women…

Took 2 Best Friends Home Last Night…

“Last night I went out and girls were practically salivating over me in the club. I felt so POWERFUL. And, I ended up taking home 2 red-hot girls who happened to be best friends! I won’t forget that night. Ever.”

The SSS is my new secret weapon…!

“Does it work? Well if it didn’t then I wouldn’t have 4 dates lined up this week! Cheers Troy… I’ll let you know how the dates go 😉 ”

– Randall Hammond, 29, Oregon

This stuff turns you into a babe magnet…!

“Wow! This stuff is amazing. I followed the instructions from the SSS guide it lasted the entire night. My girlfriend loves it and I get comments from other girls too – I never had THIS much attention before! Can’t be happier! Cheers! ”

– Riley Pierce, 37, Texas

“I decided give this a go after reading all the rave reviews. I’ve only tried it for a few days but I’ve lost count of how many compliments I’ve been getting – literally everywhere I go. Just a couple of days ago a girl tapped me on my shoulder on the street and started a full-on conversation with me! This is works. Period! ”

– Wiley Sewell, 24, Georgia

The girls in my office are really starting to take notice of me and getting more attention than normal…

“Does it work? I don’t know but I DO know that I’m getting a lot more attention from girls! My girlfriend started buying slutty underwear and naughty outfits to dress up in. The girls in my office are really starting to take notice of me and getting more attention than normal. I think I made the right choice with this one! ”

– Seth Wilson, 34, Alabama

Right now, you might very well be wondering:

“What is This Powerful Secret that Men of All Ages are Using to Become Magnetically Attractive to Women – enabling Them to Attract, Date and Bed Red-Hot Women?”

When people think about what makes a MAN attractive to WOMEN, they often think of things like:

Being Tall, Dark and Handsome

Being Strong and Muscular

Being Interesting, Funny and Confident

Being Filthy Rich & Successful

You know the kinda thing…

You’ve heard it all before.

Women can be impressed, to varying degrees, by all those things… but none of those things are the defining factor.

The shocking truth is this:

There’s a Part of The ‘Male/Female Attraction Dynamic’ that Most People Know Nothing About!

And, it goes a long way towards explaining why some guys enjoy MASSIVE success with women – even though they aren’t tall, good looking or rich…

Even though they aren’t hung like a donkey.

Now, pay attention. Because what you’re about to read next has the power to totally transform your fortunes with women…

Giving you the power to easily attract women everywhere you go…

Getting their Phone Numbers…

Taking things to the Bedroom…

Landing yourself the Dream Woman you’ve always wanted.

And ending the frustration and loneliness of being SINGLE and not having any appealing dating dating options.

This is the ‘hidden secret’ that no one told you about…

Pheromones – Nature’s Why of Making You Attractive (or Repulsive!) to Women…

Most guys have never even heard of ‘Pheromones.’ And those that have, have usually only heard HALF-TRUTHS… or worse: they’ve been given information that’s completely WRONG.

You see, pheromones play an evolutionary part of the ATTRACTION process.

Without them, your ability to attract women will be virtually nonexistent.

Your sex-life will be royally screwed in every way.

Pheromones are odourless, and everybody has them in varying degrees – men



They’re naturally produced by your body. And their sole purpose is to ATTRACT members of the opposite sex.

Now, there are 3 key things you need to know about Pheromones:

Firstly, not every man is blessed with the same ‘quality’ of Pheromones. This is in the same way that not every man is blessed with a Chiselled Jawline or the Genetics to be as Tall and ‘Built’ as Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson…

This explains why some guys can ATTRACT Supermodels and truly Drop-Dead Gorgeous Women – despite being short, overweight and not much to look at…

Because they have been blessed with Nature-Given, Superior Pheromones!

Secondly, I need you to know that most guys – almost certainly including YOU – are ruining the quality, and potency, of their Pheromones. Without even realising it. =”red”>

How are they doing this?

Washing with Toxic Products…

Wearing substandard deodorant and antiperspirant…

Taking Recreational Drugs

Less than optimal diet (including eating/drinking things like Sugar, Soda, Fast Food, Non-Organic Meat, Alcohol, Desserts and so on)…

Using After-Shave/Cologne.

Finally, you need to know that while Pheromones can certainly make you more attractive to women…

Women don’t choose a guy consciously based on his Pheromones!

No, no, no…

You’re never gonna hear two women talking, and one say to the other:

“Oh. My. God. I just couldn’t resist that guy’s Pheromones. I had to have him!”

Doesn’t work like that.

It Works on a Deep Subconscious Level…

Let me explain: (a bit of science involved – but I’ll keep it simple).

Pheromones are found in your Apocrine Glands (places where you sweat). These Glands that secrete a liquid that conveys chemical information about the male’s identity and reproductive state.

When a woman encounters pheromones she senses them using the olfactory system – the part of her brain that deals with emotions and instinctual behaviors, including mating behavior.

Why is this important to you?

Because the olfactory gland bypasses the rational, thinking parts of her brain meaning that she can be sexually attracted to a guy, even if he’s NOT her usual type!

She won’t know why she’s attracted to you. But she will know that you’re the one causing her to have Butterflies in her Stomach… ‘Sex on the Brain’… and Wetness in her Panties.

A potent mix of high quality pheromones has a POWERFUL aphrodisiac effect known for their ability to induce ‘sexual frenzy’ and ‘uncontrollable lust’ in women.

So, the more powerful Pheromones you have, and the higher quality they are – the more ATTRACTIVE you’ll be to pretty much any woman you interact with, even if she wouldn’t usually give you a second glance.

Guys who are blessed with HIGHER quality Pheromones automatically trigger an in-built ‘Mating Instinct’ in women. Meaning that these guys get a ton of attention, a ton of dates and a ton of sex with all the best women.

Can You Improve The Quality of Your Pheromones and Be ‘THAT Guy’?

And, when you do, you’ll likely notice 3 major benefits:

Women will respond with much more interest when you’re near them – engaging with you in conversation, willingly giving you their contact details (GREAT NEWS: no more awkward moments where you don’t know what to say… no more excuses from women trying to end a conversation prematurely… and no more feeling ANXIOUS-as-HELL before you speak to a woman you find attractive)

Women will approach you – so you don’t have to do all ‘the hard work’ anymore (the next time you’re at Work, at the Gym, in a Coffee Shop, or in a Restaurant, Bar or Nightclub… don’t be surprised if HOT women start approaching YOU, once you “Upgrade your Pheromones”)

Dating women will become EASY and ENJOYABLE – because the conversation will flow, women will be ‘touchy feely’ with you, and they’ll let you know when the moment is right to hold their hands, KISS them, and ‘take it to the next level’)

When you improve the quality of your Pheromones , you improve the quality of your sex-life by giving yourself an “Unfair Advantage” in the Dating Game…

A Secret Advantage Most Men

Will Never Have…

The end result being that you can attract beautiful women EVERYWHERE you go…

…giving you endless OPTIONS…

So, if you want to find ‘the one,’ settle down and live happily ever after – having higher calibre of Pheromones will allow you to do that.

Or, if you want to ‘play the field’, date multiple women and increase the notches on your bedpost – the right Pheromones will also allow you to do that.

Ultimately, in much the same way as how Nature blesses some men with model good looks and 6-pack abs…

And, other guys with a ‘package’ that could embarrass a donkey…

Nature blesses some men with ridiculously powerful Pheromones.

Quality Pheromones will always trump physical attributes.

Because not every woman is into men who look like Movie-Stars… and, not every woman is into guys who are hung like donkeys…

Yet every woman succumbs to the allure of attractive Pheromones!

They cannot resist them. And yet, they don’t even know it. Because it all happens on a Deep Subconscious, Evolutionary Level. Women are, in other words, hardwired to respond to certain things – including powerful Male Pheromones.

If you can improve or ‘manipulate’ your Pheromones, you’ll instantly become way more attractive to women.?

Irresistibly attractive in fact.

Meaning: the quality of your interactions with women will dramatically improve. Literally overnight (in much less than 24 hours).

Here’s Exactly How to Transform The Quality of Your Pheromones…

Triggering ‘Animalistic Mating Urges’ In Women – So You Can Finally Enjoy More Female Attention Than You Can Handle!

There’s one really important WARNING I need to give you…

When you improve the quality of your Pheromones – you’re going to get A LOT of female attention. FACT.

…and, I don’t just mean that they’ll want to talk to you…

…they’re going to want to hold hands with you…

…and this is what I need to WARN you about…

You may end up with so many Female Admirers and “Dating Options” that it might be difficult to keep up with it all! And, it might make other men – including your friends – JEALOUS-as-HELL.

But, it’s not such a bad position to be in…

I mean, which would you rather:

To suffer with low confidence… feeling lonely, desperate and depressed… calling Porn a ‘sex-life?’

Have your friends be a bit jealous because you’re dating and bedding the kind of women they could only ever DREAM of being with?

Subject to any Religious beliefs, you only live once (at least in your current Human Form)…

And, you want to experience SUCCESS with women, right?

So, here’s how I’d play things, if I was you…

When you upgrade your Pheromones and start getting a ton of positive female attention:

Keep your standards high! You’re going to experience what it’s like to have ALL THE POWER – so: you don’t have to say “YES” to every woman who wants to spend time with you (instead, choose which women you REALLY like – and only reward them with your time!)

You don’t have to sleep with EVERY woman – I mean, sure, you can – but, you’ll break a lot of hearts if you do (so, you might want to go on DATES with plenty of women, but only go to BED with the ones who you might actually consider dating in the long-run)

If your “friends” can’t handle your newfound success with women, maybe they’re not your real friends after alll (so you might have to ‘distance yourself’ from them a little bit… which won’t be all that hard to do, because beautiful WOMEN are going to be FIGHTING for your time and attention)

It’s highly addictive. Every time you get attention from a hot woman, your brain gets a hit of Dopamine (a chemical that makes you feel GOOD) and you’ll crave for more. And that’s the problem… Once your pheromones are upgraded, you’ll never be short of female attention which is why you must have a degree of self-control, otherwise you might find yourself indulging with women all the time (and not getting much else done).

Anyway, friendly ‘Dad Talk’ over!

I just thought I’d make you aware of these potential ‘issues’ – before you improve your Pheromones and unleash a version of yourself to the World that women will find almost impossible to resist…

Because that’s what I’m about to reveal in the next few seconds.

So, if you’re sure you want to attract the attention of the very best women, and have the option of getting laid like a Rock-Star…

Hey, I’m Troy Valance, a Top Dating Coach.

A while back I created a product that’s become legendary in the World of Attraction. And I don’t say that lightly.

Secret Seduction Spray is a unique, one-of-a-kind SPRAY that’s packed with A POWERFUL BLEND of 7 ‘Pharmaceutical Grade’ Human Sex Pheromones.

…created to attract and evoke sexual responses in women.

NOTHING ELSE comes even remotely close.

Why did I take the time and effort to create Secret Seduction Spray?

What makes it different and better than every other Pheromone product on the Market?

Read on, and I’ll answer those questions for you…

The truth is that I wanted to figure out how an average man could experience more success and happiness with women…

I wanted to figure out how an average man could overcome the frustration, loneliness and depression that goes hand-in-hand with not knowing how to succeed with women…

I wanted to know for certain how an average man could achieve this success with women as quickly and easily as possible (without having to spend years learning how the “Dating Game” works).

After 6 months of painstaking research, I realized that the thing that would help ANY man to experience more success with women, as quickly and easily as possible…

Was NOT a new “Pick Up Line” or reading book-upon-book on “Dating”…

It was NOT attending expensive boot camps and high-fiving a bunch of guys that are in the same sex sexless boat as you…

It was NOT a part of his physical appearance that he could change…

It was NOT a “Jedi Body Language” technique…

It was NOT pretending to be someone they are not…

And, it certainly was NOT about having more money or a being bigger “down there”…

NO! I discovered that what will help ANY man to experience more success with women is to MANIPULATE his PHEROMONES.

So, that’s what I set out to do…

I set out to create the very best Pheromone Spray in existence… one that actually works.

I’d love to tell you that I originally created Secret Seduction Spray from the Goodness of my Heart to help guys like you “level the playing field” and attract beautiful women from all walks of life.

But that wouldn’t be true. And, I’m not going to lie to you.

You see, I didn’t originally create it for you.

To help me end the miserable, lonely, depressing situation I was in until my late 30’s – where I was totally USELESS with women.

And, it wasn’t until I’d created a Pheromone Spray that worked

…and I’d ‘lived the good life’ for a few years – dating and sleeping with more BEAUTIFUL women than I ever thought possible, and then settling down with Charlotte – that I decided to release Secret Seduction Spray to the World…

Because, at that point, once I’d fixed my own “Dating Problems”…

…I decided that it was my Life’s Mission, my cause if you will, to help ‘regular’ guys (guys just like YOU) to experience the Thrill of Attraction and Dating as I had.

Plus, I was also sick and tired of reading on the internet about guys getting ripped off and conned, spending their hard-earned money on Pheromone Products that didn’t even work

97% of Them Are Complete Garbage That I Wouldn’t Even Consider Using As a Toilet Freshener…

Why is almost every Pheromone Product on the Market complete Garbage?

Because they don’t contain any pheromones in them whatsoever (as confirmed by countless Scientific Lab Tests)

Many contain butane – which is something you DON’T WANT on your skin, ever (unless you like chemical burns, and want to smell of cat piss. Seriously)…

In fact, that pretty much sums up most of the ‘pheromone’ products on the market:

Now, I didn’t just want to sell the Spray I’d been using to attract women. I wanted to make it the absolute best it could be (because I’m a Perfectionist).

And, one way I wanted to do this was to make sure it was the best smelling pheromone spray in existence…

So you could get the best possible results from women on a subconscious AND conscious level (while Pheromones work subconsciously, a great scent is something a woman is consciously aware of, and ATTRACTED to, regardless of who’s wearing it).

Over 7 Months of Time Intensive, Extremely Costly Research and Development…

…creating hundreds of different scents, hiring a marketing team, and surveying 2,548 women (between the ages of 18 – 45, from all walks of life) to finalize the ultimate scent.

An irresistible scent that would drive women CRAZY because they can feel the attraction towards the person wearing the scent, but they can’t figure out why!

What makes Secret Seduction Spray so unique isn’t just the 7 powerful pheromones it contains. It’s also the Panty-Soaking Scent that the 2,548 women surveyed absolutely LOVED!

You’re Virtually Guaranteed to Get Compliments Every Time You Wear It!

And, there’s yet another reason why I spent so much time, money and effort creating the scent (and not just the potent pheromone blend, which, remember: on it’s own had totally transformed my fortunes with women)…

You see, I wanted to make it EASY for women to Break The Ice with YOU!

When you wear Secret Seduction Spray, what I and thousands of other men have discovered, is that women will will approach you.

Sure, some will still hold back because they don’t know how to break the ice (hey, some women are shy too!). However, when you’re wearing a nice scent it’s EASY for them to simply say:

“Mmm… you smell nice, what are you wearing?”

Ultimately, I wanted to remove as many obstacles in the Dating Game for you as possible – so you can enjoy stress-free success with and happiness with women.

From the THOUSANDS of success stories guys have emailed me, I know there’s a common “conversation starter” that usually leads to a variety of sexually charged outcomes. Can you guess what it is?

You’ll be BLOWN-AWAY at The daily compliments from women from all walks of life…

…be it a red-hot stripper shaking her ass and dancing for cash…

…the girl making hot drinks at your favorite coffee shop…

… or even the drop-dead gorgeous Gym Bunny – with a body-to-die-for – who’s always “working out” at the same time you are…

Whoever the woman, she’ll LOVE the way Secret Seduction Spray smells. And because it’s YOU who’s wearing it – it’s YOU who’ll get her attention and compliments!

Can You See Why Secret Seduction Spray is SO Powerful and In a Class Of It’s Own?

It’s because… the irresistible scent works on women consciously.

And the powerful pheromones work on women subconsciously

…creating a one-of-a-kind…

…Synergistically Perfect

…that WILL make even the Hottest of women turn their heads… at you!

To make things even better

Secret Seduction Spray comes in a slim, designer ‘credit card’ black bottle that simply says ‘SSS’ for total discretion (meaning: you can carry it anywhere with you, and no one will know what it is).

It’s also incredibly EASY to use…

All you need is a few sprays on each wrist. And one on your neck. That’s it.

Do this when you’re about to interact with a woman you want to impress- say, before you go to the gym, work, a coffee shop, bars or nightclubs – and then simply act as normal.

‘Under-the-radar’? Totally.

Yet, it’s also totally ethical, so you can sleep easy my friend 😉

Here Are The Life-Changing “Attraction Breakthroughs” You’ll Experience When You Wear Secret Seduction Spray…

Remember: the spray gives you a dose of high quality Pheromones as soon as it settles in your skin.

So, when you interact with a woman, what happens is this:

Instead of being on guard, and having her “Bitch Face” on – women will be way more receptive and open to you striking up a conversation (or, they might just walk over to you and get the conversation started themselves)…

Instead of constantly “Shit-Testing You” – trying to make you ‘slip up,’ so they can find a reason to STOP the conversation, make their excuses and leave – they’ll be laughing at your jokes, interested in everything you have to say (even if your topic of conversation isn’t something they’re normally into)…

…and, IF there is a slight pause in the conversation – instead of women using that as an excuse to LEAVE, they’ll help you out by eagerly offering up something to talk about…

Instead of women pulling away when you try to touch them – or, worse… pulling back when you lean in for a KISS – they’ll be touching you… they’ll be instigating a kiss with you… they’ll be the ones who cannot get enough of being INTIMATE and PHYSICAL with YOU!

Secret Seduction Spray makes you Powerful:

a KING Among MEN…

It puts you in the 5% of men who have ALL the Dating Options (usually these guys are Rich Kids, High-Earners, Top Athletes, Celebrities, Rock Stars and so on).

The other 95% – the ‘regular guys’ – have to ‘fight for the scraps.’ And, what that means in reality, is this:

95% of single men go on just TWO dates a year

Most men settle for a woman they aren’t really even interested in, or even remotely attracted to

Many men are low on confidence, desperate, needy, insecure, sad and lonely

And, perhaps worst of all…

FACT: 30% of men under 35 NEVER have sex – like never, ever (leading to massive frustration)

​FACT: 40% of men fail to “pass on their genes” – they never get to have kids

I don’t need to tell you whether or not you want to be in the 95% or the Top 5%, right?

Right now, you might be desperate to try a bottle of Secret Seduction Spray.

After all – Secret Seduction Spray is hands down the quickest and easiest way to instantly become more attractive – so you can get the kind of woman you want…

…and, experience the kind of excitement and sex-life that you’ve been longing for.

The only trouble is this…

Secret Seduction Spray is in very limited supply.

You see, creating High Quality Pheromones – mixed in the precise ratios necessary to make you Magnetically Attractive to women – takes a lot of time, expense and effort.

FACT: Too much of any one ingredient will do the complete opposite and actually REPEL women!

I had to build and nurture relationships with different suppliers in various parts of the world, over the course of several months, in order to finally get the exact quality of Pheromones I wanted…

And, the suppliers I eventually found can only supply me with enough Pheromones to create a very limited number of bottles of Secret Seduction Spray at any one time.

It’s basically one b*tch of a process, for lack of a better phrase.

So, you really should know this:

THIS page is the ONLY place in the World where you can invest in your very own Secret Seduction Spray right now…

The limited quantity of bottles I have in stock WILL be sold on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

And, when they’re gone – THEY’RE GONE.

I’ve no idea when there will be more back in stock (I was recently out of stock for nearly 3 months because I refuse to compromise on the quality of Secret Seduction Spray, so I’ll only have it made when my preferred suppliers can provide me with all the raw materials)…

… And this is how many people I had on the waiting list while I was waiting for new stock to arrive:

If you want to eliminate your Approach Anxiety, stop getting “Friend Zoned,” and feel more Confident around women, you need to…

…grab a bottle of Secret Seduction Spray on this page, today. Right now.

If you can see this letter – there are still bottles available.

However, if you leave it too long – this letter WILL almost certainly be replaced by a SOLD-OUT page… again:

You don’t want to see that page!

The truth is that Secret Seduction Spray is going to change your life… giving you the kind of “Dating Options” most men can only dream of…

You’ll be dressing up every weekend, taking red-hot women on RED-HOT dates…

Amazing women will see you as ‘boyfriend material’…

You’ll be the kind of popular guy women WANT, and other men RESPECT and ADMIRE.

Secret Seduction Spray is a one-of-a-kind, minimal effort required method of making women ATTRACTED to you… hot, wet and horny for you… head-over-heels, truly madly deeply in-love with you.

And, this letter is being read by some VERY wealthy men…

Men who have everything – the big house, fast cars, luxury Carribean Vacations, fancy Swiss watches, and, well, everything except a red-hot sex-life! (Note: I know, for a fact, that one of my regular customers – who purchases a bottle of Seduction Spray every month, is a Billionaire).

Do you think those wealthy guys would happily pay a small fortune to get the one thing they don’t have – the thing they REALLY want?

That ‘one thing’ being positive attention from hot, sexy women?

And, that means I could basically charge whatever I like for Secret Seduction Spray.

You see, when you’re worth MILLIONS of DOLLARS – you wouldn’t think twice about spending $10,000, or more, on a spray that’s going to make you irresistible to women (even women who are younger, and way more attractive than you).

But, we both know I’m not going to charge you $10,000.

Because I’m all about helping guys who TAKE ACTION.

I’m not here to charge a few rich men a small fortune for the precious bottles of Secret Seduction Spray I have in stock.

Instead, I’m going to reward the guys who act FASTEST… the guys who read this letter and Take Immediate Action.

So, What Exactly Is a Bottle of “Secret Seduction Spray” Going to Cost You?

Well, we’ve already decided it’s not gonna be $10,000 – even though many of the rich guys reading this letter would pay it.

And, it’s not gonna cost you $5,000 – or even $1,000.

See, right here, today, on this very page – you can get a bottle of Secret Seduction Spray for just $97.

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A measly $97 for INSTANT Sexual Attraction – that sounds like a damn good deal to me!

Just be aware that $97 is a special price. Only available for a LIMITED TIME (until the remaining stock sells out).

When I eventually get more Secret Seduction Spray in stock, and re-release it – it’ll cost at least $197 per bottle.

You really are reading this correctly.

And I know it seems like MADNESS…

Right here, right now, today – you can get your hands on a spray that takes 3 seconds to apply…

A Spray That Makes You

Irresistible To Women…

Making them highly attracted to you…

Giving you endless choice when it comes to Dating…

Giving YOU All The Power.

And “YES” – Secret Seduction Spray will give you this kind of advantage in the dating game even if you’ve been USELESS with women all your life…

…even if you’re NOT very good looking…

…and even if you’re used to women putting you in the “Friend Zone,” or not even giving you the time of day.

And, all it’s gonna cost you is $97.

To change your life beyond recognition.

You can pay that for a meal for two, and a couple glasses of wine at a restaurant.

Heck, many people spend 100 bucks on an eBook that teaches them a bunch of crappy “Pick Up Lines” that don’t even work…

A bunch of crappy “Pick Up Lines” that women LAUGH at, or are REPELLED by.

Other guys spend 500, 1000 dollars or more on some “Pick Up Seminar or Boot Camp” where they basically pay to watch some “Dating Guru” talk to women and show off his “Seduction Skills.”

Skills the “Dating Guru” never actually successfully teaches the SUCKERS paying the money how to use.

Secret Seduction Spray WILL change your life…

By helping you get more positive Female Attention than you can handle…

And, as a result – remarkably improving the quality of your sex-life.

And, that’s not all. There’s more GOOD NEWS…

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Try Secret Seduction Spray for a FULL 60 days…

Then, if you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase – for ANY reason – just send me back the bottle… even if it’s empty.

And shoot me an email directly: – and I’ll personally refund you in full…

Promptly and courteously. No questions asked.

I feel this is as fair as I can be. Because this Iron-Clad money-back guarantee let’s you try out Secret Seduction Spray with NO RISK…

Meaning you’d be crazy NOT to give it a try! 😉

What have you got to lose?

You might be wondering how I can offer such an awesome guarantee…

I can offer this guarantee because Secret Seduction Spray is PROVEN to work (by 67,873 men)… and I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that it’ll work for you too!

This spray looks like Premium Cologne (so nobody will even know what it is)…

It’s coded ‘SSS’, short for Secret Seduction Spray – so only we know what it means 😉

And, to make yourself irresistible to ANY woman – all you do is simply spray a few times on each wrist, and on your neck.

It took you all of 3 seconds!

Then watch the MAGIC unfold… as women react differently to you…

Eagerly listening to everything you have to say…

Giggling at all your jokes…

Being all “touchy-feely” and ‘accidentally’ brushing your cock…

Asking you “when you’re going to call”…

Guiding you to the Bedroom…

Wanting to be your Woman!

Secret Seduction Spray is awesome. And, I really doubt you’ll be asking for a refund…

It’s just good for you to know the Money-Back Guarantee is there – so you can try without worrying about the money! With total peace of mind.

…if the Spray didn’t work – my customers would HATE me, and I’d already be BANKRUPT and out of Business with that kind of Guarantee!

Secret Seduction Spray has been on the market several years, and thousands of guys buy it every single month!

A FREE ‘Fast-Acting’

Bonus worth $97

When you invest in Secret Seduction Spray today, not only can you save over 50% OFF

You can also get your hands on a Special FREE Bonus called:

The Secret Seduction Spray

Attraction Guide

The Secret Seduction Spray

Attraction Guide

*NOTE: Your complimentary copy of The Secret Seduction Spray Attraction Guide – worth $97 is a digital product and will be available for immediate download, as soon as your payment has been accepted. Images are for illustration purposes only.

To help you get MAXIMUM Results from the spray, I’m also including this useful guide when you invest in “SSS” today.

Sure, in simple terms, using the spray is as EASY as: “applying a couple of sprays on each wrist, and on your neck.”

However, the guide will help you “supercharge” your results – and truly take them to the next level. If Secret Seduction Spray is the Fire, this guide is the Gasoline…

It quite simply BLOWS UP your Results… exploding them into the Stratosphere!

Many customers have told me this guide was worth several hundred dollars on it’s own!

Here’s just a Little Taste of What You’ll Discover in The Secret Seduction Spray Attraction Guide:

5 Rules for using Secret Seduction Spray with Success – including a couple of “No No’s” that can lessen, or even completely destroy its effectiveness (read this section carefully, before using the spray). Pages 4-8

How to use your Body Language to ATTRACT Beautiful Women (use these suggestions while wearing Secret Seduction Spray and you’ll be swarmed with positive female attention, making you feel totally unstoppable) Page 10 onwards

A common mistake to avoid when interacting with women – because it instantly KILLS attraction, no matter how well everything was going before (avoid at all costs – sadly: 80% of guys make this MISTAKE without even realizing it). Pages 17 and 18

How to know when a woman is ready to be approached – Master this Skill, and use it when you’re wearing the Spray, and every approach will be a SUCCESS (prepare to get A LOT of Phone Numbers, and go on A LOT of Dates 😉 Page 21

How to Close a Conversation in a way that guarantees you – get her contact details, and she responds in a timely, enthusiastic manner to your follow up texts & calls (this pretty much totally eliminates the possibility of her flaking on you). Page 25

The Secret Seduction Spray Guide is everything you ever wanted to know about how to meet, attract and set up dates with drop-dead gorgeous women.

Combine what you learn in the guide, with the Spray, and you’re Fortunes with Women are going to be transformed! Thank me later.

(when you invest in Secret Seduction Spray today).

Don’t Die with The Same Regret 97% of Men Go to The Grave With…

Most men DIE – they ‘go to The Grave’ – with one very BIG regret…

The regret of not dating the kind of women they wanted to… and eventually settling down with a woman they weren’t really into.

Never settling down at all, spending most of their adult life miserable, depressed and LONELY…

…starved of companionship, connection, intimacy and sexual satisfaction…

…their last years spent ALONE – no wife, no kids, no grandchildren – waiting to gasp their last breath.

Dating for 90% of men is a ROCKY ROAD of uncertainty…

You spend years struggling to approach women, and then when you finally pluck up the courage to do so…

The conversation falls embarrassingly flat-on-it’s-face within minutes (or even seconds)… the woman makes her excuses and leaves… and there’s nothing you can do to change her mind…


Now and then you get ‘lucky’… and a woman is willing to give you some time. She goes on a couple dates with you, and you find yourself falling for her

Between dates you can’t stop thinking about her…

Re-reading her messages over and over again….

You fantasize about hanging out with her…

Heck, maybe you even picture spending your entire life with her… getting married, having kids, and living “happily ever after.”

She goes silent and eventually GHOSTS you. She FLAKES. You never hear from her again. And, you have no idea why, or how to fix it.

Confusion. Heartache. Your confidence in tatters.

You don’t know where it all went wrong… leaving history repeats itself, over and over again…

You think about giving up. Maybe you think about PAYING for sex.

This cycle of struggling to meet women…

Them getting bored of you…

And finally, cutting you off…

For many guys, this happens over and over again. Until that is

They Have No Choice But to Finally LOWER Their Standards and ‘Make Do’…

And, instead of trying to date hot, sexy, confident, intelligent women… the kind of women they always wanted to be with…

They lower their standards and start to SCRAPE the barrel…

They put great women on a pedestal and convince themselves they aren’t good enough for them…

…justifying their decision to start dating women who they don’t really find hot or sexy… women whose company they don’t even enjoy.

And, then, in the end, as the years go by, they figure:

“Well, I sure-as-hell ain’t getting any younger, so I may as well just settle with (insert name of some average, undesirable chick). She’s not that bad I guess?”

And, guess what happens next?

They get married… They have kids…

They end up having boring, tedious SEX (or no sex whatsoever)… because the women they settled for are INSECURE and emotionally SCREWED UP – the kind of women who don’t really like sex anyway.

And that’s how it goes for many guys!

Do You Really Want THAT Kind of Life?

Is THAT really how you want to live?

If it is, you might as well STOP reading this letter right now, because Secret Seduction Spray is NOT for you!

However, if you’re committed to dating the kind of women you deserve – attractive, intelligent, emotionally healthy women who respect and admire you – then you know what to do…

Grab a Bottle of Secret

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Because, when you do THAT:

You’ll “Upgrade your Pheromones” – instantly making yourself much more attractive to women than you’ve ever been before

You’ll find women to be much more responsive to your advances – and, women will start to approach YOU (so you’ll no longer feel invisible and unnoticed)

Regardless of how you look, women will be much more attracted to you – and they’ll want to get intimate and physical with you (so you’ll no longer get “Friend Zoned”, Flaked on, or used for money)

Women who you previously thought were “Way Out of Your League” will be into you – allowing you to bag your Dream Girl (getting you Likes and Positive Comments from your Friends and Family, both in person and on Social Media)

You’ll be able to command attention in any scenario – including: at work, in coffee shops, at the gym, in bars and nightclubs, at the park, or even just walking down the street (and “YES” – Secret Seduction Spray can help you to make a success of things with a woman you’ve previously ‘blown it’ with)

Conversations will flow much easier – because women won’t be looking for excuses to END the conversation (instead, they’ll actually be looking for ways to KEEP IT GOING, and get their Phone Numbers in your Phone!… because they’re so attracted to you)

Ultimately, when you Wear Secret Seduction Spray…

You’ll get 10X as much positive

attention from women

You’ll have unlimited Dating


You’ll be able to get a Beautiful


You’ll make women see you as potential “Boyfriend Material”

You’ll make women see you in a

Sexual way

You’ll have the romantic moments that you’ve always wanted

To begin reaping all these benefits and more, all you need to do is THIS

>> Apply Secret Seduction Spray on your left wrist, your right wrist, and on your neck.

Let the pheromones settle in your skin…

Then interact with women as normal – and they’ll be way more ‘into you’… because Secret Seduction Spray will be giving you an extreme boost of Magnetically Attractive Pheromones…

When you have high quality Pheromones – women will find it extremely hard to resist you (even if you’re not her ‘usual type’)…

Because Pheromones trigger ‘Animalistic Mating Urges’ in women, on a deep, subconscious level – bypassing the rational part of her brain. Meaning that when women sense your Pheromones…

They’ll want you. Yet they can’t explain why!

And, all of this makes Secret Seduction Spray:

Hands down the quickest and easiest way to become incredibly sexually attractive to women!

Choose your Special Offer Time-Sensitive Order Option below, follow the simple, safe and secure 1-Step Checkout Process

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Troy Valance, Dating Coach

Creator of Secret Seduction Spray

P.S. Secret Seduction Spray makes meeting, attracting, dating and bedding the exact kind of women YOU want, as EASY as possible…

That’s true whether you’re looking to find ‘the one’ and settle down, OR if you’re looking to ‘play the field.’

You see, when you apply Secret Seduction Spray to both your wrists, you give yourself a ‘Secret Weapon’ in the GAME of ATTRACTION.

Secret Seduction Spray gives you a higher quality of Pheromones.

And, since Pheromones ATTRACT women – this makes you instantly more sexually attractive to ANY woman you interact with…

Be it some hot dirty girl you just met at a strip club…

Your sexy colleague in the office, who has never previously noticed you or given you the time of day…

The impossibly fit Gym Bunny all the guys swoon over while working out…

Or even a woman you blew it with in the past….

Whatever the case – when you wear Secret Seduction Spray – women are going to want to get to know you… over coffee, on dates, and in the bedroom!

Secret Seduction Spray is the ultimate way to:

Instantly make yourself way

more attractive to women

Get women approaching


Become more popular and get the respect you deserve (from your friends, family and women)

Get the kind of hot, sexy girlfriend you’ve always wanted

The fact that this powerful spray is discreet so you can take in everywhere, and takes just seconds to apply – is ‘The Icing On The Cake’

P.P.S. When you invest in Secret Seduction Spray today – you do so RISK-FREE. Because you’re covered by my no questions asked, 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Making it a ‘no-brainer’ for you to try.

And, in the unlikely event that you do ask for a refund, I’ll still let you keep the Bonuses. Can’t say fairer than that!

P.P.P.S. When you order right now, today, you also get a Special FREE Bonus (worth $97): The Secret Seduction Spray Attraction Guide (this PDF contains everything you need to know about how to get MAXIMUM RESULTS from the spray).

Choose your Order Option below and follow the simple, safe and secure 1-step Checkout Process…

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3 Bottles Delivered Every 3 Months

2 Bottle

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2 Bottles Delivered Every 2 Months

Frequently Asked Questions About Secret Seduction Spray…

Please allow:

3-5 working days for US deliveries.

For International Orders: Please allow up to 14 days.

If you have any questions about your order – simply email my support team:


Secret Seduction Spray is a SAFE and NATURAL way to increase the quality of your Pheromones…

Making you instantly more attractive to women.

Secret Seduction Spray will work on some women better than others. For example, women in perimenopause may respond less favourably than those who are not.

But, it will work on the vast majority of women.

You see, here’s the thing…

High Quality Pheromones ATTRACT women on a deep subconscious level. Triggering ‘Animalistic Mating Urges’.

You know when you hear a woman say:

“I’m really into that guy, and I just can’t keep my hands off him. Yet, the weird thing is – he’s not really ‘my usual type?’”

Well, when women say that…

You can pretty much guarantee that they’ve been attracted to a guy with super-powerful Pheromones.

And, that’s what Secret Seduction Spray gives you – POWERFUL Pheromones that trigger instant sexual attraction…

Regardless of whether you’ve known the woman 30 seconds, or 30 years.

If you’re not a jerk and can string a sentence or two together, then it will work for you.

You bet it is.

In a plain jiffy bag with no mention of the product on the package.

Your Credit Card Statement will simply say Clkbank or Clickbank.

Using Secret Seduction Spray is as quick and easy as it gets…

Before interacting with your woman, simply apply:

– a few sprays on your left wrist

– a few sprays on your right wrist


– a few sprays on your neck

Can’t get much easier than that.

Then get talking to your woman as normal. Just be prepared for her to be way more ‘into you’ than she’s ever been before!

You’re welcome.


Either you love it or you get your money back.

That’s a promise.

An Important Note From The Creator of Secret Seduction Spray – Troy Valance:

Warning: Please Read This Carefully, Before You Invest In a Bottle of Secret Seduction Spray

Secret Seduction Spray is ‘the real deal.’

It works. Like a charm.

Giving you stronger, more POWERFUL pheromones… making you Magnetically Attractive, and irresistible to women.

The end result?

When you use Secret Seduction Spray…

…you’ll find it easier to approach women (and oftentimes women will approach YOU)…

…you’ll go on more dates (in fact, you might end up with so many hot, sexy “female admirers” that you don’t know what to do with them all)…

…you’ll be much more popular, and a lot less lonely (no more jerking off to Porn – you’ll be “getting intimate” with REAL women)…

…you’ll have CHOICES when it comes to ‘dating’ (so you don’t have to do what most DESPERATE guys do: settle for a woman they’re not really into).

…you’ll finally be able to land the Dream Girlfriend you’ve always wanted (earning you mad respect from your friends, and satisfying approval from your family).

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a woman you’ve just met at the gym, or in a coffee shop, bar or nightclub…

Or a girl you’ve been FRIENDS with for years…

Or even a Total Bombshell you embarrassingly messed it up with in the past…

When you interact with any woman while you’re wearing Secret Seduction Spray…

She’s gonna be A LOT more ‘into you.’

More attracted to you…

Happy to spend time with you…

Eager to GO TO BED with you!

Yet, I also want to point something out to you that’s really important. I wanna be totally honest and upfront with you…

The World’s Most Powerful Aphrodisiac?

I feel it’s FAIR, and ACCURATE, to say that Secret Seduction Spray is the World’s most powerful Aphrodisiac.

You know, I spent years figuring out how to meet, attract, date and sleep with beautiful women. And, thousands of men paid me handsomely to teach them the same “Pick-Up and Dating” techniques I spent over a decade perfecting.

Yet, Secret Seduction Spray gives me an advantage with women that nothing else I’ve discovered can compare to!

I use the Spray exactly how you’ll use your bottle when it arrives in the post…

A couple quick sprays on each wrist and one on your neck. Then I interact with women as usual…

And, they’re just WAY MORE into it. Way more up for chatting, flirting, exchanging phone numbers, going on dates, and “YES”…

Now. All of this is true for me (and the other 67,873 men who are already using Secret Seduction Spray) when I use it with my girlfriend – and when I used it in the past to help me pick-up new women in nightclubs, bars and anywhere else I happened to get talking to girls!

Here’s the important bit…

You still have to put some effort in!

If you think you can binge on Netflix, or play Video Games… and, just because you’re wearing Secret Seduction Spray – girls are gonna come find you, fly in through the window on a Magic Carpet, and fuck you…

…Then, you’re clearly an idiot or deluded. And I don’t want you to waste your money on my precious Spray..

Likewise, if you think that you can have awful body odour, foul breath, dress like a clown, act like a a-hole, and generally treat women like crap – and still get laid just because you’re wearing Secret Seduction Spray…

Again, that’s NOT gonna happen.

The spray works. Period. Full Stop. The End.

As PROVEN by 67,873 happy, satisfied customers. The testimonials keep on flowing in, every day.

It makes women much more ‘into you.’

However, you still need to put a little effort in. You still need to be a little interesting, and at least semi-confident.

You can’t be a total bore.

You can’t just look at the floor, shuffling your feet, mumbling your way through a conversation and expect women to dig you.

The spray can’t turn The Elephant Man into Brad Pitt!

But, it can make you A LOT more attractive to women. You just need to make sure you’re actually making the effort to:

Interact with women (which obviously involves LEAVING THE HOUSE)

Be a decent guy when you interact with women (you know… have something at least semi-interesting to say, crack the odd joke, be a good listener when she’s talking, be a Gentleman and hold doors open for her and so on)

If you can do those couple simple things – which I’m sure you can! – then you’re gonna love what Secret Seduction Spray can do for you…

Because it’s gonna get you laid like a hooker. HARD, and OFTEN.

Enjoy it, and lemme know how you get on…

International Dating Coach, Creator of Secret Seduction Spray

Grab a Bottle of Secret

Seduction Spray already!

More Stories From Guys Who Created Amazing Sex Lives Using the Secret Seduction Spray…

*Note: Names have been changed for privacy reasons

Within minutes we were having the best sex we have ever had in a long time!..

“ I honestly didn’t know what to expect as there are so much bogus stuff about on the Internet. Read the positive reviews and decided to take the plunge, hoping it would bring some ‘Oomph’ back into my marriage. We’ve been married for almost 8 years and the sex slowly dwindled to barely once a week due to long working hours and having to look after 3 kids. The very first time I sprayed myself, the missus said she liked my new ‘aftershave’, so the next morning I got up a little earlier, sprayed myself a few of times and climbed back into bed – and within 20 minutes she got under the covers to ‘Face-Time’ me and not much longer after that, we were romping away like a couple of teenagers! Thanks Troy, the Spray has definitely saved my sex life! ”

This stuff turns you into a babe magnet…!

“ Wow! This stuff is amazing. I put a couple of sprays and it lasted the entire night. My girlfriend loves the scent (more towards the end note) and I get comments from other girls too, this stuff turns you into a babe magnet! Can’t be happier and will definitely be buying more! Cheers! ”

– Riley Pierce, 26, Texas

The girls in my office are really starting to take notice of me and getting more attention than normal…

“ This stuff smells great, and I hate most aftershaves the best of times. Does it work? I don’t know but I DO know that I’m getting a lot more attention from girls! My girlfriend started buying slutty underwear and naughty outfits to dress up in. The girls in my office are really starting to take notice of me and getting more attention than normal. I think I made the right choice with this one! ”

– Seth Wilson, 34, Alabama

Best pheromone product on the market by far…

“ I’m not new to pheromones sprays so I thought I would give this spray a go after reading all the rave reviews. I’ve only been wearing it for a few days but I’ve lost count of how many compliments I’ve been getting – literally everywhere I go. Just a couple of days ago a girl tapped me on my shoulder on the street and said “Excuse me, sorry but I just caught a whiff of your aftershave and had to ask what brand it is” This is the best pheromone product on the market by far! Highly recommended! ”

– Wiley Sewell, 24, Georgia

The Secret Seduction Spray is my new secret weapon…!

“ Does the spray work? Well if it didn’t then I wouldn’t have purchased 4 more bottles 😉 It smells fantastic and the girls in my office always comments on how manly I smell. They don’t mention any other aftershave I put on, only this one. The Secret Seduction Spray is my new secret weapon! Cheers Troy ”

– Randall Hammond, 29, Oregon

Was it the spray? I don’t know but it’s TOO much of a coincidence NOT to be…

“ Disclaimer – I am not the most attractive guy in the world. 48 years of age, 5’4” with a receding hairline. My teeth ain’t so good either. Did women pounce all over me when I used the spray? No, of course not. But strangely enough, it did give me a RAPID boost of confidence… then something even stranger happened – women started talking to me. I don’t mean in a sexual way or anything like that – I mean prolonged, meaningful conversations in a variety of situations. Was it the Spray? I don’t know, but it TOO much of a coincidence for it NOT to be! ”

– Briggs Olson, 57, Connecticut

I’m sure the Seduction Spray was responsible for this – no doubt about it …

“ I happily married and in my 50’s so I didn’t buy the spray to ‘get laid’ so to speak. I work in the fashion industry so suffice to say that I am constantly surrounded by women of all ages so I got the spray to see if it would improve my working relationships with them… and it did!! There are too many examples to give but if I had to choose one then I would be about ‘Mandy’. I work closely with this girl and she is honestly THE most demanding, precious person I have ever worked with. Just full of her own self-importance. But I noticed that after using the spray for about 3 days, she was a lot friendlier towards me. As in, she would ask me questions about myself – which had NOTHING to do with work. I’m sure the Seduction Spray was responsible for this – no doubt about it. Thanks Troy, you have a winner on your hands! ”

– Dan McGrath, 54, Maryland

The spray is a great ice-breaker because WOMEN actually approach YOU

“ I’m a natural sceptic. Add to the fact that I have seen (and used) quite a few ‘pheromone’ sprays in my time and the results were, at best lacklustre and at worst – nothing. Nada. Zilch. But I thought “Meh, what the heck – it’s only a few bucks” and Thank the heavens I did! Women didn’t suddenly go all cray, cray over me, but the compliments did start flooding in about the scent (which is top notch)… which lead on to more conversation… which lead to exchanging numbers… which lead on to…you get my drift! The spray is definitely a great ice-breaker because WOMEN actually approach YOU! ”

– Anthony Whitehead, 32, Ohio

She gave me a kiss at the door… and then…

“ Ok, so I was dating this girl for a solid 3 months. We’d been on a dozen dates in that time but it never got past the first kiss so I was beginning to question whether or not she even liked me. When I first tried on the spray, I thought that the scent was very subtle and not overpowering. It reminded me a bit of Issey Miyake (I think that’s how to spell it). We went out for a meal that evening and afterwards I walked her home, as I always do. She gave me a kiss at the door… and then asked if I wanted to come in! And no, this isn’t the part where I tell you we had sex, because we didn’t! Why? Because I FREAKED OUT when she asked me to come in! Understand that she’s NEVER asked me to come in before. It was always a kiss at the door and she goes inside and I make my way back home to jerk off! Next time!!! ”

Lost count on how many times I have had compliments and second glances from women…

“ Recently received my order and was pleasantly surprised how addictive the scent was – it brought a bout of nostalgia. I have lost count on how many times I have had compliments and second glances from women. As a single guy, I can testify that the spray will give you attention. As to how much will depend on the individual I guess. But I’m of average looks and height so I guess if I manage to get second glances, you probably will too! ”

– Asher Seitz, 44, New Hampshire

I strut around like I’m King Kong Dong everything I apply the spray!

“ Wanted this spay to give myself an edge – and an edge I got! Ask and you shall receive and all that eh?! Been using it for nearly a week now and it’s the BOMB! Don’t know if it has something in it to make your balls swell up cos I strut around like I’m King Kong Dong everything I apply the spray! Smells great, long lasting – already placed an order for 6 more bottles! Thanks Troy ”

– Neil Branham, 36, New Jersey

If you’re still sitting on the fence, jump off and get yourself a bottle…

“ I have always struggled with dating. It’s not that I’m butt ugly or anything, but I just struggle to get through that initial barrier. Now I don’t believe in magic potions, but this Seduction Spray comes pretty damn close! Since using the Spray, I’ve noticed the attention and conversations I have with women has greatly improved – thus boosting my inner confidence. If you’re still sitting on the fence, jump off and get yourself a bottle. Take it from someone who’s going to get laid tonight ”

– Alfred Hollingsworth, 33, Nevada

Within a week of applying the spray, I was BALLS DEEP in her ass…

“ The scent smells fantastic! My girlfriend LOVES it! Yeah, I have a girlfriend so I bought this for us – to see if it would spice up our sex life. I don’t want to bore you with all the details but she made a deal with me 6 years ago: She would give me anal sex only after we got married – no if or buts. Within a week of applying the spray, I was BALLS DEEP in her ass, and there’s no ring on her finger! Haha! Thanks Troy, you are one gangsta brother! ”

– Charles Winslow, 38, Oklahoma

You WILL get more attention from women because they WILL comment on the scent…

“ Troy, before I write you a quick testimonial, could you send me a few more bottles because I’m running dangerously low! Okay, so the testimonial is simply this: It works. And by ‘work’ I mean that you WILL get more attention from women because they WILL comment on the scent. I get asked “what’s that scent you’re wearing?” from women AND men (not my bag) all the time. Some are hot and some not so hot. So, if it’s attention that you want, get the Seduction Spray. If attention isn’t what you want, don’t get the spray. ”

– Luke Sadler, 24, Nebraska

One date I had couldn’t wait to get me back to her place as soon as we walked through the door…

“ One date I had couldn’t wait to get me back to her place as soon as we walked through the door…” Wasn’t sure what I was expecting from this stuff and to be honest didn’t think it was going to work. First day I used the Seduction Spray I thought the smell was nice and that was it. Walked into work and within 30 minutes I was getting second glances and the girls in my office started to talk to me more (by the way this never happened to me before ever!) It gave me the confidence to go talk to them and you know what I loved it! I have been using daily and getting more and more confident and now I’m going out on dates and things are going really well. One date I had couldn’t wait to get me back to her place as soon as we walked through the door! The confidence this spray gives you only enhances your performance as it makes you feel amazing. Need to make sure I get some more soon ”

– James Roberts, 42, Cyprus

The stares and compliments just kept coming… and coming…

“ First time I used this spray I was pleasantly surprised as to how nice it smelled because I didn’t know what to expect. It’s not overbearing at all which is really good. The first compliment I got was in lift on my way to work, being in close proximity to another girl is always good but when she comments on how good you smell is an amazing feeling and the stares and compliments just kept coming. I find that if I use a couple of sprays on my chest and on the back of my neck works the best. ”

– Bryant Ignacio, 29, New Mexico

She struck up a conversation with me in a bar chock full of men!

“ I received the Seduction Spray last Friday and decided to test it out over the weekend. I got to the club before my friends so I headed over to the bar first. I ordered my drink from a female bar staff as per usual. But what was UNUSUAL was how she lingered around afterwards. Then she struck up a conversation with me in a bar chock full of men! This has NEVER happened to me in the 37 years of my life! I’m a believer! Going to douse myself in this stuff everyday now! ”

– Reid Benjamin, 37, Colorado

She found herself being unable to keep her hands off me

“ I have tried quite a few pheromone scents in the market so this was more of an experiment to see which one works the best, I decided that before I go to the gym I would use my Seduction Spray as the mixture of sweat and testosterone would increase my natural scent. I found that my instinct was right as soon as I got home the attitude of my wife changed dramatically and she found herself being unable to keep her hands off me. Suffice it to say I had about 3 workouts that day!”

– Steve Murdock, 26, Arizona

This is something I could DEFINATEY get used to…

“ I am fairly new to the world of pheromones so I don’t know what constitutes as a “good” spray, but found this one to be extremely good. Good in a sense that girls random girls would just approach me and strike up random conversations! This is something I can DEFINITELY get used to! ”

– Nick Cummins, 34, Hawaii

Let me start by saying that this product is smells SUPER DUPER…!

“ Let me start by saying that this product is smells SUPER DUPER! I am not saying that one spray will guaranteed to get you laid but one spray it all it take to get things going! I deliver pizza in my spare time and I get lots of compliments from female pizza lovers as I’m fishing around for change! Gonna try this out in a club this weekend and will keep you posted on the results! ”

– Garrett Thompson, 31, California

I would just like to THANK YOU Troy for creating this amazing Seduction Spray…

“ I would just like to say THANK YOU Troy for creating this AMAZING Seduction Spray! I got my bottle a few weeks ago and was eager to try it out on this girl at my office – let’s call her ‘Mandy’. Me and Mandy flirt at work but I never plucked up enough courage to ask her out of a date. The only time we’ve been out was on works night. However it all changed when I started using the spray. Within 3 days of using the spray, she asked me if I liked watching horror movies – and I replied yes (I lied). Anyways, she then asked me if I wanted to go to the cinema with her to watch a horror. Yep! She asked ME out on a date! Now I just have to sit through this movie… ”

– Bob Kingfisher, 30, Massachusetts

I haven’t stopped getting compliments all week…!

“ If you are looking for something that works then this Seduction Spray is the product to use, its fresh smelling and masculine, only a few sprays and it lasts for a whole day. The pheromones give it an extra boost and undoubtedly gets women’s attention. I haven’t stopped getting compliments all week! If you are looking for something different then Seduction spray is for you. ”

– Dewitt Vazques, 26, Florida

I found myself being a lot more confident and flirting more with girls with ease

“ As a notorious sceptic, I find myself writing this review as a converted man. Having used the sample size, I thought that nothing would happen and would just go about my everyday thinking the same about all these sorts of products – but I will say this: I was getting A LOT more attention than I am accustomed to. I found myself being a lot more confident and flirting more with girls with ease. I think that further testing to determine its true impact will be required, but one first use I will absolutely be ordering more. ”

– Wade Reynolds, 25, Washington

Troy, you are at genius level with your Seduction Spray…

“ Been using this spray for the last couple of weeks and think this stuff is brilliant. Troy, you are at genius level with your Seduction Spray – a scent that not smells fantastic but also doubles as a great conversation starter! Now I am not saying that it’s a magic wand and girls flock to your bed, but the amount of attention and compliments I’ve been receiving absolutely warrant a really good review. What’s more, I have noticed the affect it has had on my overall confidence, I am a lot more self-assured and really pay attention to how I look, which in turn makes girls stand up and take attention. I now have the confidence to go up to girls and start talking and leave the conversation with her phone number. ”

– Richie Caldwell, 33, Virginia

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this scent and the affect it has…

“ Speaking as an older man I was seeing 2 girls at the same time when I bought this spray. Within a couple of days of wearing the scent, they both noticed something different in how I smelled and were perplexed as to what it was. I since broke up with one of them and my current girlfriend (who is 20 years my junior) loves it, she kisses my body all over and the sex we have is amazing so much so that she is starting to wear me out! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this scent and the affect it has on her it’s truly amazing. One of the best products on the market and undoubtedly worth the money! ”

I have bought 3 bottles, and ordered 3 more…

“ If you are looking for a new scent that doesn’t break the bank but has an added boost that drives women wild then I recommend Seduction Spray. It smells phenomenal and the bottle design is slick to the max. I have bought 3 bottles, and ordered 3 more. Troy, please NEVER stop making this. ”

– Coles McGill, 24, Arkansas

“ Verdict: It works. I was naturally sceptical about purchasing it but 4 females that have usually ignored me in terms of distance changed their direction after applying this (I tried it in the morning and put a little on my face after a clean shave) and they actually became more physically closer to me after wearing this vs. not wearing it (several months). 2 of them actually mentioned that I smelled “sexy” – something that they never ever mentioned before this product. So, even though it may have been a confidence booster psychologically, for them to actually mention that this pheromone cologne makes me more “sexy” gives me the confidence to say “buy it and try it” without hesitation! ”

– Bob O’ Reily, 34, United Kingdom

Guys if you are hesitant to buy this product don’t be because this stuff works!!!!…

“ As someone who regularly buys pheromone based colognes I will say that Seduction Spray is one of the best in the market. I have tried so many but none of them give me the results I am looking for but when I started using this I really noticed a change. I go out quite a lot with my friends and always struggled to get talking to girls but after using this spray all that has changed. I was ordering a drink at the bar and got chatting to a group of girls and they couldn’t stop flirting with me, literally overtime I walked up to the bar a different group of girls would chat and flirt and I am not going to lie I loved the attention. Guys if you are hesitant to buy this product don’t be because this stuff works!!!! ”

– Eric Ho, 38, New Jersey

The Secret Seduction Spray has given me REMARKABLE results…

“ Over the years I have bought many pheromone-based sprays with varied results. Noticed I said ‘varied’. The Secret Seduction Spray has given me REMARKABLE results (deliberate caps). When I wear the scent, women gravitate towards me. From bars to clubs and even at the butchers! I couldn’t care less about the science behind it – all I know it that women love the scent, and so do I! Thanks for the creation Troy. ”

– Joshua Augustin, 44, New York

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