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“DAN’S GUIDE TO THE BEST RENEWABLE FOOD SUPPLY FOR ANY KIND OF DISASTER OR CRISIS” These products are digital. The image is for information purposes. We call it: “My Survival Farm” …and it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before… An A to Z guide on Survival Gardening and Permaculture for All Climates and Growing Conditions…

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These products are digital. The image is for information purposes.

We call it:

“My Survival Farm”

…and it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before… An
A to Z guide on Survival Gardening and Permaculture for All Climates and Growing Conditions that is easy to read and a joy to put into practice, full of photos, diagrams and step by step advice.

Even a kid can do this, in fact I encourage you to let the
little ones handle it, to teach them not just about self-reliance but
also about how Mother Nature works…

This Comprehensive Permaculture Guide Shows You:

  • How to plan, design and put into action high-yield survival garden
    that will literally keep
    you and your family fed for
    life, no matter
    what hits you, even when everyone else around you is starving to
    death. No digging and planting year after year and no daily watering
    because you’ll have more important things to worry about when

  • How to set up Highly Nutritious Soil for your plants. Do this before you
    plant anything and you’re on your way to setting your food forest on
    auto-pilot for decades to come. I’m gonna tell you this one “weird”
    thing to add to the mulch that’s not only highly effective
    but also 100% free (because you already have it in your home
    right now).

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to plant
    over 125 plants inside your permaculture garden
    . Plus, special instructions on choosing the right ones for your climate, with instructions for every Growing Zone in the world.. From Arizona to Alaska, you can do this

  • How To “Marry Plants”. You get the full table of Companion Plants that work well with one another as well as the ones you should NEVER be put together. I tell you
    which grow well together and help each-other survive and thrive, so
    they don’t ever compete for sunlight and

  • How To Drought-Proof Your Garden by using one or several of the included techniques that have you naturally harvesting and retaining all the water you do receive. These concepts have been used to turn a literal desert in the Middle East into an Oasis so it will work for you even if you are in Arizona or Australia

  • The best part about a No-Work Garden is that you don’t have to re-plant every year. The plants you will learn about just grow and grow, and all you do is harvest them. In some cases they yield food all-year round, slashing your grocery bills every single week

But That’s Not All That’s Included In This Comprehensive Permaculture Manual + Bonus Materials…

    How to grow STEVIA the most popular alternative sweetener on the market: It’s so much healthier and up to 200 times sweeter than sugar and calorie-free, meaning it does not affect blood sugar levels. (Tip: you can use it to bake survival bread and make your stockpile taste better)

  • How to take care of pests naturally, and
    without using any pesticides. There are certain plants that act as
    the food forest’s policemen by repelling “bad”
    insects. It’s in their best interest too, because if the
    plants around them die, they die.

  • The “secret” plants that are natural fertilizers,
    so you never have to spray your soil ever again. These little
    workers pull minerals from deep down the soil with their long roots
    then, when they die, the leaves fall next to your other plants and
    start decomposing. You won’t have to spend a dime on fertilizers
    ever again.

  • Next, we won’t just show you how to grow bees for pollination which will multiply your food production, but how to attract them using these bee-friendly plants creating a happy and healthy ecosystem.

  • How to make your own organic fertilizers, because chemicals and
    fossil-fuel based pesticides are the last things you want to put in
    your soil.

  • This guide includes in-depth information about each of the animals that are “permaculture friendly”. Most of
    them are really easy to grow, the get along well with your plants
    and, best part, they get fed by the farm so you don’t have to
    remember to do it many times a day.

  • What if you only have an apartment/balcony? Have no fear, because we’ve bent over backwards to find solutions for you. We’re going to let you in on some unique ways to make permaculture work in small spaces, so your food needs are covered if you can’t leave your apartment. We’ll share our best kept secrets on indoor gardening, that go beyond vertical stacking on walls and trellises.

  • How to make food hedges, to not only protect your front and back yard
    from outside view, but also to give you a secret source of tasty,
    nutritious foods.

  • We can’t wrap this up without talking about medicinal plants.
    In an SHTF situation, access to doctors and meds
    will be restricted
    , which is why you’ll need to grow
    these 50+ plants into your garden that alleviate or heal hundreds
    of diseases and conditions that could replace expensive prescriptions.

Plus, we’ll show you how to actually use them in an emergency, starting with burns, spider bites, warts and many more. The health
benefits from these plants are staggering: from lowering cholesterol
to improving eye sight, mobility and reducing stress
, there is not a
single organ in your body that won’t be improved.

this course is valuable whether you’re a seasoned
gardener, farmer, or just a prepper looking for a way to feed his
family once the stockpile is gone. No stone is left unturned. Our
plans that work for anyone, from Mainland U.S. to Alaska, Canada, the
U.K., Australia and any other place on earth.

At the same time, we filled it with dozens and dozens of secrets that I can
almost guarantee you didn’t know. We worked our rear ends off to make
sure that your survival garden will not fail you when the big one

But the
way I made this course a home run was that I added my own touch…
I added some crucial tips on how to hide and manage your survival
garden and the resulting food
so no one will ever touch
it. I can guarantee that no such course has ever been written from a
prepper’s perspective… because I looked!

reason I’m telling you all of this is because most people are
disappointed when they buy “another gardening ebook”,
because they’re hoping to find things they didn’t previously know.
Permaculture is a fresh new way of looking at gardening
and survival
not just because of what you can grow,
but how you do it…

Of course, I wanted to make this much more than just an e-book, so…

I decided to include these bonuses that I think you’ll enjoy

This product is digital. The image is for information purposes.

Bonus #1 is the Permaculture Action Plan and Checklist.

One thing I learned after writing thousands of pages of content, is that
folks often like to have an overview, something to serve as a
reminder of the key ideas as well as the order in which to do things.

This condensed version of the main course will make sure you avoid
the costly mistakes
that could mean little
or no yield from your garden in the first year
. Why
screw it up when you can get it right the first time?

This product is digital. The image is for information purposes.

Next we’ll give you over 10 example diagrams of permaculture
. They’re similar to what your own design will
look like, and will help you make your own customized plan quickly
and easily. The main course has plenty of diagrams, but these
will help you save time.

This product is digital. The image is for information purposes.

My 3rd bonus is called SHTF Water.
We talked about how this survival garden doesn’t need that much
water, but you sure will. We’ll cover everything you
need to know about water for survival purposes: storing, harvesting,
finding water sources in any terrain, and, of course, filtering and

This product is digital. The image is for information purposes.

The next two bonuses will help you deal with all that extra produce,
once you have your permaculture garden up and running. Canning
will help you Can everything the right way and
avoid spoiling your cans and getting infected with botulism…

This product is digital. The image is for information purposes.

…while Veggie Profits will help you sell your excess produce and make a few extra bucks to buy more preps. You can also barter with it post-collapse, to help you thrive when everyone else will be
digging through trash cans.

This product is digital. The image is for information purposes.

Believe it or not, there’s more. I decided to do something “foolish”
and might end up regretting it but… if you act now, while this
video is up, you’ll also get unrestricted access to the Family Survival Blueprints, my first and most treasured survival course that’s currently selling at
. It’s my “Survival 101” course, something I
think everyone needs to read and print out to have as
reference when the world goes dark.

You will be charged $49 for “My Survival Farm”.

Wow, that’s a lot of courses and…

you’re probably worried about the price

I’ve seen permaculture seminars costing a whopping
$1,500, and phone consultations starting at $150 an hour. That’s
just insane if you ask me…

And if you want to learn from the same sources that some people are paying
at least $800 for, and get their Permaculture Design Certificate,
be my guest. It’s not something I can afford, not when my
experts with 50+ years of garden and permaculture experience can write much better content.

So I decided to price the entire package below the $500 mark, because this
is something everyone should know
. If they taught this in
high-school, we’d all be a lot healthier, happier
and better prepared

In fact, I pushed the price even lower, well below the $100 tag. I
figured that if I really wanted to help people, I should charge what
I myself would spend for it.

That’s when I knew exactly how much to ask for it. You’ll be thrilled to know that, for now at least, you can get everything for a one time payment $49 and not a penny more.

You can save the 40 bucks on your grocery bill in one week once your garden
starts producing…

Speaking of which, the sooner you start, the sooner this little ecosystem will
start feeding your family. No farm grows overnight, and permaculture
gardens are no exception. Click the button below, and you can literally start reading and planning within minutes.

You will be charged $49 for “My Survival Farm”.

As you know, time just isn’t on our side when it comes to survival
preparation. Whether it’s building a food stockpile, learning
survival skills or setting up a bug out retreat, the sooner you start
doing them, the more prepared you are when the unthinkable happens.
Same thing with survival farming.

Sure, you will make some mistakes,
but me and my experts are just an e-mail away if you ever need us.
You won’t get this kind of support from any other gardening
course on Amazon.

And if you try it and think this isn’t for you, no problem. Many
would rather stick to their stockpile, thinking things will go back
to normal after a while… groceries stores will re-open, and
they’ll be able to buy supermarket food once more…

But as someone who lives and breathes survival every day, I highly
doubt it’ll be the case.

When the big one hits, things will NOT go back to normal anytime
soon. 5, 10 or even 20 years of famine, political and social unrest
and people killing each-other for a loaf of bread… We’re
looking at some tough times ahead…

you look at it, there aren’t that many food options…

Your first option would be to set up an
aquaponics system. They’re
pretty popular these days but have obvious flaws that make them
impractical for the average prepper. They not only need DAILY
monitoring, but also work on electricity, meaning that they’re
useless in case of an EMP. In fact, even a simple power outage will
kill all your plants and fish, because they need electricity in order
to survive.

Your second option would be to start a traditional garden. If you put
in the hard work and are willing to re-plant every year at the
right time and spray pesticides, your will see results…
unless pests or disease hit your crop hard. You’ll also have to
guard it for looters every night AND worry about crop rotation and
seeds. All of this is manageable but requires continuous effort on
your part.

Besides, where are you going to find pesticides post-collapse?

Or you can choose the 3rd and
best option:
to work with Mother Nature and not
against her… Let her feed you and your family by
starting a hidden survival farm
that not even a drone could spot from above…

The costs to set it up and maintain are much smaller compared to a
traditional garden… because you don’t need to buy
pesticides every year, you don’t need fancy gardening tools and
equipment, you don’t need that many seeds and you don’t
even need to water it that often because the ditches you’ll dig
should be enough in most of the cases…

The costs are unbelievably low, and the return on investment is in the 4
figures after a few years…

Now, I understand if you’re feeling iffy about handing some stranger
your money, but the price doesn’t even matter because you’re
fully protected by my iron-clad a 60-day guarantee.

If you’ve ever bought anything from me before,
you know I’m a man of my word and
I ALWAYS keep my

And now, I need you to promise me something:
that you won’t leave your family’s fate to chance by not having a
renewable food supply. This hole in your survival plan needs to be
fixed ASAP, and the best way to do it is to start your own
survival garden
. Embrace permaculture because it’s not just
a bunch of gardening techniques, it’s a way of life.

As Bill Mollison, the father of permaculture once said, “the only
ethical decision is to take responsibility for our own existence and
that of our children.”

So click the button below to get started designing your little slice of

You will be charged $49 for “My Survival Farm”.

Frequently asked questions

Question: Will This Work If I Live in ______?

Definitely! I designed this guide with information for all growing zones and all growing conditions. There are specific sections and suggestions for all growing zones from the Tropics all the way up to the Arctic! There are specific sections for Water-Wise planting for those of you in areas that get affected by drought and an extensive section about really getting to know your area before you start your garden design.

However, at the start of your endeavor, observing the patterns of your landscape is integral to working with that which your site has to offer.

The first step as you will learn in this guide is to understand the energies that exist on your site and that flow through your land which leads us to the next question…

Question: What is permaculture anyway?

Permaculture is a unique way of designing and growing a garden or a farm that
mimics natural ecosystems found inside forests. It comes from the two
words, “permanent” and “agriculture”,
and it allows you to grow together dozens or even hundreds of plants,
backyard animals, bees and fish that work with each-other, protect
each-other and help each-other grow.

The father of permaculture is considered to be the Australian Bill
Mollison, who, in 1978, wrote the first book on the topic, titled
Permaculture One.

As you can imagine, a lot has changed since then, the techniques have been optimized to fit different climates and are less intrusive. At
the same time, the 12 basic principles of permaculture still stand
true… “observe and interact”, “catch and
store energy”, “produce no waste” etc. You can read
the rest in the first chapter of the book.

Question: Is it hard to maintain such a garden?

Not at all, though you will have to do some work every now and then.
There’s no weeding, no digging and very little watering. Sure,
you will have to add new plants, you will make some mistakes…
but those are all nothing compared to the hard work you need to put
into a traditional garden.

Question: Is the 60-day
guarantee real?

Yes, absolutely.
I’m using ClickBank®, the biggest online retailer of
digital goods, having an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau,
and my site is ClickBank® secured and

Their automated
process makes it really easy for you to quickly get your money back by sending either me or ClickBank® an email for a full refund. Remember you
have two whole months to do it.

Question: Can
I get the product in physical format?

Not at the moment, no. By making this available in digital format I can keep the costs low while you get fast, instant access.

Question: Is my credit card safe?/p>

Yes. The
transaction is processed by the online retailer, ClickBank®,
and that’s what will show up on your bank statement.

processes hundreds of thousands of eBook transactions every single
month and they’ve been doing this for a very long time and
handle money with care.

Question: Can
I access the product from my phone or tablet?

Sure. After your purchase, you will be taken to the Members Area but you’ll
also get a direct link via e-mail. This way, you’ll be able to access
the product anytime you want it by simply logging in to your email
from your phone, your iPad or your laptop and clicking the link to
get to the same Member’s Area.

Question: Dan,
can I make a printed copy of this course? How about several?

By all means. Feel free to make as many as you want.

Question: What disaster is most likely to hit us?

That’s a fantastic question. Well, with the Swiss decoupling themselves from
the euro, with tensions between Russia and the U.S., the E.U. and
Turkey, I believe a financial disaster is most likely to hit,
which will quickly lead to a food crisis
. It’s not only going to
affect just America but most of the World.

Just like some financial analysts were called crazy for predicting the 2007 crisis
before it happened, there are people right now crying
their lungs out about the food crisis.

Question: What if I have questions later on?

I’ll be right there with you! Simply write me an email at

and I’ll personally reply in 48 hours. Tops.

Question: Is the product full of fluff?

Absolutely not! I’ve had my share of survival courses filled with irrelevant stories,
personal opinions and political rants. There will be none of that in
My Survival Farm!

Well, that’s it. I rest my case. I can’t possibly make this any
easier for you. Out of all the things related to survival food out
there, a stealth
garden on auto-pilot
is one of the most important things you could be focusing right now.
Don’t delay until SHTF, click the button below to get started right away.

You will be charged $49 for “My Survival Farm”.

These products are digital. The image is for information purposes.

Thank you for reading this and stay safe,

editor-in-chief of


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