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Are you frightened & frustrated because ovarian cysts are sucking the energy from your life? ~ Claire Davies Former ovarian cyst sufferer and author of the Ovarian Cysts Home Treatment Program Discover how a 9-year chronic ovarian cyst sufferer went through living hell and finally found a natural way to eliminate the pain and suffering…

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Are you frightened & frustrated because ovarian cysts are sucking the energy from your life?

Claire Davies

~ Claire Davies

Former ovarian cyst sufferer and

of the Ovarian Cysts
Home Treatment Program

Ovarian Cyst

Discover how a 9-year chronic ovarian cyst sufferer went through living hell and finally found a natural way to eliminate the pain and suffering caused by recurring ovarian cysts without resorting to drugs or surgery.

Now thousands of women of all ages and ethnicity have followed this same little-known ovarian cyst home treatment program to reverse the growth of ovarian cysts in a healthy, natural way.

A Quick Summary of This Page:

This page is a little long, so here’s a quick summary of what you’re going learn.

How to eliminate ovarian cysts in 6-8 weeks

How to eliminate pain and bloating caused by ovarian cysts

How to reset your body for healthy, natural menstrual cycles

How to maximize your chances of fertility

And more…

Date: August 29th, 2021

From: Claire Davies

Dear Ovarian Cyst Sufferer,

Hello, my name is Claire Davies. If you are suffering from the physical pain and the mental stress of being diagnosed with ovarian cysts or PCOS then you need to read this page right now because there are many things about ovarian cyst treatment that your doctor doesn’t know or isn’t telling you.

I’d like to share with you my personal story of how I suffered from ovarian cysts for many years, became terribly frustrated with traditional western treatments, and how I eventually discovered a series of steps that finally gave me relief from ovarian cysts.

My Personal Story

I was in my early twenties when it started. I woke up one morning and had severe pains in my abdominal area. It felt like I had shooting pains in my stomach, my sides, and even down my leg. It was so painful that I couldn’t even walk or even get out of bed.

After a couple days of eating pain killers like candy and being in tears over the pain , I went to the hospital and an ultrasound revealed I had an ovarian cyst on my right side about 3×4″ in size. Apparently it was inflamed and they gave me some pills and go see my OBGYN.

When I met with my doctors I was extremely disappointed when she told me the best thing to do is “watch and wait” – in other words, “do nothing.” After a few agonizing weeks the pain did start to go away, but this was only the beginning…

As time went by I seemed to have a chronic problem with ovarian cysts. I was having pain, irregular periods, missed periods, and many missed days of work while lying at home in pain.

After more trips to the doctor I was presented with three options…

  1. Do nothing and wait for them to go away.
  2. Start taking birth control pills.
  3. Have surgery to get rid of them.

Doing nothing seemed like a bad option to me and a very sad thing to be told by my doctor.  I was in pain and I needed help. I had already being doing nothing for a long time and things didn’t get any better, so I wasn’t about to “do nothing.”

I decided to take birth control pills and after trying a few different kinds over the course of a couple years, I still didn’t get any relief and I still had problems with ovarian cysts.  I was never comfortable taking birth control because I felt it was a very unnatural thing to do to my body, but it was worth a shot if I could make this problem go away.

Surgery was out of the question.  There are far too many complications and too many stories on the web about women not getting permanent relief and I wasn’t about to have surgery unless it was a guaranteed solution.

Surgery was not for me.

Things Got a Lot Worse.

I was Frustrated, Scared, and Drained Of Energy

Once I knew I had ovarian cysts and I started to learn about them, I was overwhelmed by stress.

  • I was so frustrated that I had to live with the pain when nothing really helped.
  • I was devastated to learn I might not be able to have children.
  • I was paranoid when I learned about the connection between ovarian cysts and cancer.

At around age 27 I stopped taking birth control pills because I was trying to get pregnant with my husband.  After trying for over a year, and not succeeding, I thought my worst fears had been realized… that I could not have children.

I felt like I had been robbed of my womanhood.  I felt like I was just a statistic to my doctor when she said I was going to have to “live with it.” My husband and I were devastated.

And then something happened…

I was so frustrated and depressed with my situation that I became obsessed with finding a solution. I just couldn’t accept the situation I was told to live with.  

I visited several natural health experts and spent hundreds of dollars on whatever they recommended… Because, honestly, I didn’t care. 

If anything had hope of fixing my problem, I would give it a try.  But after being repeatedly disappointed with the advice from people who said “just live with it” I decided the only way to get to where I wanted was to figure it out myself.

So I went to work.

  1. I interviewed experts. 
  2. I talked to western doctors. 
  3. I talked to traditional Chinese healers.
  4. I did a LOT of research online.
  5. …and that was only the beginning!

The more I researched, the more I began to learn about the human body and how it works.  I was always plagued by the question “Why does this happen to some women and not to others?

The answer lay in alternative medicine.  I was always skeptical about alternative healing because it is rarely embraced by mainstream medicine and it is often ridiculed by society.  But once you understand that western medicine is driven by mega-profits of the drug companies you’ll have a different point of view.

The Key to Getting Rid of Ovarian Cysts is to Reset Your Body’s Natural State So That It Can Easily Get Rid of Ovarian Cysts On Its Own!

The human body is highly efficient and treating itself and preventing things that cause pain. But in some cases, such as ovarian cysts, the human body is “out of balance” and cannot perform its normal functions the way it should.

The information I uncovered is designed to put your body back in its natural state and allow it to overcome its affliction with ovarian cysts naturally, before they get too big or cause pain!

Because I know there are so many women out there that suffer from ovarian cysts and aren’t able to find they treatment they need, I laid out all my techniques and all my research into an easy-to-read, easy-to-follow, step-by-step system for women just like you!

Introducing my new ground-breaking

ovarian cysts home treatment program…

Ovarian Cysts Treatment:

The 3-Step Home Treatment Program for Ovarian Cysts

Ovarian Cysts Treatment

– Not Sold in Stores –

(Why Not?)

Let me tell you in a nutshell why Ovarian Cysts Treatment is your healthiest, best choice for treating ovarian cysts.

Ovarian Cysts Treatment is a step by step guide that took years of research, time and money to create. It is based on all my knowledge of ovarian cysts and outlines the same simple 3-step ovarian cyst home treatment system that I used to finally get permanent relief.

It breaks down like this…

Step 1: Relieve the Pain of Ovarian Cysts

Step 2: Get Rid of The Painful Symptoms

Step 3: Prevent New Painful Cysts

Sound simple? Well it sure wasn’t’ simple to figure out. If you’ve ever searched for ovarian cysts treatment (which I’m sure you have) then you’ll certainly agree that there’s a lot of confusing information out there.

But I have compiled a step by step guide on everything you need to know to get relief from ovarian cysts and PCOS.

With Ovarian Cysts Treatment you will…

Discover a safe and natural way to get rid of ovarian cysts and prevent them from coming back!

Learn SEVEN effective strategies to relieve throbbing or stabbing pain caused by ovarian cysts – no drugs required (p. 52)

Uncover the secrets to breaking the cycle of recurring ovarian cysts and get the permanent relief you deserve (p. 58)

Find out who gets ovarian cysts and why. An understanding of ovarian cysts is important for getting permanent treatment. (p. 13)

All about ovarian cysts and pregnancy. Some important things you should know about ovarian cysts and pregnancy. (p. 16)

Find out when you should seek immediate medical attention. Some symptoms may indicate more severe problems than others. (p. 15)

Learn what to expect from western medicine (“watch and wait”, surgery, pills, etc) and how to get the most out of what is has to offer. (p. 20)

Discover what acupuncture and homeopathics can do for ovarian cyst treatment and relief (p. 38)

Find out what kind of foods you should be including in your diet to help your body eliminate ovarian cysts naturally and effectively (p. 41)

Discover the 7 food items you should avoid on when trying to overcome ovarian cysts. (And don’t worry, I’m not going to say you have to completely stop eating or drinking the things you enjoy.) (p. 42)

REVEALED: The #1 supplement you should take to eliminate ovarian cysts and help regulate your menstrual cycles. (p. 57)

And much more…

That is honestly just a fraction of what will be revealed to you inside the pages of Ovarian Cysts Treatment .

If you’re looking for ovarian cyst pain relief and prevention then this is the guide you’ve been looking for!

This guide has been put together using my own experience and from reading dozens of medical journals, scientific studies (all of which are referenced in the book), from speaking with other ovarian cyst sufferers, and a lot more.

Check out some of the glowing feedback I have received from women who have used my ovarian cyst home treatment program.

Success Story #1: Anna Robertson

“Your book gave me hope that I wouldn’t

have to do the surgery”

anna“I was very happy that I found your book. I was diagnosed with a 18 cm ovarian cyst in my 32nd week of pregnancy and my doctor suggested an ovariectomy but I was not ready to do that. I’ve had smaller ovarian cysts before and they burst and went away so I thought I wouldn’t need surgery.

Your book was very helpful with the advice and it gave me hope that I wouldn’t have to do the surgery. After using your book my huge 18 cm cyst reduced itself by have the size in about two weeks and I am optimistic that I can prevent them from happening again in the future with the information you have provided.”

– Anna Robertson, Ohio

Success Story #2: Tavena Johnson

“The results of your program were amazing for me”

“Hi Claire,

tavenaThe results of your program were amazing for me. I had a large ovarian cyst on my right ovary that was causing pain in my tummy and lower back. Your three step program really did work for me and the cyst went away on its own. I also feel healthier and more energetic after using your program. Thank you so much!!”

– Tavena Johnson, Louisiana

Success Story #3: Martha MacDonald

“A very valuable resource for anyone with ovarian cysts”

“Dear Claire,

In response to the email I received about my experience using your book I would say that it was very useful and it is a valuable resource for anyone with ovarian cysts. I have heard that cysts can just go away on their own so I’m not sure if my cyst went away using your information or not, but it did go away and yes I would recommend it. Your book did help me to understand what ovarian cysts were all about and I would recommend it to anyone that has to go through this.”

– Martha MacDonald, New York

Success Story #4: Chelsey Carruthers

“Your program was just brilliant”

“Thank you for your support in answering my questions and taking the time to explain things to me. I don’t want to bother you with all my concerns but it’s a big relief to have someone to ask these questions to because my doctor was not very helpful with me. Thank you again I am feeling much better now. Your program was just brilliant!”

– Chelsey Carruthers, Surrey, U.K.

Success Story #5: Aditi Singh

“Your book was of big help to us”

“My wife was diagnosed with an ovarian cyst 6.7 Cms of size and she was in much pain. The doctors advised us to have surgery but it is something that she was not in favour of and I cannot afford the costs.

Your book was of big help to us and her pain has reduced very much after a week. I would like to thank you for your kindness in answering my questions and helping my family so much.”

– Baldev Singh, India

Ovarian Cysts Treatment Is Your Step By Step Guide, Hand Holding Guide That Tells You

Everything Your Doctor Doesn’t Know

or Doesn’t Have Time To Tell You

I’m sure your doctor is a very good person and wants to help you as much as possible. But doctors see dozens of patients a day and they have the attitude that if your condition is not life threatening, and if you don’t respond to traditional treatments, then you just have to live with it.

Let’s face it.. Most doctors aren’t going to take a few hours out of their hectic schedules to tell you everything you need to know about getting rid of ovarian cysts.

And doctors are taught to prescribe things and they aren’t taught about these kinds of treatments.

When I went through the process of trying to find a cure for ovarian cysts, I spent several hundred dollars on trying to find a solution. It was a lot of money but I would have spent it all and searched forever if it meant getting rid of the pain and suffering.

I know the information in this guide is easily worth $200+ because even at that price you would still be saving tons of money by avoiding the costly alternatives — not to mention the time it will save you.

But when put together this guide for the internet and make it available to women all over the world, I decided it should be priced so that it’s not out of anyone’s reach — so I decided to make this guide available for the one-time cost of only $47.

Ovarian Cysts Treatment

“Ovarian Cysts Treatment”

Regular Price $47 Today $29.97

Reduced price guaranteed until midnight

on Thursday, September 9th, 2021

Download Now

In exchange for this low price, I only ask that you send me a nice little testimonial when you’ve gotten the ovarian cyst relief you crave. (No, you don’t have to.. but I hope some of you will.)

Let me ask you this: is $29.97 worth it? Is it worth $29.97 to be free from the pain and suffering that ovarian cysts bring into your life?

Actually, all you have to do is compare that price to the alternative available to you and you will agree… Yes, it’s well worth it!

But if you’re still not sure, let me put you at ease by offering you a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee…

When you order your copy of Ovarian Cysts Treatment: The 3-Step Home Treatment Program for Ovarian Cysts, you are covered by a 60-day money back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, simply contact us and your money will be refunded in less than one day.

I’m willing to take all the risk because I know you will be so happy with the results of this guide that instead of contacting me for a refund, you’ll be contacting me to tell me how wonderful you feel now that you’re free from the pain and suffering caused by ovarian cysts!

~ Claire Davies

Ovarian Cysts Treatment


Why Wait? Order Your Copy Right Now!

YES, Claire! I want you to show me exactly what to do to get rid of ovarian cysts forever!

checkmark I understand that Ovarian Cysts Treatment: The 3-Step Home Treatment Program for Ovarian Cysts is an e-book that I can download instantaneously after I’ve completed my purchase. (Nothing is shipped to you so you don’t have to wait!)

checkmark I also understand that my order will be processed instantaneously and risk-free through Clickbank. (You can also use PayPal if you want. Read the payment page carefully.)

checkmark I understand that I am one of the lucky ones who’s receiving Ovarian Cysts Treatment at a temporarily reduced price of only $29.97 and if I return to this website after midnight on Thursday, September 9th, 2021 that the price will be $47. (Don’t miss out!)

checkmark I also understand that I am protected by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Download Now

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Let me sum this all up for you quickly…

Nobody needs to suffer from ovarian cysts. The main reason you suffer from them is because your body cannot dissolve them naturally.

Ovarian cysts are painful, frightening, frustrating, and have a negative impact your life. I know from personal experience that finding effective treatments is very difficult.

Imagine the increase in your quality of life if you didn’t have to suffer from ovarian cysts ever again. That benefit alone is easily worth $29.97.

Taking a chance on Ovarian Cysts Treatment may just be the best decision you’ve ever made! I’ve laid it all out for you and all you need to do is follow the steps.

Now’s the time to take action and solve this problem for good!

To Your Success,

Claire Davies

~ Claire Davies


P.S. Don’t forget to send in your feedback and testimonials once you’re done! Please be honest and share as many details as you’re comfortable with. We will not use your real name if you don’t want it published on your site and we will never publish your email address. Photos are welcome, but optional.

If you have any questions please contact me. I can usually respond within 24-hours to any inquiry.

If you have any questions please contact me – your email will be answered within 24 hours.

Ovarian Cysts Treatment

– Not Sold in Stores –

(Why Not?)

checkmark Step by Step Instruction on Ovarian Cyst Home Treatment

checkmark 63 pages of valuable information (no useless filler)

checkmark Instantaneous e-book download (so you don’t have to wait)

checkmark Free Customer Support! (Get your questions answered)

checkmark 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed (or your money back)

(don’t miss out!!)

Download Now

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Required Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or certified healthcare practitioner. The Ovarian Cysts Treatment program and www.ovariancyststreatment.com contain information that is based on personal experience, the experiences of other women suffering from ovarian cysts and PCOS, online and offline research. Medical doctors were consulted in the creation of Ovarian Cysts Treatment, but the information on this website and in the Ovarian Cysts Treatment ebook is not intended to be a substitute for visiting your own doctor.

Most doctors are not aware of alternative treatment methods for ovarian cysts and we recommend you share the information in Ovarian Cysts Treatment with your doctor and proceed with their approval. There are risks involved with any medical treatment and you should consult your doctor before beginning treatment.

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