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4 Powerful Ingredients to
Help Embolden Your Life:

  • Organic Astracare™

  • Organic Echimune™

  • Organic ElderberryCare™

  • Organic Paractin®

Immune Protect is an all organic blend of Organic Astracare™ Astragalus extract, Organic Echimune™ Echinacea extract, Organic ElderberryCare™, and Organic Paractin® patented Andrographis extract that have been clinically studied to support a healthy immune response, encourage timely immune cell response, help defend the body in the face of cold-weather challenges, and fortify your immune system to empower good health through all seasons.*

Immune Protect with PARACTIN® Benefits:

The natural way to support seasonal immune health

  • Promotes Healthy Immune & Inflammatory Response*

  • Supports Seasonal Immune Health*

  • Elevates well-being and resistance*

  • Supports healthy respiratory function*

  • Encourages Rapid Immune Cell Response*

  • Enhances Antioxidant Defense and Helps Inhibit Oxidative Stress*

  • Provides comprehensive support for aging immune system*

  • Inhibits immune senescence by supporting healthy ratio of naïve-to-memory T cells*

  • Nourishes immune cells to enhance their specific activity*

Optimize Respiratory Function

Organic Clinically Researched Herb Formula

Powerful Antioxidant Activity

Promotes Youthful Immunity

…or whenever immune support is needed so you can stay feeling your best!


Add Immune Protect with Paractin® to your dietary regimen today!

NHR Science’s patented blend helps to:

  • Support Body’s Inflammatory Response

  • Relieve Minor Pain Discomfort*

  • Support for Aging Immune Systems*

How Can NHR Science Help Support Your Immunity Age?

NHR Science Immune Protect

NHR Science Immune Protect is a comprehensive arsenal of immune-supportive powerful herbs that help support seasonal immune health and aid in providing a strong support to the immune system. Immune Protect is formulated with clinically studied organic and standardized extracts, selected for their ability to help support the body’s overall immune response, encouraging a more youthful and
healthy immune function, and support the body’s overall immune response, encourage timely immune cell response, and help defend the body in the face of cold-weather challenges*

Echinacea has been used successfully for hundreds of years by the Native Americans to support immune health. Today, echinacea represents one of the most popular herbs used for seasonal immune health in both European and American markets. Clinical studies showed echinacea to serves as an immune aid during travel & seasonal changes. *

Astragalus membranaceus (Huangqi) is a major traditional Chinese medicinal herb that has been commonly used in many herbal formulations.*

Pharmacological research indicates that Astragalus membranaceus extract was associated to support healthy aging in the immune system.*

Research showed Astragalus membranaceus extract to increase telomerase activity, has antioxidant properties, support healthy inflammatory response and immunoregulatory.*

Organic AstraCare™ astragalus extract is naturally extracted and standardized to 50% polysaccharides, using only the finest quality Astragalus membranaceus root. *

Why Andrographis Paniculata?

Has traditionally been used in Indian and Chinese herbal medicine to support seasonal immune health. There are currently 33 published research of randomized controlled trials (7175 patients) either using Andrographis as a monotherapy and as herbal mixture, showing Andrographis to be effective in supporting the body’s overall immune response to help defend the body in the face of cold-weather challenges.*

NHR Science Organic Andrographis paniculate leaf extract is made with the patented and clinically studied Paractin®, standardized to 50% Andrographolide. Backed by 5 published human clinically research. Paractin® works by inhibiting NF-kB — key regulator of the human immune and inflammatory response system. *

Black Elderberries have long been used for centuries in traditional European and American cultures to support healthy immune function during seasonal immune challenges.*

Regarded as an “Elder” plant in Native American Herbalism, Elderberry has been used collectively by many tribes as a tonic and food to promote health and vitality.*

Studies has shown elderberry supplement to encourages timely immune cell response and supports the body to maintain a strong defense during stressful intercontinental air travel. *

Supplementation of elderberry syrup also help support immune function during seasonal immune challenges. *

It takes 50g of Fresh Elderberry fruits to make 1g of Organic ElderberryCare™ extract, standardized to 10% Anthocyanins. *

  • Comprehensive Immune Support*

  • Supports Nose, Throat, & Respiratory Health*

  • Helps Protect Against Seasonal Immune Challenges*

  • Free Radical Scavenger*

  • Optimal defense during stress, travel & seasonal changes*

  • Provides comprehensive support for aging immune system*

  • Inhibits immune senescence by supporting an already-healthy ratio of naïve-to-memory T cells*

  • Promotes youthful immune response by stimulating immune cell development & activity*

  • Encourages the body’s first line of defense by promoting natural killer (NK) cell response*

  • Supports Immune System Health*

  • Across the board protection & support for a strong, healthy recovery*

  • Encourages the body’s first line of defense by promoting natural killer (NK) cell response

  • Promotes Healthy Immune Response*

  • Supports Healthy Inflammatory Response*

  • Supports Nose, Throat, & Respiratory Health*

  • Supports Seasonal Immune Health*

  • Encourages Timely Immune Cell Response*

  • Enhances Antioxidant Defense and Helps Inhibit Oxidative Stress*

Clinically Researched

Botanicals To Help Support

Immune Health

Why Try To Cook Up Your Own Concoction?

NHR Science Has Done The Hard Work For You!

Our best-in-class immune system support formula goes way beyond vitamin C with Organic standardized extract of Andrographis, Astragalus, Elderberry, and Echicanea to support immune cell health, response and ratio.*

I am glad I found these products. I’ve noticed my energy level has increased, I sleep better, and my overall well-being seems to have
gotten better as I’ve been taking it regularly. I highly recommend it. – Vicky

I like that all the ingredients in Immune Protect are certified organic. I love the convenience of monthly shipment with automatic refill so I don’t have to worry about running out. – Mary Jane

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