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“Save up to $5000 EVERY YEAR and eat healthier food.. It’s a no brainer decision!” Did you know that supermarket foods contain very strong chemicals that can be seriously unhealthy for your body? Over time these chemicals build up and can leave you feeling constantly tired, give you stomach cramps and leave you in a…

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“Save up to $5000 EVERY YEAR

and eat healthier food.. It’s a

no brainer decision!”

Did you know that supermarket foods contain very strong chemicals that can be seriously unhealthy for your body?

Over time these chemicals build up and can leave you feeling constantly tired, give you stomach cramps and leave you in a depressed state.

On this very web page you are going to learn WHY you need to eliminate these toxins from your body and HOW to do this with 100% organic foods!


My Name is “Green thumb Jeff” and I have been producing my own 100% organic foods for 17 years now.

I firmly believe that the toxic chemicals are directly related to many chronic illness’s and I want you to start giving your body the quality of food it deserves.

From Jeff Serland

A firm believer in organic foods

and author of

How would you like to have fresh, organic vegetables always available to you without costing a cent? The vegetables you buy from supermarkets may look bright and fresh but did you also know they are constantly sprayed with strong chemicals?

These chemicals are dangerous and who knows what they might do after years of exposure. I know for sure that I’m not going to expose myself or my children to these chemicals, you shouldn’t either! Now… You don’t have to!

A much better alternative is to grow organic vegetables at home. Using my methods you can grow amazing, healthy food WITHOUT the chemicals! Not only that, the food you grow is always available, won’t cost anything and because there are no chemicals seeping into the soil, it’s better for our planet.

Growing organic food is a talent and it didn’t come to me overnight. It actually took me a few years until I had a healthy garden all year round. I studied for weeks on end until I knew everything. Only then did my garden produce amazing food that tastes great and has zero chemicals (the way our food should be).

My goal with this web site is to fast track your learning curve. I want you to know everything that I know in just a couple of hours. That’s why I have written a book for you that is in very simple to read. Even the most novice of gardeners can produce amazing, organic food with my instructions.

Why is it a good idea to grow organic food at home?

No harmful toxins and chemicals (This is a HUGE plus!)

Organic vegetables are better for our environment. This is because there will be no chemicals seeping into the soil.

This is the freshest food you will ever get!

Fast and easy! No need to drive to the shops. Just walk to your garden and you will have everything you need.

It is great fun and very educational for you and your children.

You will boost your immune system and energy levels.

Growing your own food is also a great money saver!

After years of eating supermarket food and other fast foods your body builds up with toxins and chemicals. These toxins can affect you body in many ways.

By eating non organic food you can have:

• Low energy levels.

• A slow metabolism.

• Low libido/sex drive

• Depression.

• Little to no motivation.

Organic food can change all of this and give you a completely new out look on life. You will really notice a boost in energy levels!

The taste of organic food is not the only advantage. It really does change many aspects of your life.

It’s time change your bad habits and start a new life with organic food. I am going to help you along the way so you can set up your organic garden as fast as possible.

Many people from all over the world are switching to homegrown organic food but there are a few things you need to look out for.

Important: If you don’t know the correct methods from the very start than your entire effort to grow organic food could be a complete waste of time.

That’s where my expertise comes in handy. I have been growing organic food in my very own backyard for 17 years, I have made the mistakes and I know how to setup a proper garden, fast!

I would like to hold your hand and show you everything you need to know so that YOU can produce some amazing food at home. This is going to benefit you, your family and the environment!

Below are just a few comments I have received from people who I have helped over the years.

Hello Jeff,

I really enjoyed reading your book. I learnt quite a lot of really interesting facts and I have just started my very own organic garden. It was really easy to setup! I will be cooking with some high quality vegetables in no time at all.

Thanks again,

Adam Turner.


I just finished reading your book and I am very impressed. There is much I didn’t know about organic gardening and this is going to help me a lot.

Amanda F.

Dear Admin,

Thanks for the wonderful book. I searched for hours on the internet but I never learn ‘t the type of stuff you are teaching.

Mrs. V. Popple.

Absolutely everything you need to know about organic gardening at home can be found in my guide. I have written my guide so that the absolute beginner can setup a professional quality garden without the headaches.

Below are just a few of the topics that are covered:

Getting started and preparing your soil – This is a very important and without this information your garden may never grow at all! (Page 4)

Using fertilizers – Learn what organic fertilizers you should use on your garden while keeping away from the chemicals. (Page 26)

Dangers – What to look out for and how to avoid them. (Very important – Page 32)

Kill or keep those annoying weeds? – Learn the truth here! (Page 45)

Raising your plants from seeds – There is much to learn (Page 71)

+ Much more! As you can see from the page numbers this is just a very brief overview of the book.

Organic food facts in the news

“A report issued on March 18, 2008, concluded that organic plant-based foods taste better and provide an average 25 per cent nutrition premium.” – CBC News

Researchers say there is now firm evidence that organically-grown produce is healthier to eat than conventional crops.” – BBC News

Are you ready to start producing amazing food while saving money and your health?

You can now get instant access to my guide by downloading it online. Start your own organic garden by ordering via our secure order form below.

Thank you for the interest in growing your own organic food. You are about to discover how to grow high quality, organic food at home.

The complete guide is currently only $59 $39.97. Quick update: Get you copy today and save $19! [Order here]

My guide is in PDF format which means there is no need to wait for shipping. The manual will be sent to you instantly and you can even download it to a different computer after you order.

You can begin your gardening journey in just a couple of minutes from now.

You may order at any time (Even at 3am in the morning)

Risk free order process

I want you to be confident when you order my manual. Thousands of happy customers worldwide love my organic food techniques an I’m sure you will love it too. That’s why I offer all of my customers a full 60 day money back guarantee. If you are not completely happy with my manual simply send me a quick email and I will promptly refund every cent back to you.

Plus you can even keep your copy of MyOrganicFoodGarden for your trouble!

To your health,

Jeff Serland

admin@myorganicfoodgarden .com

P.S. Make sure you check out the free books that I am giving to you too! You will be able to download them instantly after you order.

Hey Jeff!

Cheers for the book. If I hadn’t bought it I am sure my garden would have been a disaster! You have saved me a ton of time and money.

I will recommend this to my friends too!

Thanks a bunch,


If you are not sure if you want my guide then please think about this. You could try and grow organic food without this knowledge and fail just like I did many years ago. My organic food guide is designed to fast track your learning curve so you can enjoy the taste of chemical free food as fast as possible and for as cheap as possible.

Invest in “My Organic Food Garden” Today

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