Model Train Help Ebook 4th Edition

October 6, 2021 - Comment

Model Trains & Model Railroads: Layouts, Scenery Tips, Track Plans and More! At long last! “Model Train Help” has arrived to save you time, money & frustration with your model railroad layout! This easy-to-follow, step-by-step, truly comprehensive “Model Train Help” ebook, is a valuable resource for the beginner or advanced model railroader. Just imagine having…

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Model Trains & Model Railroads:

Layouts, Scenery Tips, Track Plans
and More!

long last! “Model Train Help” has arrived

to save you time, money & frustration with your model railroad layout!

This easy-to-follow, step-by-step, truly comprehensive “Model Train Help” ebook, is a valuable resource for the beginner or advanced model railroader.

Just imagine
having “Model Train Help” to guide you every
step of the way, as you create an extraordinary model train layout that other
modelers only dream about. You too can learn the skills and methods
used by experts to create some of the most astonishingly effective model
railroads in the world. This is a valuable resource you won’t want to
be without.

From: Robert Anderson.

Dear Fellow Enthusiast,

If you’re like me, and you’ve always been fascinated by Model Railroads, then you’ll definitely want to read this letter if you’re an experienced modeler, or new to this exciting hobby…

Let me explain why:

We all know that Model Railroading has been described as, “The World’s Greatest Hobby”, and it sure is! Yet, things CAN and DO go wrong…derailments, a motor burnout, scenery disasters, or when an electrical short grinds the traffic to a halt. Unexpected problems can take forever to solve and the right answers can be hard to find.

Truth is; it doesn’t need to be like that! Most things are either preventable or fixable. It is all about knowing where to find the answers, the best way to do things and how to solve problems quickly and easily.

what my step-by-step “Model Train Help”
ebook is all about. It is jam-packed with proven techniques, solutions
to problems, clever short-cuts, creative ideas, useful model train
tips, and “little-known” secrets… with all
the difficult tasks made EASY!
It is a model railroaders
dream come true!

You’ll get straight-forward, no-nonsense

REAL answers to everything you ever wanted explained…

to create a model train layout you’ll be supremely proud of.

“Model Train Help”
takes all the guesswork out of
setting up the perfect model railroad layout… complete with a raging waterfall,
a fire setting with smoke, natural-looking trees, easy to build roads,
rippling stream, historical buildings, an interesting branch line, classification
yard, spectacular mountains, fields & fences, curved tunnels…it
is all here for you!

“This is by far the most complete and easy to understand book I have ever seen about model railroading. Not only did I learn how to improve my set, but I also learned several new tricks to impress my train club friends!”

Arnold S, Illinois, USA.

I urge you to continue reading because…

Train Help” will show you step-by-step

how to make difficult tasks EASY…

save money and avoid costly mistakes!”

Lets face
it; creating and operating your own model railroad should be FUN! Yet,
sadly, many modelers slave for hours, weeks, even a lifetime struggling
with time-wasting problems and repairing expensive mistakes. You and
I both know that building a model train layout and fixing problems
should be enjoyable, NOT frustrating
… and why would anyone
want to waste big bucks buying or replacing something that can be easily
made or fixed for a fraction of the cost.

Listen carefully,
because here is the key. To save yourself money, time and frustration,
it is important to do things correctly. Afterall, your ultimate objective
is to create a model train layout you’ll be supremely proud of
a custom designed train layout that can be enjoyed not only by yourself,
but by friends and family too!

a brief sample of what you get:

Getting Started –

Explained Step-By-Step!

all the guesswork out of setting up the perfect model railroad layout.
Easy to follow action steps to quickly and easily get your
model train layout functioning right.

what to buy and how much to spend… …the types of sets
to purchase and what NOT to do!

a beginner can master projects like making your own roads,
trees, grassed fields, rocks, fences, smoke, tunnels, mountains
and even a rippling steam or raging waterfall! (with tips
and clever ideas to save you cash!)

Discover answers to the difficult questions everyone wants

TO SAVE MONEY and how to spot the best buys in model train

the cheapest isn’t always the best…even on a budget. The
things that don’t work and what you can get for FREE!

Find out where to see the “ultimate” layout
with 8 miles of HO track and 10,000 freight cars.

Lots More Clever Tips & Ideas

model railroad scene

Your Layouts –

Save Time, Money & Stress!

easy steps to building your layout…easy-to-follow instructions
from drawing your first sketches through to your working
model railroad layout!

layout options to consider (plans included) and which one
NOT to choose.

out how to select and model a real “full-sized”
railroad. Critical steps to give your LDE projects that
extra “edge.”

The biggest MISTAKE and stumbling block to building a layout…and
how to avoid falling into the same trap!

a theme and how to select trains, buildings and scenery
to match the historical era or geographical zone…
and where to research facts at NO COST!

quick tips to building a better train layout… (many of
these secrets are known only to the most experienced veteran

die for” – a list of valuable model railroad resources…
and contact information for the top train layout and accessory
manufacturers….and where to go for expert advice and get
all your tough questions answered.

very best ways to plan for track-work changes and extensions
to your railroad once it’s built. Tricks of the trade revealed!

to define your layout space… and eliminate or work around
potential dangers and problems like beams and pipework.

Lots More Clever Tips & Ideas

With Locomotives & Cars

Everything You Need To Know!

The 6 things to save you from costly mistakes when buying
a locomotive.

truth about the diesel locomotive NOT to buy!

to start when buying rolling stock. What to look for…
how to select what’s best for you… and what you absolutely
MUST avoid. Which couplers to choose and how much to spend.

the two things you need to prevent a locomotive from suddenly
speeding up or falling off the track.

to “test-driving” your new locomotive and precisely
what to watch out for!

The kind of tire to NEVER use! Most of the time they don’t
work properly and can cause irritating problems.

how a locomotive works and why some locomotives out-perform

very best ways to prevent cars from constantly running off
the track!

Lots More Clever Tips & Ideas

diesel trains

With Ad
ding Realism –

Clever Ideas & Useful Tips!

to weathering revealed: The quick and easy ways to give
rolling stock and structures an aged look or the appearance
of wear and tear… and what NOT to do if you want your
buildings to look real!

the small details that need attention (they’ll make
a HUGE difference to your layout.)

the bathroom cabinet holds that will give a road crossing
a more authentic look.

little-known insider secrets to bring cheaper rolling stock
to life!

hidden mistakes that will get noticed… and are easier
to fix at the construction stage.

to check that automobiles, people and signage is right for
the setting…plus 9 essentials tips for creating more realistic

ingeniously simple secrets to replicating rust, mud and
even tire marks to add realism! The simple idea that will
really impress your friends!

to bring your model to life. What to include in your layout
for added interest, reality and excitement.

Lots More Clever Tips & Ideas

Your Train Layout –

Explained Step-By-Step!

transformer to choose… you’ll avoid problems and save
yourself from hidden costs. What NOT to buy and how the
different power packs compare.

type of engine you should NOT run with a starter transformer.

precise minimum current you’ll need to run various accessories…
and when to use more than one power pack.

pack BEST simulates the stopping and starting of a real

out how to get smoother acceleration and improved
control at lower speeds.

power pack that allows you to stop your trains more quickly.

to prevent interference problems between wiring on your
model railroad.

amps you’ll need to comfortably run 1, 2, 3 or 4 trains!

How a circuit breaker works to provide protection!

secrets on larger power packs…pilot lights and meters,
more operating modes, extra terminals for accessories like
walkaround and infra-red wireless throttles…what they

Lots More Clever Tips & Ideas

Technical Help –

Solve Problems Easily!

the technical terms and abbreviations mean in simple terms.
All the complex stuff made easy to understand.

surprisingly simple tables explain the different gauges,
scales, boxcar lengths and more. Discover how scales and
gauges compare to full-sized trains.

ways to select the right scale to match your needs.

pros and cons of choosing O, OO, HO,N or Z. Select right
and you’ll avoid problems later!

ingeniously simple way to set up your power pack for easier
access and use.

through the technical gobbledygook. Terms like: “scale”,
“back emf”, “narrow gauge”, “turnout”,
“HOn3”, “command control”, “circuit
breaker”, “boosters” and “minimum radius”
…all made simple to understand!

to use flywheels for smoother, more realistic running. The
simple way to do advanced things like track section wiring
and turnout motor wiring.

illustrated tutorial on wiring for two train operation.

right track geometry for the laying of parallel track shown
how to do interchange track…and why include lots of switching.
Lots More Clever Tips & Ideas

Building Scenery –

Clever Ideas & Useful Tips!

5 low-cost and no-cost, fun ways to make natural looking
trees explained step-by-step (with tree profile drawings).
The BIG MISTAKE to avoid when making trees.

to make your town scene more realistic with less effort…and
the quick, EASY, inexpensive way make windows, telegraph
poles, old signage and even how to make a pile of old tires
for a scrap yard scene.

making scenery
The easiest way to construct your own tunnels…and how to
color and finish them for dramatic effect.

common household items that make fantastic ground cover,
rocks, roads, fences and scenery props for little or no
cost. A model train veteran of 28 years reveals his low
cost scenery tips.

simple fire scene techniques: Discover ways to make smoke
and flames that look so real your friends will wonder how
you create the magic you do!

very best techniques to make your own roads. 2 easy to follow
methods explained step-by-step with clever finishing touches
to add amazing realism.

LOW-COST pet product to use in creative ways on your model

amazing ideas to make your own grassed meadows and mountain
landscapes with stunning realism!

to know the most effective ways to make rocks, weeds and
even hay to add visual appeal to your model?

techniques to create a tranquil pond, drainage canal, raging
waterfall and rippling stream. Which materials work best.
EASY and FUN! You just need to know how.

step-by-step photo tutorials including: how to electrically
join two baseboards, the easiest way to build a frame and
baseboard, how to solder track, lay ballast and more!

Lots More Clever Tips & Ideas

Solutions Explained –

Save Time, Money & Stress!

different track options explained…how they compare…
and which rates BEST!!

to do when track won’t work properly!

single BIGGEST cause for trains to run erratically.

you choose roadbed or standard track?

secret to using curved track that prevents derailments!

rail joiners work…and how to stop them wiggling loose
and causing derailments.

best way to use sectional track…and the new options you’ll
get with flexible track.

rails that need most cleaning – what to avoid!

you figure grades and how steep they can be! Do you need
to solder track?

you lay and fix ballast on track-work to get the most realistic

different track options to turn an engine!

Lots More Clever Tips & Ideas

With Maintenance –

Repairs Made Easy!

ingeniously simple ways to repair minor faults yourself
without having to pay for repairs.

track cleaning methods explained and the thing you MUST

NOT to damage your trains or layout when cleaning (it‘s
easy when you know exactly how!).

quick tip that could save you costly repairs!

easiest, safest, and “almost free” way to clean
your track.

dangers to avoid…how NOT to clean your track!

to hire a experienced repairer…how to contact a good one…and
what you MUST ask BEFORE entrusting them to repair your
train layout.

why some locomotives make a racket and how to prevent the

things to do if your locomotive frequently stops or slows
down in the same spot on the track. What to do if your locomotive
sits and hums, but won’t move.

flange, twisted wheel, defective or stuck coupler, track
out of alignment…what to do.

to dislodge decals without damaging paint!

Lots More Clever Tips & Ideas

Running Made Easy –

Save Time, Money & Stress!

common cause when locomotives become wobbly and fail to
pick up electricity. The type of tire to avoid at ALL COSTS!

out if you should oil your trains?

you should do if your engine freezes when being fed current.

to prevent motor burnout! Try this simple test to see if
your locomotive is working too hard.

wetting agent that works BEST for N scale ballast…why
NOT to use a water/detergent mix!

the term ‘module’ and how they work best? How to relocate
your layout without harming it.

model train enthusiast for 32 years spills the beans on
how to make trains run better without constantly slowing

truth about derailment problems… the causes identified

NOT to put your train layout…plus safety tips to prevent

issues explained. How to safely store electric trains…
and what you should NEVER do.

Revealed: The “hard to find” place to get model train video downloads
and train sounds for FREE!

Lots More Clever Tips & Ideas

uk model train

Techniques –

Made Quick & Easy!

Analog and DCC operating systems compare. The pro’s and
cons revealed!

out how to operate more than one turnout motor from one

tricks to avoiding hidden ‘s curves’…the cause of messy
derailing accidents when using longer cars or certain locomotives!

very best way to avoid wiring problems!

easements so that your model trains can negotiate curves
with ease…and when to locate them in vertical curves.

out the tiny adjustment that prevents damage to buffers.

the truth about buying a DCC system. The surprising omission
most people don’t expect.

ingeniously simple tip to detecting a locomotive decoder.

little-known secret that will save you time locating faults!

to make an LDE project work BEST for you… what to look
for when modelling a real life railroad… everything explained
from choosing your prototype (full size railroad)… everything
from how to define your layout space to designing and building
your layout!

BEST track underlay to tone down noise levels on your train

easy to use software for 3D rendering that helps eliminate
mistakes… and helps determine exactly what’s needed for
a track layout!

what you need to do when wiring for a reverse loop. Step-by-step

Learn about HO scale, Double 0, N scale,

Z scale, O, S, HOn3, G scale and more.

Lots More Clever Tips & Ideas

This is
just a small sample of what you’ll learn in this revealing model railroading ebook (153 pages of help) that tells you everything you could ever need to
know from what to buy, how to plan, build, repair and maintain
the perfect model train layout… 100% Guaranteed!

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“The best book I have seen yet on model railroading! It covers the whole spectrum of creating a layout with valuable tips and ideas. I am now clearly focused on which way to go. Thank you.”

Brian Ward, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Lots of great little tips for both beginner and expert. The list of references is worth the price alone!”

Duane Lindstrom, Michigan, U.S.A.

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spending all last week trying to figure out why my trains kept
stopping, I’m so relieved I found your book on Google. There,
staring me in the face on page 114 was the solution. I could
have saved myself countless hours of frustration. It is an excellent
resource that more than paid for itself with this one answer.
I’m very grateful thanks!”

Phillip H, Canada.

Robert S,

“I’ve learned a lot about making scenery look realistic. Robert’s ebook has provided simple, easy to folow techniques from the type of material to use (foam board, molding plaster, etc.) to simple airbrushing in order to give the illusion of depth, shadows, and natural ground color. I have never regretted signing up for the Model Train Help ebook (have been receiving tips for 3+ years), it has provided a wealth of knowledge over the years and doesn’t disappoint.”

Donald H,

South Dakota

“Real life scenery is very important and the Model Train Help Part Ebook does a great job on explaining how to make it. Just how do you make the trees to look so real and the mountains to look like you are right there in the scene. The instructions are very simple and easy to understand. What else is there to say, except you need to purchase the Model Train Help Ebook for all your answers you will ever need. Even if you have been in the hobby for several years, there are always different paths to reach the same results.”

The Model Train Help Ebook Has

153 Information-Packed Pages To Answer

All Of Your Model Railroading Questions And Many More!


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Today And Start Enjoying

A Better Model Railroad Tomorrow!

Read more of what others have to say:

“Mr Anderson, wonderful model railroading guidebook. Nothing could be clearer and more precise. I never thought I could handle making something like this, but you made it extremely simple. I am about to make my first reverse loop following your instructions. I now know I can do it.”

H Scott, UK.

“This is a great book, full of lots of useful tips, techniques and advice on all aspects of model railroading. Well worth buying”

Kevin Maher, Christchurch, New Zealand.

So How Much Is All Of This Worth To You?

You’re probably worried that downloading Model Train Help is going to cost you a fortune…

but, I can put your mind at rest.

Others have told me – the same information in physical books would cost you over $450.00.

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$39.97 is a fraction of what
this information is really worth, compared to the time and money you’ll
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Here’s The Best Guarantee You’ll Ever See!

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guarantee Guarantee:
This ebook comes with a no-questions, no quibble,60 day
money back guarantee. If for any reason (or no reason),
you decide this information won’t help you with your train layout I’ll buy it back from you for every cent you paid.

60 days to put me to the test – all the risk is on me!

What could be fairer than that? There is absolutely no risk, whatsoever on your part. The burden is entirely on me.


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Railroad yard design FREE BONUS GIFT #1. (worth $27.00) Model Railroad Yard Design Explained Step-By-Step (with diagrams). What is a classification yard and 9 steps to creating classification yards. What you absolutely MUST HAVE to avoid yard problems. 6 tips to avoid train congestion and make your yard easy to run… and much, much, more! You get this report FREE today, even though it sells for $27.00 everyday here.
Layout track plans FREE BONUS GIFT #2. (worth $27.00) Model Train Layout Track Plans. 22 ready-to-go scale TRACK PLANS (with parts lists) for you to use. Includes: A Mainline & Industrial Layout, Mountain Railroad Layout, Switching Layout, Double Track Layout, Rail Link Layout, Yard Layout… and even a Multi-Level Railroad Layout. You get this report FREE today, even though it sells for $27.00 everyday here.
planning garden railroads

FREE BONUS GIFT #3. (worth $27.00) Secrets To Building A Garden Railroad – Finally garden railroad veterans reveal how to make it easier than ever… the type of roadbed that’s best (cement or gravel)… the best kind of rail to use for garden railroads… the maximum grade for your garden railroad… where to get those tiny plants… how to care for your garden railroad even in snow conditions… and more! You get this report FREE today, even though it sells for $27.00 everyday here.

mastering an airbrush FREE BONUS GIFT #4. (worth $27.00) Mastering An Airbrush Step-By-Step. The secrets to using an airbrush for weathering buildings and trains. How to best mix paint to stop it from spluttering. The easy to use kitchen product that will save you money. Step-by-step diagrams for controlling the flow of paint…and a clever tip to stop moisture dripping on your paintwork…and more! You get this report FREE today, even though it sells for $27.00 everyday here.
railroad resources FREE BONUS GIFT #5. (worth $27.00) Comprehensive List Of Model Railroad Resources… a really useful list of magazines, related books and hard to find websites for track layouts, model railway electronics and scenery/construction techniques. You get this report FREE today, even though it sells for $27.00 everyday here.
model railroad videos FREE BONUS GIFT #6. (worth $27.00) 8 Model Railroad Videos – That’s 30 Days FREE Access. I’m giving you free access to have a look at 8 of the 42 “member only” videos to help you decide if you want to remain a member.
Bonus #6 is optional. If you don’t want the model train and tutorial videos, you will be given the choice before completing your order. These 42 amateur model railroad videos (no they’re not Hollywood productions), feature detailed scenery and layouts, step-by-step tutorials, quick tips, solutions to problems… and lots of inspirational model railroading ideas! Download a FREE video sample here.

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Now that’s a GENEROUS OFFER (the bonuses alone are worth $135), but you’ll need to be quick!

So why am I giving you all this for just $39.97? Simple… Everything is delivered by download as soon as your payment is processed. So there are no shipping costs and am passing these savings on to you.

You’ll get 6 PDF files which are readable on any computer, PC or Mac. You simply save the file on your computer, so you can read it anytime day or night, access it whenever you want. It works on any computer! The download takes just 4 to 5 minutes on the slowest dial-up internet connection. Other internet connections will be considerably faster.
You are welcome to print whichever parts you want. I did look into printing physical copies, but these would have cost more than 3 times the price of this offer due to printing and shipping costs. I thought it best to keep it affordable. That way more people can access this valuable information. The videos are the popular easy-to-download mp4 format.

John S,

Texas, USA

“ONE tip that saved me HOURS of frustration and sore fingers was worth the entire book!!! (the ONE tip?? Filing down a length of rail to use as a “spreader” for rail joiners..I’d STILL be cursing and bending joiners without that tip!!!)  Everything else is icing on the cake!!!”

Paul P.


New Zealand

“I have loaded it on my E reader and when flying for work between cities I read and study model train help on the present project. I often have found the answers to questions so I can hit the ground running on return. Answers to questions on hot frogs. Getting my head around DCC are two areas I struggled with and found good clear explanations in the Model Train e-book. Go for it.”

Now You Can Save Time And Money In Creating A Model Train Layout

You’ll Be Supremely Proud Of…

Think about it… $39.97 is a meager amount for so much valuable easy-to-follow, step-by-step information. And you could be reading it on your computer within 5 minutes.

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Yes! Please Give Me INSTANT ACCESS

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model train videos

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  • Model Train Layout Track Plans. 22 ready-to-go scale TRACK PLANS (with parts lists) for you to use – special report ($27.00 value)

  • Secrets To Building A Garden Railroad with the 17 critical do’s and don’ts of building a garden railroad without making mistakes.

  • Mastering An Airbrush Step-By-Step. Learn the techniques to weathering buildings and trains – special report ($27.00 value)

  • Comprehensive List Of Model Railroad Resources that would take you countless hours searching the net to find – special report ($27.00 value)

I understand that in addition to the ebook and special reports above, I will also be given the option (before completing my order) to get:

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Enjoy your model railroading!


robert anderson signature

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… technical terms made simple… all 100% Guaranteed.
So, if you want to build a model train layout that you will be supremely
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remember, you’ll be able to download “Model Train Help” immediately.
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“You answered so many questions that are almost impossible to find anywhere else. Believe me, I’ve tried. Thank you Robert, I know it will be something I will reference DAILY!!”

Brad M, California, USA.

“I read your ebook all in one sitting…couldn’t put it down! Great reading and straight forward giving lots of ideas. I especially enjoyed the quick tips throughout the book. It beats all the other info I have seen, hands down!!!!”

Bill Miller, Massachusetts, USA.

Alan N.

Kidderminster, United Kingdom
“As I was preparing for retirement, My wife bought me a train set. Once I had my set the question was what do next. So I started looking for help and oh boy I came across this guy named Robert Anderson and his e-book. I got and it was so full of good, interesting and helpful information I was well away and still use it. If I didn`t know what to do I reached out for the book which not only told me what to do but how to do it. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to start Railway modelling young or old.”

Dave S.

Yucca Valley

Calif. USA

“Mr Anderson I find your information helpful and pictures are very well done. I can always count on being able to use your product and understand how it can be used to help me and am still be satisfied with results to help me and my hobby, thanks again.”

“I have been a long time admirer of model trains. The e-book was easy to down load and easy to understand. For the price it is too cheap. The info,and links are great and filled with valuable info,you would have to buy a book case full of books to get this information on model railroading. The tutorials are even better than i thought they would be. Thank you so much for you expertise.”

Rex B, Tennessee, USA

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Happy Customers Worldwide!

model railway book customer locations

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If you haven’t already got my Model Train Help E-Book you don’t know what you are missing. You too, can join my happy customers worldwide who are using Model Train Help to build a perfect model RR layout in countries including: USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand,

South Africa, Sweden, Germany, China, Singapore, Italy, Spain, France, Denmark, Iceland, Taiwan, South Korea, Argentina, India, Belgium and Japan.

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