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February 24, 2022 - Comment

If you are one of the victims like 99% of the rest of us, you definitely have been affected by this downturn in the economy. If your financial situation has gone up in flames… consider us the fire rescue team to your aid. Yes, you just called the “Mony Tree” 911 emergency number. Folks we…

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keys_nicheIf you are one of the victims like 99% of the rest of us, you definitely have been affected by this downturn in the economy. If your financial situation has gone up in flames…

consider us the fire rescue team to your aid.

Yes, you just called the “Mony Tree” 911 emergency number.

Folks we are for REAL and we truly want to help you financially.  And we can.  This is not another hyped up, guru scam to push the button and make $500,000.00 instantly.  This almost NEVER happens unless you happen to BE one of the gurus.  What you may not realize is that they USE each other as testimonial and proof on their websites so that they can legally say ‘people’ have made this much using their ‘system’. I know you’ve seen this stuff. Well, guess what?  99% of that garbage out there simply DOES NOT WORK for the regular person at home struggling to pay next month’s bills.  How much money have you wasted on hype programs? I hate to be harsh, but you wouldn’t be reading this if any of them had worked!

But you’re not alone.  We’ve been there too.  NOT ANYMORE!


We want to prove to you we are for real. How can we prove this you may ask?

What we are going to offer you is this:

niche successAfter you join, go to the Mony Tree forum and talk to our members and hear their stories.  Just ask them!  They are making extra income each and every month, even in this slow economy AND they are setting new personal income records every month. Imagine what they will be making when the economy turns back around? If you are not 100% satisfied with their answers, or with our software, just cancel your subscription and we will give you a no questions asked refund of the month’s payment.


If you are not willing to put in a few hours work a week to build websites, this may not be the opportunity for you.  I assure you however, this is probably the easiest way to build income generating websites that is available.  We have made this just about as simple as humanly possible.  But you HAVE to do THREE things:

1.) Follow instructions.

2.) Follow through and actually build sites.

3.) Repeat steps One and Two!

The reason you may have failed before is that internet marketing is something you need a team to help you. There is no way you can be a web designer, marketer, SEO expert, and programmer all in one person…especially if this is new to you.

You need a team that is on your side, and that is where we come in!!!

If you are like me, I want to see references and hard data based on facts that you can do what you say you can do.

Go to our forum and talk to our members ask them questions check our reputation.  You will probably not find one unhappy member in our forum.  We are a team!

niche help

What do we need from you?

We need you to be ready to commit to this:

Listen to our Customer Support Department, and really let them guide you.

Build your affiliate websites carefully according to our guides.  We even have a sample website for you to follow to help you build your first site.  We suggest 1 at a time.  We are going for quality here…there is no need to get in a hurry.

We need your “FOCUS & PATIENCE”.  If you treat this like a job, you will not fail!

Master the World Wide Web You will have 1 on 1 contact via Skype to talk to any of our staff whenever you choose “we are here for you.” We want to see you succeed.

Once you have your sites and income at the level you are happy with, sit back and enjoy the rewards. Take that vacation you have always wanted.  Go do the things you enjoy and let your Mony Tree tools work for you! Wake up the next day, check your stats to see what kind of $$$$ you have made, revel in your success. AWESOME!!


Again, with Mony-Tree, you get the keys that will open doors your didn’t even know were there.  You will discover just how easy it is to start earning real money from the comfort of your own home.  Stop playing around with all these schemes!  If they say you can push a button and make $20k overnight, RUN AWAY! You WILL get burned!

The software and knowledge we supply will set you on a path that will open your eyes to new horizons.  If you are not willing to put in some effort, I promise you, you will never succeed on the internet.  But if you put in a little work each day, and follow our guides, you succeed at this.

Now for the meat and potatoes…

Main Features

bullet point Use of our revolutionary software & the ability to create professional affiliate niche stores in hours, & get online without technical hassle. (VALUE-Priceless)

bullet pointEach website you build is automatically SEO optimized, & you are given resources needed to further improve your Search Engine rankings (VALUE – $99/mo)

bullet pointYou’ll have access to our growing training library featuring exclusive articles, training videos, software downloads, and more. (VALUE – $39/mo)

bullet pointNiche websites are built with multiple streams of income in mind but are also content-rich so your sites won’t be considered spam. (VALUE – $29/mo)

bullet pointWe provide you with the tools you need to continue to improve your websites based on market demand and search engine trends. (VALUE – $19/mo)

bullet pointYou are given small, easy-to-follow guides & videos to help you get started using our system; it is so easy  many people won’t even need this! (VALUE – $19/mo)

bullet pointEach website you build includes an automatically-updated Google-compatible sitemap file to help your site get better rankings. (VALUE – $19/mo)

bullet_point2Free website hosting for ALL of the websites you build.  You can build as many as you want, all on your own domain names! (VALUE – $10-$20/mo or more!)

TOTAL VALUE $300-$500+ Per MONTH!

medal winners     

Additional Features: 

  • Revolutionary Website Wizard

  • UNLIMITED Bandwidth, and No Hosting Fees

  • Works with ANY Operating System

  • Easy-to-Use Website Manager

  • Sites Automatically Populated With Updated Products

  • Access to Exclusive, Members-Only Back Office

  • Powerful Software, Without the Technical Hassle

  • Add Unlimited Pages to Your Websites

  • Track Website Statistics to Maximize Your Profit

  • Easily Update Your Websites

  • Custom Header Graphics

  • Growing Training Library

  • Easy-to-Use Help Desk System

  • Free Updates for Life

  • Growing Number of Tools Available

  • Access to Staff Contact Information

And much more… is the best value niche store builder/online business, money-making system available. For example, if you were to create ten niche stores with our system, those same EXACT websites (with all the graphics, search engine optimization, regularly updated content, etc.) would cost you a minimum of $300 (in many cases, much more) PER WEBSITE if you were to hire a web designer to do the job for you–and that is just the cost for creating the website.

RSS feedsThat’s not including any additional hosting fees you would incur, setup/installation fees you would have to pay, search engine optimization costs, the list goes on. With Mony Tree, you not only have access to a site builder, but your websites are instantly live, and you have access to tools, training resources, and support for one lifetime fee, or one low-cost monthly fee based on the membership plan you choose.

What People Are Saying About Us

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Want eBay affiliate ads on your site? No Problem! Want Amazon ads, Google or YouTube videos, Adsense Commission Junction products, customized graphics, content only sites? No Problem! The possibilities are nearly endless. Just take a look at the sites below. This will give you an idea of what can be created with our software.

Used Scooters 
Kindle Books 
Violins for Sale

So here it is…we’re handing you the keys that will allow you to change your financial future.  All you have to do is take that step.  And we have made it so easy, so affordable, and so risk free, how in the world could you not take action today?!

Giving your the keyYOU MUST ACT FAST!  We are only allowing 1000 people in at this Premiere price to avoid excessive competition. After that, we will most likely raise the monthly fee to a MUCH higher price, or we may even close the doors for good.  This is a true once in a lifetime deal with what we are offering.  You will not find anyone offering this much, for this little, anywhere on the internet.  You must act on this or this key may be hidden away forever!

We really do WANT to help you!

So what do you say?

Make the right decision now to be one of the fortunate 1000 people who are going to make a positive turn in their life.

medal winner

Give your finances CPR TODAY!

Join Mony-Tree now below.

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