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February 8, 2022 - Comment

The Little Know Secret For Naturally Re-Wiring Your Brain That Literally Commands The Universe To Quickly and Easily Fulfil Your Every Desire (No Matter How Outrageous It May Seem) – GUARANTEED!” “If you’ve tried to manifest a new life and failed…and the law of attraction is just not working for you…Or…you struggled to attract anything,…

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The Little Know Secret For Naturally

Re-Wiring Your Brain That Literally Commands The Universe To Quickly and Easily Fulfil Your Every Desire (No Matter How Outrageous It May Seem) – GUARANTEED!

“If you’ve tried to manifest a new life and failed…and the law of attraction is just not working for you…Or…you struggled to attract anything, but a depressing lack of cash, I GUARANTEE this BRAND NEW concept has the power to multiply your capacity to attract money… reveal hidden opportunities… and create a flood of wealth and financial prosperity rushing to YOUR door (faster and easier) than ANY other program.

The Easiest Manifestation Method-EVER!

I can’t believe how simple this is-WORKS LIKE MAGIC!

Dear Friend,

FROM: Mike Cummins (Law of Attraction Coach)

If you want to be free from all money worries for the rest of your life, I’m going to reveal to you a reality-bending secret that will Automatically transform you into a ‘Money Magnet’.

This Wealth Attraction Secret works almost like a ‘Magic Wand’ to manifest what you’ve been missing in your life…

Even if you’re surviving on credit cards right now.

Even if you’re bankrupt and clawing your way back out.

Even if you’ve purchased every wealth creation program on the

Market… and… still, you are struggling to get by.

And it doesn’t matter if you have only a basic level education.

You, my friend, have the power to mould your reality to match your desires.

Where does ‘the reality bending power’ Come from?

The truth is…it’s been hidden inside you all your life.

It’s been right under your nose.

It’s been in the shadows waiting to reveal itself.

It has the power create a life of extraordinary financial

Abundance for you where…

  • Your desires instantly materialize in your Life.
  • You easily attract more abundance, wealth and riches in only minutes per day.
  • You get the Universe to give you anything you want: money, fame, health, love – ANYTHING!

You effortlessly overcome all obstacles in your way

You force the universe to make opportunities beat down your door.

You can say goodbye to scrimping and saving week to week to make ends meet.

You can say goodbye to the burden of financial worries, so Stressful you feel nauseous.

Now you can learn how to make amazing shifts in your clarity, inner Peace, self-confidence and most importantly the ability to manifest the Kind of life you truly deserve.

This ‘reality-bending secret’ can help you manifest…

…Traveling the world in style…or the power to donate substantial monies to charities that warm your heart.
So you might be wondering…

How did I discover this hidden manifesting Power?

How did I go from having no education to speak of…

To being one of the key underground figures in manifestation in the world today?

…To having thousands of followers in 26 countries… and getting paid 5 figure sums to turn up and talk at closed-door secret events on the law of attraction?

How did I go from not having even a high school Diploma…to financial freedom?

…to being able to manifest what I want at will?

Did I use vision boards?

Or Chant affirmations day in and day out till I was blue in the face?

Write down my goals every five minutes?

Or get the latest 10-second affirmation techniques?


The truth is pretty brutal.

I was actually totally broke and beat down by life when I discovered how to Warp Reality to open the flood gates to abundance.

Before I discovered this reality-bending strategy…on the outside…it looked like I was doing ok.

But inside…

I was hiding an embarrassing secret…

When friends and family would ask what I did –I would tell them I worked in ‘sales’.

Corporate sales, to be exact.

…With meetings, international travel and blue-chip client presentations.

To the outside world or on social media…I looked pretty successful.

I had pictures of some trips I’d been on.

…some nice cars I hired.

…A fancy restaurant I’d been to.

The truth though- was very different.

I was working as a telemarketing agent.

You know- those annoying people who try to get you a better deal on your bills when you’re watching your favorite show or sitting down eating your dinner at night?

Yep…That was me.

Myself and my wife had an ok looking house’ but…

But we were upside down on the mortgage payments most months.

And struggling to pay bills most weeks.

You could cut the tension and worry about money between us with a knife sometimes.

When I did make some decent money- it seemed to disappear out the door faster than it came in.

Maybe you can relate?

And foreign holidays, meals out and time off were pretty much non-existent for us.

I used to sit around thinking how I always thought I’d be wealthier than this… especially at the age of 52.

My wife used to think the same thing.

She wouldn’t say it exactly- but I’d see it in a bitter glint of ‘disappointment’ in her eyes I’d catch over the kitchen table sometimes.

My heart would sink.

And to make matters worse…

I was taking a serious nose dive in the telesales business.

I couldn’t make a sale if my life depended on it.

It was like my customers didn’t want to know me.

Meanwhile, my bills were mounting up in the hallway-I was afraid to open most of them.

My living expenses were spiraling out of control, as our meager incomes left me with barely enough money to eat…let alone pay for my bills.

I had to do our shopping in the local Salvage Grocery Store most months and live on Top Ramen Noodles most of the week.

Yuck. I can still taste them when I think about them.

I shudder now at the thought of the few dollars we had to live on.

Maybe you know that sinking feeling you get in your stomach when you realize you have so little money left in the world for your survival.

It’s really scary.

And to make matters worse…one day…

I made a terrible mistake…

While I was sending off some emails to clients one morning from my work computer, I accidentally attached our company sales reports to the email.

I don’t know what I was thinking.

It was just an accident.

It just happened.

I instantly went into a cold sweat and was called into the office later that day.

“You like working here right”?  My boss Steve shouted at me.

Before I had a chance to answer…be bellowed out…

“How could you be so stupid?”

No more was said about it that day- but later that week I got a call from my line Manager to come into his office.

Which was strange because he always talked to me at my cubicle.

“I’ve got some bad news Mike”, he said.

He paused, taking a slow breath in.

This isn’t easy to say but…

Your sales department is being outsourced to India.

It’s happening this week.

“Costs have been too high now for some time…and this is the only way for the Company to survive”

“Your time is over here. I’m sorry”

I wasn’t sure if it was true or it was because of the other day’s accident or my poor sales…but I knew one thing for sure…

My time was up.

My stomach clenched up in shock.

I was shaking in disbelief.

I felt numb.

I cleared out my desk and headed home….driving around for hours before going back to the house that day.

Wondering how I was going to break the news to my wife Lisa.

As it turned out…I didn’t need to.

There was a note waiting for me on the kitchen counter when I got home.

I love you Mike but can’t live like this anymore.

I’m moving in with my parents.

Don’t call me, please.

This needs to end.

I slumped to the floor with this second body blow of the day.

A heavy feeling of despair felt like an anchor weighing me down.

I was almost disconnected from what was happening.

Like it was all happening to someone else.

I gotta say…

There were some dark thoughts in my head that night.

It felt like my world had imploded around me.

And I struggled to find anything positive to carry on for…after all…

I was broke, alone and hopeless

If it wasn’t for my interest in self-help and spirituality-I might have given up at this time.

I have always had a passion for self help and spirituality and was always looking for new ways to improve my income and attract more money.

 I’d known about the law of attraction for some time and knew deep down it could help me get what I wanted in life.

This led me to do many things that you may be trying at the moment.

…Like journaling…Writing down goals…Attending Seminars…and doing affirmations and creating vision boards.

These methods were simply not working for me.

Nothing I wanted in life was showing up.

The more I tried to attract what I wanted – the more I failed.

Maybe you’ve been there

I was on a serious downward spiral until one-day…things started to turn around.

They say when you are at rock bottom there is only one way up.

And I was certainly at rock bottom.

I’d spend my days praying for something or someone to lift me out of my despair.

I believe when you call loud enough- someone or something will listen.

The universe will listen.

So you can…

Call it fate or just dumb luck-but one day I met meet someone who would change my life forever…

I had always loved spending time attending seminars and learning about the law of attraction.

The only trouble was…none of the manifestation techniques I learned at these seminars worked as I wanted.

I’d manifest something small and then…a big fat NOTHING.

I never lost interest in manifesting though.

At one particular seminar on manifestation…

I met a man who would change the course of my life forever.

At this particular seminar, I was doing my usual thing.

Listening to speakers and wondering around desperately looking for some new law of attraction method to try.

And that’s when it hit me. …A man in the corner of the room.

Nothing remarkable about him at first.

He was of average height.

Average build.

With dark brown thinning hair.

Just a regular guy really.

But then I looked a little closer.

He had people swarming around him.

People wanted to be near him.

There was something ‘magnetic’ about him.

At first, I thought to myself…

Is he famous?

Some kind of celebrity?

But he was none of those things.

I had to find out more.

So, after a few minutes, I got up the courage to introduce myself.

Sam was his name.

And it turned out…

He was a really nice guy.

He asked me what I did for a living,

About my family,

And what my interests were;

And then he listened thoughtfully to my replies and nodded.

We started walking out to the car park together.

It turned out we were roughly the same age,

Had grown up in the same neighborhood.

And he even knew one or two people who went to my school.

But while he was making 8 figures a year in multiple companies he owned.

While he had a beautiful family, house and unlimited vacation time every year.

I was unemployed with less than $3000 to my name.

 As We Approach His Beautifully Polished red Bentley,

The pressure was building inside me.

I just had to ask.

 So I gulped down my fear and just took a chance…

“Sam,” I began,

“I have to ask you something”.

And I hope you don’t take this the wrong way,

Or find this question out of line.

But how in the hell did you become so successful?

After telling you about my life and circumstances….

Are we so different?

Is it just because you’re more intelligent?

Better connected?

Better personality?

If it’s any of those things, I can take it.

And accept my lot.

But I need to know.


He looked at me long and hard for a few seconds.

Like he was deciding whether to tell me or not.

What he told me next would change my life forever…

He turned to me and said…

“I’m nothing special,” he said.

In fact-I am pretty like you or any ordinary decent Guy.

I don’t have abundance because of a special gift or intelligence or education or connections.

The Answer to manifesting abundance in simple he said…

Attracting abundance is nothing to do with:

  • Intelligence
  • Ambition
  • Networking
  • Business ideas
  • Or any of the above.

Your ‘shadow thought’ is what’s blocking abundance in your life…

Release that ‘shadow thought’…and ANYTHING can be yours…

He continued…

“Without your ‘shadow thought’ abundance will come flooding into your life…faster and easier than you can imagine.”

“Your ‘shadow thought’ is hidden from you-yet it’s transmitting a beacon 24/7 to the universe…creating your present reality.”

You see…

The Shadow thought is one ‘negative hidden thought’ that we all have.

It’s one unconscious negative imprint that runs our life.

Every one of us has a specific shadow thought.

Usually laid down in childhood.

When we are below the age of 6 we are in a kind ‘hypnotic state’ where we are very suggestible and believe what we are told about ourselves.

A shadow thought is usually projected onto us as a ‘negative message’ in our lives when we were VERY vulnerable to believe whatever we were told.

People like our parents, or teachers or other caregivers give us this message or ‘shadow thought’.

We hide this ‘shadow thought’ from ourselves and others.

…because it’s usually painful to believe it could be true.

(even though it never is)

Some examples of ‘shadow thoughts’ are:

  • I’m a failure
  • I can’t cope
  • I’m stupid
  • I’m dumb
  • I’m a loser
  • I’m a bad person

Most of us have one major shadow thought like these.

…A ‘low vibration shadow thought’ that blocks abundance from us.

Many great thinkers over the years have pointed to our ‘low vibration shadow thought’ and how it controls our lives…

The “shadow” is a concept first coined by Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung to describe a negative aspect of our personality or ‘thought’ about ourselves we choose to reject and repress.

For one reason or another, we all have parts of ourselves we don’t like—or we think society won’t like—so we push those parts down into our unconscious.
This is where the shadow thought lives.

Jung referred to it as our ‘shadow’.

And it explains…

Why the law of attraction has not worked for you so far…

Every shadow thought is like COUNTER INTENTION to what you want to manifest in reality.

Think of your ‘shadow thought’ like a computer VIRUS

Your conscious mind is like what you see on your Desk Top.

This Desk Top is like the conscious thoughts you are aware.

Your shadow thought is like a computer virus…operating behind the scenes.

…doing the opposite and working against your conscious intentions.

Every shadow thought blocks manifestation without you even knowing much of the time.

Just like a virus operates behind the scenes WITHOUT you being aware of it.

You may want a new job-but your hidden shadow thought says…you’re not bright or capable enough for that.

You may want more money-but your shadow thought says…money is bad.

You may want to approach that attractive person in Starbucks-but your shadow thought says…you’re no good enough for them.

Your ‘shadow thought’ will control your reality…or what you can manifest.

Carl Jung said…

The shadow will direct your life…and you will call it fate.”

This ‘shadow thought’ creates your reality.

The reason why is simple…

A ‘Low Vibration Shadow Thought’ is like an invisible transmitter, sending out a low vibration ‘poverty signal’ to the universe…

A negative ‘shadow thought’ is very powerful.

This negative thought paints the picture of what manifests in our life.

It governs what we can attract…and what we can’t.

The shadow thought contains ‘low vibration energy’.

It’s a kind of heavy energy that stops what you want manifesting.

The good news is…

Once you clear your ‘low vibration shadow thought’… Your life transforms from the inside out…almost effortlessly…

Once you get rid of the power of your shadow thought…

Lack and limitation evaporate almost overnight.

There are many examples of successful people who cleared their ‘shadow thoughts’, raised their vibration and attracted success

  • Jim Carey found his real success and happiness after clearing the ‘shadow’ of his ‘depression’ beliefs.

  • Oprah Winfrey found her real success and happiness after clearing the shadow of her abusive past…and the ‘negative thoughts’ she had about it.

Sam went onto explain…The only trouble is …

“Most methods to deal with a negative, sabotaging shadow thought…are very ineffective at best…completely useless at worst…”

Sam explained…

“You see…People spend years being controlled and manipulated by their shadow thought. They may go to therapy or talk about how they feel endlessly, all to no avail.”

If you want to raise your ‘vibration’ to attract what you want in life… Sam said, “you need to make contact with your shadow thoughts…on a subconscious level-where these ‘shadow thoughts’ are stored…so you can clear them” .

Mike continued…telling me…

The good news is…it is possible to re-wire your Brain to clear your shadow thought…

Scientists call it ‘Neuroplasticity’ or ‘flexibility’ of the brain to change and adapt…

Newsweek science writer Sharon Begley reported recently on how cutting-edge science reveals that, contrary to popular belief, we have the power to literally change our brains by changing our minds.

We can literally erase unhelpful negative thoughts!

Recent pioneering experiments in ‘neuroplasticity’– demonstrating the ability of the brain to change in response to experience–reveal the brain is capable of altering its structure and function, and even of generating new neurons, a power we retain well into old age. The brain can adapt, heal, renew itself after trauma, compensate for disabilities, rewire itself to overcome dyslexia, and break cycles of depression and OCD…and even clear negative thoughts in the subconscious.

“If you want to re-wire your Brain to clear your shadow thought from your subconscious you need to use a technology that communicates with your subconscious mind easily…to remove your shadow thought quickly and easily…”

“Sound is the answer to Re-Wire Your Brain” …Sam said.

Or more specifically- the ‘right’ kind of sound”.

After all, he continued…

Scientists have been researching how sound effects the subconscious mind for many many years now with amazing results.

The most highly publicized experiment showing the influence of sound on the mind is the “Mozart effect” Experiment.

Researchers at the University of California, Irvine, investigating how listening to music affects the mind…found that listening to Mozart, consistently boosted IQ test scores and beliefs about intelligence.

Numerous other evidence has shown how different sounds create different emotions and feelings in the mind and can have amazing positive mind-altering effects.

It’s not a new idea.

Monks in Tibet have been using sound bowls and sound baths in their meditations for thousands of years to effect incredible changes in their minds.

According to Harvard Health Publishing…

Research performed between 1994 and 1999 reported that in four trials, music therapy amazing positive effects on negative beliefs that contribute to depression.

According to Sam…

What all these experiments had in common is that they activated the theta brain wave state in the mind where the mind becomes super relaxed and open to suggestion.

Sam had researched the type of music used in all these experiments and had blended the best of what he found into a mixture of music and sound in recordings he listened to…so he could activate the relaxed theta brain wave state in the mind.

Inside this deep state of theta relaxation –the mind is free to release old beliefs that no longer serve it.

The Brain has different brain wave states it operates in every day like Alpha or Delta in a waking state.

The ‘theta brain wave pattern’ is the ‘brain wave pattern’ you get into when you are sleeping or dreaming.

The ‘theta brain wave pattern’ of the sleeping mind can help reorganize and clear unwanted thoughts, beliefs, and emotions.

When you are asleep at night…your mind is busy reorganizing thoughts and emotions and deciding what it keeps and what it doesn’t.

It’s the perfect time to throw out all beliefs that do not serve you anymore.

It’s the ‘ultimate brain wave pattern’ that works with the subconscious mind to make lasting changes.

Working on this Theta Brain Wave level is a powerful way to access the subconscious mind where your ‘shadow thought’ is held-so you can begin to release it painlessly.

Sam showed me a powerful way to use sound and suggestion to talk to the mind in ‘theta waves’ to access a ‘shadow thought’ and clear it.

All you have to do is sit back and listen to special recordings to access your theta brain wave state and remove your ‘shadow thought’ from your energy field.

Manifesting your dreams then- is almost like waving a magic wand and watching your wishes manifest.

You will find the path clear to attract anything you want- when you clear your ‘ low vibration shadow thought’….

Sam explained to me that when you clear your shadow thought, your vibration automatically raises.

Your abundant vibration is like a beach ball held under the surface of the water by your low vibration shadow thought.

Once you release your shadow thought…your vibration automatically rises to the surface. It becomes your NEW reality.

…and when you raise your vibration –you automatically become a match to what you want to attract.

There is no shadow thought blocking what you want to manifest anymore.

So when the ‘shadow thoughts’ are cleared and your vibration raises…You can at last attract:

  • Peace of mind
  • Gleaming new cars
  • Soul mate attraction
  • Luxurious homes
  • Holidays in the sun
  • Mountains of money
  • Radiant health

I was willing to try the techniques Sam had given me for clearing my shadow thought-raising my vibration-and attracting more abundance into my life.

At first, the change was subtle and then abundance snowballed…

After clearing my shadow thought-I immediately felt a little lighter.

…like a kind of weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

And subtle changes were happening around me.

I’d find a parking space when there seemed to be none.

I had more money left in my bank account at the end of the month…WITHOUT making more money.

Then something strange happened.

I had always thought about setting up my own online business…but it had always been a kind of pipe dream.

Something was building up inside me now-telling me- DO IT!

 So I did.

And after only one month online- I saw income starting to stream in.

Almost like magic.

And the income was snowballing every month.

The amazing thing was- it all seemed so easy.

…And was happening so fast.

Before long the shadow cleansing effect was impacting other areas of my life like when…

My debt disappeared…

As my income rose by $1000, $2000, and $4000 a month, my debt started to evaporate.

It was an amazing feeling to be debt-free.

Like I’d broken free from heavy chains that held me back my entire life.

And being debt-free meant I felt better inside and …

My health and relationships improved dramatically…

I lost over 40lbs in weight.

I felt more active and met the new love of my life, Jennifer.

She’s beautiful both inside and out.

She’s someone I could never of imagined meeting before.

I felt a deep limitless feeling inside- like I could manifest ANYTHING I wanted…

Like more travel…

More free time…

A brand new car…

And the really great news is…

After sharing this shadow clearing technique with hundreds of people…I discovered…

ANYONE can create the life they want-once they are free of shadow thoughts.

Here’s what people are saying about manifestation made easy.

This is next-level manifestation SO EASY!

Why THIS ‘shadow thought clearing’ Wealth attraction Program is so Different

There are essentially two ways you can live your life:

By DEFAULT – where your vibration is chronically low and controlled by an unseen ‘shadow thought’.

By DESIGN –where you clear your shadow thoughts-raise your vibration and deliberately choose what you want to manifest. Or what you desire.

The key to happiness and wealth is to learn to create your life

consciously by design, instead of unconsciously by default where a low vibration shadow thoughts control you.

If you’ve struggled with money issues, you’re not alone. Your low vibration shadow thought has controlled your thought processes around money.

After working with thousands of people, I’ve noticed money – or more

specifically the LACK OF MONEY is the most common issue people face in

their life. If you’d like all that to change, you should preview my program on how to clear your shadow thought…

  • Because I’ve isolated the core of what’s lowering your vibration and attracting exactly what you don’t want in your life. In other words, your ‘low vibration shadow thought’. I’ve then come up with an enjoyable course for clearing those thoughts, raising your vibration and attracting massive success, NOW!
  • Because I have discovered a way to clear your low vibration shadow thought from your subconscious mind using the theta brain wave frequency…Once you clear those negative shadow thoughts…YOU can command the universe to instantly fulfil your every wish.
  • Because I have invested 23 months and over $15000 to collate and codify this technique to clear your shadow thought.

    Apply the techniques and almost instantly you can notice tangible changes in your focus, your outlook, self-confidence… and…yes, even financial abundance.

  • Because you only need to invest a few minutes a week. After that, all you do is
    one exercise per day… for 5 to 10 minutes… until you manifest what you
    want. What could be easier?

Think about your dreams for a moment. What are they?

Do you want to shower your life partner with gifts and exotic holidays?

 Do you hope to donate huge sums of money to your church, or a charity dear to your heart? Would you like to send your children to the best schools… or… travel the world FIRST

Whatever it is you want, you can have it.

Imagine if you had a life where you were FREE of money worries forever…

Clearing your shadow thought…raising your vibration…and attracting your ideal life is what this journey is all about.

Imagine if you had a life where money came to you with absolute ease every day.

Clearing your shadow thought can deliver a life like this for you.

Imagine if you had a life where money-making opportunities constantly

made themselves available to you.

Imagine if you had a life you where you were FREE from the daily rat-race of life, one of complete and total financial freedom.

Well, when you release your shadow thought…you CAN live this

life,  just like these people:


Are you starting to get the idea that what will be revealed in my
program MIGHT just make you some money?

If you simply apply yourself, just a little bit, it’s only a matter of time before you create everything in life you desire. In fact, it’s almost inevitable.

Once you clear your shadow thought, you

  • Stop working! Take as much time as you wish to travel, study or
    pursue your life’s dream. Be financially free to NEVER worry about
    your mortgage or bills ever again.
  • Because I have discovered a way to clear your low vibration shadow thought from your subconscious mind using the theta brain wave frequency…Once you clear those negative shadow thoughts…YOU can command the universe to instantly fulfil your every wish.
  • Spend more time with your life’s mate… doing the things you LOVE to
    do like playing golf, fishing, travelling, writing, reading, watching
    your kids or grandkids play sports. Cheering at every one of their
  • Donate money to worthy causes that you believe in, even start your
    very own foundation. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful legacy!

    What a life that would be! And it takes only an instant to clear your shadow thought to reveal this kind of life.

Let’s Look At What You Get


‘Manifestation Made Easy’

Manifest Abundance In Minutes A Day…

You can think of this powerful, life-changing program as…

The Easiest Manifestation System You’ll ever experience

Once you use Manifestation Made Easy to clear your ‘low vibration shadow thought’

The path will be clear for you to create ANYTHING you desire in your life, including attracting your soul mate… your dream home… or even a new ride…

But, the main goal of the program is simple…

To help manifest MONEY into your life whenever you desire.

MONEY for bills… MONEY for rent… MONEY to prove that Manifestation is REAL.

Manifestation Made Easy is simple to use. There is no long ebook to go through no exercises to learn. no course to learn.

You just sit back and listen to the Manifestation Made Easy recordings and melt away the shadow thought blocking abundance coming into your life…

Then you are free to manifest money immediately.

You just click play… the brainwave technology embedded inside the audio relaxes your mind into a “Theta State” and opens the door to the deepest levels of your subconscious…

From there, powerful subliminal messages clear your shadow thought.

You don’t have to do anything, you just sit back and listen.

The tracks do all the work clearing away the low vibration shadow thought from your subconscious mind.

Before you know it, you’ll create a powerful manifesting force that draws wealth and opportunities to you with ZERO effort on your part.

Before you know it…new income sources and opportunities will be opening up and manifesting, as if by magic.

The reason Manifestation Made Easy is so effective is that it clears out your low vibrational ‘shadow thought’ and installs positive wealth attraction beliefs in your mind…all on the deepest levels of the mind.  It clears patterns on the deepest levels of the subconscious… levels no other program reaches.

Using Manifestation Made Easy Is As Simple As


Manifestation Made Easy could not be easier to use.

  • STEP 1-

    Simple listen to the recordings to clear your ‘shadow thought’. This takes just minutes a day.

  • STEP 2-

    With your ‘new mind’ clear of your shadow thought…think about that you want to manifest using the ‘dream maker’ recording.

  • STEP 3-

    Sit back and watch what you want to manifest take shape in your life. See what you saw in your mind materialise before your eyes in the coming weeks and months.

Now, I could go on and on about all the surprises in store for you…

When you claim your copy of ‘Manifestation Made Easy Today’…you also get the following vibration raising recordings:

Once your ‘shadow thought’ is cleared-you’re in a perfect position to listen to these vibration raising recordings like:

Manifestation Made Easy will be delivered immediately as it’s a digital product.

You will get immediate access to the member’s area where you can listen to, or download each recording.

The recordings are in mp4 format. You can listen to them on your phone, mac or pc.

But wait… this isn’t ALL you’ll receive. No. This is only the tip of the iceberg!

ACT today and get these FREE Fast Action Bonuses Valued at $291.

  • Free Bonus #1 (Value $97)

    Wealth Attraction While You Sleep

    This amazing bonus taps into powerful ‘sleep states’ to help you manifest while you’re sleeping. You may sleep for at least 7-8 hours a day. Those hours can be used to manifest while you sleep.

  • Free Bonus #2

    Wealth Chakra Opener (Value $97)

    Opening your Wealth Chakra is one of the quickest ways to open your mind to new and interesting ways to attract money into your life.

    This special meditation will get your mind focussing on everything you need to open your Wealth Chakra to attract more than you could ever imagine.

  • Free Bonus #3

    The ultimate Fast -Track millionaire mindset (Value $97)

    This free report outlines 3 simple steps to take in the next week to adopt the Millionaire Mindset that has the power to attract all the wealth you could ever dream of

    It’s for people who are really serious about getting to the next financial success level in their lives today.

Now I want to ask you something:

What would it be worth to you to wave goodbye to your current job and
live the way you want for the rest of your life?

Would it be worth making just a little effort now, if I could
show you the key to owning that beautiful, luxurious car you’ve always

Imagine you driving around in a snazzy new Mercedes … or Audi … or
BMW just a few months from now (instead of that old car you’re currently
paying loan repayments on)?

That would be a good investment, wouldn’t it?

What about if instead of stumbling out of bed, and pushing yourself
to meet the day… you sprung out, eager with excitement for what the day’s
adventures will bring you?! Wouldn’t it be great to have that excitement?

back again?

Wouldn’t that be a wonderful way to live?

What about if you could custom build your ideal home…and have 100% equity in! That’s right, you owned every brick, and
blade of grass!

Not only that, imagine if your home was furnished with the

finest home appliances on offer, paid for and fully functioning before you slept a wink in it?!

What about if you never had to worry about ANY bill EVER again? And I
mean no rates … no loan repayments … no phone bills … no electricity bills.
… no credit card bills – no NOTHING … forever.

Or what if you had time to do anything in the world you wanted. What
if you had ample supply of the most precious commodity available of all –
Time! Time to spend with the people you love… time to travel the world
And experience life… time to pursue your heart’s passion… time to help
Others. Stuff which you don’t have a hope in hell of doing right now.

So you may be wondering…

How Much?

OK, by this stage you’re probably wondering about price, so let’s
Talk about it. When I’m doing private one-on-one coaching, my rate is $500
Per hour.

You are about to access over 10 hours of tightly focused, vibration clearing recordings inside manifestation made easy course. This translates to a real market value of $5000 of my time.

That’s what you’d pay if I was to sit down with you one-on-one and explain
Every nuance of my amazing shadow thought clearing formula to you.

And you know what; it would be worth every cent! Think about it: I’m
Literally giving you the keys to the vault. My most closely guarded
Secrets to instantly and easily manifest anything your heart desires.
These secrets are so new, not even my high-level corporate clients even
Know them (the same people that paid me thousands of dollars in consultation fees).

The true value of this program is not in the cost, but in the value
You will gain by using it to turn your life around. There is no way I can
Put a dollar value on what this program will do for you.
That’s why offering it at $997 is such a fair price. You will get
Back many, many times that quicker than you could imagine.

When I was first starting out, I would have walked over broken glass to get this information.
I would have loved for someone to give me a helping hand.

It never happened though. And I could not afford anything like $997.

So in the interest of not making money a barrier for you here and because money is not a big deal for me anymore… (I just need to cover web hosting costs)…

As a special introductory (pre-release offer) it is available today for only a fraction of the cost: Only $47.

I can’t tell you what an incredibly fair price this is. Especially
When you consider I’ll be revealing to you my simple, step by step formula
For magnetizing your mind for riches, and finally creating the life you

There is a catch however, For this price I want you to promise me
That in 30 days you will write to me to tell me about your success and
Allow me to use your story to help others.

Fair enough?

Receiving Manifestation Made Easy like this… is… in many
Ways better than teaching you privately and one-on-one because you can
Listen to the entire program… over and over again…

At No Additional Cost!

Sit back and let the recordings do all the work for you.

You don’t have to worry about cost. Not right now. Why? Because
I’m not going to ask you to take any financial risk on my program… not
Until you’re 100% certain this is for you. No. I’m going to make it as
Easy, and as simple, as is humanly possible for you to try my new course
Out for yourself… without risking a single cent of your own money with my…

Better Than Risk-Free Guarantee

If you’re not convinced… beyond a shadow of a doubt… that Manifestation Made Easy…
Is everything I say it is… a potently effective formula for manifesting
 Financial abundance in the shortest possible time, after trying it for
A full 60 days, then I insist you send me an email, and I will immediately refund you for your entire investment.

And the bonuses are yours to keep no matter! So this is better than
Risk-free guarantee!

There will be no hard feelings and we can still be friends. I trust
These ‘Universe Laws’ will work for you, so much so, you will find it
Impossible to take me up on my guarantee.

Let Me Show You EVERYTHING You Are Getting Today!

Manifestation Made Easy… ($500 Value)

Wealth Attraction While You Sleep … ($97 Value)

Wealth Chakra Opener… (Value $97)

The ultimate Fast -Track millionaire mindset ($97 value)

Total Value: $791

Get Started Today For a:

Just 1 Payment Of $47 Today!

This Special Offer Ends In…

Manifestation Made Easy

You’ll fill out a short form on a 100% secure page. And then you’ll get instant access to Manifestation Made Easy and all the bonuses…Even if it’s 3AM.

GO through the product. You will be seeing tangible results…in your bank account…in the next month.

Hit that button now. After all…

What’s the cost of NOT doing this?

What’s the cost of going along the rest of your life? With a brain that’s wired for failure…How many more late fees can you stomach? How much longer can you stand being in debt?

How long can you spend worrying about how you’ll support yourself when you’re 80? All those overdraft fees. What about the stress? And what about your health?

Instead you could be traveling. Getting regular massages. Learning new languages. Pampering your spouse. And pampering yourself.

Why not right? You’ve struggled enough.

Let me help you reach your dreams…And let’s start right now.

I want to get this program in your hands…And I can in the next 120 seconds…. so we can begin the transformation process.

Listen to my instructions carefully. Hit the instant button below. Right now.

Do it now. I’ll see you on the other side. Whether you’re interested in buying or not…you’ll want to pick it up anyway.


Because this site might not be here tomorrow. And you can always refund if you’re not happy. In fact, you can refund for any reason at all…

That means there’s nothing to lose…And a wealthy life to gain. Don’t even feel bad for asking for the refund. Our support staff won’t even know your name. And heck… that’s what the guarantee is there for.

Hit the button below.

Total Value: $791

Get Started Today For a:

Just 1 Payment Of $47 Today!

This Special Offer Ends In…

Manifestation Made Easy

“I’ve read every personal development course out there. How is this different?”

Great question! While most courses focus on the conscious or subconscious mind, we get to the root of the problem blocking your abundance by clearing away the negative shadow thought that is blocking your abundance!

“Is this a physical product that will be shipped to me?”

This is a digital product that you will be able to view from our member’s area or download to your computer… This allows us to keep our costs down and charge you far less, PLUS you can get access to IT NOW!!!

“I’m terrible with money, and nothing I’ve ever tried works. Will this REALLY work for me?”

Yes! We have hundreds upon hundreds of testimonials to prove it!

“What if I have questions?”

Me and my expert staff are standing by at all times, ready to give you a hand and make sure you have stunningly good results.

“WHAT If I’m already financially well off?”

We have many high-level CEOs and high-level executives, who were doing well, and are now doing even better with ‘Manifestation Made Easy’.

“How much time do I have to put into the course?”

The videos are only 90 seconds. You should be watching those twice a day.

There are a few routines we recommend you implement, but these will not take up much time as they are just doing the things you normally do with a couple of “tweaks”.

“Is my order secure?”

Incredibly so. We have the same level of security as you would find at your bank. Our processor is the most trusted processor online trusted for over 10 years with millions of transactions.

If you’ve got any more questions you can email our support at :

PS Remember, you can preview the entire course for 2 months, FREE. If
Within that time you decide it isn’t for you, simply return it, and you
Won’t owe us a cent. Plus, the bonuses valued at $291 will be
Yours to keep for your trouble. I can’t be any fairer.

PPS Think about what it will cost you if don’t take action, if you don’t
Order my course. What impact will that have on your life? Where will you
be in one month… 3 months… 6 months… even one year? You know where, don’t
You? In the same frustrating and miserable place you are now. Is that what
you want? Of course not. Remember, nothing happens until YOU make a

Go ahead, Order now. Remember, you have a full
TWO MONTH preview of the course at MY EXPENSE. You have no risk. After
that you have a full 2 months to put the formula to the test in your life.
If you’re not happy with the results, simply return it and I’ll
immediately give you back your money. Either way, the bonuses are yours to

Total Value: $791

Get Started Today For a:

Just 1 Payment Of $47 Today!

This Special Offer Ends In…

Manifestation Made Easy

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