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This will be a short letter because it’s truly a no-brainer decision.  Here’s why… For the first time ever, I’m now personally leading interactive monthly webinars to help dramatically increase your sales.  And, if you act today, you can lock in the re-introduction rate of… Only $9.95 Per Month Lock In Your Rate Forever, Today…

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This will be a
short letter because it’s truly a no-brainer decision.  Here’s why…

For the first time ever,
I’m now personally leading
interactive monthly webinars to help dramatically increase your sales. 
And, if you act today, you can lock in the re-introduction rate of…


$9.95 Per Month

Lock In Your Rate Forever,

(You Can Cancel

Meet Once a Month in a 90-Minute

Live-Group-Mentoring-Webinar Designed

to Dramatically Increase Your Sales!

  • You’ll Get the
    Webinar Recordings
    :  Can’t make the live event? No
    problem!  Simply download the videos from the membership area. 
    We make the recordings available for 90 days after each event. 
     (WMV and MP4 Formats.)  Plus…

  • TWO Crushing
    To help you start making more money even
    before our first meeting I’ve included (1) “Maximum
    Sales Bumps with Minimal Effort” (video in wmv and mp4
    formats) and; (2)
    “How to Build Your Persuasion Architecture” (audio MP3, transcript and cheat sheet
    in PDF format.) 


100% Unconditional Money
Back Guarantee

(Cancel any time at

I have read and agree to the

Disclaimer and Terms of Use Agreement

Full Testimonial and Typical Results
, and the

Privacy Policy

.   I understand today’s immediate access payment
is just $9.95, and that thereafter I will pay only $9.95 each
month for continued access until cancelled.  I know
only a web browser and an
internet connection is required to immediately download the
bonuses after purchase and/or participate in the live events,
which are scheduled from 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm eastern time on the
4th Friday of
each month, except for Holidays.  I also know I’ll be
able to download the Video recordings of each live event
from the membership area by 11:59 pm eastern time (if not
before) on the Wednesday following each live Webinar. 
Last, I understand no income claims, warrants, or guarantees
are made regarding my participation in this program despite
the phenomenal results many report from their contact with
Glenn Livingston and his materials.

Here’s Why
This is a Ridiculously Good Value:

off, $30,000,000 is a very big number. 
But that’s really what
Fortune 500 companies like Lipton, Ford, Panasonic, AT&T, and Nabisco
have paid my firms for marketing consulting… 

T & T

American Express

Bausch & Lomb

Burger King






Ford Motors General Mills





M & M Mars

Master Card



Proctor & Gamble



Sara Lee


Warner Lambert


J & J

We’ve also been in
The New York Times, Crain’s NY Business, The Los Angeles
, The Chicago Sun Times, The Boston Herald, The
Indiana Star Ledger, American Demographics, Marketing News,
Direct Marketing News, ABC radio, Bloomberg Radio,
CBS Radio, UPN news, just to name a few

And what’s more,
I’ve charged

as much as

So at the risk of
seeming immodest, $9.95/mo is a STEAL for my time!

  • As the previous co-founder of
    Rocket Clicks
    (an internet marketing agency that’s managed
    millions in online ad-spend),
    I’ve seen hundreds of business
    models. I’m in regular contact with some of the top internet marketing
    experts in the world.  Which means I’ve actually seen what turns
    dollars IN into dollars OUT.  Over and over again.  Needless
    to say, I’m not “talking theory!”

  • I tend to
    over-deliver.  And that’s why I attract serious students with
    serious business goals,
    willing to do whatever it takes to achieve
    them.  I can’t help but respond with enthusiasm. 

  • It would cost
    literally 20+ times as much to book the same time with me in live
    personal consulting.
       But I’ve found doing live
    webinars is the BEST way for me to stay sharp as a marketer, to
    improve my systems, and to find reliable people to hire.  So I’m
    willing to make myself available at this extremely low price… 

  • I’m NOT your
    run-of-the-mill guru.   
    After all, I’ve got an extraordinarily
    well thought out SYSTEM for building a solid, profitable, growing
    business online.  I know a lot of people SAY they’ve got a system

Monthly Income Growth Over
a 21-Month Period

I’ve built over 17 of my own profitable internet markets.

I succeeded 80% of
the time!  My systems work if you’ll work them…

But other than flat out
building them
for you, this hand holding is probably the best way
to get YOUR site making more money…

LEGAL: It would be unreasonable to
assume you’ll get the same explosive results using my systems
because I had a lifetime of marketing experience behind me at
month #1.  But why would anyone want to even try without the
benefit of this knowledge?  Especially when you can get
personal access to me for a mere $9.95 per month!? 

  • I’ve seen hundreds
    of clients with dozens of different business models. 
    As a
    result, I know what works–and what wastes your valuable time–in
    today’s online world…
  • I bring the
    money-making disciplines of marketing, psychology, research,
    competitive intelligence, and statistics
    to bear on your market. 
    It’s a unique power your competitors can’t match…

  • Most importantly,
    I’ll tell you if I think you’re barking up the wrong tree.  Even
    if it means making you RUN for the door. 


    • IMPORTANT NOTE: People
      often DO fire me as a coach when I tell them the truth.  But
      that’s okay.  It’s much better than watching them waste time and
      money on easily prevented wrong turns!  There are a lot of
      broken-hearted-dreams out there.  Most could’ve been prevented if
      someone had the guts to speak up sooner.  (I wish someone
      would’ve stopped ME from throwing $2,000,000 down a
      money-sucking-black-hole in my youth)…

Here’s What You Get in Dr. Glenn

“Make Them Buy” Club
for a Mere $9.95 a Month

    : Watch me fix the sales process (live) on
    site after site. 
    (Join me on 4th Friday of each month, excluding Holidays when we
    reserve the right to reschedule.)
    When you’re ready, submit YOUR site for review.  Go test the
    changes I give you, and come back to share your results.  We’ll
    do it again and again to keep improving your sales!


    • During every webinar,
      I’ll take one or two specific sites and go through them with a fine
      tooth comb.  I’ll point out every profit-enhancing
      opportunity—and money-sucking-black-hole—I see.  
      That’s the BEST way to go from “talking theory” to making real money
      from your site…

    • The feedback you’ll
      get from other group members is also extremely valuable. 
      Because of my background and credentials, I attract a powerful
      crowd.  There usually are a few top marketers in the meetings. 
      (In fact, this is a strong side-benefit for me.  I’ll
      occasionally present my own sites to get THEIR feedback). 

    • Sites get reviewed on
      a first come, first serve basis. 

  • Answers to Your
    Specific Questions: 
    You can ask questions on every webinar, regardless of whose site
    we’re reviewing.  I’ll always encourage interaction.  I do
    my very best to get to everybody’s issues. 


    • The internet
      marketing game is littered with dozens of critical decisions and
      sticking points.  Any one of which can stop most entrepreneurs
      in their tracks.  That’s why it’s so important to get specific
      help to overcome your personal roadblocks. 

  • Recordings of Every
    I know not everyone can attend every live event.  (They’re
    held at 12 PM Eastern Time on the fourth Friday of the month
    – except for Holidays when we reserve the right to reschedule.)
    So I’ll record them for you.  You can
    download them from the membership area for up to 90 days after each
    event.  (Recordings will be posted for download in both WMV
    and MP4 format on the Saturday following each webinar.)

Unconditional Sixty-Day, 100%Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t agree the “Make Them Buy” Club arms you with
the knowledge to dramatically boost your profits (even
BEFORE the first webinar because you’ll immediately download
two powerful bonuses)
just let me know.  I’ll
quickly refund every penny of your purchase price.  No
questions asked and no conditions.  Since this is a
digital product, you can KEEP the bonuses and cheat sheet,
too, just for giving it a good honest try.  There’s
nothing to return.

Simply put, you either boost your sales or keep everything
included and receive ALL your money back ANYTIME in the next
60 days.  Even after that, you can still cancel any
time and receive a refund for payments made within 60 days
of the date of cancellation.  One email or ticket open at
is all it takes!


100% Unconditional Money Back


Maximum Sales Bumps from Minimal Effort

So You Can Start
Making More Money Right Away!

(Yours FREE
when you get started today)

Listen, this
is NOT the first loaf of bread I’ve baked. 

After all,
I’ve seen the real dollars-in-to-dollars-out results of hundreds of
marketing tests.  But to get you the
sales bump I can, I’ve COMBINED my expertise with Terry
Dean, the “granddaddy” of internet marketing. 

Terry has
been making money online and coaching entrepreneurs full-time for 16
(That’s back when you had to process credit cards manually. When
putting together even an ugly website was a long drawn out process. 
When PPC didn’t even exist.  And when everyone was 100% clueless
about SEO.)

Terry and I
worked very hard to compress our experience into a 2-hour video you can
use to bump your web sales FAST.  Here’s just some of what you’ll

  • How to
    Dramatically Increase Your SITE Conversion, EMAIL Click Through Rates,
    and VIDEO Sales…

  • Seven
    Strategies to Boost Your Profits Fast…

  • The
    “Golden Glove” Method for Dramatically Increasing Sales: 
    These five principles underlie EVERY sale ever made online and
    off.  But virtually every site we’ve ever seen are woefully
    lacking in at least two of them.  You’ll want to write these on
    the “inside of your eyelids” so you can eat, sleep, and breathe these
    powerful sales principles!

  • Quickly

    Uncover What the Buyer Is Thinking
    :  Prospects in today’s Web
    3.0 world leave definitive clues to their buying psychology all over
    the internet.  But there’s one special place you can identify
    real BUYER objections, concerns, and emotional desires in less than
    thirty minutes.  For FREE

  • Make
    Irresistible Offers Your Prospects Can’t Refuse
    :  There’s
    something you should know even if you choose not to become my
    customer.  WHAT you’re offering is infinitely more important than HOW
    you sell it.  The right offer to the right audience beats fancy
    copy hands down.  Every time.  That’s why we’ll show you
    simple ways to construct offers your prospect can’t resist…

  • Make
    Yourself Impossible to Ignore Even In Brutally Competitive Markets

    Let’s face it; competition is only getting worse online.  See how
    to turn your opponent’s frightening force in your favor like an
    Aikido master!

  • Little-Known Profit Boosters Proven in the Heat of Battle

    Generally speaking, I’m not a fan of “cool” marketing tricks and
    techniques.  I prefer to teach you “how to fish” rather than 
    “give you a fish” because “fish” spoil rather quickly in today’s
    online environment!   However, there ARE a few dozen tried
    and true “conversion tricks” you can use right away.  Profit
    boosting tricks which work across markets.  Tricks which HAVE
    passed the test of time…

    “Proof Hiding Disease” Devastates Sales, Opt In, and Click
    Through Rates.  But 72% of the Sites We Reviewed Didn’t Even Know
    They Had It!
      (Find out if you’ve got it.  See how to
    quickly cure it if you do)

  • Real
    Life Example After Real Life Example
    Its one thing
    to “talk theory,” it’s quite another to put these principles into
    practice.  That’s why we include real life, detailed examples to
    illustrate everything we teach!

  • If
    People Don’t Buy From You, Just Do These Five Things
    :  Yes,
    it’s true.  If people aren’t buying, it’s ALWAYS one of these
    five simple reasons.  You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to fix
    sales leaks on your site once you know this…

truth is, I’m stunned we actually squeezed so much money-making
knowledge into a two hour presentation.  But the “Maximum Sales
Bumps with Minimal Effort”
video really does represent the best of our advertising experience. 
And you get to download it immediately when you get started today!


How to Build Your Persuasion Architecture

 Maximize Online Sales
by Developing the Perfect Two

Minute Verbal Pitch Before You Publish a Single Page

(114 Minute MP3 +
Transcript: FREE when you get started today)

The #1 reason
most people’s websites don’t earn what they’re worth is lack of FOCUS.  
They never bother to create a good sales argument in SIMPLE words. 
Is it any wonder their websites don’t do a better job?

You see, the
internet is actually too good for advertisers.  Technology
that used to cost thousands is now at our beck and call for pennies. 
There are no printing costs.  There are hundreds of ways to quickly
change images, videos, colors, designs, layouts, etc. in seconds. 

Every one of
these options CAN multiply your profits.  But only if you’ve to the
right message…


People get
so excited about using technology they fail to see when they’re getting
lost in the details of the wrong message.  Might as well be
re-arranging deck chairs on the TItanic!

That’s why
you absolutely must develop a simple, two minute verbal pitch BEFORE you
build (or re-work) your website.  It’s makes all your
much more powerful. 

The bottom
line is there are FIVE SIMPLE THINGS you need to close the sale in any
market.  And you should be able to explain them to an eight year
old in under two minutes.  

I call this
two minute simple pitch your “Persuasion Architecture™” because it
really does become the foundation for everything else you do.  And
in this important interview, I’ll take you through specific examples so
you can develop yours, step by step.

Of course
you’ll also get a cheat sheet to save you the trouble of taking
(And a transcript too.)

To Get Started Today

1. Make your first payment using
any of the “Make Them Buy” buttons on this page.   
be re-billed every 30 days for the same amount.  Remember, you can
cancel any time.)

2. Log into the “club” and download
your bonuses, so you can start making more money from your site right

 You’ll also want to take note of the next
webinar time, date, URL, and password. 

(You can always log in again to get them, but it’s a good idea to mark
your calendar). 

3. You can submit your site to get
on the review list right away. 
Or, you can wait to get a
sense of how things work first.  You might want to make as many
“fast bump” improvements as you can from the FREE bonuses.  You
might want to participate in other people’s site reviews for a while
first.  It’s totally up to you.

4. Please note: I DO encourage
repeat site submissions. 
After you’ve tested the
changes we suggested during your first review, come back and ask for
another one.  Get a third after you’ve tested those.  I
encourage you to keep coming back to get help, just as long as you
actually DO implement at least some of what was suggested between
reviews.  (Note: There’s usually some casual question and answer
time after the formal reviews in each meeting.  You can always
bring up your site for a “quick look” during Q&A without losing your
place in line for the full review)

100% Unconditional Money Back

But There Are Three
Very Important

Things to Know
Before You Get Started

First, I promise to
give you the full force of my expertise and attention. 
I also
unconditionally guarantee to refund your payment if you’re not thrilled
for any reason.  But I can’t guarantee your success because it’s
related to many factors beyond my control…  

Second, there’s only
one rule for the live sessions
.  That doesn’t
mean to be wimpy.  It’s much better for people to
hear the truth from us than to lose a fortune on ads and sites that
don’t convert.  But there’s a difference between serious,
constructive criticism and just being mean.  “Say what you mean,
but don’t say it mean.”  Know what I mean?

Last, I can’t work with
sites which sell hate mongering, pornography, cigarettes, speed
seduction, gambling,
and/or other products and services which might
jeopardize my professional license or my relationship with my Mom.  I hope you’ll understand.

See You There OK?

Onwards and Upwards!

Glenn Livingston, Ph.D.

100% Unconditional Money Back

PS – If you’re making too much money from
your business, there’s really NO reason for you to join. 

But for the rest of us, don’t you owe it to yourself to

them buy now?

PPS – Here’s why I charge a mere
$9.95 a month while my competitors charge as much as 5x more:

  • On a purely selfish level, the
    math actually works better

    People stick around a lot longer when the price is right.  Plus, no
    matter how much I might urge, only a small percentage of members
    actually show up live to interact with me.  So I actually make a
    very good hourly rate.  

    Make them buy now!

  • I want to provide an EASY way for
    you to get to
    know, like,
    and trust me so you’ll consider my high end services.

    (You’re under NO obligation whatsoever.  But I’ve got a few
    qualified conversion consultants who’ll fix your site FOR you in
    exchange for a small fee and a piece of the action)

    Make them buy now!

  • I have other more advanced
    programs, one-on-one-coaching and high end courses for sale

    I’m betting once you get to know my work, you won’t be able to resist. 
    But there’s NO obligation.  

    Make them buy now!

  • I get a lot of satisfaction from
    seeing people “make it”. 

    I spent a lot of years working with
    large businesses, and they didn’t always value my input.  Even
    when they paid a fortune for it. (I once worked for almost a year
    on a project.  But I had to summarize the results in one page for
    the CEO.  He dismissed it in under a minute.  He might as
    well have used it for toilet paper.  A year of my life was on
    that page!)
      So it does my heart good to price the club low
    enough that “the little guy” can afford it.  Even if I never make
    a lot of money from the club itself.  Because I know it’s the
    “little guy” who values it most.  

    Make them buy now!

  • I need a very high conversion
    rate on this site itself.  I intend for it to “go viral” in the
    affiliate system. 
     Make them buy now!

  • It’s fun. 
    Really it is.  I know this makes me kind of sick in the head—and
    yes, I’m still a psychologist—
    but I’d much rather review a
    website and talk marketing than watch a movie, eat Cheese Doodles, or
    do a lot of the things most other people do for fun these days. 

    Make them buy now!

  • I can find like-minded people to
    work for me.
    (Legal Note: Finding employees and sub-coaches IS one of the
    reasons I run the site.  But it’s very unlikely I’ll wind up
    hiring any given member, so please don’t join the club for this

    them buy now!

  • A large membership base
    multiplies the odds I’ll find businesses worth buying, improving, and
    flipping for cash
    At a certain point, it gets easier to take a business from good to
    great than to start something from scratch.  A LOT easier.  
    But they have to be the RIGHT businesses.  A large membership
    base familiar with my work makes it more likely I’ll find a business
    worth purchasing.   (Note: Finding businesses to purchase
    IS another reason I run the site.  But it’s very unlikely I’ll
    wind up buying your business in particular. So please don’t join the
    club for this reason, either.)  
    them buy now!

PPPS – Because I so strongly
encourage interaction in the group, there are strict limits to how many
people I can accept at any given time.
  So if you click the
order button and all you see is an opt-in form, it means we’re
unfortunately overbooked and you’ll need to be placed on a waiting list. 
Therefore, if you’re at all interested, please join TODAY!  

Make them buy now!

PPPPS – While the price on
this group-mentoring program will probably be below $50/mo. forever,
it’s unlikely to remain at $9.95/mo. for very long

I’m starting VERY low during this re-introductory period.  I want my
most loyal customers to be able to lock in their rate (forever). 
plan to raise it, once I reach critical mass.  Ask anyone who has
been around “Glenn World” for any length of time… this is a very real
pricing strategy.  So if you’re even a little interested, please
get in TODAY!  (And remember, you have a 100% money back

Make them buy now!


Listen to David
Oliver talk about the business-saving

profit bump he got from a simple 15 minute site review

(a quick 44% conversion bump put him back in the black):


Approximately 12:00

Or consider how the
ideas in my materials

Seth Green’s sales
by an average of 290%…

Approximately 2:00

Stuart Johnson’s phone
started ringing off the hook…

Approximately 2:30

And how my
ideas weeded out the non-converting PPC

clicks and made it possible for Jeff Keen to compete

in the brutally competitive “make money” market:



(Remember, you have a 100%, unconditional

back guarantee and can cancel anytime you wish!)

LEGAL: It would be unreasonable to assume you will
have the same explosive

growth as many of the clients on this page because of their unique

resources, and business backgrounds.  Then again, it can and does

And at these prices, wouldn’t you be risking more by not joining me?

Brian Therrien

Brian Therrien (2)

Perry Marshall

Damon Dickinson

Pat Wiklund

Pat Wiklund (2)

Stephen Georgulis

Stephen Georgulis

Fred Gleeck

John Parker

Dave Seldon

Sunny Hills

Bill Harrison

Barbara Warburg

Barbara Warburg

Jeff Hughes

Dan Pfister

Ryan Levesque


Dr. George Burroughs

Jeff Keen

Greg Carpenter

Yoav Ezer

Michael McCarrell


Alexa Davis


Jack Born

Seth Greene


Stuart Johnson

Remember, you have a 100%, unconditional

back guarantee and can cancel anytime you wish!

LEGAL: It would be unreasonable to assume you will
have the same explosive

growth as many of the clients on this page because of their unique

resources, and business backgrounds.  Then again, it can and does

And at these prices, wouldn’t you be risking more by not joining me?


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