LinkedIn SWAT Training Program, Special Weapons & Tactics for Linkedin

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From The LinkedIn Expert’s Expert Download the complete Zipped 12 part program in under 1 minute! “Discover the latest Explosive Linked Insider Secrets and turbo charge your business growth in days!” My Linkedin SWAT secrets are known by less than 0.01 percent of over 200 million Linkedin Business members When you buy Linkedin SWAT you’ll…

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From The LinkedIn Expert’s Expert




Download the complete Zipped 12 part program in under 1 minute!

“Discover the latest Explosive Linked Insider Secrets and turbo charge your business growth in days!”

My Linkedin SWAT secrets are known by less than 0.01 percent of over 200 million Linkedin Business members


When you buy Linkedin SWAT you’ll not only get all the best manoeuvres for the current business battleground, but you will also receive all of the fresh Linkedin “intel” as and when it happens.




If not satisfied, you are Guaranteed a Full Refund within 60 Days by the world Renowned British American Security Expert… No Questions asked!





The Art Of Business Networking War

  • Business growth with military precision
  • Identifying your business growth mission plan
  • Developing your mission objectives
  • Controlling the business battlefield
  • Mission due diligence and intelligence gathering

Module 1 gets you started by increasing your contacts, bulletproofing your profile & optimizing your listing to be found for those killer searches…


Special Business Operations

  • Ensure your business mission success is possible

  • Pick your battles

  • Run with the business opportunities

  • Bait the trap

  • Make no mistakes

Pre-program yourself for business success with Module 2 by developing your Linkedin profile as a ‘Honey Trap.’ Then we’ll bait the trap to attract major business decision makers to connect with you…


Rules Of Engagement

  • Conceal your mission objectives

  • Strategic business rigidity is dangerous

  • Build strength and agility through effective systems

  • Size matters

  • Be business decisive

In module 3 we’ll demonstrate how to re-program your mind-set in order to leverage profitable business growth from connecting with proven & savvy Linkedin superstars…


Use Of Force

  • Place your back against the wall
  • Choose your business alliances carefully
  • Never underestimate your business opponents
  • Unite in adversity
  • Act fast

Module 4 shows you how to act lightning fast with the efficiency of a special forces unit to achieve long term sustainable business growth from Linkedin…


Shock And Awe

  • First Mover Business Advantage

  • Harness the power of teams

  • Turn misfortune into gain

  • Strike where the enemy neglects business defense

  • Attack – attack – attack!

Module 5 will show you the positive business growth benefits waiting to be grabbed by attacking the market with first mover business advantage…


Return On Mission Investment

  • Winning hearts and minds

  • Study the well being of your business connections

  • Beware the ego

  • Business mission evaluation and de-brief

  • Exploit your mission success

And in this final module we’ll demonstrate how to exploit your business growth mission success by winning the hearts & minds of LinkedIn’s major business decision makers…

Get my 7 Free Bonus: ‘How To Do Linkedin’ Videos…

swat_6_vids6 ‘Direct Action’ video’s (+ 1 FREE Bonus Vid) to use alongside each Module or help you Cut To The Chase with each Cheat Sheet!


6 Cheat Sheets packed with pictures and pointers showing you how to implement each Module in double quick time…

SWAT_intel_SMALL1“We’ve Got Your Back” – with our regular “Rapid First Response” intelligence updates. Keeping you updated whenever Linkedin drops a game changer or bombshell…

One of our recent Rapid Response intelligence intercepts:

“Linked in Q&A was pulled in February 2013.. and whilst some experts are still selling advice on using this defunct feature.. Linkedin SWAT now contains not one, but two special weapons to replace it as a means of leveraging business growth”




“Linkedin SWAT is designed to ensure that not only big hitters and business owners can benefit from my skills and experience, but also everyday small business owners, sales executives, consultants and aspiring newcomers to the business world can ALL use Linkedin SWAT to achieve explosive business growth”

My mission is simple:

I want you to be SUPER successful on Linkedin…

Mark_book_3I am going to show you how to entice high numbers of trusted business decision maker connections to make an EXPLOSIVE difference to your business growth.

Key emphasis on the word ‘entice’ as there is infinitely much more added value in having many thousands of business decision makers HUNTING you, to connect with you.. rather than vice versa.

So I am going to show you exactly how to position yourself to be hunted by the best of the best business decision makers.



read on…


As with any high-risk mission I needed to conduct research, gather business intelligence and produce an action plan with clearly defined objectives. This in depth study, planning and testing took me 5 long years to harvest and perfect.

Everything started with identifying which four significant factors enabled me to be super successful as a global security specialist.


The truth is.. there are endless numbers of self professed Linkedin ‘Experts’ promoting thousands of complex ways to nail Linkedin to increase sales of your products / services and business growth. AND.. as a consequence, streams of books, blogs, presentations, podcasts and videos are being churned out by tens of thousands of new social media gurus proclaiming hundreds of ways to generate more and more business growth via Linkedin…

Over my 5 years of Linkedin research I have identified that achieving successful business growth on Linkedin boils down to a choice of just two ways:



So if you are looking to double, triple or even quadruple your business in the next 12 months you need to extract yourself from the ‘wrong way’ camp and join the ‘right way’ camp now.. where you will learn something so simple but very profound. Something most people already know but most have forgotten…

It’s ALL About Contacts!


These Leads were in my inbox at 6am this morning… along with heaps more invitations which have now taken my pending connections to a massive 5,749!

Get INSTANT ACCESS to Linkedin SWAT NOW! Simply Click on the Add to Cart Button To Download in Minutes!






‘I’m not just used to managing risk for my clients… I make it my business’

Over many years, hundreds of clients have trusted me with their lives… so you can take my word for it that if you are not happy with Linkedin SWAT we’ll refund your program costs with no questions asked!



‘Don’t do it Now.. Do it Right Now!’


Buy my Linkedin SWAT Training Program today and find out what 999 out of every 1000 of those using Linkedin are NOT doing right!


Download the complete Zipped 12 part program to your desktop in under 1 minute!

Have a Question about my Linkedin SWAT Training Program before you buy? Please take time to read our FAQ’s section below or alternatively email us directly at


1. How old is this Linkedin SWAT training program?

Official release April 2013. Selected pre-release March 18th 2013.

2. Is Linkedin SWAT a rehashed or updated version of an older Linkedin training program?

This Linkedin SWAT training program is unique and brand-new in 2013. As the world’s largest and most powerful business social media organisation, Linkedin is constantly changing and evolving. Significant changes were applied to Linkedin member’s profiles during late December 2012 and early 2013. Linkedin SWAT addresses these changes.

3. Who will benefit from this Linkedin SWAT training program?

Anyone looking to grow a profitable business from leveraging Linkedin’s business social media platform of over 200 million business members world-wide. In addition, anyone looking to significantly increase their business decision making connections, leads, referrals and opportunities, as well as those looking for a new job will benefit from Linkedin SWAT.

4. How long will it take me to apply these tactics and see results?

No one understands your learning style better than you, so we leave it to you to dictate the pace you need to move at. However if you are looking to implement fast business growth tactics to your Linkedin profile, then we have included additional professional ‘SWAT Cheat Sheets’ at the end of each Module. These have been specifically designed to help you achieve positive results to sections of your LinkedIn profile in one hour or less.

5. Do people really make money by leveraging LinkedIn?

Yes, but usually it’s the business people who have been smart enough to seek professional Independent Linkedin training, and/or mentoring who make the most business growth progress. This Linkedin SWAT training programme has been designed to fast track Linkedin members into profitable business, and business buyer decision making connection growth.

6. Do I need to be a business growth guru or an IT specialist to use LinkedIn SWAT?

No. If you can read English and follow real screen image examples and watch a live video example, then you can easily master this training program.

7. Who is the author of this Linkedin SWAT training program, and why is he qualified?

Mark D. Yates the British American Security Expert who is often referred to as ‘The Linkedin Expert’s Expert’ researched, wrote and developed this training program specifically for people looking to leverage Linkedin for profitable business growth.

Mark is one of the world’s top Independent Linkedin business growth specialists. He has the maximum number of 30,000 Linkedin first level business connections, over 300 client, customer & associate written recommendations and thousands of endorsements listed on his Linkedin profile.

Five major TV documentaries have been filmed about Mark’s training exploits world-wide. He is a published author and has also written two Independent Linkedin related E-books. He has provided his business growth consultancy services and security training in 44 countries.


8. English is not my first language. Will I struggle with Linkedin SWAT?

No. Mark is a highly experienced International trainer who has provided professional training on several continents to multinational students. He understands language and cultural differences and has specifically written this business growth program in an easy to follow, and easy to implement format.Each module has a video tutorial which provides a live example of one of the tasks you need to implement, to help you position your Linkedin profile for profitable business growth via Linkedin sales and marketing strategies.

9. Is there any particular business sector that is more likely to succeed with Linkedin SWAT?

No this program will work for any business sector, even the most unusual ‘niche’ businesses.

Mark and his team of highly experience Independent Linkedin Experts provides Independent Linkedin business consultancy services for regional ‘micro size’ one person businesses, right up to International businesses with 50,000+ global employees through his website.

10. How is the Linkedin SWAT training program delivered?

Everything is delivered electronically via a computer download format. This means you’ll receive your valuable resource almost immediately after your payment is processed. You can also save this program to use on the move on your laptop, tablet or other mobile devices.

11. Why should I buy this product right now instead of waiting?

Two main reasons…

A: Because if you are not currently leveraging Linkedin to grow your business, then your business competitors are grabbing a significant market share of what could be your business opportunities.

B: Because you have absolutely nothing to lose. ?

12. What if I don’t like Linkedin SWAT?

We want to help you grow your profitable business in a long term sustainable manner, so Linkedin SWAT comes with our ‘bulletproof’ 60 day no quibble, money back guarantee.


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