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Here’s What Other PeopleSoft Pros are Saying“I greatly appreciate the tools and information you offer on your website as they have been invaluably helpful to me!” – Erik H.“Thanks for providing this information to the PeopleSoft community!  These are Excellent learning tools and I look forward to getting more of these!” – Alex Jones, PeopleSoft…

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Here’s What Other PeopleSoft Pros are Saying

“I greatly appreciate the tools and information you offer on

your website as they have been invaluably helpful to me!”

– Erik H.

“Thanks for providing this information to the PeopleSoft community!  These are Excellent learning tools and I look forward to getting more of these!”

– Alex Jones, PeopleSoft Developer

These 10 PeopleSoft guides were created for anyone in the PeopleSoft industry looking for a way to enhance their PeopleSoft Career and get step by step instructions and explanations that go beyond PeopleBooks.  In fact, they contain real world examples and code samples that can help you get your job done quicker and easier.  And… they can be downloaded instantly right now, regardless of what time of day it is.

These guides are all relevant and applicable to the latest release of PeopleTools.  And, when you download them you’re automatically going to be added to our email notification list and our PeopleSoft Mastermind group where we can all share experiences, questions, and answers to our every day problems.

Here’s what you’ll be able to download instantly right now…

The Secret Strategies for Putting You and Your PeopleSoft Resume Ahead of the Pack, So You Can Land The Absolute Best Job or Contract Every Time!

Here is what you will learn in this guide

The Current State of Online PeopleSoft Recruiting, and how you MUST position yourself

Where you absolutely Must put your PeopleSoft Resume Online

How and Why you need to Brand Yourself Online

Six Specific Tactics You Must Use on LinkedIn – The Right Way

Why and How You Must Optimize Your PeopleSoft Resume, LinkedIn Profile, and other Secret resume tools I show you!

One Under-Utilized Secret that Will Explode the Responsiveness of Your PeopleSoft Resume

How to Leverage a Simple Yet Hardly Known Social Media Site to Make Your Resume Stand Out!

YouTube Secrets to More Resume Exposure – How to use YouTube to Maximize your exposure

And Much More…

The Component Interface in PeopleSoft – A Programmers Guide + How to Videos

(NEW)This 50+ page eBook is designed to be used by programmers and developers of all skill levels who want to understand what a Component interface is, what are its attributes, how and when to use it, How to Test, Create and Program a component interface and how to integrate it using Application Engine and CI.

The Guide to Reporting in PeopleSoft with BI / XML Publisher

If You Want to Learn BI – XML Publisher Reporting in PeopleSoft, and Quickly Create Professionally Formatted Reports with NO CODE, Then this New Step by Step Guide is a Must Read.  This Brand NEW 60+ page eBook can be downloaded INSTANTLY and is designed to be used by anyone that wishes to understand and learn about BI / XML Publisher in PeopleSoft and how to create stellar professional reports that are formatted the way you want without having to learn how to write code.

The Programmers Guide to Scroll Areas and Grids (NEW)

What Will You Learn Inside This Guide? Understanding What a Scroll Area is, Understanding How Scroll Data and Grid Data is loaded into the Buffer, Understanding About RowSets and How To Use Them in PeopleCode, Step By Step PeopleCode to access various levels.

“I learned more from these eBooks than from PeopleBooks or the actual courses I’ve taken. Please keep them coming. ”

– Tim S.

The Component Processor and the Component Buffer (NEW)

This is a 30 page downloadable eBook/technical guide that discusses the PeopleSoft Internet Architecture, the Component Processor, the Component Buffer, PeopleCode Events, and Buffer Allocation. It also lists specific tips for ensuring your applications are designed appropriately and to help you ensure adequate performance. This information is given to you in an easy to read manner. Whether you are a Developer, Technical Lead, Programmer, or a business analyst, this book will guide you through understanding the Component Processor and the Component Buffer.

Developing with PeopleSoft’s Application Engine 8

This Downloadable eBook will show you how to build Application Engine programs. You will learn to not only read Application Engine programs but also create them as well; including programs with File input and output capabilities. Tips, Hints and Warnings are given throughout the book to make sure your knowledge is complete.

The Guide To PeopleSoft® Security

This 60 page downloadable eBook covers topics such as Basic Security Design, Roles, User Profiles, Permission Lists, Row Level Security, Portal Structures, LDAP Authentication, Password Controls, Dynamic Roles, and much more. This book covers versions 8.1x through the most recent version of PeopleTools

Tuning your PeopleSoft® Apps for Maximum Performance

This is a downloadable eBook. This 38 page eBook presents several general methodologies and techniques for performance tuning your PeopleSoft® environment and applications in an easy to read manner. Whether you are a System administrator, DBA, manager, developer, or system architect, this book will assist you in identifying areas where improvements in your PeopleSoft® server hardware, database server, application server, web server, and applications can be obtained.

Developing Dynamic Field Security Applications

This informative e-book covers a guide to implementing dynamic field level security and contains instructions on developing a dynamic field security application in PeopleSoft. These instructions are intended for intermediate to advance level PeopleSoft Developers and will describe a more efficient technique to secure a field.

An Overview of the PeopleSoft Architecture

This is a brief overview of the PeopleSoft Internet Architecture (PIA) in PeopleTools 8.5x that will give you a basic understanding how it all fits together. Along with a nice Architecture Diagram showing the interconnections between the Web Server, Application Server, Database and Browser.

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