Learn How To Beat The Money Debt Trap

February 23, 2022 - Comment

If you’re looking for a way to finally take control of your finances and eliminate your debt then this page is worth taking the time to read all the way to the end. Basically it all comes down to making a simple decision, that from this moment on you are going to begin a new…

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If you’re looking for
a way to finally take control of your finances and eliminate your debt
then this page is worth taking the time to read all the way to the end.

Basically it
all comes down to making a simple decision, that from this moment on you
are going to begin a new life filled with prosperity.

All you need
to do is make a commitment to yourself to take action and make some
minor changes to your approach in life in order to create real financial
independence — so you can fulfill your dreams!

But most
people suffer with financial difficulties and feel extremely stressed —
because they really don’t know the first thing to do to get out
of debt
and stay out.

You may find
yourself caught up in recession with:

  • Money

  • Debt problems?

  • Not enough
    income or no income?

  • Lost or losing
    your job – your home – or even your family or feel stuck in a job that
    pays you less than you’re worth?

  • Tired of the
    rat race?

  • Not content
    with your present life – and especially your current financial

  • Want to free
    yourself from worry?

  • And free
    yourself from debt?

  • Or are you
    under pressure because you feel stuck in a rut, and can’t sleep at night
    for worrying about your future?

  • In short – do
    you feel like you don’t know which way to turn – there is no way out?

Then you are not alone.

All these
financial fears and difficulties can harm you with added stress,
depression, physical illness, low self-esteem, weight problems and even panic attacks!

That’s where I
come in. I’m here to help you get a handle on this and give you
the help you need to turn all this stuff in your life around!

Hi, my name is
Grant Adams.

You control
your freedom. You really can be free from debt and financial worry and
feeling stressed out but only if you change your bad money habits and thoughts to good

I’ll help you achieve this
faster than you ever thought possible and that is what this page is all

You may be
wondering why…

Banks and
financial institutions seem to…


“want you to go
into debt…”

this is what you’ve been thinking — you’re right!

Not only that
but they’ll
also be ready to ruthlessly foreclose on you when you can’t make the payments on

Remember the banks, financial institutions and governments have no money of their
— they just make loans and charge taxes to you while they are effectively
transferring your hard earned money to their pockets!

You may be
fuming mad about this too, worrying about how governments use the billions of
pounds/dollars in taxes they
collect and all the wasteful spending they do — if this was their money
they would be more careful how they spend it! Right?

I’ve been a
victim of having debt problems and falling into the debt trap of easy
, and maybe you have too.

Because of my
past bad experiences with credit and dishonest credit counselors I
wanted to DO something about this travesty in order to help people who
are struggling with financial difficulties…

That’s where

So what do I
mean by…

“a money debt

cycles of debt and prosperity become “money debt traps” because they
give you easy credit which in turn allows you to spend more than you

Then you’re
in over your head in debt, and can’t make the payments.

You’ve fallen
into debt — which makes YOU FEEL TRAPPED — which results in the
serious credit problems of “a money debt trap”.

So how do you
know if this has happened to you?

If you’ve
been guilty of:

  • Borrowing
    money to spend on things you don’t need

  • Spending money
    on big ticket items you really can’t afford

  • Using plastic
    (credit cards) to pay for normal household expenses

  • Paying just
    the minimum payment on a credit card

  • Shopping and
    buying things when depressed in order to feel good


You are being
by easy credit!

When you spend money you don’t have to feel better
— this just adds to your
financial misery in the long run, doesn’t it?

I’ll be honest
with you here.

anything can change for the better (as far as your finances are
concerned) you need to take responsibility for your actions, take charge
of your spending habits, itemize and recognize the level of your debt
and commit to doing something about it.

And you also
need to stop
blaming other things (or other people) as being the cause of your lack
of prosperity and why you are in debt.

Your future
wealth, health and happiness depend on making the right decisions right now.

Your journey to real
financial freedom and more true happiness starts here.




Simple Steps To Keeping Out of Debt!

You can turn your finances around if you want to

if you take the proper action and I’ll help you do it.

Whether you want to get rid of current debt or
looking to

find new ways to make extra money you need to check this book out!


First, I want to talk about
your self imposed limitations to change and getting out of debt like:

  • making excuses about why you can’t change

  • denying who really is holding you back from
    change (it is you, isn’t it?)

  • not giving yourself the courage and
    fortitude you need to have in order to change

The reason you are in debt is because of
your own actions — combined with your negative thoughts and feelings
about money, having wealth, enjoying financial prosperity and ultimately
how much you feel you deserve to be happy in life.

Being in debt and not having enough money
and feeling not deserving of prosperity are all inter-twined.

Now if you are skeptical that this is true
and I could help you, that is fine.

Please continue to read on to learn more
about why what I say is true and why if you work with me you will
finally have the knowledge you’ve been searching for to become debt

I know
how you feel.


“I’ve been in debt
and got myself out…

…and using what I wrote about inside the book to eliminate my own debt, I
am now happy and debt free.

You can be too, if you follow the
recommendations in the book and can take the right actions.

But let’s get down to the nitty gritty of
why people are unhappy and over spend.

Many people feel if they just had something
(a bigger car, a newer home, bigger T.V. the latest mobile phone or
tablet, or whatever) they would be happier and maybe they would be for a
little while.

But then they become discontent when their
“new buy joy” fades away.

Then they find
they “want’ with a strong desire and passion something else
they want to buy.

And so it goes until they are so far in debt
(from all these impulse purchases they can’t afford) they have to go to
a credit counselor to seek debt relief help or worse yet — declare bankruptcy!

All this “impulse buying” does is make people cause their own
“money troubles”.

Once you read the book you will find out why
this “impulse buying” is rooted in not accepting themselves as
they are, and instead searching for acceptance in “things”.

They are not happy with who they are, what
they look like, what they’ve got or what they haven’t got.

Buying things to try to find happiness is
an empty thrill and only results in more and more bills they can’t
afford to pay.

So getting out of debt is linked to…


The key to real
is being able to “resist”…

To resist the temptation of keeping up with “The Jones” or getting
pushed into buying the latest new gadget or toy everyone else seems to

You have to resist this temptation to “buy
to make yourself feel good” and I’ll show you exactly what you need to
do in order to resist those temptations.

How to get in control of your debt starts
with making a debt list.

Imagine this…

It all starts with taking small steps each day which lead to paying off
each debt — ultimately to being financially free of debt.

The “joy of being debt free” is indescribable once you’ve
experienced it.

Especially if you have large debts now you need to pay off.


…You’ll be using the knowledge you’ll gain from my
proven “Beat The Money Debt Trap” book to take the first steps to
financial freedom and eliminating your debt with a doable and achievable

Just picture how good that will feel!

But you’ll need a good plan, and a step-by-step method
to be sure you get started off right.

You need someone who knows how to show you how to
take small daily actions to reduce spending and help to curb impulse

Because once you start to
think positively about spending money, paying off your bills and even
saving for a rainy day — it’s really so much easier to be financially
conscious of your purchases!

That is once someone shows you how and they have been
successful paying off their own debts!

That just makes common sense now doesn’t it?


If this sounds
like something you’d
like to try to

get rid of your debt then please read on…

Remember, this is just a very small sampling of what you’ll learn
inside my debt elimination book.

I’ll guide you every step of the way to
getting your debts paid off.

Do you need extra cash to help boost your

I’ll give you tips on ways to make extra
cash to help you speed up the payoff of those debts too!

Doesn’t that sound great? You bet!

Today, you can get started feeling better
about paying off your debt as soon as you’ve purchased the book and
taken the time to read it. You’ll know exactly what to do to get out of
debt by the time you’ve finished reading the book.

It’s ALL up to you.

If you can follow some
simple step-by-step instructions and make a list of your debts and what
you owe and when you can pay those debts off — you are on your way to
turning your finances around and soon having your bills show a nice
“paid in full” stamp on them

That’s an incredible feeling, being debt

I’ll also give you debt reduction tips on
how to avoid the mistakes with credit, and payoffs most people make and
why to avoid most debt and credit counselors and what to do instead to
get your debts paid off without their help (or expense)!

I’ll show you what to do to
make your own budget and how to stick to it so you can soon happily be
paying those stressful bills off
— much quicker than you thought
you could

Just imagine how good it will feel when you

seeing a “PAID IN FULL” stamp on your

How soon you can become financially free of
debt depends on how
well you use what’s inside the book and the amount of debt and income
you have. (Remember, you can cut to the bone your expenses for a while
— just until you become debt free and more in control of your finances.)

But generally you need to know how to do the debt list right

This helps you to itemize your debts and
what order to pay them off and how much each month to pay.

I’ll show you how to come up with a
pay-off plan to know how much you can reasonably pay off on your bills
each month.

Plus how to avoid impulse spending and how
to reduce daily spending to increase the money you have to use to pay
off the current bills you owe and put more money back into your pocket!

That is where the ‘Beat The Money Debt Trap” Book is exactly what you need.

I’ll give you tips on how to help work
with and stick to your new budget.

I cover what to do if you slip up (it
happens to everyone so don’t sweat it) and how to reward yourself for
sticking to your budget and putting money back in your pocket.

(And just think of the extra money you’ll
have by NOT paying high interest rate charges!)

But giving you just a few tips on how to get in control
of your debt and do a debt list and a budget  just isn’t enough, is it?

You want to be sure your new found prosperity and new
positive actions about money become good habits you don’t have to even
think about anymore.

So with that thought in mind…

I’ve added a whole section on how to create a positive
mindset about money, wealth and prosperity so that you don’t fall back
into negative habits with money and spending.

There’s even a part which covers your health, how to get
rid of excess stress. I cover how to use plenty of fresh air and
exercise with healthy food choices to protect the biggest asset you have
— and that’s YOU!

Knowing how to use exercise, good food and positive
thoughts will help you feel less stress and this will give you the added
benefit of feeling less depressed while you are getting your finances
and your life back in order.

This is because if you are ill or worse due to poor
health habits and are still infirmed, and you cannot work, then there is
no money and your financial situation gets even worse.

But that’s not all…

I’ve also added an entire section on how to find new
and fun to do sources of extra income — to help ensure you get those
debts paid off and more money back in your pocket.


New and Easy Ways To
Earn Extra Income

and Save By Being a
Smarter Shopper

Creating instant income can start with something as simple as reducing
your expenditures which can make an instant income. It may not be a lot
of money but it makes you get off to a good start and you can feel more
positive about making bigger changes later.

A great benefit of reducing your
expenditures is the income is instant and you can do it quickly so you
have some extra money right away to pay off your bills.

I’ll give you many more money saving tips inside the book!

I’ve taken time to write a huge section on how to make
money as an entrepreneur with your own ideas, with a hobby you love or
most anything you can do to make some extra cash.

I cover how to start an online business, or a work from
home business and what to do to get started.

You can do most anything you are good at doing if you
put your mind to it. From
selling baked goods, house sitting, landscaping services, lawn care,
grow and sell vegetables, be a virtual assistant (data entry), website
building to reselling any product (even antiques) to writing and selling
an ebook online or you could even try affiliate marketing (selling other
people’s products).

I also write about scams and certain online businesses
to stay away from so you can know which businesses are not a good idea
to pursue and how to protect yourself.

The basics of how to find other sources of cash and
many other income generating ideas are all covered inside the book!

Now with that thought in mind and all these possible ideas of how to
save money on expenditures and how to make more cash through a second

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew how to…


Make Debt Pay Off
into Easy to Understand Steps!


And that’s just a short list of what you’ll be learning about how to do to
get rid of your debts and many extra cash generating ideas when you
read the book!

And it makes no difference
what your debt level is, what your age is, where you live in the world, or your educational background, because I can show anyone how to
take control of their finances and become debt free!

Take action today to get started on the right path
to get rid of your debt and find new ways to earn a second or full-time income right now!

Simple Steps to Taking Control
of Your Finances!

Only $37.00

( approx. £22, Euro 26.98)

After you “Click the Add To Cart Button”,

your order is processed,
you will receive the book.

After ordering you can immediately download the book and

be reading it in seconds on your computer.

There is no shipping
charges, no waiting!

Even at 4AM in the morning you can order the book.

Now you’re probably wondering…  If the “Beat The Money Debt Trap” Book is as good as you say it is, do I get some sort of guarantee so I can
try it and judge for myself?


You’ll Love It Or I’ll Buy It Back Guarantee!

Quite honestly
, I believe so strongly that “Beat The Money Debt Trap” book
can help you turn your financial situation around and become debt free.

But you have to follow the
instructions in the book and take the right actions to be successful.

It can help you to create a positive mindset about money, your finances and wealth.

If after you buy it and you’re not
100% satisfied I’ll buy it back no questions asked.

But I also guarantee that the money
you save, by following what’s in the book, will more than pay for the book.

That means you have 60 days to read
the book, and use what you learn and get started on the right path to paying
your debts off — and you can do it faster than you thought possible.

With the step by step methods
outlined in the “Beat The Money Debt Trap” book you can…


Finally Get Out of Debt and

Create Better Financial Habits To Avoid Over

As you read the book you will finally understand the “why” behind why you are
over spending and how to avoid doing things that contribute to your debt.

Once you know what is causing you to
overspend — “the spending triggers” that cause you to desire things you can’t
afford, and you happily avoid those things (and places) you can more easily turn
your finances around and pay off those debts for good!

But first don’t take it from
me, here are comments about how well this has worked for other people just like


“Take the journey with Grant Adams as he
encourages, educates and energizes you to step beyond the money debt trap and
take control of every facet of your life.

Grant’s step by step process is filled with ideas, check lists, resources,
success stories, helpful techniques, metaphors and inspirational quotes that
help you to remove obstacles and create a positive mind set. With your new mind
set you are led down a path, taking the actions necessary to achieve your
desired goals

In my opinion, it is a successful formula that will help you change your outer
circumstances and tap into the limitless power source within you.”

Michele Germain LCSW, MFT, BCT

Life Coach and Psychotherapist



“This book for me was a
self-help educational wake up call. Written in clear concise wording with
practical self-help information to give the reader tools to put their lives and
finances back on track.

The book covers all aspects of life that are intricately and inseparably
involved with finance in the sense of how we live our lives , our needs, and in
particular that we do not have to be dictated to by materialistic goods that we
think we must have to identify ourselves by.

I am an Osteopath, Naturopath and Acupuncturist and I would definitely recommend
this book to people and patients who feel trapped in their predicament.

‘Beat The Money Debt Trap’ shows that there is a way to rectify and re define
your life.

Definitely a good buy!”

Lisa B Harris BSc (Hons)

Osteopath DO

Acupuncturist Lic Ac

Registered General Osteopathic Council UK

Registered SIMECO Spain



You want to get rid of your
debt don’t you?


If you have a strong desire and the willpower to do what you have
to in order to put your finances back in the black (instead of the red ink of
excess debt) then this book is for you.

Once you read it and follow my methods you can finally be in control of your finances, and can
reduce your financial
stress and be happier in life.

If you’ve given up on your dreams in life, this book will help you remember what
they were and get started on what you really wanted to do with your life. This
book will help you create the positive attitudes to let the natural “law of
attraction” bring these good things and magnetize it into your life.

When this happens and new opportunities appear right in front of you, I
promise you will be amazed at how easy it will be.

All you need to do is take just 5 minutes and envision a picture of what your
day will be like.

Imagine how you would like your life to be and watch the natural “law of
attraction” bring everything you dream to you.

In just 5 minutes you can get started on “your dream success plan” and take the
first steps on building a new life with a more prosperous future!!

Soon you’ll be debt free when you follow my methods in the book and you’ll
feel happier than you have in years and it will all be due to what you’ll learn
inside this book!

So Grant, how much does it

You want to get out of debt, don’t you? 

The initial cost of buying this book now is
tiny compared to the huge benefit you will receive because you will finally know
what to do and why and when you need to do certain things to becoming debt free.

And there’s really no price for that feeling
of debt freedom, now is there?

Sooner or later you’re going to realise the
benefit of having this book to get you on the road to prosperity and getting
those debts paid off — would be worth a considerable amount to you now,
wouldn’t it?

When you read this book I promise it will be much easier to figure out how to get a
handle on your bills and create a plan for paying off your debt and how to avoid over spending — once
someone shows you how!

Its great when you realise you’ve decided to get the help you need to get those
debts paid off.

This book is
custom tailored to helping you get the knowledge you need to get a debt
reduction plan for becoming debt free.

I’ll help you understand your spending habits and your negative
attitudes about money and how to easily change them for the better, that’s what
you want, isn’t it?

Get a debt reduction plan to get your debts paid off!

You can be debt free.

Click the
button below and get started paying off those debts right now!

Grant, please count
me in

Risk Free Acceptance Form:

Yes, Give Me Instant Access To

Beat The Money Debt Trap!


I Want To Stop Over Spending and Learn
How To Beat The Money Debt Trap!

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to getting the help you need to get your debts paid off!

Grant Adams

Grant Adams

P.S. Remember, there is absolutely no risk to you.

Go ahead and check it out for 60 full days and if
you are not 100% satisfied I’ll give every penny back no questions asked.

Get it today at this special
low price and get started on the path to being debt free!

Get Debt Pay Off Help Now!

Only $37.00

( approx. £22, Euro 26.98)

After you “Click the Add To Cart Button”,

your order is processed,
you will receive the book.

After ordering you can immediately download the book and

be reading it in seconds on your computer.

There is no shipping
charges, no waiting!

Even at 4AM in the morning you can order the book.

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