Juice Plus Virtual Office, Training ” Be Independent”

September 13, 2018 - Comment

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Watch this video and I am will explain the “Be Independent” business concept. This team Training is based on the foundation of KISS Training. (your JP story, Build your JP List, Leverage with small meetings, Success by Study at University of Juice Plus,Back Office)
This is a certified and inpressive concept which is fair, uncomplicated and transparent.
I explain the first 90 day plan divided by 30 day blocks.
1. You start as Distributor & reach SDD (Senior Direct Distributor) after 30 days by generationg 4000 Points. Earning about 900€
2. From SDD you achieve SC (Sales Coordinator) after another 30 by generating a total 8000 Points with your Team. Earning about 1650€
3. From SC you move up to SSC (Senior Sales Coordinator) after another 30 day block by generating 14000 Points. Earning about 3400€


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