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Takanori Tomita, a native speaker of Japanese and a Japanese writing translator, will translate your English word into the CORRECT Japanese Kanji alphabet using a variety of Japanese calligraphy styles and stencil outline! You will receive your Japanese kanji symbols within 48 hours. SPEED and ACCURACY is guaranteed! This is the 100% Accurate Kanji Translation…

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Samurai kanji symbols - callygraphy and stencil outlines

Japanese kanji symbol translation service

Takanori Tomita, a native speaker of Japanese and a Japanese writing translator, will translate your English word into the CORRECT
Japanese Kanji alphabet
using a variety of Japanese
calligraphy styles
and stencil outline!

Takanori Tomita

You will
receive your Japanese kanji symbols within 48 hours. SPEED
and ACCURACY is guaranteed!

This is the 100% Accurate
Kanji Translation
you have
been looking for!

of 100% Accurate Kanji translation

  • We’ll
    save the time and effort
    learning how to write Kanji symbols.

  • A professional
    Japanese kanji translator, Takanori Tomita,
    will prevent
    you from
    tattooing the WRONG Japanese Kanji

  • You will
    receive your Japanese kanji symbols

    designed with 3 different Calligraphy
    styles and stencil outlines

  • Your design
    will be unique, beautiful and
    100% accurate Japanese kanji symbols!

will receive the Japanese kanji

  • With the CORRECT Stroke Order, and meaning

  • Vertically
    and Horizontally
    created images,

  • Within
    48 hours
    of confirmed payment.

  • 100% guaranteed or you get your money back.

  • We can also re-create
    your Japanese kanji symbols if you
    are not happy
    with them.

Here’s our customer’s photo and testimonials

Adventure Kanji

I did receive it, thanks.

Thanks again for the design, I had a graphic
artist here in Denver apply it to my truck.

Four pictures are attached.

Feel free to use them on your web site and marketing
materials, and I’ll definitely recommend your
services in the future!


Kanji Tattoo Design

I’ve received
your symbols and thank you for making’ them
for me.

I used them for a tattoo on my arm,
i’m sending you the pictures of the tattoos.

They were taking’ the
next day that I received the symbols.

Hope is on the inner
part of my arm, and Faith is on the triceps.

Thanks again for helping’
me out with my tattoo,


Kanji Zoku

“I found Takanori Tomita’s
web-site when I was searching the Internet trying
to find an English to Japanese Kanji symbol
translation service.

I was very happy with the
level of service and quality of the JPEG symbols
I received delivered as promised.

I highly recommend Mr. Tomita’s
translation service.”

Thanks again, Takanori.


Dave Heideman

St. Petersburg, FL

Customer's photo


i finally used my translation
for my tattoo and it is awesome.

i am glad
that i researched this and found your web site
before i decided to go through with the tattoo,
who knows what i would of ended up with.
here are a few pictures of the tattoo which
i got
on my lower leg.


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From Takanori Tomita

Hello Friend,

If you are looking for Japanese kanji symbols, you have come to the right place!

Takanori Tomita

Hi, my
name is Takanori Tomita.

I am
a Japanese translator who specialize in
translating and designing Japanese Kanji

the past five years, thousands have visited
our web site and asked us for our 100%
Accurate Japanese Kanji translation
for their Logo, T-shirt or tattoo design,
in order to avoid using the WRONG Japanese
Kanji Symbols.

Do you
know why?

keep reading, you will see…

you know about kanji?

Kanji are ideographic

Each Kanji
character represents an entire object,
idea, or meaning in a visually expressive

For example,
the following Japanese character
is the Kanji symbol for “human”.

This character represents two people
leaning against each other.

is on the right hand side; and the
other is on the left.

This symbolizes
that human being is living by supporting
each other.

Human Kanji symbol

can be written in a variety of calligraphic

Some are unique,
artistic and beautiful
like the following.

That’s why so many people choose
Kanji symbols for their Logo, T-shirt
or tattoo design!

Japanese Calligraphy FontsJapanese Calligraphy Fonts

Three different
Japanese alphabets

Words in Japanese
can be written three different ways.

Kanji characters
can be used to represent an entire
object, idea or meaning.

Words and
names can also be spelled out using
one of two different Japanese alphabets
(hiragana and Katakana).

The choice depends on what you want
to say, and what the writing will
be used for.

Sometimes it is best
to use a combination of all three

Very Careful With Kanji Symbols!

Over the past several years,
Japanese kanji symbols have made their way into
the Western mind, onto the body, and just about
everywhere else.

Just as Japanese people
love to use English symbols and phrases on T-shirt,
logo or tattoo design, westerners have started
using Japanese Kanji Symbols for their own design

some people mistakenly end up using the WRONG
Kanji symbols.

kanji characters are similar to each other,
and some can have different meanings depending
on context

is a sad story about
a man who used the WRONG Japanese kanji symbols
for his tattoo design.

About a year
ago, one of my Japanese friend told me
a sad story about an American she met
at a party.

During their
conversation, he told her that he came
to Japan because he had been interested
in traditional Japanese culture for a
long time.

He also showed her the Japanese
symbols tattooed on his arm.

He said the
tattoo says “Wind God” in Japanese.

But, she told him
the symbols actually mean “Lady”
in Japanese, not “Wind

He thought he had the CORRECT Japanese
symbols, but he did not.

Japanese words for
“Wind God” is “Fujin”.
The symbols he should have used were:

Wind God Kanji Symbols


But, the actual words
he had tattooed on his arm were:

Lady Kanji Symbols


This means “Lady”,
but is also pronounced”Fujin”.

Apparently, he had
used one of the FREE Japanese translation
service on the Internet, and typed the
word “Fujin”.

The kanji symbols
for “lady” came up.

he did not understand the true meaning
of the Kanji symbols.

As in this case, there are
many possible reasons why some people end up
using the WRONG Japanese writing!

  • Two different Japanese words
    may sound alike, but have totally different
    kanji symbols.

  • There are many different
    ways to write Japanese Kanji symbols, depends
    on your meaning.

  • Kanji symbols are often
    written in the incorrect position

  • Kanji symbols are often
    printed upside down

  • Stroke order is ignored
    when it is written

  • and So on..

Are you going to be frustrated
and disappointed after discovering that you
used the WRONG Kanji symbols for your T-shirt,
logo or your permanent tattoo?

Is that what you are looking

Of course NOT!!

If you want to get CORRECT
Japanese kanji symbols, here
is the solution you need!!

100% Accurate Japanese Kanji Translation

For those who needing help translating
English into CORRECT Japanese KANJI symbols
for your logos, T-shirt or tattoo designs.

is what we will do for you!!

Kanji translation serice

  • We will understand
    the true meaning of your words or
    , and will translate
    it into correct Kanji symbols

  • We
    will make sure each
    kanji symbol is in the correct order
    and position
    when written horizontally
    and vertically.

  • We
    will make sure the elements of your
    kanji symbols are not reversed from
    right to left or placed upside down.

  • We
    will write your Japanese symbols in
    the correct
    stroke order

  • We
    will translate up to 3
    individual words, or a complete phrase.

  • We
    will provide
    your kanji symbols in 3 different
    calligraphic styles.
    can select these from 30 different
    each representing a different mood
    from traditional to modern.

  • We
    will tell
    you how to pronounce
    each Japanese
    Kanji symbol in English.

  • We
    will design your Japanese kanji symbols with vertical
    and horizontal alignment

  • If
    the number of kanji symbols in your
    translation is too long for your intended
    use, we will
    try to re-create a new design using
    fewer symbols with the same meaning.

Click here to order now

Asked Questions

many words or can you can translate a

  • A
    maximum of 3 words (e.g. “Love”,
    “Warrior”, “Happiness”)

  • a
    phrase (e.g. “Seize the

format, and the size of your Japanese

  • You will
    receive images written in the Word
    and saved as PDF

  • Fully
    Japanese Kanji
    symbols will be sent to your email
    within 48 hours of confirmed payment.

Japanese Calligraphy and Stencil Outline!

Japanese calligraphy and stencil

We will create
your kanji symbols into a unique,
beautiful and cool tattoo design
using a variety of Calligraphic
styles. We will also provide stencil

For those who plan to use kanji
for tattoo design

Your tattoo artist will use stencil
outlines to trace the artwork onto
your body. Because of the size and
crispness of the characters. Some
tattoo artists may charge you $30
or more
to do this unless
they have stencil outlines to work

So, print out
the stencils and take them to your
tattoo artist who can scale the
design to the desired size.

Calligraphy FontStencil Outline

both vertical and horizontal Kanji symbols.

For your convenience,
your will receive both vertical
and horizontal

Although we traditionally write
Japanese symbols vertically, there
is nothing wrong with writing them
horizontally as well.

Horizontally Created Images

Vertically created Kanji Images

Choose 3 Fonts to create a Unique Kanji symbols!

There are 30 Japanese calligraphy
to choose from!

Choose 3
Kanji styles
your Japanese Kanji Translation!

Kanji Style 1Kanji Style 2

Kanji Style 3Kanji Style 4

Kanji Style 5Kanji Style 6

Kanji Style 7Kanji Style 8

Kanji Style 9Kanji Style 10

and more.

You can see other scripts on the order form here.

will you receive the Japanese symbols?

Images will
be delivered to you by email
within 48 hours:

Each design
will be attached to the email messages
individually like the following

Examoke: Kanji

do You need to do for ordering?

Listen to our customers

Listen to our happy customers who have used
our Japanese Kanji Translation service!


Thank you so much
for all your hard work — the symbols
are just what I was looking for. Your
attention to detail, perseverance and
exceedingly polite customer service in
supplying me with exactly the right file
format are unparalleled. You are a true
professional in every sense of the word.


Creative Ink

Butte, MT USA

Dear Takanori Tomita-san,

Thank you very much
for your fast response to my request of
Kanji translation and thank you very very
much for your excellent work and presentation
with stencils for tattoo’s included, excellent!!

The translation for
“Tenjo Tengae Uiga Dokuson”
turned out excellent, great work thanks

I have received everything
and I am very satisfied with the results
and I look forward to doing business with
you again soon sometime and of course
I will recommend you to any of my friends
needing your work!!Thank you!

Hontoni arigatou gozaimashita,
yoroshiku onegaishimasu!



Yes, my husband to be
week Aug 28) and I will be getting tattoos.
And what a great wedding present this

will be.

He has been searching for this.
You have so made my wedding so incredibly

special and I thank you! I am hoping
to get this done after we marry, as
in days!
Again.. I so thank you!



Thank you so much!!!!!

i just received my pictures and they
are perfect!!!! they are exactly what
i was
looking for….and now thanks to you
my friend, i know that they are authentic
& correct. I am having these symbols(my
daughters name) tattooed, i will gladly

send you the pictures when i have the
work done.

Again thank you so
much!!!! count on hearing from me again
my friend, i will tell everyone i know
about this awesome service you provide….oh,
the address you have on file is correct for mailing, i look forward to the book.

I came across you services through a
engine, and did a lot of research and
came to the conclusion that you and
your web site
was the way to go!!!!

I was hesitant at
first, but having your picture on your
web site REALLY HELPS! (makes me feel im
not just sending my money off into la
la land) and the testimonials i read were
the deciding factor in my decision…all
those satisfied people cannot be wrong.

I definitely will
be using your service again for other

personal projects, but i also will praise
and recommend you to everyone interested.

My tattoo artist was excited when i gave
him all this info, as he says he gets

a lot of requests for Japanese kanji
symbols but does not have a resource
for correct
symbols, so he has to turn away customers.
well….no longer because we found you!!!!!

Thank you again Takanori,
i look forward to speaking with you again

Best Regards,

Daniel Anderson

Dear Takanori Tomita,

I actually
found your service while searching for
a Kanji site that I could use for three

I had read that many are “false”
in that they do not truly mean what one
is told they mean and so when I found
your site, I was happy to read that you
check your meanings carefully.

I found your site to be very easy to use
and the designs were sent quickly.

Thank you again
for all of the “bonuses” too:)

I will do my best to send you a photograph
of the tattoo when it is finished.

have chosen them to be placed upon my
left arm in the left to right order “Faith,
Clarity, Honor”.

These are things
I value highly in my own life – my other
tattoos have the same importance to me.

Thank you greatly
for your fine service! I shall recommend
you to others and the tattoo artist as



I wanted to thank for the translation
of my fiance and my name translation.

They turned out beautiful he got them
tattooed on each of his wrists.

We are
getting married in two weeks and that
was his wedding present to me its

After the wedding he needs to get them
touched up and than I will send
Thank you again so much for the translations.

and Jackalyn

Dear Takanori.

I was very pleased
to receive my symbols.

I work in a tattoo
and piercing parlor and the artists are
very impressed with the quality of the
translation I have been searching for
long time for the proper translation of
my phrase and I stumbled across your site,
to me it was money well spent.

I am going to have
the third style choice that consists of
five symbols and reads :ra ku ja na i:the
outline will be very helpful as we are
going to use a no hard line style of tattooing
to make it look like a brush stroke on
the skin.

We are going to it
some time this coming week.

I would be honored
to have my tattoo posted on your website.

We are also going to post on our own
web site (www.davidscounterculture.com)

it will be under MATTS portfolio and
my portfolio, by the way I use my middle

name in every day conversation winch
“AL” so if you by chance pull
up our site you’ll find me under the
part as AL.

So again thank you
for the proper translation and as soon
as I have the tattoo finished you will
be the first ones to receive the photos.

You will be hearing
from me very soon.


100% Bulletproof 30-Day

No Questions Asked Guaranteed

100% Guaranteed

want everyone who order this Japanese
translation to get the CORRECT Japanese
symbols matching your intended meaning


If you are
dissatisfied with your Japanese
simply return it within 30 days
for prompt 100% refund, or I will

re-create your words and create
new calligraphy for you free of


No hassles
and no questions asked!

3 special bonuses

Wait! you will receive these 3
Super Bonuses if you order this kanji translation
before midnight

To Keep, No Matter WHAT!

Well, my friend, after
reading all of these testimonials, your decision
be an easy one.

You may be excited about receiving
your customized Japanese symbol images.

But, guess what.

That’s not only thins you
will receive.

I think you’re going to be astonished by the 3 SUPER BONUSE I’m giving away FREE, for a limited
time only


Find out how to pronounce your symbols in
Japanese! (Valued at: $15)

How do I pronounce this kanji in Japanese?

That’s right.

Along with your fully customized kanji symbols,
we will also tell you how to pronounce
them in Japanese!


will receive the Ebook called “Kanji
Dictionary”(Valued $30.00)

Collectiono of Japanese symbols (KANJI)

Kanji Dictionary

is a collection of 30 popular Japanese
kanji symbols
on the way of SAMURAI.


Takanori Tomita about your Japanese Symbols!(Valued $35.95)

Takanori Tomita

you have any questions about your Japanese
Symbols translated by Takanori Tomita,
you can ask him at any time.

understands that you want to make sure
that you have exactly the CORRECT Japanese
symbols for your intended meaning.

words in English can be translated in
several different kanji symbols.

of these may have a slightly different
meaning in Japanese.

He will try to
select the best symbols for what you
want to say!

if you have any questions, you can ask

How much does it cost?

Kanji Translation
service usually cost
as much as $80.95 – but right
now, as part of a special marketing test, we
have dropped the price to an
unbelievably low US$49.95.

Plus you will receive 3 FREE SPECIAL

Get this
custom translation and design Service with 3
special bonus for
just US$49.95

I cannot say how long this test will last, so
jump on this offer right away.

If you think US$49.95 is expensive, then think again.

You can spend years and years learning HOW TO
WRITE Japanese symbols, and you still won’t
have the full understanding of Japanese symbols
that this Kanji Translation gives you within 48 hours!!

Click the order button below
and you’ll soon feel the satisfaction that so
many people are raving about.

Click here to order now

P. S: Don’t
forget – you will receive 100% Accurate
Japanese Kanji symbols
that says
exactly what you want them to say.

So, you
can avoid using WRONG Japanese kanji symbols!

other Japanese symbol translation,
we don’t use the machine translation

Be very
careful especially with the online Japanese
translation service
without the actual photo of the
Japanese translator.

Some people use
and apparently got totally WRONG

our kanji translation, a professional
Japanese translator, Takanori
Tomita, will translate your word or phrase
into Japanese kanji symbols.

you are not happy with the Japanese
symbols he has created, he can re-create
it until
you satisfy!

P.P.S: Remember, you
will receive these 3 Super Bonuses if you
order this kanji translation before midnight


P.P.PS: You’ll receive them by email within
48 hours
, plus 3 Additional Special
Bonus, too!

Our Japanese Kanji Translation
FAST and ACCURATE, and comes with a 30
days Money Guarantee!

If you are not happy with your Japanese symbols,
we will refund your money!

Click here to order now


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