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July 12, 2021 - Comment

How Simply Mastering The Art of Blowjobs Makes Any Man Sexually Addicted To You Make sure your sound is ON. Please wait about 10 seconds for the video to load. This video is NSFW. Here are just some of the reports I receive from women like you every day: “He basically passed out in the…

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How Simply Mastering The Art of Blowjobs Makes Any Man Sexually Addicted To You

Make sure your sound is ON. Please wait about 10 seconds for the video to load. This video is NSFW.

Here are just some of the reports I receive from women like you every day:

“He basically passed out in the end. I have never felt so self-confident in my life.”

Hey Jack,

My boyfriend and I have been together for over 5 years. I had tried making him climax plenty of times….but since we were each other’s only sex partner, it was hard to know what to do. Although the language was a little coarse, it was what I needed to understand what I was doing wrong.

I finally tried it out on him and he basically passed out in the end. I have never felt so self-confident in my life. So thank you for spicing up my sex life a little bit….I think it definitely helped my relationship.


“I absolutely LOOOOVVVEEE the fact that what i want I GET now.”

Hello once again jack,

you are my best friend, you are my knight in shinning armor, i frickin’ LOVE you!!!!! my sex life has never been better!! honestly, i doubted the whole “he will even start shaking” part, but dam was i wrong!!! he just started shouting “YEAA!! F**K YEAAAHHH!! OH MY F**KING GOD!!! YES! YES! YES!” which is a miracle all in itself because hes christian and ive never heard him say the word f**k and ‘god’ in the same sentence.

i absolutely LOOOOVVVEEE the fact that what i want I GET now. i just say the word and hes running for it, all because of a blowjob 😉 i feel soo much happier now, like theres this ‘wow’ factor to the sex now that we have never experienced before. im sure ill be able to keep (and control ;D) my boyfriend for a very long time now.

thank you for being my (and many others) hero,


“I wanted to be that girl that they would never forget. After reading your book, I am that girl.”

Hey Jack,

First I want to start off by saying, thank you! Your tips helped me a lot.

I never had any complaints on how I gave head, but I wanted to be that girl that they would never forget. Lol.. After reading your book, I am that girl.. you have no idea how many calls I’ll get in the middle of the night. Lol.

I am very young, freshly 21 and in college so I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of this. But I have a crazy confession. While reading, I developed a major crush on you. I honestly would love to get together and have you tell me how I’m doing on the head giving. If you feel up to it, don’t be afraid to ask for pictures or a number.

Thanks Again… Carley

“It also has helped our relationship and we arent fighting as much anymore.”

thank you thank you thank you! just your articles helped sooooo much! I use to HATE HATE HATE giving blowjobs because i had NO idea how to but i read your online articles and now thats all my boyfriend wants me to do. As weird as it sounds it also has helped our relationship and we arent fighting as much anymore. its an amazing transformation so THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!


“He’s always smiling now and always in a great mood. You and your book brought happiness and joy onto our lives!”

Hello Jack,

I just wanted to say THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for your A-M-A-Z-I-N-G book!!! It is a miracle!!!!

My husband started enjoying blow jobs, you know what he told me the other day? That he should make me give him bjs every day, and you wont believe how GREAT it was for me to hear that!!!

Before when I gave him a bj he told me that he would rather have sex, cuz I didn’t know much about it and if I gave him one, it would take him forever to cum, now its like 5,7 mins and he explodes, LOL.

IM just SOOOOO HAPPY that I found ur book on the web, it helped me BIG TIME.

And now my husband even looks at me differently, and our relationship is even better than it was when we were just girlfriend and boyfriend. 🙂

He’s always smiling now and always in a great mood, and looking at him that makes me feel even more happier…i can actually tell that he surely DOES enjoy IT, he moans and ohhs and uhhs during the BJ, which before I thought he fell asleep when I went down on him, LOL.(cuz he was so quiet)…

THANK YOU SOOO MUCH once again!!!! You and your book brought happiness and joy onto our lives!!!!! 🙂

“Any girl who gives head, whether they are a beginner or a pro, they should check your book out.”

Dear jack

When I first read your book I had never given a bj and I was extremely nervous and I had no idea what to do. Your advice helped me soooooo much I was so confident. My boyfriend actually asked if I was lying to him when I told him he was the first. None of the other stuff about this I found were as encouraging as yours and I couldn’t belive how excited I was to give head. Now I do it all the time for my boyfriend and he adores me for it! One time I even did it while he was driving he loved it! Anyway I just wanted to thank you. Honestly your advice was so much help I you helped strengthen my relationship! Any girl who gives head, whether they are a beginer or a pro, they should check your book out. Thanks again!

“My husband is “in love” with me. He loves the new me. I wish I did this a long time ago.”

Well since reading your book. Our love has connected us, on many levels, I would of never believed it without seeing it with my own eyes, my husband is “in love” with me. He loves the new me, I send him little text messages, and he get’s arroused, and so do I just thinking about, being with him. We actually feel as though we are having a affair with each other, because the things we are doing and saying, would under normal circumstances, would never happen. I feel young again, and like I am in love for the first time.

But thank you again for the advise, and education on how to perform oral sex. My man is crazy for me, I wish I did this a long time ago.

“My husband had never been able to cum just from a blowjob ever before. So I bought your book. Not only did he cum he said it was the best head he’s ever gotten and he said his orgasm was deeper and more intense than its ever been!”

Hi Jack,

I just wanted to say thank you for your advice. My husband had never been able to cum just from a blowjob ever before (not just from me but from any girl he’s ever been with). I remember when we first started dating before we had sex or anything we were talking about our sexual likes and dislikes and I asked him if he liked getting head. He was kinda quiet and kind of avoided the question. I asked “was that a stupid question? ” and he said no its just that every time a girl has given him head in the past he never came. I’ve been with him now 2 and a half years and had never been able to make him cum just by giving him head.

Now don’t get me wrong I love giving head I always have but it’s very discouraging when you can’t make your own husband cum! He is in the military and left for training for a couple weeks and I wanted to do something nice for him when he got home so I bought your book. My attitude has been shit for the past couple years because I’ve been so frustrated and I really worked on that and I think I did a pretty damn good job! When he came home I tried out your advice and not only did he cum he said it was the best head he’s ever gotten and he said his orgasm was deeper and more intense than its ever been! I also had a lot of fun and enjoyed making him feel so good. So just wanted to say thanks, it really helped!

-Alesha 🙂

“Totally worth it ! He even told me “i dont think its healthy for me to cum that hard” you made me proud of my blow jobs!”

Hey Jack, i had so much fun reading the book ! bad timing getting it during exam week ! i barely studied ! lol , and even read it at the job ! ( call center, not so bad ahahah ) well, totally worth it ! He even told me ” i dont think its healthy for me to cum that hard ” you made me proud of my blow jobs ! I never had problem with the passion part, in fact , before i felt like i enoyed giving him head more then he liked receiving it !! So a lot of the techniques were good for me. thanks again !


“I’ve never heard him moan so loud… he got out of control!”

Hiya, I recently tried the “XXX-XXX-XXX” [ in the book ] technique with my boyfriend, he loved it because i have my tongue pierced as well, ive never heard him moan so loud… he got out of control!

Yelling “Fuck Yeah babe, fuck yeah!” at one point haha. It turned me on so much and after he came and then recovered… he was a sex GOD… its like he fell in love with my body all over again and just fucked me until i came 5 times!!… this was all between the times of 9:30pm until 2:15am… it… was… amazing what a great head job can do to a man… 😀 thank you so so so much!

“I made him cum THREE TIMES sucking his cock in under five minutes each.”

Dear Jack,

This is a letter of success.. though not what I set out to succeed but success none the less. Christian never did get a second bj out of me because I dumped his sorry ass after him putting me down one time too often. I met a new guy in Arizona… and last night we had our third date – here at my house for swimming, dinner cooked by me and hang out.

I made him cum THREE TIMES sucking his cock in under five minutes each. I swallowed TWICE and licked it off and ate it the other time. He told me that I am awesome. I can’t thank you enough!


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Why Do Women Like You Praise My Blowjob Lessons?

  • Easy, yet powerful blowjob techniques you can apply immediately.
  • Written by “chauvinistic male pig” (NOT COSMO) who doesn’t care about hurting your feelings.
  • Eye-opening insights into the shady desires he secretly fantasies about (but doesn’t tell you).
  • Mad blowjob-skills that guard your relationship from other women.
  • Know exactly what, when, why and how to do to turn your blowjobs into a life-changing experience he won’t be able to forget (and make his mind melt).
  • And all the dirty little tricks that make him come fast and strong like a bullet.
  • Because now you don’t need to be a Beauty Queen to make him feel like he’s in Heaven!
  • And best of all – you can now try it completely risk-free because my program comes with a 100% money-back guarantee (in case you’re guy isn’t absolutely blown away by your new blowjob skills, just ask for your money back, no questions asked).

Jack’s Blowjob Lessons is jam-packed with hundreds of proven to work blowjob secrets, the best techniques, and all the dirty little tricks that make you “The One.”

Jack's Blowjob Lessons Book

Here’s a sneak peak at just some of what you’ll discover in Jack’s Blowjob Lessons:

  • The Blowjob Goddess Mindset that magnetically attracts him to your magic-lips. Learn this 1 thing alone and he’ll be begging you to go down on him. This is what turns “macho men” into your humble servants… cherishing you with the kind of love, affection, and attention you could only see in movies.
  • The Truth About Why And What Men Like In a Blowjob, so you never have to wonder if he’s actually enjoying your blowjobs again. I’ll teach you exactly what and why he loves it (but is afraid to tell you) so you understand what’s really going on in his mind.
  • Embarrassing Blowjob Mistakes almost all women make (it’s not your fault) that push men away from you – both emotionally and sexually – and push them towards other women or watching porn all the time. I’ll teach you how to avoid all the most common blowjob mistakes so he commits to you, and only you.
  • Killer Blowjob Positions that make your blowjobs unforgettable. Most women don’t know about this, but these positions excite him on a primal, Caveman level – they make him come faster and stronger by having his “orgasm muscles” locked and loaded, ready to explode.
  • The Blowjob Heaven Atmosphere. How you handle his brain is as important as how you handle his penis. You’ll learn exactly how to build up sexual tension and anticipation by creating an erotic, relaxing, and unique atmosphere. Use this to capture his complete and undivided attention (every time). This “fit for Kings” treatment is what makes him put a diamond ring on your finger.
  • 22 “Oh My God” Blowjob Techniques that make him swear like a sailor in disbelief as you take him to another reality. These “OMG” blowjob techniques are easy, foolproof, and instantly applicable to your next blowjob. Learn exactly how, what, and where to do so you supercharge your blowjob confidence.
  • Tanya’s Deep-throat Manifesto, my co-author and friend Tanya J., a former adult film star, teaches you the ins and outs of deep-throating like a pro – killing your gag-reflex has never been this easy. Believe it or not – mastering the art of deep-throating is your one way ticket to a loving relationship. Once you go “all in” he’ll never view you the same again.
  • The Hottest Places to Blow His Mind. I’ll teach you how to give the perfect blowjob in a car, a cinema, outdoors, in a public toilet, an elevator, on the beach, and a bunch of other “forbidden” (but unforgettable) places – and then I’ll teach you how to get away with it.
  • The Art of Blowjob Dirty Talk. Tell him the right words and you don’t have to be a beauty queen to make him believe he’s in heaven. I’ll tell you exactly what to say, how to say it, and how to be completely comfortable about saying it – before, during, and after a blowjob – so you never feel weird again.
  • The Perfect Blowjob Scenario. You’ll know exactly what to do from start to finish so you have complete control over his orgasm and never wonder about what to do next or what “phase” of the blowjob you are in.
  • The Turbo Ejaculation Formula. My Push-Button, golden nugget blowjob techniques that make him “orgasm by command” – this is the kinky stuff men dream about (but never get from their wives or girlfriends) that make his orgasm look like a volcanic eruption (wear your glasses). He’ll think he just died and went to sexual heaven.
  • And much, much more!

But this is just the beginning. When you decide order my program today, you’ll get the following BONUSES for FREE:

Jack's Blowjob FAQ Bonus Book

FREE BONUS #1 (valued at $67)


Over the years I received thousands of questions from my blowjob graduates. This is the result. My “Blowjob FAQ” is a 312-page, in-depth guide that contains 74 of the most common blowjob questions – honestly answered. You’ll learn:

  • What To Do If He’s Huge?
  • How To Get Over Your Blowjob Insecurity And Supercharge Your Confidence.
  • How To Make His C*m Taste Delicious.
  • Exactly How Long Should a “Perfect” Blowjob Last.
  • What To Do If Your Mouth Gets Sore During a Blowjob.
  • How To Prevent Neck-Pain and Enjoy The Whole Thing.
  • What To Do If He Takes Too Long To Ejaculate.
  • How To Handle An “I can’t come from a blowjob” Guy?
  • What To Do If He Is Uncircumcised?
  • How To Keep Your Teeth From Scratching Him During a Blowjob.
  • How To Use Your Hands During a Blowjob.
  • How To Involve His Balls Into The Whole Thing?
  • What’s The Best Music To Play During a Blowjob?
  • What’s The Best Alternative To Swallowing?
  • How To Swallow Without Throwing Up?
  • How To Give a Perfect Blowjob If It’s Your First Time?
  • Should I Tell Him I’ve Never Given a BJ Before?
  • What To Do If You Get Tired Too Fast And Your Jaw Hurts?
  • What Are The Best Deep-Throat Positions?
  • Why Is He Watching Porn And How To Get Him To Stop?
  • How To Tell If You Are Really Giving a Good Blowjob Or Not.
  • How To Give a Sensual Blowjob For Valentine’s Day.
  • How Do I Know When Is He Going To Finish?
  • How To Incorporate Your Boobs Into a Blowjob?
  • How To Keep Him Rock-Hard During a Blowjob.
  • How Do I Do Two Things At The Same Time During a Blowjob.
  • How To Keep Eye Contact During a Blowjob.
  • How To Give a Blowjob To A More Experienced Guy.
  • How To Keep Him Interested Even If He’s Overworked and Tired
  • And much, much more!

Jack's Special Advanced Edition Bonus Book

FREE BONUS #2 (valued at $47)


My Special Advanced Edition is NOT for beginners. This is what takes your already good blowjob skills to the next level – it’s like having a PhD in Blowjobology. Even the most skilled porn stars and professionals have a thing or two to learn here. I was a bit reluctant to release this to the public as it can give women an unfair advantage over other women (and have her steal a man under another woman’s nose) – please use these skills in an ethical manner.

Here’s a sneak peak at some of what you’ll learn in my 44-page advanced blowjob lessons:

  • The Outcome Detachment Technique that makes your blowjob feel so natural that he literally falls in love with you. This one trick makes him feel Zen-like and satisfies his deepest emotional cravings.
  • The Secret Behavioural Trick that makes you “vibrate” at an energy level that is sexually addictive to him – this one thing alone makes your blowjobs Hypnotic.
  • The Gradual Shift Method that makes your transition from good girl to “bad girl” seamless and easy so you don’t end up looking too slutty and feel perfectly comfortable sitting on your new “Blowjob Goddess” throne.
  • My Visual Learning Guide, e.g. access to a list of examples that I’ve put together specially for you, including (upon email request) links to high-quality porn you should watch so you can see exactly what works and why. This includes my commentary and explanations for those of you who are visual learners.
  • Visual Attraction Boost, exactly how to improve your looks, smell, and overall sexual appeal so he wants to rip your clothes apart and simply can’t get enough of you. This is how you unleash the Beast within him.
  • The “Mouthwash” Technique that will make him relive his greatest sexual fantasies with you, and only you. This technique alone will completely change your sex life forever because it will make his orgasm deeper than Atlantis.
  • The “Bomb” Orgasm Technique (do at your own risk). If you want your guy to explode so hard that he has a hard time to put together a meaningful sentence after his orgasm – then this technique is for you. It teaches you the perfect “orgasm buildup” so he comes so hard he could get a heart attack.
  • And dozens upon dozens of other advanced blowjob tips, tricks, and techniques that will make every blowjob you give a unique, unforgettable experience.

FREE BONUS #3 (valued at $197)


Jack's VIP Consulting Bonus

And best of all, when you invest in this program today, you will not be alone.

Look, I’ve received literally thousands of emails from my fans and even tough I would love to, I just can’t manage to help everyone. But – for a very limited time and a limited number of spaces – I’ve created a priority access to members of my Blowjob Lessons program.

When you join the “elite blowjob squad” of women today, you’ll get access to my VIP ONLY, priority-reply email where you can get in touch with me directly and ask any question (totally private).

I’ll take you by the hand and help you get over any blowjob, sex or relationship issue you might have so that you become “The One” in his heart, mind, and soul – I’m a guy, and I know how men think.

(I recommend you take advantage of this no-brainer, risk-free deal today ’cause my Capitalist marketing guy is bugging me every day to shut down all this free stuff.)


Jack's Money Back Guarantee

Look, I know you still may be skeptical. Honestly, if your man does not react to the things you learn in my blowjob lessons, then he’s probably DEAD. That’s exactly why I’m willing to give you a full refund if he is not absolutely blown away by your new blowjob skills.

In fact, I insist you ask for your money back if he doesn’t stay speechless from your new killer blowjobs. Just send me an email within 60 days of your purchase and that’s it.

Try my blowjob lessons risk-free today and see for yourself. You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain when your relationship gets to a new and exciting level of intimacy.

Are you ready to become “The One” woman he can’t resist and can never get enough of?

Let me ask you something.

How much is it worth to you to ELIMINATE your feeling of never being good enough, never being attractive enough, and possibly losing his love? What if, instead, you could be completely confident about sex, blowjobs, and your ability to get and keep any guy you want?

How much is it worth to know that you have total control over his orgasm and can give men the kind of pleasure they crave? Telling you that it was “the best sex of his life” and knowing that he’s completely sincere.

How much is it worth to you to never have to worry about being cheated on or having him lose interest again? Or to never have to worry about his ex that gave better blowjobs than you?

I know you don’t want your heart broken into pieces… Again, a staggering 44% of men would leave you for a woman with better blowjob skills. This doesn’t have to be you. You can now cheat-proof your relationship and enjoy the kind of peace of mind only Sex Goddesses can. Now you can ruin blowjobs for every other woman he may ever meet.

So, here’s what I offer you when you order my program today (even tough it drives my marketing guy insane):

I’ll give you the complete Jack’s Blowjob Lessons package – with all the free bonuses (a total value of $311) – plus the original Jack’s Blowjob Lessons guide for just a one-time, easy-payment of ($97)… 47 bucks.

Yep, a price of a dinner and drink for two, or a ticket to the movies.

That’s a bargain considering that my program actually improves your sex and love life. The only one you have.

I know I could easily sell this whole bundle for 10 times more money, and still, people would buy it. But I don’t, because money’s not my motivation here. Perfect blowjobs can save relationships and make the world a happier place. Don’t believe me, just read some of the reports I get from my students every day.

These 47 bucks is something I must charge you in order for you to have a commitment to actually put my advice to use. If I give this out for free, you won’t value the information. And you won’t find this information anywhere else. This is as real as it gets.

The best part – you can already put my Blowjob Lessons into ACTION tonight.

To get instant access to my entire program and all the extra bonuses, just click the ADD TO CART button below, complete the easy checkout process, and you’ll get immediate access.

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You’ll get discreetly and securely billed by my payment processor “CLICKBANK” so nobody will ever find out you got my program. Once you fill out the secure order form you’ll get instant access to the entire program.

You can start enjoying my blowjob lessons within 5 minutes, it comes in PDF format so it’s completely discreet and convenient. You’ll also get a link to the download page to your email and can access the files on your computer, phone, or any other smart device.

Remember this is a risk-free purchase and it comes with a 60-day, 100% money back guarantee, so you’ve got nothing to lose. Try and see for yourself as tens of thousands of my blowjob graduates already have.

Now go ahead and click the yellow “Add to Cart” button to get instant access to my program and discover the secrets to giving the kind of blowjobs he dreams about.

Still not sure?

Look, there are 3 options in front of you now.

Option 1 is that you leave and do nothing to improve your sex life. You may think blowjobs are not that important for a relationship’s success… and that’s OK, but pray a Blowjob Queen never puts her lips around your man’s penis. Or your relationship may fall apart like a house of cards in a thunderstorm. I’m a guy and I know how men think – we are sexual, hedonistic creatures and we will always choose better sex if we have the option. Why risk it or worry about it when you can have a carefree, loving relationship?

Option 2 is that you keep reading Cosmo and similar women’s magazines, or listen to your “more experienced” girlfriends that are “sexperts” when it comes to men and blowjobs. How far did listening to them get you? Sure, you can learn a thing or two, but you have access to the exact same basic information all other women do as well. It doesn’t make you special. And most guys laugh out loud when they see what kind of BS advice women get. Of course guys get turned off.

Option 3 is that you join over 30,000 Blowjob Queens that have benefited from my step-by-step program. Now they’re enjoying loving and secure relationships with the man of their choice. They have more control over their love life and never have to worry about cheating, feeling sexually inadequate or worry if he’s satisfied. And they don’t have to wonder – they know exactly how to give killer blowjobs while feeling supremely confident, sexy and empowered – so they know it’s the best blowjob of his life… and now you can too.

Best of all – you can master the art of blowjobs absolutely risk-free, on top off that you get my original blowjob lessons at half the price, plus all these awesome bonuses at no extra cost. Just click the Add To Cart button below and see for yourself. I promise it’ll be the best decision you’ve made in a long, long time – the only thing you’ll regret is not knowing about this years ago.

However you decide today, I hope you get as much value from my blowjob program as thousands of other women like you already have.

See you soon on the other side,

Your blowjob instructor,

Jack Hutson

Still can’t decide? Check out some Frequently Asked Questions.

Will your program work for me?

Look, my program is definitely NOT for everyone. It’s very direct, it contains adult language, and it may offend some people that are not ready to hear the truth about what men actually want in a blowjob.

Otherwise, my blowjob advice is completely unconventional and unusual. It has helped tens of thousands of women become Masters of oral sex, so I don’t see why it wouldn’t work for you, too. For most of my blowjob graduates – simply applying 2 or 3 of my tips instantly supercharged their results, and they didn’t even apply 5% of my advice. It’s crazy that a few simple changes in your technique can instantly take your blowjobs to the next level.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a total beginner or have been around the block,whether you’ve been married for decades or just started dating this new guy – Jack’s Blowjob Lessons can give you that unfair advantage in any relationship that makes him want you, and only you.

And it’s easy. Anyone can learn this. It’s not rocket-science. You’ve just been misinformed about what really works because you’ve been taking advice from amateurs.

Either way, you’ve got nothing to lose – you can now try it completely risk-free, it comes with a 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee. Just email me if your guy isn’t absolutely blown away by your very next blowjob and I’ll refund all of your money, no questions asked. However, I urge you to take advantage of my offer while all of these awesome free bonuses are still on the table. Spots are limited.

What if I have a unique problem?

First of all, there’s an FAQ bonus with 74 of the most common blowjob questions that are answered in detail, it’s 312 pages of extra blowjob advice to make him addicted to you.

In case your question is not already answered in the FAQ – you can always send an email to the VIP members only email address and get a priority reply directly from me.

Over the years I’ve personally helped thousands of women GET and KEEP the man of their dreams. Every problem has a solution, we can figure it out together (and it’s completely private). Again, take advantage of this opportunity before my marketing guy forces me to close the doors on this.

Are blowjobs really that important?

Have you ever seen a chubbier, not-that-good-lookin’ girl with a stud? Did you wonder how she landed this guy, what does she have that you don’t? She doesn’t even look good, she may even be slightly dumb. But I guarantee you she’s good when it comes to blowjobs. And that’s very, very rare. Most women have no idea what they’re doing.

How important are blowjobs? Well… Let’s just say that men are sexual creatures, and they think with their penises. So when a woman that can blow like a pro comes along, she has a lot more power and leverage in that relationship.

I’m a guy and I know men. The thing is – when you give him a mind-blowing blowjob – he connects those pleasurable thoughts with you and your face. You make him feel that way. And that’s what makes him fall in love, those emotions. He can easily get addicted to that feeling, not just physically, but the emotional high of being worshipped like that.

It’s important that you make him feel this way before a woman with real skills puts her lips around him.

So why not give it a try? You’ve got nothing to lose. Order my program today, quickly learn my blowjob secrets, and see for yourself how your guy treats you like a Queen. Suddenly he treats you like a drop of water in the desert, making all your wishes his top priority. My program is responsible for making thousands upon thousands of men propose. Don’t believe a word I say. Just read some of the reports I get from my blowjob graduates and how their love life transformed after making his blowjob dreams come true.

What makes you an expert on blowjobs?

I am no scientist or PhD in sexology and I was NOT featured on Oprah or FOX News. I am the guy who has slept with hundreds of women and taught every one of them to blow like a decent girl should. And that’s the only reason you should listen to what I have to say. I’m not telling you this to brag, I don’t care if you believe me or not.

The thing is, I’m not your boyfriend and I don’t have a reason to lie to you that your blowjobs are great when, in fact, you probably have no idea what you’re doing. Even if you’re “good” – that just doesn’t cut it. You have no idea how mind-blowing your blowjobs can actually be. If don’t ruin blowjobs for any other woman that ever puts her lips around him, then you’re not doing a good job and you’re not protecting your relationship.

How can I pay?

All major Credit Cards, debit and PayPal are available. As soon as you checkout, you get instant access to the entire program. If you’re having any trouble, just email support@jacksblowjoblessons.com and I’ll personally get back to you within 24 hours, usually sooner.

What does it show on my Credit Card statement?

Your purchase will appear on your bank statement under the name “CLKBANK*COM”, so your purchase can remain completely private and secure. You can even store the files within your email and access them directly in your email provider without actually having the files on your computer.

Does it come as a hardcover/paperback?

No. The entire Jack’s Blowjob Lessons package is available as a digital edition that you can access within 5 minutes. It’s more private and convenient this way so you can keep your new skills to yourself – like a secret weapon – no waiting time.

You can save the files and study the materials on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. You will also receive a “for print” version as a PDF that’s specially designed for this purpose (smaller font) and you can print out a copy for yourself, if it’s easier for you to read that way and take notes.

What’s in it for you, why are you doing this?

This all just started out as a fun project years ago. I had no idea it’ll start a blowjob Revolution.

After getting another lousy blowjob (and never calling her again), I decided to put together a simple site with some basic, but real-world advice… since nobody else was talking about it honestly. The site grew like crazy. I ended up receiving thousands of questions from women all around the globe.

At some point I just couldn’t reply to everyone anymore, and they kept asking for a step-by-step program, all the dirty little tricks and details that make a blowjob perfect. So I created Jack’s Blowjob Lessons as a result.

Having seen the amazing impact my advice made on so many relationships and marriages, I had to make this available to everyone, that’s also why I offer you all this value for such a low price, ’cause I wanted to make this affordable to all women, even college students and women in third world countries.

Don’t forget to send me an email once you’ve applied my advice! I love reading your emails and hearing your success stories. They always put a smile on my face 🙂

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