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July 14, 2021 - Comment

If you’ve ever felt like you were giving everything to a man or a relationship, only to be taken for granted… If you’ve ever felt like no matter what you did, you were never “enough” for a man that you were seeing… If you’ve ever spent months or years with a man and you felt…

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If you’ve ever felt like you were giving everything to a man or a relationship, only to be taken for granted…

If you’ve ever felt like no matter what you did, you were never “enough” for a man that you were seeing…

If you’ve ever spent months or years with a man and you felt like everything was going great but he started getting distant, withdrawn, or maybe even disappeared on you…

Or if you’ve ever really liked or even fallen in love with a guy and you knew that he was the right one for you but he seemed unsure, not ready, or confused…

Then you’ve fallen victim to getting on something that I call, “The Heartbreak Treadmill.”

After working with thousands of women over the last 7 years, I’ve found that The Heartbreak Treadmill is the biggest mistake women fall into that makes men pull away, grow cold, and disappear altogether…

I call it the Heartbreak Treadmill because you start working, thinking that it will make the man you’re seeing feel closer to you…

But things only get worse… many times this happens suddenly, like it came out of nowhere.

And you want to make things better. So what do you do?

Work harder… work faster… work more…

But no matter how much you work at it, nothing seems to get any better.

You feel like you’re doing EVERYTHING for him and for the relationship, only for him to lose more interest.

But why does this happen?

Because the problem isn’t solved by doing more, the problem is that you’re doing the wrong thing. You need to GET OFF the treadmill.

Here’s How You Know You’re On The Treadmill…

Most women who are on The Heartbreak Treadmill are doing at least one of these four mistakes

1. The first one is going into convincing mode

This looks like trying to convince him of how great the two of you are together…

Maybe you make comments about how great of a partner you would be, how beautiful your kids would look together, or why you should be together.

This makes him think you’re desperate even if you’re not. It also makes him feel pressure, like you’re trying to force him into something he’s not sure about yet.

2. The second mistake is making things as easy as possible for him

This usually looks like moving your schedule around to accommodate his, driving to him, planning everything, or doing things because you think it’s what he wants.

You want HIM to be doing these things for YOU, not the other way around.

3. The third mistake is trying to show him you’re a great catch

This usually takes the form of subtly alerting him to the idea that he has competition or trying to make him jealous.

Most women I know don’t even realize that they’re doing this. But this communicates to him the opposite of what you want it to.

To men, this feels gross. It makes him feel like you’re trying to manipulate him instead of being the amazing, high value woman he thought you were.

4. The fourth mistake is initiating contact ALL the time

Most women do this because they’re scared that he’s going to slip away. This might look like finding reasons to send a text or trying to keep the conversation going even though it’s clearly ended.

Doing these things push him away because you’re leaning forward, you’re trying to MAKE something happen, and that’s MASCULINE energy.

There’s Nothing Wrong With Masculine Energy…

All men and women have masculine energy. It helps us get ahead in work, accomplish our dreams and goals, and make rational decisions about things.

But when you bring masculine energy to most men, at best it makes him LOSE INTEREST in having anything more than a casual, hookup type of “situationship” with you.

He’ll see you as a buddy… a friend… someone he just wants to “hangout” with and nothing more.

At worst, it’ll make him feel like he needs to move on and find someone he “feels it” more for.

You see, the truth is that most men WANT to find a woman they feel is the love of their life… their soulmate… “the one”…

Have you ever seen a guy who “wasn’t ready” break up with a woman only to get married three months later?

Do you think that’s because he suddenly “got ready”?

Nope… it’s because he FELT something different with this new woman.

He felt something special… something rare… like he couldn’t live without her… like he wanted to take her off the dating market and keep her all to himself because she was TOO IMPORTANT TO HIM to lose.

So Here’s What You Should Do Instead…

The fastest way for you to get off of The Heartbreak Treadmill and connect with a man in a way that makes him feel like YOU are the woman he wants to be with forever…

Is to use something I call, Feminine Magnetism

Instead of using MASCULINE behaviors that actually bore men or push them away…

You can use FEMININE behaviors that pull him in close and make him feel like you’re EXACTLY the type of woman he wants to be with…

It’s like flipping a switch in his mind that makes him feel MAGNETICALLY drawn to you because there’s something different about you… something unique.

He won’t be able to figure out what it is about you, he’ll only know that he’s becoming more and more interested, more and more attracted…

And that attraction will turn into love and the desire to be with you and only you forever.

The past memories of men growing cold, losing interest, and pulling away will feel like a forgotten memory…

No matter what happened in the past, today is a NEW day.

Let me make this clear…

Feminine Magnetism is NOT about pretending you’re someone you’re not.

ALL people have feminine energy, men and women. It’s more like a muscle, the more you use it, the stronger it becomes.

Fortunately, for most women, it’s VERY easy to tap into. AND, since more women are stuck in their masculine energy than ever before because of working full time, it makes you stand out immediately.

Feminine Magnetism is also NOT about playing games.

Instead, it’s about connecting using behaviors that men CRAVE, that turn them on, that make them want to provide, protect, and BE THE MAN for you in your relationship.

Clients of mine who have used this have had amazing results…

Julia from Seattle was having a problem finding “good men” when she first came to my work. When she started using Feminine Magnetism she said it awakened the masculine energy in men, causing them to start taking initiative, paying for dates, and acting like gentlemen.

She said that for the first time in her life, men were chasing HER instead of the other way around.

She met a great guy online 4 months ago and said he’s sweeping her off her feet.

Amber from Connecticut came to me heartbroken because the love of her life had broken up with her and was dating someone else.

She said he was commitment-phobic, would give her nothing but crumbs, and would disappear for weeks at a time.

She said that once she started using the principles of Feminine Magnetism, everything changed. 

For her, it was easier, less work, and she started to see almost immediate differences in the way her ex was responding to her.

Four months later, he dropped the other woman he was seeing, asked her to be exclusive, started talking about their future together, and rarely goes a day without initiating contact with her.

Feminine Magnetism works because it connects with how men’s minds are biologically wired…

Men WANT to chase and pursue. They want to do whatever is necessary to make you happy. They want to do most of the work. They want to please you.

But most women do things that actually trigger a man’s brain to act lazy, distant, and feel disconnected… completely by accident!

They do all the work thinking it will make him feel like she’s the right one but it only pushes him further away.

If you do this, you’ll feel like you’re giving everything to a man only to be taken for granted.

And if you do this often enough and with enough men, eventually you’ll start to think men are too much trouble and that you’re better off being single and alone…

While secretly you feel like maybe something’s wrong with you, like you’re destined to be alone, like you’ll never be good enough to attract and keep a great man.

I don’t want you to experience this. You deserve a great guy and a great relationship.

If you’re struggling right now, you’re simply doing the wrong things.

Let me show you what you should be doing instead.


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