Introduction To Horseback Riding.

February 27, 2022 - Comment

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How To Feel Safe And Confident The First Time You Sit In The Saddle
And Before You Spend

Your Time and Money On Expensive Horseback Riding Lessons”

Makes Horseback Riding Easy And

repares You



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You’ll wonder why you didn’t start this wonderful hobby ages ago


From the
desk of
:       Roger Bourdon




Author of the amazing new

“Introduction to Horseback Riding”


Dear Friend and

Would Be
Horse rider!


This exciting and new discovery helps you get the most out of your
riding lessons even before you start! If you really want to learn to
horseback ride then this letter could be the most important one you
ever read!

  • Wouldn’t it be great to get on a horse for the first
    time without falling off the other side?
  • In fact how
    are you going to get up there at all if the horse doesn’t stand
    stock still?
  • Are you
    frightened at spending your hard earned bucks on riding lessons?
  • Do you think
    you can even afford a lesson?
  • Imagine
    what it would f
    like to be riding along out in the lovely fresh air without a care
    in the world?

  • Are you less than agile and frightened at the thought
    of being so far up in the air?
  • Wouldn’t it
    be great to meet new people and add a whole new social side to your


Fear of failure, or making yourself look a complete idiot stops many
people from learning to ride at all. 

That and the fact that they already know just how expensive riding
lessons are, really puts them off. Supposing they are no good at it?
Supposing they are too afraid? Supposing they just don’t turn out to
like it and have wasted those bucks unnecessarily?

     Whether you are 5
or 50 and contemplating the grand new experience of horseback riding,
don’t let a little thing like lack of confidence, good old fashioned
fear put you off, or worry about whether you can afford it, put you
off. No, the thing to do is to find a way to learn that both give you
confidence AND saves you money at the SAME time!    


A little fear is a good thing.  It stimulates the adrenalin that
makes you perform better and makes you more in tune with your
objective.  They say that if you are going to do some public
speaking and you are not at least a little nervous beforehand then you
won’t give it your best.  Adrenalin is a great stimulant to great
things.  But what you do need is the confidence to master your
fear and to do it anyway.  Susan Jeffers book ‘Feel the Fear and
do it anyway’ is a bestseller
she shows very clearly what can be achieved if you go for it, and what
joys overcoming your fears can bring

     That’s the fear bit
dealt with. That just leaves you worrying about the money – the cost
of expensive riding lessons when you don’t even know how many you will

So, what you need here is a way to feel in control of the
fear and the excitement and expectation, plus a way to reduce the cost
of this fabulous new experience you are about to have, and I’ve got
just the thing!

So, What’s Different About My Approach To Riding?


Well, simply this.  I absolutely know the value of riding
lessons, and I would never suggest that you don’t need them

at all
BUT my approach is that, in order to make the most of those lessons
and greatly reduce the number you may need, you MUST do some
preparation beforehand:

  • After all, how many exams have you passed without
    reading and studying for them?

  • Did you pass your driving test without reading and
    learning the rules of the road?

  • Did you learn to read without ever picking up a book?


Now, if you are only 5 years old then you know no fear! That’s left to
the newbie adult riders and to your Mum and Dad as they watch you in
the saddle for the first time! (especially if they are not riders
themselves – bet that rings a few bells doesn’t it…)

So, what would make:

  • The first time adult rider

  • The first time younger rider

  • The anxious parents

  • The horseback riding instructor

  • And, your checking account


feel better at the same time?

Its simple – it’s that word again – Preparation. 

But WHY?



First the new adult rider – if you knew how a horse moved, what
to look out for, the technicalities of mounting


the basics of getting a horse to obey you, wouldn’t you feel better?
Knowing something about the way a horse thinks and how he might react
to you is going to give you confidence – isn’t it? 


The first time younger rider – the same applies doesn’t it?
Young or older we all need some confidence to do new things and some
understanding of what’s required.  And again if you get in the

for the first time
knowing a lot of the basics,
then the instructors advice will not only sink in better but you will
remember it more.  You will be less terrified and be able to
concentrate more on what you are doing because the instructor’s words
will not be totally new to you.

Makes Sense Doesn’t It?



what about the anxious parents?
Well you don’t want to spoil your child’s fun but you do need to
make sure they are safe.  So how are you going to do that if you
don’t know much about riding

You too need to do some preparation.  What you need is a guide
that will inform you about the requirements of horse riding, how to
approach and understand a horse and particularly how to make sure that
your child has a safe experience the first time

and every time

they get on a horse.  If you know nothing about it yourself how
are you going to check the safety arrangement at the stables you go
too, and make sure that the safety equipment and clothing the rider
need are all in place?  And these will be only a

few of your concerns.



brings us to the
horseback riding Instructor.  I have friends who are
instructors and they say that most people new in the saddle are trying
so hard to calm their fears that they are definitely not listening to
a word the Instructor says.  Therefore they say that newbie
riders really should do some preparation before they come for their

, if they are to make the most of the lesson and therefore the bucks
that they spend on them

Finally that leaves your
checking account! Well, quite frankly your account is going to
be hit


by how much all the riding  lessons are going to cost you.  So if
some good preparation will mean you need fewer lessons then the cost
goes down and you don’t get overdrawn! Your account stays in the black

– so that’s another result isn’t it?

So What’s The Conclusion?


The conclusion is simple – buy yourself this great new eBook –
prepare yourself properly for the best new experience you’ve had in
years – save loads of bucks – keep safe – and enjoy it all a whole lot
more! Then you may well win that rosette. How’s that for a summary!


Now Lets Look At Some Of The Reasons Why You Really Should Start
Horseback Riding Today!

Just consider the following:

  • Do you want a hobby or
    exercise plan that
    gets you fitter and will help you shed stress as well
    as pounds?

  • Do you want a fun activity
    that will put the joy and passion back into your life?

  • Have you ever wanted to
    try horseback riding in order to see
    more of which Mother Nature has
    given us all for free
    or in order to have fun with a sport such as polo?

  • Have you ever wanted to go
    on a trail ride?

Introduction To Horseback Riding Image


Gets You Fitter

We’d all like


wouldn’t we, but would it surprise you to know that

riding a horse
at a walk stimulates the internal organs just as walking on foot does.
This aids in liver function and digestion, and makes riding a great
therapy option for those in wheelchairs. You will


be burning calories. According to the “Body For Life for Women”, by
Dr. Pamela Peeke, General Horseback Riding accounts for 5 calories per
minute for a 150 pound woman. Increase the speed and distance you ride
and you’ll increase the intensity of your work out.


And Guys, this doesn’t only work for women!

Even if you don’t need to lose weight this

wonderful form of exercise will benefit you too.  Lets face it
you could hardly call this lovely pastime, exercise at all, could you.
Its pure pleasure! It sure beats a sweaty workout in the gym for me.


Puts the fun and passion back in your life

You betya! Horseback riding is so relaxing
We live in the most wondrous and diverse country on earth, and where
better to explore it from than on horseback. Gives you space to breath
in God’s great fresh air and scenery, and that’s all

free folks! Where else can you get that? You find a different pace of
life out riding – completely free from the stresses of everyday life.
It gives you time and space to get your life and priorities back in
perspective, and what a great way to spend time with your loved ones.
You will never see your kids having so much pure clean fun as they do
out on horseback. AND don’t forget – it will get them completely away
from any undesirable influences they may be exposed to whilst playing
around the neighborhood!


Puts you back in touch with the wonders of Mother Nature

That same glorious scenery will keep you entertained for hours as it
reveals it’s mysteries to you.  It’s like a whole new learning
experience for you and the family and will really help the kids with
their nature studies at school.


Sports are on the menu again!

new found skill on horseback may lead you into sports you never
dreamed of before – like polo, horse racing, equestrian eventing,
rodeo even.  You could be whooping and howling like a cowboy on
the range!


Opens up new vacation options

What about trail riding? Ever tried it? You just don’t know what you
are missing! If horseback riding is a great way to explore our own
great land, then imagine what it’s like to horse
ride abroad? What a fantastic way to sample the delights of a foreign
land.  And the best part is that it will give you access to

places abroad that most tourists will never see.  You are in for
a world of fascinating and unique new experiences.

I plan to
move to Spain next year, and one of the things I want to do is buy
some horses, for my children and myself. Riding looks so easy in
the movies, but I know that isn’t the case. So I was looking for
an easy to follow guide, covering everything from saddling a horse
to caring for a horse and what to look for when buying a horse.
These and more were exactly what I found in the book “Introduction
to Horseback Riding”. This book is packed full of useful
information and tips, I particularly like the section on ‘thinking
like a horse’.

If you
are thinking about horse riding and need a good introduction, then
you should check it out at

Jen Scott                                                                            


Now, have I whetted your appetite for a whole new way of life?


If your answer is YES then we have a new ebook that could

dramatically change your life

– starting today!

How Can One eBook Change Your Life?


Great question! When many people think of learning to horseback ride,
they think of some

time-consuming trips to a riding academy, and long lessons. Perhaps
you have already taken some expensive lessons yourself, and were
discouraged by how long it took to learn even the basics. Today, there
is a

better way

to learn to horseback ride!


In one inexpensive ebook you will learn more about horseback riding
than you ever dreamed possible – through sensible, simple tips that

designed to get you on a horse and riding as quickly and as well as

Why Learning Through An Ebook Makes Sense

Any Horseback


The simple fact is, for many of us, starting with horseback riding
lessons is designed to fail. If you don’t know whether you are really
interested in horseback riding, what is the use of expensive lessons


you even begin? Plus, most riding lessons are located well outside the
city, forcing most of us to make a large commute to get out there. If
you are learning horseback riding as an adult, you may feel silly
floundering about on a horse in front of an all-ages class. And of,
course, the


of horseback riding lessons can be very high.


Doesn’t It Make More Sense To Learn The Basics Of Horseback
Riding Before You Ever Drive Out To See A Real Live Horse?


Think about it….


If you knew the basics of  how to ride a horse before you drove
out to see one, you’d save money on lessons to gain the basic
understanding of horseback riding. In fact, you might well be able to
take fewer lessons to improve your techniques. You’d already

have all you need for basic rid

and trail rides. Plus, when you ride under qualified guidance you’d

gain confidence

by then being on a horse, which means you’d

actually be building on your knowledge as you rode along

Isn’t that better than

feeling silly and lacking knowledge of even the words they use right
from the outset.


This isn’t about replacing the lessons completely – No, this is about
preparing you to really enjoy getting in that saddle for the first
time – replacing some of the ‘fear factor’ with the confidence to know
that you have done a bit of preparation and feel armed with some
really helpful and comforting knowledge to help you enjoy that first
lesson moreAND especially knowing that you could get that far in the
most cost effective and cheapest way available to you! Now that just
makes YOU downright Smart, doesn’t it?

Plus, you’d stay safer, since you’d already know what to do and what
not to do.


ebook “Introduction to Horseback Riding” does this for you.

It is

packed with information


what to do,

where to go, how to approach a horse, how to ride, and how to follow
some basic safety rules

plus loads more
This simple ebook lays it all out for you, so that you will know
exactly what you are doing…before you

approach a horse.

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Getting Started with Horseback Riding!

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What You Really
Need To Know To Feel Safe And Confident The First Time You Sit In
The Saddle……


If you are just starting out with horseback riding, you want to focus
on the information you need to get you in the saddle and to keep you


as you ride.   And let’s face it, when we are learning
something new it is so difficult to take in all the information we are
given verbally.  If you have it written down, and can read it
through several times before you get to the first lesson, how much
better would that make you feel? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to
take what the Instructor is saying because it is familiar to you – so
that you can concentrate on staying in the saddle rather than

the instructions that are being thrust at you so
quickly.  So many instructions all at once can send you into
information overload, and then you can’t remember a word of it and
feel silly – does this make you feel like a failure before you even
start? I know it does with me.


After all, how many of you passed an exam or learnt to drive without
reading the manuals first? ? Did you pick up a chisel to do
woodworking without first getting a book to show you how? This applies
to nearly everything you can think of that requires some skill to
master.  So surely you need to prepare for your horseback riding
lessons in the same way to make your new hobby a really enjoyable
success right from the start!

Your information has
been of great help to me.  I have recently taken Tina, an
ex-racehorse/broodmare.  I used to work on a farm when I was
younger, mostly draft horses, but it gets you, (that horse bug I
mean).  Anyway I am now 53 years young  and have started
getting Tina ready to be re-saddled and ridden again as she has
not had a rider on her back for 4 years now.  She is 15
years young – a couple of youngsters together eh!! 

I have not ridden a
horse in …oh 25 years.  I have been using a lot of your
tip’s and hint’s they are helping me a lot to re-educate her 
It will take a lot of time patience and T.L.C. I will keep you
informed of how things go.

Many Thanks



That’s Why “Introduction to
Horseback Riding”
Is So Different And So Exciting.


This book will not waste your time or money – it is designed to get
you horseback riding as quickly, safely, and inexpensively as
possible. You will learn the

practical information that you
really need to ride properly.

No gimmicks, no filler, no fluff. These are

the horse facts and riding tips
that every rider really needs

– in one inexpensive and easy-to-read manual.


With this ebook, you will start reaping the benefits of horseback
riding fast.

With “Introduction to
Horseback Riding”

you will be able to quickly get the many benefits of riding, which

  • The ability to see nature in a whole new way –
    riding on a horse allows you to cover larger areas of wilderness and
    see it from a whole new perspective, which means y

    can see
    so much more high up on a horse than you can on foot.


  • Enjoying vacations on a whole
    new level – just imagine being able to take a moonlit horseback ride
    on a beach on your next trip.  Romantic or what!


  • Weight loss and better
    physical tone – because Horseback riding is an excellent exercise to
    gently tone and strengthen your whole body, and especially building
    muscle tone in your legs


  • Stress reduction – “getting away from it all” while horseback riding
    and spending time with a horse melts away tension and daily stress
    like magic,w
    hich means that horseback
    riding can improve your whole outlook on life


  • Meeting other people –
    Horseback riders really are a tribe, and once you begin riding you
    will find many people on horse trails and trail rides to talk to
    which means increasing your social circle, and for those who are
    quite shy this is the easiest way to meet new people


  • Solitude – Some horse riders
    find that they like going on quieter rides, allowing themselves the
    space to think and reflect. Horseback riding can be a quiet,
    meditative time with you and nature, or it can be a fun group outing
    – the choice is up to you!


  • Relatively inexpensive – You
    can rent a horse and many of the accessories you need to, you don’t
    have to buy thtem. Once you learn the basics of horseback riding,
    you will be surprised at how inexpensive the activity really can be,
    which means that everyone can afford to horseback ride.  The
    real cost is in the lessons beforehand – that’s what you need this
    book to help you reduce

  • Easy
    to learn – Horseback riding does not have to be complicated or hard
    – learn how simple a few basic riding skills can be with the “Introduction
    to Horseback Riding
    ” ebook!


  • Puts you in contact with animals – Few other
    sports allow you the chance to spend time with an animal, and horses
    can be a fascinating animal to get to know. Known for their loyalty,
    intelligence, and gentleness, horses are a wonderful animal to spend
    time with.


    gentleness and calmness will make you feel calm and serene which
    means a truly relaxing hobby to help balance your hectic and
    stressful life


  • Acts as a gateway to other
    sports and activities – Polo, trail rides, horse racing, trips to a
    dude ranch, dressage, rodeo riding, and fox hunting are only a few
    of the activities that require good horse skills. Which means that
    learning to ride a horse can open a completely new world of
    adventure for you!


  • Builds confidence and
    discipline – As you learn the skills of horseback riding, you will
    be learning to communicate with an animal and learning to control
    the movements of your body in a precise way. Which means you will
    build discipline and control. As you learn horseback riding tips and
    tricks, you will gain the confidence you need to ride with grace and
    ease. And this confidence will not just be limited to riding – it
    WILL influence your approach to all aspects of your life


  • Gain freedom and a sense of fun and bring passion back into your
    life – Just imagine the wind
    in your hair as you race through a field
    or through a wood. Horseback riding is a wonderful way to add real
    excitement and adventure to your life. Once you try it, you will see
    why so many millions of people have adopted this
    wonderful pastime and


Your information has
been of great help to me.  I have recently taken Tina, an
ex-racehorse/broodmare.  I used to work on a farm when I was
younger, mostly draft horses, but it gets you, (that horse bug I
mean).  Anyway I am now 53 years young  and have started
getting Tina ready to be re-saddled and ridden again as she has
not had a rider on her back for 4 years now.  She is 15
years young – a couple of youngsters together eh!! 

I have not ridden a
horse in …oh 25 years.  I have been using a lot of your
tip’s and hint’s they are helping me a lot to re-educate her 
It will take a lot of time patience and T.L.C. I will keep you
informed of how things go.

Many Thanks



You Will Be So Surprised At How  Many Exciting and Important Things
This Amazing Ebook Can Teach You!

  • You will
    learn all the rights names and words related to horses and horseback
    riding – which means the book will help you to communicate with
    other horse lovers and You will feel and sound really knowledgeable


  • You will learn what equipment you need if you are going to be riding
    and where you can get it – which means this book will make sure you
    avoid being fooled into investing hundreds of dollars

    you don’t need. Read this section before you go shopping


  • Find out
    the right way to approach a horse – which means you avoid mistakes
    that could scare the animal and result in serious injury for you


  • Discover the difference between English and Western
    and learn the secrets of choosing which style of riding is right for


  • Find out
    how to mount easily, safely, and gracefully – which means not making
    a fool of yourself the first time to get into the saddle


  • Discover how and when to


  • Learn the
    correct way to hold and use the reins – which means you will be able
    to control the horse perfectly and ride with style


  • Uncover the tricks and tips
    for sitting correctly in the saddle – these simple tips, often not
    even covered in many classes, will help you stay safely in the
    saddle and will improve your riding instantly!


  • Learn the
    basics of walking a horse in just a few minutes so that you can try
    a trail ride


  • Discover the right way to
    steer a horse right or left


  • Find out
    the best ways to stop a horse or to get the horse moving backwards


  • Learn how to calm a nervous horse – which means that this
    information is a must read

    that could well save your life!


  • Discover exactly what you need
    to do if your horse is going too fast and you want to slow down –
    read this information and you’ll never fear an out-of-control horse!


  • Find out how to avoid becoming hurt by overhanging objects
    you ride.


  • Discover the secrets of how to
    “read” what your horse is thinking – which means you don’t have to
    be a horse whisperer to communicate with horses, “Introduction to
    Horseback Riding
    ” will show you how!


  • Learn how to canter, trot and
    gallop safely and easily.


  • Find out the correct way to
    get your horse to jump over obstacles, which means you get the
    excitement but you and the horse stay safe


  • Discover the safety tips and secrets that horse riders and trainers
    use to stay safe in the saddle –

    this information is crucial and will help prevent serious injury


  • And much,
    much more!


Discover the Tips, Tricks, and
Techniques that Professional Horse Riders Use – Without Investing
Years of Effort or Hundreds of Dollars!

  • This ebook will tell you all you need to know to
    start riding right away – you won’t have to take hours of lessons or
    drive out to the country half a dozen times
    , unless you
    really want to

  • Learn all you need to know to
    mount, dismount, walk, and canter. All the techniques you need are
    covered in this one ebook!

  • Nix the
    myths about horses that you have and learn the real facts that you
    need to know to ride safely and well!

  • These are the real methods that professionals use to ride a horse
    safely and with grace – your horse riding friends will be astonished
    to see you riding like a pro with
    so few
    lengthy lessons


Reading An “Introduction to Horse Riding” has given me great
motivation to get back into horse riding as I have not done it for
many years and remembered how much I loved it.  The book not
only reveals the basic skills and techniques that you need to
horse ride, but also describes the enjoyment, fun and feeling of
freedom that you get from riding a horse and flying across the

So thanks Roger, for writing this book, I have really enjoyed
reading it and would like to recommend anyone who is interested in
learning how to Horse Ride to buy “Introduction to Horse Riding”!!   

Rick Philips                                             

So What’s the Real Scoop on This
Hot New Resource?


If you want your friends to whisper

“Wow, when did you learn to
horseback ride so well?”

you definitely want this ebook. No other resource gives you

absolutely everything you need
to start riding today

– in one fast and easy read. Once you put down this ebook, you will
have the skills and confidence to hop on a horse and start riding.


And this ebook makes horseback riding so simple


Plus, “Introduction to Horseback Riding” knows that the biggest
concern for new riders is often safety, as it well should be, which is
why this ebook

contains everything you need

know to
ride in a completely safe way. You will learn:

  • Exactly what gear you need to
    ride safe

  • What you
    need to do on a horse to stay safe

  • How to
    choose riding trails appropriate to your skill level

  • How to spot
    trouble and what to do if you do see a problem

This ebook has it all, and
riders have already benefited from its pages, learning to ride
confidently and safely.

Don’t Take my word for it, look at all my great testimonials on this

Don’t get left behind on the
next exciting horseback riding trip

– buy this ebook today so that you can ride off into the sunset
with your friends!

Introduction to Horseback Riding” Covers the Essentials of
Horseback Riding, Including:

  • What
    horseback riding terms you need to know to talk to tack shop owners
    and other horseback riders

  • What you
    need to know about horses to start horseback riding


  • How to
    choose the right equipment for riding. Learn all you need to know
    about gear you need, such as


    • The

    • Shoes and footwear

    • The right
      clothes, including pants and shirts

    • Sunglasses and sun block

    • Insect repellant

    • The

    • Stirrups

    • Reins
  • How to
    approach a horse so that the horse trusts you
  • The
    difference between English and Western riding

  • Mounting techniques

  • Dismounting instruction

  • Holding and using the Reins

  • Sitting in the saddle

  • What you
    need to do and remember once you are in the saddle

  • Getting the horse to start

  • Walking a horse

  • Turning left or right on a

  • Stopping and going backwards
    on a horse
  • How to stop
    a horse that is moving too fast

  • Stopping a horse from grazing
    grass during a trail ride
  • What to do
    if your horse wants a drink of water on a ride

  • What to do
    if your horse needs a “bathroom break”
  • What to do
    about branches and overhanging objects when riding

  • How to stay
    safe and calm down your horse if your horse starts getting anxious
    on a ride
  • How to get
    your horse to behave when other horses are around

  • Trotting or Jogging techniques

  • Cantering methods

  • Galloping your horse

  • Jumping tips and tricks

  • Safety basics every rider
    needs to know
  • The best
    ways to choose riding paths

  • How to deal
    with children on a horseback ride


And much, much more!

Warning: There

Many Books



Teach You





These Essential Features:


  • One:

    This book really focuses on the tips you need to know so that you
    can get horseback riding as soon as possible without being bogged
    down with information you don’t need.

  • Two:

    Gives you step-by-step instructions
    , in plain English,
    on what you need to do to get on and off a horse and to get your
    horse moving the way you want the horse to move.

  • Three:

    Gives you all the safety information you need to enjoy riding in
    complete safety

  • Four:

    Gives you the real information on the gear you need, so that you
    don’t end up wasting hundreds of dollars.


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This report
addresses the issues of safety both whilst riding and
looking after your horse on the ground

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Bonus #3
: Black Beauty

Sewell’s timeless classic; Black Beauty is an
autobiography of a horse.

For many
years this beautiful story has delighted millions of
readers.  All who read it will find that with the
passage of time it has lost nothing of its original

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Bonus #4

Grooming Guide

A 4-part guide written by a
professional show horse competitor
covers the
basics of the horse grooming process.

fact is that most of us horse lovers don’t groom our
horses properly. In the wild, horses groom each other
and that’s the basis for their relationships with each
other. If you don’t take the trouble to groom your
horse properly, then you can’t expect to forge the
bonds you  want between you and your horse

 A $17.97 Value!

Bonus #5
: Horse Medical Records

quick and easy way to keep track of all
your horse’s important medical and treatment records.

set of simple to use forms which let’s you keeps track
of your worming or vaccination requirements and dates,
together with any medication and treatment

he may have had.  A great way
to keep all his medical information in one place,
ready at hand whenever it is needed

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Bonus #6
: Horse Health

‘Your Horse’s
Health The Essential Guide’ will help you identify the
most common horse ailments from arthritis to worms,
and help you understand how to deal with them.

better it will show you how to carry out the routine
checks that may prevent illness occurring, and how to
recognise the common signs of illness.  It covers
vaccinations too and when  you’ll need them.

It makes it simple to take care of your horse and to
avoid calling in the Vet when you can deal with the
problem yourself

 A $29.97 Value!

Bonus #7

Healthy Hooves

By showing you the daily checks, before and after
riding, you should make to your horse’s hooves you
will be able to keep him in tip top health. It
explains the importance of good nutrition and how to
deal with the most common hoof problems. This
invaluable guide will help you keep his hooves healthy
and ready for a ride whenever you need him

 A $11.97 Value!

Wait A
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You may already have read the testimonials earlier, but here’s one
more.  All of these testimonials are from people just like yourself…

first just want to say “thank you” for featuring my appy “Chief”
and me on your screen saver.  It is so neat to see him there, and
know that other people get to see the love of my life also.

I love your web site and weekly e-mails.  I have learned so much
helpful tips and information. Thank you for all of the hard work
you put into it.

We own 4 horses, 3 of which were rescue horses (including Chief).
 There is so much more work on these types of horses.  They have
such huge trust issues, and are so malnourished.  I would love to
see some future issues on the love and hard work that is required
for these horses.  I think a lot of horse lovers would help in
rescuing these horses if they new that there was help and advice
for them out there.  I pretty much winged it, with the help of my
wonderful vet of course.

Again, thanks for your work to help all of us!  I look forward to
every issue.


Tanya Gibson

Melber, KY                                                     

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