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This keeps working year after year, even though difficult economic times. Watch this video to see how… UNLIKE all the hyped up “guru” programs, marketing fads, and magic-bullet systems that end in disappointment, THIS business model has been working nonstop for over 15 years and shows no signs of slowing down! August 31, 2021 From:…

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This keeps working year after year, even though difficult economic times.

Watch this video to see how…

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UNLIKE all the hyped up “guru” programs, marketing fads, and magic-bullet systems that end in disappointment, THIS business model has been working nonstop for over 15 years and shows no signs of slowing down!

August 31, 2021

From: Eric Holmlund

My Home Office in Colorado

Dear Entrepreneurial Friend,

So you’d rather READ than watch my video? No problem!

The virus pandemic is affecting us all in different ways, and certainly a lot of businesses are suffering. That goes for both online and offline businesses.

I’ve been doing business online since 1999, and I also have an offline local business. So if you’ve got an offline business, I feel your pain.

I’ve tried a lot of different business models, I’ve made many millions of dollars online, and I continue to have a very successful business to this day.

There is ONE business model I’ve found that is largely immune to these kind of events. In fact, my business continued to grow and bring in millions of dollars during the great recession and the years following it.

I call this business model “information marketing”.

It doesn’t depend on any sort of global supply chain, and based on my experience, people continue to spend money on this even in times of economic downturn.

Certain sub-niches of the information marketing business may suffer for a period of time, but the business model as a whole remains rock solid, and there are always opportunities to make money with it.

So here’s what I’d like to help you with today…

I’d like to help you GROW your information marketing business if you already have one, and I’d like to help you START one if you don’t yet have one.

Right now kids are being kept home from schools, and many employees are being kept home, away from their jobs. Many businesses have been forced to temporarily close, or make significant modifications to the way they do business.

A lot of people are in panic mode right now. A lot of people are in survival mode right now. It seems like most businesses are in survival mode.

empty shelves

I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to be just surviving; you can be thriving!

While others are just trying to survive and pass the time until they can go back to work, you can actually be building a new income stream.

In fact, I have a shortcut for you today that is going to allow you to build this business quickly, even if you have no experience doing this kind of thing.

Sound good? Okay, great! I’ll give you some profitable secrets right here in this letter, including how I made over $10 Million selling information.

But before you continue, I do have one qualification for anyone who wants to keep reading this page:

This is only for people with integrity who want to help others in some way. NO scammers allowed.

Okay? Great!

Unfortunately, there are a lot of scammers and bad people on the Internet. Many of them are selling push-button systems that don’t work, making promises they can’t keep, and taking your money in the process.

There are so-called gurus who will say and do anything to make a sale, and it makes me sick. It’s really sad and unfortunate, especially when there are perfectly legitimate ways of making money online.

I’m going to tick off some gurus with what I write on this page, but that’s okay with you, right?

I’m gonna light some fires and maybe even burn a few bridges. You’re gonna want to see this.

Want to see me burn some bridges? I thought so.

Let’s start with some quick background.

My name is Eric Holmlund.

I’ve got an amazing wife, 6 awesome children, 2 goats, 2 cats, a dog, a rabbit, and about a dozen chickens. Here’s a recent picture of us (without all the animals)…


We like to travel and also take mission trips around the world.

I got started making money online in 1999, right after I got married.

I spent a LOT of time and money and tried a LOT of things that didn’t work.

By 2002, I made more money online than I did at my job. And in 2003 I quit my job and went full time with the online business.

I was making 6 figures online by that point. It was a lot of work, and a lot of trial and error.

The next year it was multiple six figures. The year after that it was double that.

Then before long I was hitting million dollar years, and it’s been that way right up to this very day.

Of course I need to say, these results are not typical and they’re not any sort of a guarantee of what you’re going to make. These are my own personal results, and I worked really hard to get them.

I could fill up this entire page with screenshots and all sorts of income proof, but I know you’re not here to see my results, you’re here to learn how to get your OWN results.

So I’ll keep this part very brief, but the point I want to make is that this is something that has been working consistently year after year after year…

Earnings screenshots

Those are just a few little snapshots from over the years, which ultimately represent over $10 million that I’ve made through information marketing.

I would estimate my total online sales to be about $25 Million.

I’ve had a ton of online students, and if we added up their collective online revenue it would be astronomical.

By the way, I did NOT do a lot of paid advertising.

One more point about all these years that I want to make, and then we’ll move on, is that I was also doing a lot of other stuff outside of my business.

I was being a husband. I was raising 6 kids (that’s almost enough said right THERE, right!?).

We’ve taken vacations every year, and mission trips every year.

I’m also an artist and during those years I created well over 100 paintings, including some huge mural projects in Louisiana and Colorado.


In 2007 I spent the year creating a reality show.

And life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, it has many valleys of course…

In 2008 I got scammed by a family friend who was running a Ponzi scheme, and lost a ton of money. I also lost a lot of sleep and a lot of time throughout that.

I’m guessing you’ve been through some tough times in life too, right?

In 2010 I spent most of the year in counseling for some stuff I needed to work on in my personal life.

In 2011 through 2012 I went through some significant health challenges that left me with very little energy. My ability to work was seriously compromised.

In 2013 I got into real estate investing and I’ve been managing all my own properties since then.

In 2015 we left our church that we’d been at for 20 years, and joined a new church plant which was another investment of time and energy.

In 2016 we started an offline local business in our home town, we invested blood, sweat and tears into it, and today it’s a thriving dance studio with hundreds of students of all ages.

In 2017 and beyond I’ve probably spent more time training for triathlons and other outdoor pursuits than I spent on my business.

In 2020, along with the rest of the world, I’ve had to grapple with the ramifications of the coronavirus pandemic on life, especially my offline business.

The reason I told you all that is so you know that you can do this business model, regardless of your personal situation. We’re all going through this thing called life. We’re all busy, and we all have huge challenges.

I’ve proven that you can run this business through the busy-ness, and through the challenges that life gives us. Through adversity and curveballs, trials, and sickness. You CAN do this.

Many of the programs and courses I’m seeing these days are coming from men and women who have only been successful in their businesses for a short period of time.

I’m not saying those people aren’t good teachers or that you can’t learn a lot from them. But I do have the insight and wisdom gained from many years of being in this business to be able to tell you that a lot of the things I’m seeing taught today are NOT going to be working a few years from now.

Some of them will, but some of them won’t. For example, if it’s a business model that relies on a certain website or platform, that’s not a particularly good sign of long term viability.

I know I just burned a couple bridges on that one, but that’s okay, I’m not here to make friends with gurus, I’m here to help you today.

You need to find a business model that’s NOT going to be obsolete or completely turned on its head in a matter of months. I’ve seen that very thing happen time and time again over the years.

Someone makes a lot of money with a new tactic or trend. Suddenly they’re a guru. They make a webinar and sell the course. They make another couple million doing that, but before long that tactic or trend has lost its effectiveness, and in some cases it ends altogether.


Hear that crackling sound? Yep, just burned another bridge.

I’m teaching a business model that has stood the test of time, and in fact it existed long before the internet, so we can be confident that it’s a business model that will keep working into the future.

So the first question is HOW did I make that money?

First, I identified niche markets.

Early on some of the niches that I focused on included pets, insurance, mortgages, parenting, and photography.

Later I shifted more to niches that fulfilled the needs of small businesses; things like web hosting, and SEO.

But niche selection isn’t the biggest problem I see holding most people back…

The 5 Reasons You’re Not Making Over $100k Online

The first reason you’re not making 6 figures or more online is…

1) You didn’t identify the money-spot within your niche.

In my member’s area, I teach in depth about what that means and exactly how to solve it.

But in a nutshell, it’s this…

You need to drill own into a specific pain or problem within a niche, one for which the members of that niche are willing to pay for a good solution.

That may sound elementary but don’t ignore it. 90 percent of the people I see trying to make money online are NOT doing this right.

The second reason you’re not making 6 figures or more online is…

2) You don’t have the right product.

Just because you have a great idea and a great product, that doesn’t mean it’s going to be a profitable product. Again I have training that goes into all the details, but essentially, it…

  • needs to be in demand
  • needs to be unique in a good way
  • needs to have the right title and positioning
  • needs to be the right size and price

Again I would say about 90 percent of aspiring online business owners do NOT have all 4 of those ingredients dialed in correctly.

For MANY niches, I’m going to recommend that you be selling a product or service that you can sell for $500 or more. Maybe $1000, and maybe $2000 or more.

A lot of marketers are stuck selling ebooks for $9.97, when they’d be making a lot more money in their niche selling a course for $997. And I can show you how to do that even if it’s your very first product ever.

The third reason you’re not making 6 figures or more online is…

3) You’re not getting the web traffic that you need.

Everybody wants more web traffic.

I’m guessing you’d like to be getting more web traffic, right?

The problem is, who do you listen to? Some of the so-called gurus say it’s all about…

  • Paid traffic
  • Free traffic
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Google
  • Retargeting
  • Local listings
  • Media buys
  • List building

Which one is right?

The truth is, targeted traffic can come from ANY of the sources that I just mentioned, and each of those traffic sources have their unique benefits.
So if you’re not getting the web traffic that you need, here’s what you need to do…

Choose one method from this list, and get REALLY good at it. When you’re getting good traffic from that method, choose one more and get good at it so you’ve got a backup.

I’ve used ALL of those traffic sources in my business, and I I’ll teach you all of them. I’ll tell you this. There is more than enough web traffic out there for your business, so it does NOT need to be a problem.

The 4th reason you’re not making at least 6 figures online is…

4) You’re distracted.

That might sound pretty benign but this is a HUGE, HUGE problem.

We all know about Shiny Object Syndrome, right?

We keep chasing the next bright shiny object that comes along… and in the world of making money online, it’s CRAZY.

distracted people

But look, it’s more than just the shiny object syndrome…

We as individuals, and collectively as a society, are losing our ability to focus and do meaningful work.

Basically what you need to know is this:

Our brains have been rewired to avoid meaningful work, and to gravitate toward shallow work where we’re constantly distracted by addictive interruptions.

As web based entrepreneurs, we are ESPECIALLY susceptible to these distractions.

So how do you overcome that?

You need discipline, but you also need to take action to eliminate those distractions.

You need to be ruthless in protecting your worktime, and your ability to focus on the task at hand. I’ve got some in-depth training teaching how to do that, but I’ll give you one simple step you can take right now, and that is to install a screen time app on your phone that doesn’t let you use it when you need to be working.

The 5th reason that you’re not making 6 figures or more online is because…

5) You don’t have the right coach or mentor.

You need someone to show you the right way and lay out a step by step plan that is proven to work. Otherwise you risk spending months, years, and countless time and money going down wrong paths and making mistakes.

You also need accountability. Just like finding a coach, it can be important to find the right community.

I’ve gotta burn at least one more bridge today…

I absolutely do NOT recommend going and finding a free forum or Facebook group to be your community. There are some good people in forums, but as a whole, it’s not going to be the kind of community that drives you to the level of success you want.

More than likely, you’ll end up wasting a lot of time and energy because those places tend to be full of people who want something for nothing. There are more takers than givers. There’s a lot of negative energy, and you’ll find yourself making very little progress.

The bottom line is whether you choose to follow me or someone else, the solution here is to take the time to find a coach or mentor, and invest in it. If it’s a good coach, your investment for coaching will pay off big time.

So in a nutshell…

  • I created products that fulfilled a need within a money spot, and that people wanted to buy.
  • I got web traffic through a variety of means, but I focused on just a couple of web traffic streams.
  • I built lists of prospects and customers, and continued to monetize those lists by recommending additional information products and earning affiliate commissions.

That’s how I made over 10 million dollars with information marketing.

So now I’d like to show you how you can overcome ALL of those obstacles to having your own successful business, and in fact how you can overcome many of the obstacles in a matter of minutes.

Minutes, you ask? How is that possible?

It’s possible by taking advantage of what I’ve already built for you.

I’d like to introduce you to what I’m calling Real Web Property Ingredients.

real web property

It’s your chance to acquire the “ingredients” for a new business. I’m not talking about a template. I’m talking about actual assets that will be transferred into your ownership. Allow me to explain, by making a comparison to offline real estate.

Real estate investing is known as one of the most reliable ways of generating passive income in the offline world.

Real estate is…

  • An asset you can hold.
  • It can appreciate in value.
  • It can create cash flow.

Because of those factors, real estate is one of the most reliable and most revered asset classes known to mankind.

In the online world, websites are the equivalent of real estate.

Our Real Web Property Ingredients package is your opportunity to invest in the web and generate income by creating the RIGHT type of website, with the right assets, and the right guidance to turn it into an online cash flow property.

Throughout the years of teaching thousands of people how to build online businesses, I’ve observed certain obstacles that stop people and slow them down from achieving success.

Specifically the obstacles of…

  • Choosing a niche
  • Selecting a good domain name
  • Creating a product and getting it set up for sale
  • Creating graphics
  • Creating a lead capture page to start building a list

So we’ve done most of that for you. If you don’t yet have your own online business, we’re handing you the ingredients on a silver platter.

In order to create these Real Web Properties, I started off by researching and selecting a very WIDE variety of profitable online niches, including the ones listed here…


I personally acquired premium domain names for all of those niches. These are truly great domains. I recently sold one of them for $2800 with no website… just the domain.

We then created unique graphics for each and every site.

We’re including 5 targeted articles for your chosen niche, just to help get you started with content.

We’ve included a lead magnet and a squeeze page with instructions on how to use them to start building a list immediately.

Next, we included an information product that you can sell into the specific niche that the website is targeted for.

To make it easy to get your product set up and ready to sell, we’re including a sales page and download page too!

So instead of having to spend a ton of time and/or money researching and developing a product from scratch, we’ve taken care of that for you.
Again, it’s an obstacle that you now won’t have to worry about.

We also created new graphics for each product, so each of our customers will have unique product graphics that were made just for their site and are shared with no one else.

Now we didn’t stop there, because we also wanted to give you tools to automate the content, traffic, and monetization of your website.
So we’ve included a massive collection of premium plugins available in our member’s area.

Content is still king when it comes to getting free traffic. You’ll have plugins to get automated content from ALL of the sources you see here:


In addition to giving you a product that you can sell as your own, we also want to make it easy for you to add affiliate income to your site. So we’re also including several plugins designed to easily add affiliate monetization to your site. Such as…


How do you make money from one of these websites?

Multiple streams of income.

  • Your own product sales
  • Affiliate commissions
  • A subscriber list
  • Service sales
  • Lead generation

One way to monetize leads is to sell them directly to a business.
Another way to do it is to RENT your site to a local business for a monthly or annual fee. A common rate would be in the range of $250 – $2000/month.

There’s also what I call “the big sale”, in other words, an acquisition as your exit strategy. By creating an authority site in a niche, it can be sold to a larger business for 5 figures, 6 figures, and in some cases even 7 figures.

The value of a Real Web Property Ingredients package is $4267, as you can see the breakdown here:

Real Web Property

Component Value
Premium Brandable Domain Name $1500.00
Custom Graphics $150.00
Lead Magnet and Squeeze Page Included $500.00
Information Product To Sell $500.00
Product Sales Page and Download Page $250.00
Custom Product Graphics $297.00
Premium Automated Content & Monetization Plugins $995.00
5 Targeted Articles $75.00
TOTAL VALUE $4267.00

You can acquire one today for only $1997, but don’t do that yet because I have a better deal for you.

I’m going to make an offer for you to get a Real Web Property Ingredients package valued at $4267 for only $37 today!

Why would I let you have all of this for only $37, and transfer full ownership of a premium domain from my own portfolio to you? Well, I’ll explain exactly why…

Have you ever heard of a loss leader?

It’s when a company sells something at a loss in order to get a new customer.

That’s what this is.

I’m actually taking a loss on this. For each and every person who takes me up on this $37 special, I’m losing money!

I’m doing it because I want YOU to be my long term customer. More specifically, I want you to be a member of my Inner Profit Circle coaching program.

This is a friendly bribe to get you through the door.

surprised look

Today when you grab this incredible offer for just $37, you’ll also be getting one month of access to my Inner Profit Circle, which I’ll explain in a moment.

The value of my Inner Profit Circle is tremendous, and I’m very confident that you’ll want to keep being a part of it and pay a very affordable monthly membership fee.

That’s why I’m offering this friendly bribe today.
I think you’re going to love it, but if you don’t — you can cancel any time before 30 days is up, and you won’t be billed again.

That’s the risk I’m taking. I’m losing money on each of these Real Web Property Ingredients packages, and yet it’s yours to keep as your gift from me no matter what you decide.

So keep reading just a few more minutes…

Real Web Property is my solution for overcoming the initial obstacles of getting this business started.

But what about everything that happens after that? What about actually running your business and building it for the long term?

For that I have another solution to help you with anything and everything related to actually running and building this business.

And that solution is…

inner profit circle

The Inner Profit Circle, which fits together WITH my Real Web Property solution to create the ultimate success system like you’ve never seen before.

The Inner Profit Circle is my exclusive coaching program where I will personally be coaching and mentoring you to achieve the kind of profitable business that you want to have.

Whether you’re just starting out, or if you’re an expert and you’re looking to expand your business, I’ll be able to help you do that.

You’ll learn…

  • How to find the money-spot WITHIN your niche.
  • How to have the RIGHT product.
  • How to get the web traffic you need.
  • How to avoid distractions, be more productive, and actually get stuff done.

Of course that’s just the tip of the iceberg, but I wanted to make sure you know that literally all those problems we talked about will be covered in depth, and since you’ll have access to me, you’ll be sure to overcome those obstacles and stay on the right track.

You’ll be getting live coaching sessions with me at least twice a month. That’s a $1200 value per year.

I’ve also brought on a partner to help with this program, and his name is Ryan Greene. So not only will you have access to me, you’ll have access to him as well.

He’s got the technical skills in case you need help with any technical issues, and he also has some specific online business experience that I don’t have. So we make a good team.

You’ll get access to both of us on the live coaching sessions, as well as in our private Facebook Group. And yes I am actually involved in the private Facebook group, and I will be answering questions there as well.

It’s also a community where you’ll be able to get the accountability and support that you need, while networking with other successful online entrepreneurs. That’s a $1200 value.

You’re also going to get the “Weekly Plan” which is a series of 50 weekly assignments created personally by me to take you through the process of building your information marketing business with multiple streams of income in just one year. If I valued that at just $30 per week, that’s a $1500 value.

You’re also getting access to a complete library of additional training courses on topics like web traffic, copywriting, product development, and more. That’s another $1000 value, at least.

One of my favorite features is the download area. We add something new for you to download EVERY day!

Yes, that’s every day 365 days a year.

With some exceptions, we will generally follow this schedule for adding new products:

daily downloads

By the way, when you join during my special offer today, you’ll also receive instant access to ALL of the products that we’ve already added to the members area.

We give each resellable product a brand new ecover created by our design team.

Additionally, once a month we add a brand new ORIGINAL PLR package that has never been seen before. So there’s actually a built-in monthly PLR membership with the Inner Profit Circle.

Even if we valued our download area at a super low $5 value per product, that would be $1850 of annual value.

PLUS… as long as you remain a member, you’ll receive free access to any and all products that I personally launch without other partners.
Whether it’s $9 or $997, you get it for free if you’re a member of the Inner Profit Circle.

So the total value of the Inner Profit Circle is $7250 per year…

Inner Profit Circle
Component Value
Live Coaching Sessions $1200.00
Private FB Group $1200.00
Eric’s Weekly Plan $1500.00
Course Library $1000.00
Daily Downloads $1850.00
Eric’s Products $500.00
TOTAL VALUE $7250.00

Would you like access to ALL of that?

Again, the value of a Real Web Property Ingredients package is $4267. The value of the Inner Profit Circle is $7250 per year.

We add those together…

That’s a total value of $11,517.00!

Today we’re offering an incredible opportunity to get both a membership to the Inner Profit Circle, AND your own Real Web Property Ingredients package.

Normally, we would charge $1997 for JUST the Real Web Property.

We’re calling this the Inner Profit Circle VIP Membership…

Today during this special offer, you can join the Inner Profit Circle as a VIP member with one full month of access, plus you’re getting a Real Web Property Ingredients package…ALL for…

Only $37.

That’s right, instead of having to pay $1997 for your Real Web Property package, you’ll get to choose one and it will be yours INCLUDED with your Inner Profit Circle VIP membership… all for $37.

I truly believe you’re going to love the results you get from my Inner Profit Circle, and you’ll want to remain a member. But if you decide it’s not for you, that’s okay too.

Take action now…

Regular Price: $1997.00

Only $37 Today

If you choose to remain a member of the Inner Profit Circle it will be $97 per month, starting one month from now. You may cancel any time within 30 days to stop billing.

Click here to join

One last thing I need to let you know is that this is a truly limited offer.
We literally have a limited number of Real Web Property Ingredients packages available. These packages took a lot of time and effort for us to build, even with having some additional staff helping us. I personally had to find and acquire premium domains, then we created graphics, found niche products, etc. The first batch of them took over 7 months.

Each and every one is totally unique. Only one person can claim each domain, so once a domain’s been claimed, it’s removed from the inventory.

Once those domains are claimed, we’ll be shutting down this offer… OR SOONER.

You’ve made a great decision to invest in this program, and we encourage you to finish your registration right away.


After you join, you’ll receive immediate access to the Inner Profit Circle member’s area. On the home page of our member’s area, you’ll see a link to get your Real Web Property COUPON. Along with the coupon, you will find a link to the available sites, and instructions to use the coupon.

The coupon is for a $1997 discount, meaning you can choose any Real Web Property Ingredients site, priced at $1997, included at no addiction cost.

Please allow up to two weeks for us to transfer the domain and custom materials to you.

Remember, each and every site is unique and can only be claimed by one person. Don’t delay, finish your registration now, and we’ll see you in the members area!





You will receive immediate access to the members area after completing your payment. You will receive an email from us which contains your username and password. (You will also receive an email containing your purchase receipt. The username and password is NOT in that email. It will be in a separate email from “Inner Profit Circle”)

Invest in the success of your business, and join now…

Regular Price: $1997.00

Only $37 Today

If you choose to remain a member of the Inner Profit Circle it will be $97 per month, starting one month from now. You may cancel any time within 30 days to stop billing.

Click here to join

If you have any questions, I encourage you to check out the frequently asked questions near the bottom of this page. And then if you still have any questions, just get in touch with us at my helpdesk by opening a ticket at

Thanks for joining. We look forward to coaching you to the success that you want for your business.


Eric and Ryan

P.S. – Please don’t procrastinate or put this off! Take action now and set yourself up for success. While others are merely surviving, passing their time until things get “better”, you can actually DO something to make your life better and start thriving!

(Click any question to see the answer)

Is there a money back guarantee?

YES, we’re offering a full 100 percent 30 day money back guarantee. However, if we have transferred the domain to you, you would need to transfer it back in order to be eligible for a refund. We’re taking a loss on each one of these packages that we sell, but we’re not looking for people to blatantly rip us off! Let’s put it this way: We’re giving you assets worth many times more than $37. So even if you decide to cancel your membership, you’re better off just keeping the $1997 Real Web Property that you got out of the deal. If you refund, you have to give it back. But yes, you can request a refund right up to the end of day 30.

Do you have an affiliate program?

YES. By becoming a VIP member of the Inner Profit Circle, we will approve you for our affiliate program.
So if you like the program, which we know you will, then you can share it with others and encourage them to join. And for each person you refer who joins, you earn a very nice commission.

What about all those OTHER turn-key opportunities out there?

Many of the so-called magic bullet push-button type of products that we see these days do SEEM to be offering a turn-key business. But the one thing that all those offers have in common is that they’re not really assets that you own.
For one, they’re really not unique because essentially everyone who buys it is getting the same thing. Next, many of them don’t even allow you to use your own domain. It’s basically just a cloned website that exists on THEIR domain, so you don’t really own it, and in fact any work you do is building someone else’s business.

Is this some kind of get-rich-quick program?

NO. I’m giving you a step by step system to build your own online business. NOT a get rich quick scheme. It’ll take some time, and it’ll take some work. I’m going to show you how you can minimize the time and work, but there’s no getting around the fact that it’s going to take some work on your part. If you don’t want to put in ANY time or effort into your business, then you shouldn’t be building a business. You might as well chase after all the get rich quick schemes because you’re going to keep ending up in the same place… NOT making money, and not fulfilling your financial goals.

Are there any upsells?

There are no “one time offers” or upsells that you will be directed to from this offer. You’ll get access to the member area without any upsells. When you go to claim your Real Web Property Ingredients package, we have two completely optional upsells that you may wish to consider. For $97 you can upgrade your “Ingredients” package to a “Foundation Site”. That means we would set up your domain, install WordPress on it for you, and even host it for the first year. The other option is to upgrade to a “DFY Site” for $297. With that upgrade, you get everything in the Foundation Site, plus even more things set up for you, plus a customized/rebranded product that is unique to only your site. Again, totally optional. And there’s no sales pitch for it, just a little check box on the page when you claim your Ingredients package.

Are you going to try to sell me something bigger?

No. As crazy as this might sound to some people, I’m really not looking to further monetize my Inner Profit Circle members.
I’m not trying to funnel you into a 25 thousand dollar mastermind.
I don’t have a sales team or a call center, and you’re NOT going to get a phone call from me trying to find out the credit limit of your credit card so I can sell you personal coaching for that price (because that’s what a lot of those so-called gurus are doing!).

Why am I not just giving this away for free?

In the case of the Real Web Property, we actually have a ton of costs involved. It took thousands of hours and a whole lot of money to acquire those domains and create those digital assets. So hopefully that makes sense. For the coaching, I am personally investing MY time into this program on an ongoing basis.

What if I want to build an offline business?

If you have an offline business already, or in conjunction with your online business, that’s OK. But if you’d rather build an offline business than an online business, this is not for you. One thing I’ve learned from having my own offline business is that offline businesses are a PAIN! There’s so much more that you have to worry about with an offline business with a physical location. Even though online businesses are a lot of work, the work pales in comparison to an offline business.

What if I want to be an Instagram star?

If your main ambition is to get as many likes as possible to fuel your self-esteem, this is not the program for you.
I can show you how to get famous in your niche, but it’s not about getting famous for the sake of fame, or simply building the biggest fan base. It’s about building an audience of potential BUYERS. That means our focus isn’t on growing the biggest following. It’s about building a targeted and responsive following.
Likes don’t equal dollars. So if you’re in it for fame and likes, I’m not your guy. But if you want to leverage social media to generate BUYERS, we can help you with that.

Is this a family-friendly program?

Yes. If you’re looking for a coach who’s going to drop the F bomb every 30 seconds, I’m not your guy. Some of those guys make good coaches, and if that’s your style, fine, that’s great. I’m confident, but that’s not my style. If you want to have your 12 year old kid sit next to you and learn business during our live coaching sessions, I’m OK with that. So if you want a family friendly coach who has enough creativity to communicate without using four letter words, I can do that.

Do I need to get up at 4AM to make this work?

No. If you’re looking for someone to tell you that you have to get up at 4AM to be successful, I’m not your guy.
Yes, time management. Yes productivity. But not sleep deprivation. Almost any high level athlete will tell you, sleep is one of the most critical ingredients for success. It’s the only time that your body rebuilds itself in certain ways. And just like an athlete’s body, your brain is the same way. Your brain ONLY replenishes and refreshes itself in certain ways while you’re sleeping. If I don’t get enough sleep, I get brain fog. I can’t focus as well. I’m not as productive. So getting up at 4AM and getting 3 hours of work done before breakfast isn’t a key ingredient for my success plan.
It CAN be a part of your personal schedule. And we’ll talk about that more when I coach you on an individual level during the live coaching sessions. So if you’re looking for the 4AM drill sergeant, I’m not your guy. But if you’re looking for someone who understands the need to create the right schedule for your individual situation, that’s me.

Will you be teaching Facebook ads?

Yes. Facebook ads are great. I use them both in my offline and online businesses.
But it’s not the sole method of traffic that we learn, nor is it necessarily the one I recommend for all businesses. For some businesses, it may be the one I recommend, but for others I may recommend focusing on a different traffic method. The vast majority of the guys teaching Facebook ads haven’t been in business long enough to foresee what’s going to happen to Facebook ads, and the shift that is currently happening to Facebook ads right now.
Look at what happened to Google AdSense. It’s still a great ad platform, but its been turned on its head a few times. Eventually Facebook Ads will too.
But yes, we’ll teach it.

Can I do this anywhere?

Yes, this literally works anywhere in the world with an internet connection. The main challenge I’ve seen for some countries is payment processing. But there are always creative solutions. I’ve seen people from all over the world succeed with this business model, in spite of geopolitical issues, poor infrastructure, and slow internet connections. If THEY can do it, you can do it.

What if I have no tech skills?

The tech requirements are very minimal. You need to be able to use the internet. You need to be able to check your email. You need to be able to login to our membership area using your username and password. You need to be able to have a Facebook account, so you can join our private group.
Beyond those things, there’s not much required. We have tutorials and coaching that will take you through the process of customizing your website, and things like that.
You do not need to know any programming code languages. You don’t need to know HTML.
If there are certain things that you want to do that you’re not able to learn, then within the coaching we can show you how to outsource those things.

How much time will it take to run this business?

As you might guess, this answer to this is highly variable, similar to any business. In terms of minimum requirements, this business has the potential to be started slow and run with a very minimal amount of time. At the same time, those who have more time to invest will likely see faster growth and bigger results. As with any business, those who treat it like a real business (not just a hobby) will have the best chances of success.
Most definitely this business can be run by people with jobs, kids, and other things that make them busy. You may have to work harder and be more intentional, but it can be done, and we’ve seen so many success stories. A key there is going to be a high level of focus and working most effectively with your time, and I’ll coach you toward that as well.

What do the 50 weekly lessons actually cover?

I’m not going to reveal the exact title and topic of all 50 lessons, but they will cover all of this and more…

  • The business model
  • Philosophical stuff you need to know to be successful at this
  • Planning
  • Time management and FOCUS
  • Choosing the RIGHT niche
  • Outsourcing
  • The technical stuff
  • WordPress
  • Membership sites
  • Authority sites
  • Building a marketing funnel
  • List building
  • How to have the RIGHT product
  • Product creation
  • Copywriting
  • Selling your product through sales pages, VSL’s, webinars, etc.
  • Testing and improving
  • Multiple traffic channels
  • Email list traffic
  • SEO
  • Paid traffic
  • Free traffic
  • Affiliate traffic
  • Backend monetization
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Selling your business
  • And more

How does this compare to a franchise?

Most franchise fees range between 15 thousand, and 50 thousand dollars, but it typically costs a lot more than that to actually open one.
Taco Bell is only 45 thousand dollars, but you have to have a net worth of 1.5 million and liquid assets of 750 thousand dollars. Wendy’s is only 40 thousand, but you have to have a net worth of 5 million, and liquid assets of 2 million.
Why do they require so much capital? Because it costs a lot to get it started and get through the startup phase before you’re profitable, and they obviously don’t want to see their franchisees fail because of a lack of liquidity. And still, some do fail.

How does this compare to an Amazon business?

Selling physical products on Amazon has been a great business model for the past decade plus, and has created numerous millionaires.
You just have to come up with a product, find a supplier for it, which is often a factory in China. You can start with a relatively small order, maybe 100 units or so, so if it’s a low cost item, you could get started with a few thousand dollars.
The problem is, what happens when those products start selling? You need to get your next factory order underway, otherwise your business will be dead in the water when your product sells out.
The only way to keep the momentum going is to keep the warehouse stocked, and the only way to keep your prices at a competitive level is to place a BIG order with your supplier. And that’s going to cost tens of thousands of dollars. A lot of Amazon business owners give up right there because they just don’t have the capital.

Do I need to pay for traffic or ads?

No that’s not a requirement.
I teach several different traffic methods including Paid traffic, SEO traffic, Free Social Traffic, YouTube Traffic, Affiliate Traffic, and Email List Traffic.
For certain niches and businesses, I may recommend paid traffic such as Facebook ads. But its not a requirement. You have several traffic methods to choose from, and as I explained earlier, I recommend choosing one method to start with, and get really good at it.

What other costs are involved with this business?

Having owned various online and offline businesses, I can tell you that this is probably one of the lowest cost businesses you can own.
You have a small annual domain fee, which is generally in the range of about $10-15 a year and that’s paid directly to the domain registrar. A few of the specialty domain extensions cost more, maybe $20 to $40 a year, but nothing outrageous. Most of the common extensions like .COM and .NET are about $10 to $15 a year. Since we acquired the domains at all different times of the year, your domain could be up for renewal immediately, or it could be close to a year away.
You’ll need web hosting, which we can show you how to get for under $5 a month. We also offer a couple of upgrade options if you want us to host it for you.
We highly recommend subscribing to an email marketing service to host your subscriber list, which starts at about $15/month. And we’ll explain those options in the members area.
Beyond that, other costs are essentially optional. Such costs could include outsourcing. Many tasks can be outsourced for as little as $5 on Fiverr.
And of course another OPTION is paid traffic such as Facebook ads. When it comes to paid advertising, remember it’s a game of ROI (which we teach in the Inner Profit Circle). If you’re spending $1 to make $2, it’s not just money spent, it’s profit made.
So the costs are minimal. I’ve just explained it, so there are NO hidden fees or costs.

Do you have a cheaper option?

This is the absolute minimum barrier of entry on this, and although it’s a crazy low price for what we’re offering, I realize that’s going to prevent some people from joining.
It’s not because we’re greedy or mean. Those who know me and Ryan know that we’re always helping others. That’s a lifestyle for us.
We’ve priced this as low as we can while still meeting the objectives of the program.
Unlike a lot of programs out there, we have a lot of hard costs on this. And unlike most of my info products in the past, which were courses that I created once and then sold, this is a program that I’m going to be investing my personal time into for the life of your membership.

What about the cost in my local currency + sales tax, VAT, etc?

This product is being sold through a company called ClickBank. And when you check out through ClickBank they may automatically price this product in your local currency, wherever that may be. It could be Euros, Pounds, Australian Dollars, Yen, or whatever. We have no control over that. I understand that it might make this offer LOOK more expensive. But it’s really not. That’s just how much it costs in your currency. Everyone is paying approximately the same amount for this program, regardless of what currency you’re using.
As far as sales tax or VAT, we have no control over that either.
I have heard that if you’re running a licensed business, you may be able to contact Clickbank and have them refund your sales tax. But that’s not within my control, so I’m not making any guarantees.

What time are the live coaching sessions?

We try to vary it up depending on what most members want. Currently we’ve got some scheduled for the afternoon in the USA. For example, in the range of 2PM to 7PM Eastern standard time.
That makes it in the range of 11AM and 4PM on the west coast. And it puts it in the range of 7PM to midnight in the UK.
We’re always open to scheduling the sessions at times that are best for most of our members, so feel free to give us your input on times in the Facebook Group. For example, if we get a large contingency of UK and European members, we can schedule some sessions for morning our time, which would make it early afternoon in the UK.
We like weekdays because most people are available those days compared to the weekends when they might be out on vacation.
However, once again we’re open to popular request, and we’ll try to vary up the days from time to time to give everyone the best chance of being on the live sessions.
We’ll also provide the recording of every session in the private Facebook group, so if you miss one, you can easily watch the replay and learn from it.
If you know you’re not going to be on the live session, you can submit your questions ahead of time, so we can answer them during the session. And we have a page in t he members area specifically for you to submit your questions.

Is Eric actually doing the coaching?


What is a Real Web Property?

Real Web Property is our brand name, and it is also the term we have given to the “web properties” that we develop. Real Web Property Ingredients is what it sounds like. It is the ingredients for building a website designed to produce income and grow in value as a long-term asset.

What’s the difference between Real Web Property Ingredients, Foundation Site and a DFY Site?

The Ingredients package is not a prebuilt website, but contains the ingredients for building one. That is what is included in your purchase today. Instead of paying $1997 for an Ingredients site, you’ll receive a coupon code to get one for no additional charge.
Our Foundation sites are an upgraded version, in which we install the domain, set up WordPress, and host your site for the first year. When choosing your site, you can upgrade to the Foundation option for $97.
A DFY Site is further upgraded, we install several of the components for you, and it includes a uniquely branded product that is unique to your site.
You can upgrade to a DFY site for $297.
Here are the differences between Ingredients, Foundation, and DFY Site:


How do I make money from a Real Web Property website?

Real Web Property sites are designed for multiple streams of income.
Each site includes a lead magnet and squeeze page for building a subscriber list, which can be monetized in many ways.
Each site includes a digital product (downloadable product such as an ebook or video course) to sell into a niche market. A sales page is included for each digital product.
Each site includes starter articles, and is made to easily add content on ongoing basis to attract traffic which can be monetized in many ways including affiliate programs, local lead generation, and more.

Is web hosting included?

You’ll need web hosting, which we can show you how to get for under $5 a month. We also offer a couple of upgrade options if you want us to host it for you. You are welcome to host it anywhere. After all, once you acquire the domain it’s yours!

How is the domain name transferred to me?

Our domain portfolio is registered at GoDaddy, which is the largest domain registrar in the world. This makes it very easy and fast to transfer the domain to your GoDaddy account.
If you don’t have a GoDaddy account, you can set one up for free in minutes. When you choose your Real Web Property, we’ll just need your GoDaddy account number and it will make the transfer quick and seamless. From there, you can transfer it to any other registrar if you prefer.
If necessary, we can transfer it to another registrar for you, but it’s a little more complicated and may take longer, so it’s best to simply transfer it to a GoDaddy account and you can take it from there.

Can I sell or do “XYZ” with my Real Web Property site?

Yes! Once you acquire a Real Web Property it is your asset.
Some customers may develop them over a long period of time, others may flip them for a quick profit.

Can I see what domains are available?

Sure. Just keep in mind that these are first-come first-served, so we can’t guarantee that a specific domain will be available by the time you check out, get your coupon and go claim your domain. But if you’re fast, there’s a good chance you’ll get it. The ones that can be claimed with no additional payment as a part of this offer are the ones that are priced at $1997.

See available properties here

Can I purchase more than one Real Web Property?

You may only purchase one of our Ingredients sites for this special $37 offer. This is a loss leader for us. In other words, we’re losing money on each $37 sale we make. It’s an introductory offer to get people to try the Inner Profit Circle, so it’s a limit of one per person. HOWEVER… you can purchase additional Foundation Sites and DFY sites! In fact its a great idea to put together a portfolio of websites.
When you join today, you’ll have the privilege of buying additional Real Web Property sites at rock bottom prices.
With the member’s only coupons, you can purchase additional Real Web Property foundation sites for only $97 each, and DFY sites for only $297 each. That means you can have a new business up and running and set up for you for only $297. And you can keep buying them as long as we have sites available.

Why not just go to a live seminar and get training in person?

This is SO much better than any seminar you could attend, or any seminar video series you could buy. At seminars there’s a lot of filler, and of course big ticket products being pitched to you.
This is SO much better, because each and every lesson is completely planned out. I’ve maximized the learning so that you won’t waste your time on filler.
And by the way, when you consider the cost of traveling to a seminar, paying for the hotel, food, and usually tickets for the event… my program is really a great value because it’s not just a hyped up weekend, it’s an entire year of training plus an ongoing community.

What if I’m a NEWBIE?

Good question. What if you ARE a newbie?
There comes a point that you’re not going to be a newbie anymore, right? I mean if you’re a newbie right now, and your goal is to become a successful online business owner, then that means you’re going to have to give up that newbie title and graduate to a higher level, right?
Well that’s one thing that this program IS going to do for you. If you follow my weekly lessons and participate in the coaching, you will NOT be a newbie by the end of it.
At the very least, you’ll be an intermediate. And at best, you’ll be an expert and you’ll be making more money than me.
But one thing is for certain. If you DO what I teach you to do, you won’t be a newbie anymore.
So is this for newbies?
Absolutely. Just be prepared to give up that newbie title in the near future, because I’m not going to let you stay a newbie for long. And I mean that with all sincerity and respect.
But frankly, the newbie title is like a crutch for a lot of people. As long as they can call themselves a newbie, they have an excuse for failing to take action and failing to create the kind of business and the kind of life that they want for themselves. So again, yes, this is for newbies. But it’s time to STOP being a newbie, and it’s time to START being a real internet marketer and a real online business owner, and I’ll take you there.

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