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Dear Fellow Grappler,

As you’ve just seen, the iGrapple® is the most powerful grappling training tool you can own. It will revolutionize the way you train and make becoming a better grappler 10x’s easierthan it’s EVER been.

No more wasting time searching YouTube and DVD’s to find grappling videos of the techniques you want to learn or review. With the iGrapple®, it’s as fast as click, click, click…

…and there’s your technique. It’s just that quick and easy to find the grappling moves and submissions you need to improve your grappling skills.

The iGrapple® works by taking the important positions in grappling, breaking them down into the variations of those positions (sub or “micro” positions) and then showing you exactly what techniques you can do from each of those sub-positions.

This is absolutely the easiest, fastest and most effective method you can use to improve your grappling… guaranteed!

Becoming A

Good Grappler Has Just Become

10x’s Easier

Each time you use the iGrapple®, you’re going to walk away feeling like you’ve learned more in 10 or 15 minutes than you’ve learned in the last month of your ordinary grappling training.

You will:

    • Remember more grappling moves and submissions…
    • Learn your techniques easier and quicker…
    • Have faster recall of your tactics…
    • Review in seconds your techniques from various positions
    • Have the fastest access to all the grappling techniques you need
    • Be a better teacher… immediately
    • Skyrocket your skills and be the grappler you want to be…

…without spending more time on the mat!

Tired of forgetting your grappling moves?

Your problem is solved with the iGrapple®. The iGrapple® will literally force you to REMEMBER your techniques much easier than ever before…

…and it will give you dramatically faster recall of your techniques.

You see, when it comes to memorization, the more specific a “trigger” is, the easier it is to recall things. By breaking the general grappling positions down into their sub-positions… then breaking those sub-positions down even further into their sub-positions…

…the iGrapple® creates very specific “triggers” that enable you to easily and quickly recall far more techniques than just learning grappling moves from the general positions. When you grapple, you’ll NOTICE which of these sub-positions you’re in, and it will trigger your recall MUCH FASTER than trying to recall from the larger pool of techniques associated with the general position. Get it?

These Are Real Testimonials from Actual Buyers Of The iGrapple®

“I just got iGrapple and I think it’s genius.”

I just got iGrapple and I think it’s genius. As an NLP coach (Neuro Lingustic Programming) and MMA practitioner I can’t tell you enough how valuable this is to me for training. When I have to train alone, I use Submission Master and iGrapple and man do I get weeks of experience neurologically anchored in one session. This is truly a cutting edge training tool.

RA Desaulniers

Patagonia, AZ

“It’s the best investment I’ve made

for my
training and my teaching.”

No doubt about it, the iGrapple is worth every penny. It’s the best investment I’ve made for my training and my teaching. It has made teaching much easier, and my students noticed the improvement in my instruction.

James Ramsey

MMA Trainer

New Body Health & Fitness

Bay City, Michigan

“iGrapple is my secret weapon”

I’d tell all my grappling buddies about the iGrapple, but I want to keep this to my advantage. The iGrapple is my secret weapon.

Stuart Schnellenberger

“It has definitely improved our game…”

The iGrapple is the most amazing grappling resource that anyone could have! We have an entire library dedicated to all the Grappling Arts but the iGrapple makes us wish we would have saved my money on costly books. The branch system of the iGrapple takes you further in depth than most all instructional dvd’s do and further than any book could possibly hope to. The iGrapple is a resource that all Grapplers should have. It has definitely improved our game at least 25% in the small amount of time that it has been out. For anyone that is skeptical we urge you to consider it! Money very well spent!

Chester and Jennifer Wright

Virginia beach, VA

“…researched it on iGrapple… bam!, Tapout.”

Exhibit A:

Wednesday, got in a position I didn’t know what to do.

Thursday – at home, researched it on iGrapple, then drilled it for 15 minutes with submission master grappling dummy.

Friday – got in the same position again, employed the move I’d practiced, and bam!, Tapout.

You sir, are a genius.



“…(the iGrapple) has increased my memory of my techniques…”

I really love the iGrapple, it has increased my memory of my techniques a great deal. It has guided me to take a new approach to my training. It is the most awesome thing created for training. … overall the iGrapple is great.

RJ Ceasar

MMA Fighter

Bronx, NY

“Thanks again for a wonderful product.”

I am writing to let you know how pleased I am with iGrapple. First, I must say that your customer support is excellent. I had an issue with logging in, and you were able to help me promptly and courteously.

The application itself is everything you said it would be. It is very easy to use, and I consult it regularly. I have no doubt that the program, coupled with your training guidelines, will help my grappling game immensely.

Thanks again for a wonderful product. I am confident that iGrapple will prove to be as useful as my Submission Master grappling dummy!

Marcelo Corpuz

Wauconda, IL

“This product is the smartest approach to learning grappling I have ever seen.”

This product is the smartest approach to learning grappling I have ever seen. The initial outline of starting positions are extremely helpful to beginners like myself. I have found that my solo training is more rewarding because I can plan which techniques I’m going to study from the iGrapple and then execute them on the mat.

Kevin McIntosh

Gary, Indiana

“… the iGrapple is an excellent resource.”

… the iGrapple is an excellent resource. I do Luta Livre but my busy schedule does not always let me make class. Your materials not only help fill the gaps, but have made me a better combatant on the mat.


Fresno, CA

“It really is surprisingly quick and simple to find the exact grappling position you’re looking for.”

Although I haven’t got to use (the iGrapple) as much as I would have liked so far (for a number of reasons), the product is great. I had actually been trying to gather grappling/Jiu-Jistsu clips from a variety of sources, but the iGrapple has done all of that for me and provides information on a scale I could have never hoped to compile myself, not to mention the speed at which I can access the volumes of video clips. So, I jumped at the chance to get the iGrapple as soon as it was available.

Due to the logical design of the iGrapple, the first time I used the product, I was able to easily find the exact position I had trained earlier that night in just a few seconds! It really is surprisingly quick and simple to find the exact grappling position you’re looking for.

Jim Connell

Nashua, NH

“iGrapple…will supercharge my learning and execution process.”

I really appreciate the thought and work you have put in to create the iGrapple system. My hyper-organized approach to BJJ has led me to use Mind-map software to create a tree structure of BJJ classes, drills, game plan, and techniques similar to yours. However, your iGrapple system has taken this to a whole new level. My video library is difficult to keep organized and slow to find a specific technique. iGrapple’s organization around macro positions (like mount) and multiple micro-positions within the macro, creates a well-organized, quick access library, but more importantly has significantly enhanced my ability and speed to re-call a technique on the mat when I need it.

My 19 year old son recently trained BJJ for 3 months at Alliance in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He took a private lesson with Fabio Gurgel (4 time world champion) who told him that the most important thing in grappling is to know how to react/move in every possible position for you and your opponent. Right down to “If he grips me here, I do this. If he changes his position, I do this.” Your iGrapple system sets up the foundation to have an answer for many offensive and defensive possibilities, and through the micro-position organization help the mind and body access the right move in real time on the mat – this will supercharge my learning and execution process.

Eric Twigg

Farmington Hills, MI

“Great system!”

Just a few words in recognition of the iGrapple training method. As a teaching format, your system can be regarded as an evolutionary tree of training progression and muscle memory that is rapidly leaning towards reflex moves; rather than pre-processed. Great system!!

Terry Robinson


“This tool is exactly what I have been looking for.”

I have used iGrapple for two positions I routinely have problems with. So, now that I have used iGrapple and applied it to the mat all I can say is, Perfect. This tool is exactly what I have been looking for.

Ernest Guillory

Houston, TX

“… an awesome training tool!”

Big up to you for putting together an awesome training tool. I’m a former Marine and I’ve trained HARD For over 30 years (successfully I must add). Thank you very much for your hard work and attention to detail. Please don’t sell this to our adversary overseas! Keep up the good work, sir.

Ken Winnik

Fords, NJ

“…looking forward to Grappling class tomorrow!”

I was hesitant at first to purchase iGrapple, but I’m fed up with dominating during stand up in my MMA fights, only to be quickly submitted when the fight goes to the ground. I’m glad I did make this purchase because the first iGrapple technique video has already shown me what I’ve been doing wrong and how to correct it. I’m now looking forward to Grappling class tomorrow!

Ryan Shanahan

Toronto, Ontario

“… we now have iGrapple, It Rocks!!!!!”

Scott Chain

Sedona, AZ

“One word describes this program. That word would be ‘WOW’.”

Kevin Chicoine

Boise, Id

“Quality, not quantity… that’s what iGrapple provides.”

…I think you have just solved the most fundamental problem for anyone who wants to improve their ability as a grappler or jiu jitsu competitor. You really hit the nail on the head when you talk about learning so much content in the jiu jitsu game that when you roll, you need .5 seconds to think about what to do, and the moment you starting “thinking” it’s already too late. One needs to be able to execute on instinct. Quality, not quantity, seems to be important, and that’s what iGrapple provides. It’s the perfect mind-map for anyone’s grappling or jiu jitsu skills to be taken to the extreme levels. 🙂

Mark Holloway

Gilbert, AZ

“…iGrapple is outstanding…”

Thank you, the iGrapple is outstanding and I’m sure it will only get better. Only complaint is that I wish it would have come out when I was younger cause I’d be a black belt champion in the UFC by now.


Pensacola, FL

“iGrapple is… the ultimate standard for concise grappling information and the most powerful reference material of its kind.”

I have to say that your work is one of the finest hierarchical references put together for conflict resolution and surely the standard to be measured against for what I address as the Closed Range. Serving as Chief Instructor for multinational special interdiction teams in the Asia/Pacific region for over 20 years means my silhouette is rarely above the horizon but I am so impressed by iGrapple that I wanted to give you my kudos and warmest congratulations…

…With technique-based training being the predominant method of fighting and self-defense instruction, Bob Dorris is one of the few top instructors who makes a clear cut distinction between Application Training and Attrition Training. In general Application Training asserts that fighting capability is improved by increasing the quantity of techniques to choose from, while Attrition Training concentrates on eliminating weaknesses by increasing the depth of understanding and correcting muscle memory. Attrition takes intelligential processes to a state of second-nature.

If you are looking to improving the total intelligence of your tactics on the ground, Bob Dorris’s iGrapple is what I consider the ultimate standard for concise grappling information and the most powerful reference material of its kind. I enjoy Bob’s straight forward approach. He shows you what to do and where to go from there. You will get the basic positions and their appropriate positions, the micro-positions and counters with he best way out or how to finish, and then the same from the opposite perspective which I believe is a collection of around 1200 solutions.

iGrapple is a Web-based service delivered as a member logon providing fast Flash based video where ever you are and whenever you need. Bob’s expertise is well known and in my eyes he is literally an encyclopedia for grappling instruction. Web-based content is smart, with a low carbon footprint making it environmentally friendly. Great stuff.

Chris Mar

Chief Tactical Instructor – Combined Operations Asia/PAC

Founding Chief Instructor ROC National SWAT

Chief Instructor Tactical CQC – PRC SPC

Chief Instructor – Special Deployment Tactical Riot Control

Founder APA Tactical CQC – CORE

They Laughed When I Said

“I Made The World’s Best Grappling Tool…”

But Nearly Choked When I Showed

It To Them…

As a martial artist for 38 years, I tried everything to help me build my skills. I wanted to know everything I could about grappling, and be able to fire off my submissions at a split-second when needed.

I’ve always trained hard and studied diligently. I’ve taken notes, watched hundreds of grappling DVD’s, and in recent years, searched YouTube to help build my repetoire of techniques. But there was always one big, frustrating, show-stopping problem…

…I found that as I learned new grappling techniques, I would ALWAYS forget the old ones!

For years, I thought it was just me. That I needed to work harder… or put in more hours practicing. But, I was already training hard. And…

…I saw this same problem in every grappler I knew! (And I’ll bet you know exactly what I mean…)

I was sure there had to be a better way to learn and recall more grappling moves… to be a better fighter… and a better instructor. I wanted to be a “walking encyclopedia of techniques,” knowing what to do in every situation immediately and without hesitation.

Well, I had already tried training hard… and it didn’t work. So now, I decided, it was time to “train smart.” I went to work…

… I researched memorization techniques. I studied the methods that memory contest champions used to recall so much information so quickly.

And then, I began organizing my tactics to make it easy to study and memorize. That’s when it hit me…

…I discovered that when I related each grappling submission to a very specific sub-position, rather than a broader one, I could remember FAR MORE TACTICS. And, more importantly…

….I also found that I could recall each technique much faster, just by thinking in terms of these “sub-positions.”

This discovery changed the way I trained, and it improved my grappling almost overnight.

And, it changed the way I taught my students. I already knew that it was common for students to forget what they were learning and retain only a small portion of what was being taught. In the past, whenever I’d teach new moves, older ones would fall by the wayside. But…

…when I began to teach techniques using my new method, grouped by sub-positions…

…WOW! What a difference it made in their learning AND their retention levels… just incredible! These guys became like sponges, absorbing new grappling moves as fast as I could teach them! Could it get any better?

Fast forward a few years of research, trial and error, and many, many months spent on product development to make this method even more powerful…

…and the iGrapple® is born! Now you can benefit from this advanced training method as well!

Here’s What You Need To Know

  • The iGrapple® lets you access techniques from the exact “micro-positions” you need to know… instantly.
  • The iGrapple® will vastly improve your technique recall. Use it between training sessions, at home, the office or the gym. Used for a few minutes before training, it will improve the quality of your training session significantly.
  • The iGrapple® is a web-based product with a huge, growing database of techniques. It is an online grappling training tool that is accessed through a password protected website.
  • The iGrapple® is intended for laptops and computers. We can’t be certain how it will display on devices using the Android Operating Systems, as that operating system is modified by each manufacturer to work specifically for their device.
  • Currently, iPhone, iPads and certain smart phones and tablets do not fully support Flash, and therefore the iGrapple® will not display on those products. However, we are currently attempting to make the iGrapple® viewable on non-Flash devices as well.
  • The iGrapple® does not include “gi” techniques at this time. Regardless, it will improve your technique recall and improve your grappling.
  • Using the iGrapple® even for a few minutes a day, you can Learn More Techniques and Have Faster Recall of those techniques.
  • You have nothing to lose by trying the iGrapple® We give you a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Wait! I’m Not Finished Yet!

2 Killer Bonuses to Make this a No-Brainer

To sweeten the pot, and to encourage you to take action and get the iGrapple®, I’m going to throw in some cool bonuses that are going to help you improve your grappling faster. Look, I sincerely want you to get the most out of this training tool, so I’ve created some extra resources that are going to help you do just that.

Bonus #1 iGrapple® Fast Action Guide

A step-by-step plan to using the iGrapple®. This quick reference guide details various ways the iGrapple® can be used to improve your grappling consistently. I walk you through using the iGrapple® and provide an easy to follow format that will undoubtedly improve your grappling.

  • Get the MOST out of the iGrapple®
  • Discover multiple uses for the iGrapple®
  • Make real progress every time you train.

Bonus #2 Visualization for Grappling

Secrets to improving your grappling without spending more time on the mat!

The perfect complement to the iGrapple®!
A simple approach to using the power of visualization to get added reps of your grappling techniques, and how this proven method will knock hours off your training time.

  • Learn Your Tactics Even More Quickly
  • Knock Hours Off Your Training Time
  • Train Without a Partner
  • Grapple Way Better Than You Have Any Right (Considering How Little Time You’re Actually Training!)

What is the price of the iGrapple®?

Regular Price $347 Today $247

The iGrapple® is priced at $247 plus a small fee of $25 per year (not month!) charged to your credit card. The renewal fee gives you all newly added techniques, all updates and unlimited bandwidth usage…but that doesn’t even start until the 2nd year (you’re all paid up for the first year!)

If, for any reason, you stop training and choose to not continue using the iGrapple® (you’d be crazy!), you can just email me to let me know, and you will no longer be charged the yearly $25 fee. No hassle, no problem.

Now, with all due respect, I realize there’s some really worthwhile instructors out there. But seriously, guys…

… is there any DVD, membership site, school or instructor that can give you the ability to LEARN, REMEMBER and have FASTER RECALL of more techniques better than the iGrapple® can? Or, to put it simply, just GET BETTER… faster?

Can there even possibly be a better deal AND opportunity than this?

And, if you already attend a school or training gym… isn’t this a tiny investment to get the most out of your training? To progress more in days or weeks than you might otherwise in months… or possibly ever?

To actually be the grappler you wanted to be when you first started grappling? Or, to be a better instructor?

There are DVD sets that sell for more than this that have only a tiny fraction of the 1200 techniques (and counting) currently behind the iGrapple®, … and absolutely none of the functionality.

The cost is only $0.67 a day over the next year… LESS THAN HALF THE COST OF A CAN OF SODA! You most likely gulp a soft drink following a lot of of your training sessions and don’t even think about it.

All the sweat and hard work you put into training is certainly worth a measly $0.67 cents a day for just one year to radically improve your grappling. To be a more effective and devastating fighter.

And, the miniscule $25 per year (not month!), doesn’t even start until the second year… and are you really concerned about $2 a month? Guys… if that part really becomes much of a burden, just explain your situation to me and I’ll eat the cost for you. Seriously!

And if you stop using it… just email me. You won’t be charged anymore.

Take advantage of this special offer and click the “Add to Cart” button below to get started TODAY!

60 Day Money Back Guarantee



If for any reason at all you are unsatisfied with your purchase of the iGrapple®, you can ask me for a full refund within the first 60 Days — no matter what — and I’ll promptly and quietly return every penny you paid in full.

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Bob Dorris

PS. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Remember my Money Back Guarantee! Yes I’ll refund you in full if you are not completely satisfied with the product in 60 days.

Be A Better Grappler Every Time You Train! Click the “Add To Cart” button, and get started immediately.

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