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Stop believing the maiden myths! With a maiden horse betting system you CAN handicap the maiden races! Maiden Magic not only puts these elusive races within your grasp, this horse betting system has never been easier to follow and understand…  Date: From: Maiden Magic  Re: Revealing the truth behind the maiden myths…  How many times…

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Stop believing the maiden myths! With a maiden horse betting system you CAN handicap the maiden races! Maiden Magic not only puts these elusive races within your grasp, this horse betting system has never been easier to follow and understand… 


From: Maiden Magic 

Re: Revealing the truth behind the maiden myths…

How many times have you nailed 2 races of the pick 3 only to lose the

third one because it was an unpredictable maiden race? Or how many times have you aced 4 races in the Pick 6, only to lose the two that were maiden races? Frustrating huh? Nothing could be more disheartening. Well that all is about to change now!

From the dawn of maiden racing, several myths have plagued the best of players and are still firm beliefs today. It has become common to see bettors shrug at the sight of these races and refuse to play them or even worse- take a blind stab in the dark! No one likes to be in such a vulnerable position, especially with money on the line!


Wow! I never knew how easy it could be to spot maiden selections! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked away frustrated from the track, but with your system, the maidens no longer baffle me! Thanks guys, I owe you.”

Mark  W-  Beaumont, Texas

Let’s take a look at these myths and discredit them, so you never have to fall prey to what keeps average players from becoming pro handicappers.

Maiden Horse Betting System  Myth #1-  Maiden races are too hard to handicap because  the horses are just too unpredictable.

Wrong! Maiden races are easy to pick because maidens have an added

incentive to win. They don’t want to remain maidens forever, so the

trainers pull out all the stops in preparing for a maiden race. This a major factor that most people don’t even consider, but knowing this puts you well above the curve!

Maiden Horse Betting System   Myth #2-    Maiden races are difficult because the horses  are too “green” to handicap.   

Hogwash! Being green and unpredictable is what makes the maiden race so

simple to handicap. When these horses are so new to the game, the amount of variables that would be considered in any other race are considerably lower in a maiden race. This makes your job as a handicapper much easier! You only need to know what to look for… 

Maiden Horse Betting System Myth #3- It is just too hard to get a handle on which horse has  the “class” in the race. 

Horse hockey! It is easy to spot the class of the race and it is not always the horse that has finished in the money last out, either. A simple process points out the class with ease…  

Maiden Horse Betting System Myth #4- Some maiden races are filled with a host of first time starters. Impossible to choose with no past performances to look at.

Bullwinkle! The works are the answer here, but we will show you which

works to look for and exactly what to look for in a workout. We guarantee you you have not heard about this one before!

Maiden Horse Betting System Myth #5- Some races are filled with nags that couldn’t outrun my grandmother with a full bladder. Can’t get a winner out of these.

Wrong again. These races sometimes produce boxcar payoffs, and we will

tell you how to maximize your chances and go to the payoff windows!

So how can you cut through these myths and put to work a winning horse betting system that includes maiden selections? With a bit of magic, of course!

The Maiden Magic horse betting system was designed to increase your win percentages and unlock the myths and heartaches behind maiden races. By implementing these simple techniques, maidens no longer have to be the thorn in your handicapping side! No longer are you forced to make a blind selection on a crucial maiden race, only to realize you are practically spitting in the wind! Maiden Magic takes you by the hand, shows you exactly what you need to know and will increase your win percentage in any maiden race you bet.

Look, handicapping a maiden race is not rocket science, contrary to popular belief. Like any other race, maiden races have many of the same variables any other race has. Each horse has their own unique, tell-tale signs that can give you the leverage to unraveling one of the greatest mysteries in the horse racing sport. The key is knowing what to look for, when to implement it and how to capitalize on it. Through the Maiden Magic method, these key factors will leap out at you, grab you by the collar and say…

“Now’s the Time to Make Your Move From Small Time Bettor to Professional Handicapper!”

Maiden Magic is truly the original maiden horse betting system in that it covers the wide range of factors in determining a maiden winner, not through one system, but through a total of 5! As mentioned earlier, there are 5 major myths surrounding these races and with Maiden Magic, we cover all of them in great detail. Furthermore, we take these 5 situations and give you an exact blueprint on how to know which angle to use and when to use it! No other maiden betting system lays it all out there for you like Maiden Magic!

 ” Honestly, I’ve never cared much for the maidens. I’ve always felt that understanding the complexities behind these races was beyond my grasp, at least until this system came along! The videos were a tremendous help and picking a winner is a cinch! “

Becky H-  Bastrop, Texas

Maiden Horse Betting System   System #1- In this system, Maiden Magic will reveal to you the standards for maidens with speed and their desire to win in the appropriate race. Sound complicated? Not hardly, yet the vast majority of players are unaware of these situations and you’ll rake in the winnings.
Maiden Horse Betting System   System #2- This particular system, caters to speed as well, but with a different twist under various circumstances. This is the ideal back-up plan to System 1 in case of selection tie-breakers. Knowing this little trick can make the difference between winning and “I almost had it“.
Maiden Horse Betting System   System #3- I can’t say enough about this jewel. It’s not always there, but when it is… get ready to cash in!
Maiden Horse Betting System   System #4- This pertains to the long distance game, but it’s not what you think. We’ll take a closer look at each horse and know who has the stamina and desire to pull this route race under their saddle…
Maiden Horse Betting System   System #5- This one’s the wild card, but critical in races that show no hope of a winner. Using this method can pinpoint the contender in a stable full of nags.

Besides having these 5 systems to choose from,  Maiden Magic lays out an over-simplified strategy to determining which system to use in the appropriate scenario.

You’ll never look at maiden races the same again after Maiden Magic…

Inside Maiden Magic you will get the full benefits of tried and tested maiden systems that actually work! But there’s so much more than that. Here’s exactly what you’ll receive- 


5 Maiden Horse Betting Systems All Rolled Into One.  An in-depth explaination of every system, how they work, how to spot them and how to know which one to use. From novice player to professional handicapper, this instant, downloadable PDF file holds nothing back. With right at 40 pages of content, Maiden Magic makes it simple for anyone to learn at any level.


In-depth Video Tutorials.  At over 80 minutes of “take you by the hand and show you how” videos, these horse racing video tutorials are an excellent companion to the Maiden Magic guide. No stone is left unturned and you’ll have a front row seat to learn at your own pace .


Access to our Maiden Magic Stopwatch software.  With this simple to use software we take the headaches out of handicapping so you can focus more on finding the contenders! We’ve also included a “How-To” video that makes using this tool all too simple!


Instant Updates, Upgrades and Special Membership Offers to Maiden Magic.  Our system doesn’t stop at teaching alone. Be in the know by becoming a Maiden Magic Member, included for free just for buying Maiden Magic today!

  3  Maiden Magic Bonuses and Gifts.   Although Maiden Magic is worth so much more than what we are asking for, we want to give you EVEN MORE! These 3 gifts are designed to improve your overall handicapping skills. Look at the bottom of this page for the unannounced bonus gifts you’ll get for purchasing this system today! 

I’ve tried a lot of horse racing systems in my years playing the ponies, but this one over-delivers. Keep up the good work- my bankroll appreciates it! “

David N-  Hot Springs, Arkansas

With a system this good, you should act today…

Waiting could be a very costly mistake…Not only because you will lose the opportunity to own Maiden Magic, but because you might check back and find that the price has went up…

Honestly, we cannot guarantee the price won’t change at ANY time…Maiden Magic is a system that works, hands down. However, because racing odds determine everyone’s payouts, we cannot run the risk of over-exposing this system and creating an odds’ backlash. Massive payouts missed because the system has become a trend wouldn’t be fair to us or the buyers of this manual. I know you understand.

So, how much are we charging for the opportunity to own Maiden Magic, the original maiden horse betting system? We could easily charge $97 for this valuable information. Others in the horse racing industry charge as much as $200 for information that couldn’t hold a candle to Maiden Magic. Frankly, for unlocking the biggest puzzle in horse racing, the $100 pricetag would be fair…

However, for a limited period of time you can steal the pack now for a crazy low, low price of $17, but only for a very limited trial period.

We were so excited about the Maiden Magic horse betting system, we considered giving it away, but in all fairness, it just wouldn’t be right. For $17, the savvy horse player gets a more than affordable opportunity to expand his/her handicapping techniques by leaps and bounds, forcing the freebie hunters away and keeping the integrity of this product in tact. But just to make it easier to decide… 

We’ve Sweetened the Pot With a 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Horse Betting System

The Moment Of Truth- Will You Run From the Maidens…  Or Let Them Run For You  ? 

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