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Attention: Any Man Who Wants to Be Able to Satisfy Any Woman, Anytime, Any Place… Here’s Exactly How Long You Need to Last in Order to Make Your Woman Addicted to You in Bed… Dear friend, To make a woman addicted to you in bed, you need to give her: Multiple Vaginal Orgasms during Intercourse.…

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Attention: Any Man Who Wants to Be Able to Satisfy Any Woman, Anytime, Any Place…

Here’s Exactly How Long You Need to Last in Order to Make Your Woman Addicted to You in Bed…

Dear friend,

To make a woman addicted to you in bed, you need to give her:

Multiple Vaginal Orgasms during Intercourse.

If you give her multiple vaginal orgasms during intercourse… and you do it every time

She’ll be complete and utterly addicted to you. Regardless of your age, physical appearance or size.

Of course, once she’s addicted to you:

  • You’ll “get laid” whenever you want (no more excuses like: “Not tonight honey, I’m tired”)


  • She’ll be willing and eager to fulfil all of your craziest desires in the bedroom (no matter how naughty, wild or downright dirty they may be)

Of course, most men DO NOT give their women multiple vaginal orgasms during intercourse…

And they usually think it’s because they’re “not big enough down there.”

Yet the truth is…

  • You can give your woman multiple orgasms during intercourse, every single time, regardless of your “size”
  • To give her multiple orgasms you have to be confident and dominant (because most emotionally healthy women are sexually submissive)

And, here’s the big one…

You Need to Be Able to Last 20 Minutes or More…

Why 20 minutes or more?

Because 20 minutes or more is how much intercourse most women say they need, in order to CLIMAX.

So, if you want to bring your women to climax MULTIPLE TIMES during intercourse, it therefore follows that you’re going to need to last more than 20 minutes, right?

But here’s the thing…

Unfortunately, studies show that the average man only lasts between 2 and 5 minutes during intercourse…

Explaining why so many women are sexually frustrated (and ultimatley end up disinterested in sex, in long-term relationships).


To make your woman addicted to you – and really fire up her sex-drive – you HAVE TO give her those multiple vaginal orgasms during intercourse (an oral orgasm, a fingering orgasm or a single orgasm during intercourse isn’t going to do
it. There’s nothing wrong with these orgasms- their just not enough to keep her satisfied and interested in the long-run).

The next question is:

What Can You Do to Last Longer in Bed?

Here are 3 suggestions:

1. Make Her Cum Before You Let Her Touch You…

A lot of men get overly excited once things get sexual with a woman…

And by the time the intercourse begins they’re already close to “the point of no return.”

Don’t let this happen to you…

Instead, take your time. Make the FOREPLAY all about her.

Give her a massage. Tease her. Go down on her. Relax and enjoy the whole thing.

And, make her CUM before you even think about having intercourse with her.

Then, once the sex begins, you’re already feeling like “The Man” – because you’ve made her cum…

You’re already feeling relaxed, confident and composed…

And this should all help you LAST LONGER, and give you a much better chance of giving her multiple O’s during intercourse.

2. Use a Variety of Sexual Positions…

It’s much easier to last longer if you use a variety of sexual positions…

But there is one thing you must remember, and it’s this:

You should make her ORGASM, and then change positions. Then make her orgasm and change again, and so on.

In contrast, if you change positions just before she climaxes, she’ll constantly “lose the feeling” and have to start over (and this’ll be very frustrating for her).

So don’t make that amateur mistake.

Do it like a pro…

Pick a position…

Take her dominantly, throw in some dirty talk, keep going until she has the orgasm.

Then switch to another position. Carry on being dominant. Carry on stimulating her mentally with dirty talk. Make her cum again.

Change positions again.

Got it?


Here’s the final strategy for lasting longer…

3. Master your Breathing…

When you get very sexually excited, what will usually happen – subscionsly, without you thinking about it – is this:

Your breathing will get quicker and shallower.

So what you do you think should do if you want to LAST LONGER?

If you said:

“Breathe slower and more deeply”

You’d be right!

Here’s what I mean…

When you’re ‘in the act’ with your woman, maintain control of your breathing. Only open your mouth to kiss her, or talk dirty.

Most of the time, breathe through your NOSE (not your mouth).

As you breathe, employ good “breathing mechanics” – meaning: your belly will expand, and then your chest, but your shoulders will not rise (this is called Diaphragmatic Breathing – and it’s how we humans are supposed to breathe. Yet most
adults do not breathe this way because today’s modern lifestyle tends to lead to less than optimal breathing patterns)

Here’s the thing though…

If you’re really serious supporting your erections and sexual performance then you should also try:

Go All Night Formula

Go All Night Formula is a Premium Mix of 7 Highest Quality Ancient Eastern Taoist Super Herbs… carefully combined in very specific quantities… to make you more Confident, in the bedroom!

These 7 Ancient Superherbs are blended in specific ratios, using a proprietary formula…

This creates the most powerful results possible…

When these herbs are blended with exactly the right proportion of each, the sum is much greater than any of the parts. It’s the synergistic effect of all these herbs together that makes Go All Night Formula so shockingly effective.

Here are the ingredients:

He Shou Wu

  • Supports Healthy Circulation
  • Supports Healthy Sex-Drive and Performance


  • Supports Endurance and Stamina
  • Supports Semen Volume

Prepared Rhemmania

  • Supports a Healthy Cardiovascular System
  • Supports occasional Stress


  • Supports Staying Power
  • Supports Mental Wellbeing


  • Supports Endurance, Stamina and Staying Power
  • Supports Physical Strength and Vigour


  • Supports Healthy Libido
  • Supports Sexual Energy in the Bedroom


  • Supports Sex-Drive and Libido
  • Supports Staying Power

Key FACTS About Go All Night Formula:

  • Go All Night Formula is manufactured in the U.S.A – in a GMP Certified Facility* that uses 3rd Party Testing (guaranteeing the Purity and Potency of the Formula).

    *many supplements sold in the USA today are made in China, and they do not contain what the label says (often including dangerous ingredients such as Steroids, other Drugs and Toxic Fillers)

  • Go All Night Formula is incredibly powerful (because it contains high quality 10:1 Herbal Extracts, which are 10X as powerful as the low quality Raw Herbs you get in most supplements, AND because 1 serving of Go All Night is 5 grams…
    which is 5X the Market Average!)
  • Go All Night Formula is totally Natural – containing 7 of the finest Adaptogenic Taoist Super Herbs known to man, and nothing else (no cheap, toxic Fillers and no dangerous Ingredients like you get in most Supplements)
  • Go All Night Formula is Free From Sugar, Trans Fats, Soy, GMO’s, Artificial Colourings, Preservatives and so on (sadly, most supplements cannot say the same)
  • For best results, all you need to do is take 1 scoop of Go All Night Formula each day – either as a Hot Drink (just add hot water like you’d do for Instant Coffee), added to a Shake/Smoothie, or even sprinkled over your Breakfast Cereal,
    or stirred into Soup

In summary…

Go All Night Formula will support your “Staying Power,” semen volume and refractory periods… endowing you with a level of Confidence that women find irresistable, because:

It uses extremely high quality Super Herbs, in a large enough dose to support a healthy sex-drive and sex-life!

Great News:

Go All Night Formula is Remarkably Good Value…


Enjoying great sex with your woman on a regular basis…

…taking her in different positions, giving her orgasms, and making her feel great, every time…

…with a kind of Primal Masculine Sexual Energy that gets her more turned on than she’s ever been in her entire life…

…hearing her SCREAM your name, calling you “The Best She’s Ever Had”…


“What would it be like, to know, that your woman is very unlikely to ever cheat on you… because she’s so SATISFIED with you, totally addicted to your Manhood… and, how it would feel to have more respect and admiration from her?”

That’d feel pretty damn good, right?

Of course it would.

And, that’s why I say that Go All Night Formula is remarkably good value…

Because it’ll support your staying power and give you the best possible chance of enjoying THAT kind of sex-life.

I could easily charge several hundred dollars a month for a tub of Go All Night, and many guys would gladly pay it. However, I’m not here to serve the rich. I’m here to help as many men as I can to experience better Sexual Performance.


What’s Go All Night Formula going to Cost You?

  • $297?


  • $197?


  • $147?


Although $147 is the retail price. It’s the price men pay when they find Go All Night on my online store and purchase a tub for the first time.

How about $97?

Well, that’s the Special Offer Price I occasionally allow my Email Newsletter Subscribers to get a tub for.

However, on this page, you won’t even pay $97 for a tub of Go All Night.

On this page only, and for a very limited time, you can get a tub of Go All Night for as little as just $77!…

And, if you’re really smart, you can invest in more tubs now and get an even bigger discount… getting a tub for as little as $66 each… a HUGE 55% discount.

And here’s the really Good News:

You can order with total peace-of-mind because you’re covered by my Best-In-Industry 365 Day Money-Back Guarantee…

Check out your VIP Special Offer Order Options below, and make your choice now (Note: these prices WILL go up once the timer on the page hits zero)…


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