Frank Kern:”Inability to Sell” is Business Killer. Get Sales On Fire

February 24, 2022 - Comment

Getting New Clients Has Never Been So Easy… [text_bar_3 background=”#F0F0F0″ + width=”100%”]IF YOU HAVE A TELEPHONE, THEN I CAN SHOW YOU HOW TO PAINLESSLY TRANSFORM IT INTO A CASH GENERATING MACHINE[/text_bar_3] The FASTEST way Guaranteed to grow your business…   [testimonial3 author=”Jason Kanigan, Professional Sales Trainer & Creator of Sales On Fire” + pic=””]“Believe it…

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Getting New Clients Has Never Been So Easy…

[text_bar_3 background=”#F0F0F0″ + width=”100%”]IF YOU HAVE A TELEPHONE, THEN I CAN SHOW YOU HOW TO PAINLESSLY TRANSFORM IT INTO A CASH GENERATING MACHINE[/text_bar_3] The FASTEST way Guaranteed to grow your business…   [testimonial3 author=”Jason Kanigan, Professional Sales Trainer & Creator of Sales On Fire” + pic=””]“Believe it or not, selling your products or services does not have to turn you into a slimy salesperson that no one wants to talk to. When you follow a proven step-by-step roadmap, you will soon be having genuine conversations with real people who want to do business with you. By taking the time to learn a few straightforward techniques, you will never have to worry about sounding like a sleazy salesperson ever again.”[/testimonial3]

The phone rings.

You answer, “Hello?”

“Hello Mr. Jones, how are you doing today?”

You immediately cringe. It only took one sentence for you to realize you were talking to a salesman. Instantly your guard goes up. Before you can even answer the question, the salesman continues with his pitch.

He doesn’t care how you are doing. He is on to the next part of his script.

Your mind begins racing. “How quickly can I hang up the phone?”

You wait eagerly for any sort of pause or break so that you can politely tell him you are not interested.

It feels like the salesman is never going to shut up. That somehow he is going to manage to find a way to keep talking, and talking, and talking until your ear finally falls off.

“Should I cut him off? I don’t want to sound rude but this is getting ridiculous…”

Your mind wanders. You begin to think about all of the things you need to get done and how much time this phone call is costing you.

Right before you are about to snap you hear, “So are you ready to buy today?”

“Not interested!” and you quickly hang up. A wave of relief rushes over you.

As you get back to what you were doing before you were interrupted, you think to yourself “What was that guy selling?”

You have no idea. You immediately tuned him out after the first sentence. You were so busy thinking of ways of getting off the phone that you didn’t even pay attention to what he was trying to sell you.

You are probably familiar with this scenario. It has happened to everyone at one time or another.

 But what about the person on the other side of the phone?

He worked hard pitching you his product and yet, you have no idea what he was even trying to sell you.

Where did he go wrong?

The Mistake was NOT in actually making THE CALL…

The fact is, if you are a:

[green_tick_2_list width=”100%”]

  • Small business owner
  • Web designer
  • Consultant
  • Real estate agent
  • Graphic designer
  • Interior decorator
  • Online marketer
  • Copywriter
  • Or one of many other professions


Then YOU NEED TO TALK TO PEOPLE to get clients and grow your business.

The problem is that most people have no idea how to sell. Sales is a unique job because it requires no experience and no training. Anybody can jump right in and say they are a salesperson. As a result, most sales calls are terrible.

Imagine what life would be like if any time you wanted you could confidently, comfortably, and easily pick up the phone and find new clients that are begging to work with you. How much more money could you be making? How much more enjoyable would your job be if you were not always struggling to find new clients?

It’s possible.

Thousands of people are out there hoping and wishing that someone like you gives them a call. They NEED your expertise. They can AFFORD to pay you. They just don’t know you exist.

As you read this letter carefully you will quickly see how an easy-to-follow road map is about to scratch finding new clients off of your worry-list for good.

Best of all you’ll do it by having genuine conversations with people and helping them solve real problems.

You can confidently and comfortably make calls…

[red_arrow_list width=”100%”]

  • Without sounding like a sleazy salesman
  • Without forcing people to do business with you
  • Without being a product pusher.


Finally, you can focus on the more exciting and fulfilling parts of your business.

Hi there,

My name is Jason Kanigan and I’ve helped thousands of people from all over the world overcome their fear of cold calling and make sales. I have 17 years of experience in the professional world and have worked in a variety of different industries and corporate positions including:

[green_plus_2_list width=”100%”]

  • Building and running a sales & marketing program for a multi-million dollar power plant manufacturer
  • Factory manager with over 150 people reporting to me
  • 4 years as a credit manager for a national electrical wholesaler responsible for bringing in $2 million EVERY MONTH
  • Hired gun responsible for turning companies around
  • IT sales working with Value-Added Resellers


My rare combination of experience in sales & marketing and operations management makes me extremely valuable. My real passion though, is for Sales Training. Since 2010 I have been training business owners and salespeople on how to make a lot more money.

[testimonial1 author=”Greg Swan & SEO Director, Suncoast Publishing”]““I’ve worked as a salesperson for many companies and they didn’t provide even a quarter of the training that you provide.”[/testimonial1]

“But I’m not a Salesperson”

Baloney you’re not.

Sales is nothing more than a systematic continuation of your role as an expert in the service you provide. Anytime you need to acquire a new client or attend a networking event you are selling your expertise whether you realize it or not.

The better you become at selling, the more successful your business will be.

Learning how to make a successful sales call is the quickest and most efficient way to gain new clients and start making cash FAST  

I know, you HATE making sales calls. Just the thought of having to make one makes you queasy.

If you do not have a system and are one of those people who just wings it, it can be frustrating….

  • Leaving voicemails that don’t get returned
  • Getting told “I’m not interested” 10 seconds into your call
  • Failing to protect your price when prospects beat you down.

The good news is it doesn’t have to be.

If you…

  • Arm yourself with the right knowledge…
  • Approach your sales calls with the right techniques…
  • Understand why your clients want to do business with you….

Then your sales calls will stop being frustrating and even become…dare I say it… enjoyable.

Working with people who want to do business with you is an enjoyable and rewarding experience.



A complete training program that is designed to counter fear and teach you the secrets you need to transform your sales calls from frustrating to rewarding.

You will learn how to:

[red_tick_list width=”100%”]

  • Eliminate Your Fears About Cold Calling—The first step is to get you comfortably and confidently picking up the phone
  • Make Gatekeepers Your Allies—Stop letting receptionists and secretaries give you the run around and learn how to get them to want to help you
  • Quickly Qualify Prospects—No more wasting time on “tire kickers” who have no interest in doing business with you and are milking you for a free education
  • Get Paid For What You Are Worth—No more letting the customer beat you down on price. I’ll show you how to clearly illustrate your value to the customer so that they not only offer to pay you more but are saying “HOLY COW! That sounds awesome!” while they do it
  • Get Prospects To Close Themselves—Not only does this take all of the pressure off of you as a salesperson, but it also eliminates any possibility of buyer’s remorse
  • And Much More….


The First Person That Has Blown Me Away With Your Cold Calling Strategies…

[testimonial1 author=”Mark Fromm & Business Growth Strategist, Business Growth Today/Ignite Mobile Marketing”]“I’ve been doing this for a long time but I’m not ashamed to say that you are the FIRST person that has blown me away with your cold calling strategies. I’ve worked for some of the masters of cold calling like Chet Holmes and the like but you top them all.”[/testimonial1]


Developing the correct mindset when it comes to cold calling is the single most important step to increase your sales. No calls equal No Sales 100% of the time.

It doesn’t matter if you are from the United States, Europe, South Africa, or Australia. It doesn’t matter if English is your primary language or not. Every client I have worked with has the same two fears when it comes to cold calling:

  1. You will make calls but no one will be available to talk to you
  2. The people that you do talk to will not care about what you have to offer

These fears can be overwhelming. They can make you sweat, twist your stomach into knots, and make the phone feel like it weighs 1000 pounds. Before you know it, you are looking for any kind of excuse not to have to make any more calls.

STOP being defeated by these self-limiting beliefs.

These fears are biologically wired into every single person. The fact is, not every call you make will land you a client for reasons that you have absolutely no control over. It doesn’t matter if it is you, me, or President Obama dialing the phone.

I first teach you how to understand these fears. Once you understand them, it becomes easy to realize that you still bring value on every dial regardless of how your last call went.

After understanding your fears, I give you specific actions you can take to stop worrying about the million things you have absolutely no control over, and to focus on the only two things you can control.

Before you know it you will be comfortably and confidently picking up the phone and making your calls. All you have to do now is learn a few well proven techniques and the sky is the limit for your business…

[testimonial1 author=”Christopher Dittemore & President, Imagine Freedom, LLC”]“…for true professionals who want a consistent and reliable method to generating business, ASAP.”[/testimonial1]


Bad salespeople have made it difficult for good sales people. You know the type. The slick hustler who talks real fast and pushes people into huge multiyear payment schedules for automobiles that they don’t want and don’t need.

This Is Not You. You are not out to bamboozle, scam, trick, or force people into doing business with you

You have real value and real expertise that will benefit your clients

Stop starting your conversations with “How are you today?” This does nothing but signal ‘Here Comes A Sales Person.’ People are afraid to talk to salespeople. They will refuse to listen to anything you have to say if they think you are just another salesperson.

If your beginning is bad, you don’t get the chance for more.

I’ll teach you the most important question you should begin every sales call with that most people never ask. Not asking this question will easily disqualify you from many potential prospects and cause them to permanently associate you with bad feelings and anger that will be impossible to overcome.

I also teach you two secret techniques to gain your prospect’s attention without sounding like a typical salesperson:

The 30 Second Commercial—This technique allows you to gain instant credibility with your prospect. You will quickly gain your prospects attention by demonstrating you understand their world and establishing yourself as an expert in a brief and interesting way. This technique is also very effective in answering the “So what do you do?” question that you are constantly being asked at networking events and parties.

The A Little Unsure Technique—Gatekeepers are specifically trained not to let salespeople disturb the person you are trying to reach. You need to disrupt the typical Salesperson Attacker vs Receptionist Defender role pattern you usually fall into. By using what I call the “A Little Unsure Technique” you will get them to lower their guards by not sounding like every other salesperson that calls. This technique is so psychologically powerful that the gatekeeper has no choice but to want to help you.

Once you have your prospect’s attention, it is important to remember that you still have control over who you work with….

A Cold Calling Psychiatrist…5 Stars!

[testimonial1 author=”James Wilder”]“Jason seriously has this stuff figured out, he’s essentially a cold calling psychiatrist. Digging down into what actually keeps you from picking up the phone rather then the ‘suck it up buttercup approach. Within the first 10 minutes you’ll have a completely different mindset about cold calling, plus an awesome “shrimping” method that will make your life on the phones so much easier in general. 5 Stars!”[/testimonial1]


This is the biggest mistake inexperienced salespeople make. They waste too much time chasing after clients because they do not stop to consider if the client is a good fit for them. There are 3 things you need to consider to determine if a prospect is a good fit for you:

  1. Their Needs
  2. Their Budget
  3. Their Personality

The truth is, all prospects lie. They lie all of the time and straight to your face. Not because they are bad people but because they think it is in their best interest to lie. They lie about:

  • Whether they can make the decision on their own
  • How much money they have to spend
  • How badly they need a solution
  • And just about everything else.

They feel like they have to lie to protect themselves from slimy salespeople who will take advantage of them if they are honest.


You do not get the truth out of them by pummeling them with features and benefits. You need to take the time to understand their needs. Only by asking the right questions will they open up and be honest with you.

My Doctoring for Pain technique teaches you the correct questions to ask to determine if the client has a real need for your expertise. By asking the questions that most salesman are afraid to ask you are able to quickly and accurately determine if you and the prospect have any reason to work together. You will never again waste more than 3 minutes with another “tire kicker” trying to milk you for free information.

Asking the correct questions allows you to choose clients that will:

[black_tick_list width=”100%”]

  • Advance your revenue
  • Advance your knowledge base
  • Advance your reputation
  • Are pleasant to work with
  • Pay you on time
  • Do what they say they’ll do
  • Won’t change things part way through and throw you into turmoil.


After determining that a prospect has real needs for your expertise, it’s time for him to show you the money….

Just Do It…You Will Be Glad You Did

[testimonial1 author=”Bob Haver”]“Today I spent over two hours with Jason and he delivered big time on this…This was money well spent and I would recommend others who are in sales (which should be just about everyone) to take advantage of Jason’s expertise. From mindset, to self-esteem, to technique and a whole bunch of extra goodies he has added to the program, just do it…you will be glad you did.”[/testimonial1]


Most salespeople never bring up budget. They have either been taught that it is impolite to talk about money, or are embarrassed to bring it up. This is a mistake. There are two important questions you need to have answered before you and your prospect waste any more time together:

  1. What should the price of your solution be?
  2. Can the prospect afford to pay you?

No two problems are created equally. Your price should reflect the magnitude of the problem. For example;

You have two clients.

Client A has a $10,000 problem that you use your expertise to solve.

Client B has a $1,000,000 problem that you use the same expertise to solve.

Should you charge these clients the same amount?  OF COURSE NOT! You have clearly provided more value to Client B, and deserve to be compensated for it. But the prospect has to see the value of what you’re doing before they commit.

By Monetizing the Problem I show you step-by-step how to illustrate your exact value to the prospect. Once you can get the prospect to understand that by investing in your expertise they will increase their own profits, they will offer to pay you much more money then you ever dreamed of asking for! After you experience the power of this technique you are going to be kicking yourself for all of the money you have been leaving on the table all of these years!

The final step after determining a need and agreeing to a price is to close the deal….

I Have Closed 6 Multi-thousand Dollar Deals And Have Never Felt More Confident During The Calls

[testimonial1 author=”Gopal, Promotional Video Producer”]“Folks, I really wanted to come back only when I had a significant amount of success after Jason’s training. The session with him really motivated me to be fearless in my sales calls. I seriously needed some motivation after having a few tough sales calls. Since the session, I have closed 6 multi-thousand dollar deals and have never felt more confident during the calls. My Business at MyPromoVideos is growing and much of the credit goes to Jason. Buy it with confidence and you will never be the same person again. With Lots of Admiration for what you do.”[/testimonial1]


The traditional close is dead.

The typical salesperson usually tries to trial close repeatedly. He tries to overcome objection after objection until the prospect finally breaks down or he fails. This method puts exhausting pressure and stress on the salesperson trying to counter all of these objections. Not only that, but the prospect is fully aware of what is happening and combats it every step of the way. Who needs that?

Fortunately you are not a typical salesperson. If you have carried out all of the other steps correctly, finishing the job will be relatively easy for you.

  • You have given your Thirty Second Commercial and achieved instant credibility
  • You have Doctored for Pain and know exactly why this prospect wants to solve a problem that you can help them with
  • You have Monetized the Problem and gotten them all greedy and excited about the money you are about to save or bring to them

Why even attempt to close? You don’t have to. You have set it up so that your prospect would have to be completely foolish to not want to work with you.

At this point, there is only one answer that you absolutely cannot allow your prospect to give you—and that answer is not the word “No.”

I fully explain what this one forbidden response is and show you how to completely eliminate any possibility of future buyer’s remorse.

Now Prospecting Doesn’t Seem Like A Chore Or The Undesirable Part Of Getting New Business

[testimonial1 author=”Elizabeth, Web Designer”]“Jason’s method is all about giving yourself the confidence and self-esteem to make not only yourself, but your prospects really believe that you are bringing a high-quality product to add value to their business. Jason was sensitive and understanding to the fact that I was essentially rebuilding my business from the ground up, and wanted to hit the ground running this time around…now prospecting doesn’t seem like a chore or the undesirable part of getting new business. Now it’s the time for when I can really build a good rapport and make sure that I am answering a real need for business owners, and not just pushing myself on them because I’m desperate for new business. I would 100% recommend Jason and his methodology to anyone and everyone…it is just AMAZING!”[/testimonial1]

Here’s exactly what you’re getting in this proven training package:

[green_tick_2_list width=”100%”]

  • Sure-Fire Sales Ignition System—81 page PDF and 60 Minutes of Audio Files Explaining in Detail every step of my system including:
    • Your Mindset (pg 7),
    • How to Get Commitments (pg 16)
    • Doctoring for Pain (pg 18) the
    • How to Monetize the Problem (pg 24)
    • Non-close Close (pg 29)
    • And much much more….
    • 30-minute Audio TrainingHow To Overcome Your Fear of Calling
    • 43-minute Video Training: How To Get Great Clients, & a Script Run-Through
    • Access to 1 hour and 20 minute webinar overview of consultative selling
    • Consultative Selling MAGIC—20 minutes of video sales training
    • 40-Minute Interview with Sales Force Development Expert Dave Kurlan—Dave has over 30 years of experience in sales force development, is the author of Baseline Selling, and is the host of his own weekly radio show.
    • Phone Warriors Selling Strategies-A 20 page PDF report spoiling all the secrets of how to be in control on the phone
    • Proven PDF phone script for you to customize for your business—I’ve left no stone unturned in making sure that you have everything you need to start making your calls successful TODAY
    • Typical Reasons Why People Choose to Do Business With You—Understanding why people do business with you is key in determining if a prospect if a good fit to work with you
    • Why Your Cold Calling DOESN’T WORK—12 specific mistakes that people make when cold calling and what you can do to prevent them today
    • Calling Techniques and Mindset—60 minutes of video training teaching you how to
      • Overcome the Common Objection
      • Protect your self-esteem while making sales calls
      • Simon Sinek: How Great Leaders Inspire Action
      • Dan Ariely: Are We in Control of Our decisions



And it was worth every penny. Every dollar that I invested to learn these skills has been returned to me 10-fold. I want to give you an amazing opportunity to make the same kind of investment. The information I have jammed and crammed into Sales-On-Fire is easily worth $2,000. Just try to find any other sales trainer who will help you for less than several thousand dollars.

But for a limited time, I’ve decided to be crazy and practically give away the entire program for the ridiculously low one time investment of $129! This is a 99% discount on what it cost me to acquire the same information. I told you I was crazy.

Notice this is an investment not an expense. There are important differences between the two.

First of all, it is real world-business coaching. This means that it is tax-deductible so you immediately get your money back after purchasing it by lowering your taxable income.

Secondly, for every dollar that you invest in Sales On Fire, you can earn back 10-fold, and possibly more from the knowledge that you gain. For example,

[testimonial1 author=”Lane W.”]“My two appointments stand to net me $5,000+….Like he says, have the client sell themselves and stop leaving money on the table….Before I was begging people and giving away freebies, and worse giving away my dignity. But not now, I followed Jason’s methods and made some money. That’s $5,000 I will have made in 3 days because of his methods. Before, I couldn’t make that in a month”[/testimonial1]

In just 3 days, Lane was able to turn every dollar he invested into $38! What other investment opportunity offers you that kind of return that quickly? And there is no time limit on this investment. This is information that you will have for the rest of your life. Beg, borrow, steal, do whatever you have to do to get your hands on Sales On Fire while the price is this low. How can you afford not to?

[guarantee_box_1 title=”Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee”]My Ironclad Guarantee: If this program doesn’t do what I promise it will–and you’ve really taken action, as long as we’re within 30 days of your purchase–I’ll refund your money.[/guarantee_box_1]

Even if you are the most skeptical of all skeptics, you no longer have any reason not to take advantage of this amazing risk free offer. If you take the time to learn this system, the results will be amazing. Thousands of people have already proven it. I have done everything that I can do. The rest is up to you. How badly do you want to grow your business?

*Jason I Am All Out Of Excuses. I Want To Take Advantage Of Your Amazing Offer Risk Free And Begin Growing My Business Today*


Questions? Email me at My clients are in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Denmark, Malaysia, Singapore, Uganda, South Africa and other countries worldwide. This methodology works everywhere. And it doesn’t matter if English is your first language or not.

P.S. If you are one of those people that likes to scroll straight to the bottom, here is everything you need to know: Sales On Fire is a proven sales training system; I am currently selling it at a 99% discount from the cost I paid to learn the same information; it is tax deductible; it is one of the best investments you can make in yourself & your business; and it comes with my iron clad 30 day money back guarantee.

P.P.S. Want more proof? Check out the dozens of other testimonies from satisfied customers that I couldn’t possibly fit in this letter.


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