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Fact! 97% of E-commerce Websites Make $0 Profits in their first 3 Years Online… Here’s How to Get in the Elite 3% & Dominate Your Product Category, Market or Niche! E-commerce can be tough, time consuming and traumatic for many business owners as their sites crash to a predictable failure… but what else is new?…

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Fact! 97% of E-commerce Websites Make $0 Profits in their first 3 Years Online… Here’s How to Get in the Elite 3% & Dominate Your Product Category, Market or Niche!

E-commerce can be tough, time consuming and traumatic for many business owners as their sites crash to a predictable failure… but what else is new?

Let’s be realistic, e-commerce is a challenge as we are building the equivalent of a physical store, with products, stock issues and product fulfilment but with the need to find and service customers. There is no store front and passing trade online… However, the important question is, why do 97% of e-commerce businesses make it harder than it is, and how can you be smarter and get immediate sales and profits, while keeping costs down?

So with that said lets rephrase the above comment: E-commerce is exciting, fulfilling and very profitable if you plan from the ground up, grow consistently and Get it Right from Today. Let me ask you a few questions:

E-commerce Get It Right! book cover

Introducing E-commerce Get It Right!

The Worlds Most Powerful Guide for Selling & Marketing Products Online.

Written in a no holds barred style for start ups and existing e-commerce site owners who are leaving money on the table!

Delivered in a quick-fire style, you’ll find 1 magic bullet after the other to show you exactly ‘how to, when to and why to’ for your e-commerce website and e-commerce business!

Inside you’ll find 230 pages of experienced e-commerce insider secrets, key strategies and practical tips laid out so its easy to find and easy to use – with no fluff, no filler, no BS!

Let Me Share an E-commerce Secret:

There are No secrets – only E-commerce Experience.

E-commerce: Get It Right! is the only how-to guide available based explicitly on over 10 years in the trenches, real life experience and test results, working in the e-commerce business model with my own e-commerce websites and businesses.

You don’t want hype. You Want Real Results?

This is critical to your success because E-commerce has changed so much over the last 10 years. You need to cut through the cr*p as fast as possible and get to the key strategies that work first time for you and your particular product category, market or niche. So how do you build an e-commerce website that not only competes, but totally dominates?

With a Proven Step-by-Step formula. Period!

Profits and Sales in e-commerce are top secret. Because not many people know how to sell successfully online, when they finally get into the Elite 3% – who incidentally make all of the money – there is no way they are going to reveal their key strategies to anyone. However i can… I’ve built up, done business in and subsequently sold 3 e-commerce and information site business networks (total 25 plus sites) all trading profitably. In addition I’ve built, managed, consulted on and SEO engineered as many websites for happy clients. This is my guarantee to you that you are in good hands. You are probably more than aware that not all e-commerce software and web designers are created equal.

These are just two of the many choices you will have to make, that will ultimately mean long-term success or imminent failure. And learning the e-commerce code is essential, because once learned it can be used on any website and in any market to compete with or even obliterate the big boys. Fast Track Your Learning & Avoid the Pitfalls. E-commerce owners don’t just want data and information they want and need how-to information, with key strategies and practical tips all simplified and stripped bare ready to use now. Do you want to tap into over 10 years e-commerce experience? I’ve got it and more…

E-commerce Is More Than Just a Shopping Cart!

A cart (or basket) is simply the method of holding your customers products from product page to checkout, but there is so much more to a successful e-commerce website and business. You need to consider everything from research, planning, forecasting, selecting a designer and a shopping cart, and that is just to get your website live. E-commerce is a customer-centric lifecycle (market, sell, service) based on a model of (Traffic > Conversion > Relationships) all supported by a foundation of good people, processes, tools and technologies.

Tell me about E-commerce Get It Right!

In a nutshell the book is 230 pages of pure e-commerce gold. Its a detailed, but simplified step-by-step formula that once learned can be used on any e-commerce website and in any market to compete with or even obliterate the big boys. I didn’t just dominate my markets i kicked-ass!

Through examples, ideas, insights and strategies accompanied by 70 images you will immediately learn the most common e-commerce mistakes and how to avoid them. You’ll learn everything from conceiving an idea, selecting a product and market, how to believe in and execute your plan and essentially how to achieve your e-commerce objectives each and every time. With magic bullets one after the other in quick fire style, it takes you by the hand from Start Up to Success covering everything in between.

This information is not just for startups but also for existing e-commerce businesses whether you are struggling or just need some fresh ideas to give your site a kick-start. Once trapped running your e-commerce website, it’s damned hard to escape and spend time where you should be, marketing your business to greater profits. You’ll get an inside look how the profitable 3% operate so your e-commerce sales and profits can sky-rocket in less than 24 hours from now!

We’ll cover building your e-commerce success foundation, hiring a kick-ass web designer, how to drive masses of traffic to your website, how to lower bounce and cart abandonment, and how to increase conversion rates, all using simple and common sense yet powerful e-commerce strategies!

How Can ‘E-commerce: Get It Right!’ Help You & Your E-commerce Business – Starting Right Now?

Here’s a Peak at what’s inside:

The 13 Common E-commerce Mistakes and How to Avoid them!

With such high failure rates in e-commerce businesses, learning what the common pitfalls is critical so you can stay well clear!

cbThe 4 Foundational Principles for Success! Discover why you need to follow a Traffic > Conversion > Relationship web formula to maximize profits. Why the 3F Strategy will literally make customers stick on your website. How Positioning is absolutely critical to your imminent success and why the Problem – Solution model will explode your sales and profits.

cb1How to Get Started with your e-commerce websites! Setting you up with an assertive mindset and on a sales offensive. Everything from Planning for Profit to deciding on your goal and possible exit strategy down to the nut and bolts of an e-commerce business including outsourcing, systems and how to boost efficiency and productivity.

cb2The 4 Common E-commerce Software Solutions! Learn how to distinguish between the different software packages and solutions and how to pick the right one for your particular website and businesses model. Get this wrong and watch money siphon from your bank like a waterfall.

cb3Build & Launch Your Website in Rapid Time! This not only covers new sites but digs deep into the 15 key elements of a successful e-commerce website from design, usability, conversion, checkouts all the way through to merchant accounts, CMS software (the backend engine room of your site), the requisite features required and how to analyze data to increase conversions by up to 400% overnight.

cb4Convert Traffic at Record Levels! Learn how to design and build your website for your specific users and for the search engines. Use simple yet powerful techniques to take your customers through your sales funnel, from when they enter your site through to the checkout in as few a steps as possible with the least resistance as possible. Then refine by measuring this behaviour and correct the resistance points, consistently improving the rate at which people convert and spend with you.

cb5How to Hire a Kick-Ass Web Designer & Outsourcer! If you don’t think this is a critical area of succeeding online, think again. I’ve dedicated 1 whole step of the book to this. Having used over 100 plus outsourcers for all services from design, graphics, copywriting to product data entry i can tell you that this one process of fining good people is probably the most important area to get right. Get it wrong and watch your time, energy and money by sapped faster than than you can say ‘stop’.

cb4Learn how to Get More Sales!

Once your new site is live and trading, or if your existing site just needs more traffic, we’ll cover the key marketing principles, strategies and techniques required not only to hit top spot in Google but also how to market off of Google and the other major search engines. We’ll cover Front-End Marketing, Back-End Marketing that includes; PPC, article marketing, shopping directories, blogs, social media marketing, newsletters, RSS, video plus many more!

In addition to your typical e-commerce surface information I go much deeper and get into specific scenarios and answer questions that you need to know. Nothing has been left out, all the way from A to Z of e-commerce has been covered: Website Foundational principles, Getting Started, Getting a Website live in Rapid Time, Getting Conversions and Sales, Tracking Data and Responding to the results, Getting More Sales by Marketing your website through Google, PPC, Shopping Directories, Article Directories, Email Newsletters, RSS and Social Media Marketing.

Want hordes of hungry traffic to your website?

Who doesn’t. How about Site Links and indent listings like the below image to dominate your Google listings.

Site links and double listings are only a small part of the SEO puzzle. By integrating key SEO and traffic generation elements within your website, you can ultimately generate hungry, ready-to-buy customers.

So, it is essential to launch your website with an organic search strategy in mind because the Google search engine gets approximately 80% of all search traffic online.

When your potential customers want a product where do they go to find it? Do they visit their favourite social media site, blog or forum? well all these are good for chatter and brand awareness, but nothing comes close to targeted search engine traffic, mixed with social media marketing, PPC, etc. Get top spots in Google and you’ll never look back. I’ll show you how in this guide.

You have 5-7 seconds to hold your visitors’ attention on entering your website or they will ‘bounce’ and will be gone forever. Average conversion rates in e-commerce suck. Approximately 0.7 out of every 100 visitors will buy your product. Your website must have clear text, images, navigation, a clean design and a simple call to action. Visitors must easily understand what you want them to do. If not, forget it and just oneCLICK’

and they are gone to your competitors!

Your website must have clear text, images, navigation, a clean design and a simple call to action. Visitors must easily understand what you want them to do.

Do you currently measure and respond to user data? Do you know how your visitors behave and are you building your site for them? When you analyze the data on offer on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, it gives you an up-to-the-moment, bird’s eye view of what is really happening on your website and online. You can then personalize and target your products specifically to each individual customer. Statistics suggest up to 35% of customers will buy from you again if you offer them a further product—once they have already ordered from you. It is obvious that this simple strategy alone can supercharge your profits, without spending a cent more on marketing. All this and more is detailed inside.

Get A Website that Builds masses of traffic, converts this traffic into paying customers and dominates your product category, market or niche! How would you like to become the leading e-commerce retailer in your chosen product area. It is critical you are seen as a leader, a voice that people recognize and trust, and are happy to buy from. This links in with branding, but takes it to a higher level in a number of ways. You’ll see this with the big elite companies such as Amazon, Apple, eBay, etc. Learn how to take control and be with the elite.

Happy Customers Say…

Using E-commerce: Get It Right, I increased my declining sales from 1 in 300 ‘visitors-to-buyers’ to 1 in 75 by implementing just 1 of the many strategies Ian explains in detail, yet simplifies for a ‘non-techie’ like me. My advice, read it now. Steve, Hancocks Jewellers

Working with Ian and E-commerce: Get It Right! has enabled me to add e-commerce to my CV. His insights, skills and tell-it-like-is style got me from e-commerce zero to e-commerce hero in less than 6 months. I now provide e-commerce consulting for an elite clientèle charging from $5 to $25K regularly. Mike, Synergy Web MediaE-commerce Get It Right! woke me up to the potential of e-commerce and how successful businesses operate and make big profits. When i implemented the strategies! My sales went from 1 a day to 5 a day within 30 days. Paul, Car Digital Developments

I’ve been selling online since 2003 on and off of eBay, and I thought I had mastery. Using the E-commerce Get It Right! techniques, the no-nonsense approach and the practical tips inside opened up a whole new realm of e-commerce profits for my e-commerce websites. Dean, Funky Footwear

Working with Ian over a 3-year period taught me not only how to sell online, but also enabled me to build an explosive e-commerce software that ranks top 10 in Google and sells products in huge quantities. E-commerce: Get It Right! reveals how I did it. Dave, BusyNet UK

You owe it to yourself to take charge and be an e-commerce master from today. Hit the ground running and take control and dominate your marketplace, be the envy of your competitors and kick Ass! For a limited time you can save $20.00 off the usual price of $37.00 and also benefit from Lifetime updates. Whenever the book is updated to keep up with e-commerce trends, you’ll be the first to know.

E-commerce Get It Right!


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