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Your Graphics Need Help!GET 2,000+ Conversion-Boosting Graphic Templates Easily and Quickly Create High Converting Sales Pages In Minutes… Without Spending A Dime On A Graphic Designer! Why Should I Use DIY Graphic Designs? Boost Your Sales and Conversions Use these ready made graphic design templates to attract more attention, retain traffic and eventually make more…

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Your Graphics Need Help!

GET 2,000+ Conversion-Boosting Graphic Templates

Easily and Quickly Create High Converting Sales Pages In Minutes…

Without Spending A Dime On A Graphic Designer!

Why Should I Use DIY Graphic Designs?

Boost Your Sales and Conversions

Use these ready made graphic design templates to attract more attention, retain traffic and eventually make more sales.

Save Thousands of Money on Graphic Designers

Never waste thousands of money again on another graphics design. Using ready made templates is the smart way.

No More Stressful Delays on Your Projects

No more unnecessary delays, waiting or endless revisions. Be the boss of your own business!

Edit These Templates

With a Peace of Mind

Use Powerpoint or Open Office to edit an element. You don’t have to use Photoshop or any other expensive software.

How To Use These Ready Made Graphics?

Here are a few excellent tips how you could take advantage of these pre made graphics to save time,
money and boost your sales!

It’s true, you don’t have to be a “graphics professional” or a “technical genius” to design them either!

Mind-Blowing Facebook Cover Templates

Attract thousands of Facebook likes for your page and acquire a massive following,
which means, free traffic and instant credibility and increased sales!

Mobile Friendly Capture Pages

Start taking advantage of highly optimized and mobile friendly capture pages to rapidly increase sales conversions,
grow your own list, and create a steady, reliable internet income!

High Quality Ecover Graphics

Quickly design a high quality, professional ecover designs for your next best-selling info product.

Eye-Catching Designs

Simply copy & paste private collection of conversion boosting designs to increase your sales.

Web 3.0 Design Template

Take advantage of the newest trend in design without having to code a single line! Immediately use one of our top
quality minisite graphics and templates that are proven to draw more sales and conversions.

Modern Mascot Graphics

Using mascot graphics is a modern and excellent marketing tool that will help you stand out from thousands of competitors.
It enhances your sales pages so you can get more attention, improve sales and make more money online!

That’s just a tip of the iceberg! Keep reading…

These Pre Made Graphics Works Flawlessly With:

  • VideoMakerFX
  • EasySketchPro
  • Explaindio
  • LeadPages
  • OptimizePress
  • PowerPoint
  • Keynote
  • Facebook

Dear Internet Marketer,

Ever wanted to boost your conversions?
Ever dreamed of redesigning your primitive-looking sites into sales monsters?

If you are currently struggling with:

  • Waiting for weeks or even months on your graphics to be delivered…
  • Getting frustrated seeing “Paint quality” work…
  • Losing your arm and leg on overpriced graphic designers…
  • Trying to find the “right” graphic designer through a typical trial and error…
  • Never getting anything done on time and screaming how you hate outsourcing…
  • Spending money on cheap and amateurish graphic templates which you are ashamed to use…

I’m about to reveal to you how to…

Save Thousands of Money and Yet Get the Best Graphics Designs, Stop Waiting For Days or Weeks Just For a Project to be Delivered,
and Simply Take Full Control of Your Business!

Here’s a quick look at this year’s typical prices for the average-looking graphics:

  • Minisite Design – $150
  • Ecover Graphics – $50
  • Landing Page Design – $200
  • WordPress Site – $300
  • Facebook Cover Graphic – $50
  • 10 Banners – $80

But it gets worse. Even though design prices seem to increase every time, finding the “perfect” graphic design can be a real challenge.

And then, just in case you do find the “perfect” designer, you may be surprised to wait 2, 3 or even 4 weeks to get your first revision done…

Now, It’s Time to Design Your Own High Converting Graphics… Do it Less Than 5 Minutes, With Absolutely No Photoshop Skills Required!

So, what’s the trick?

You can save thousands of your hard-earned money by taking advantage of ready made graphics design templates.

Smart online and offline marketers are saving tons of cash by making use of ready-made graphic design templates.
They know they don’t have to waste money on expensive graphic designers.

Any time they need graphics for their projects, they just use the ready-made templates. No more waiting for designers.
They can deploy faster and they have full control over their business!

And now you can do the SAME… for the FRACTION of the price that others pay!

Imagine Swiping My “Hand Picked” Collection Of Premium Quality, Conversion Boosting,
Done-For-You Graphic Templates That Will Transform You Into A Superstar In Your Own Niche!

Let me unveil to you my highly-guarded, giant collection of ready-to-use graphics and pre-designed templates worth thousands of dollars!

Most of these premade graphics templates are very new which guarantees 100% freshness and 100% uniqueness.
Be assured that this will help you quickly brand yourself uniquely and get ahead of the pack!

Presenting… “DIY Graphic Designs – Alpha Vault

Stellar Quality

Each graphic was designed with extreme care to create a feeling of professionalism, credibility and trust.
This will convince your prospects to buy what you’re selling.

Designed For Marketers

This graphics package is designed with online marketers in mind.
Great for busy website owners and affiliate marketers who are promoting products using graphics.

Organized & Easy to Find

Whenever you need a graphic template for your project, it’ll only take seconds to find exactly what you need.
Next, just make some customizations and your ready to go! It’s that simple.

Make Own Graphics Without Photoshop

All graphics are best edited using Photoshop. No Photoshop software? No problem. You can use Microsoft Powerpoint.
You can also use online editors like

Template 1: Facebook Cover Templates

Template 2: Youtube Cover Templates

Template 3: Google Plus Cover Templates

Template 4: Social Icon Badge

Template 5: Mobile Squeeze Pages

Template 6: Web 3.0 Minisite Template

Template 7: 10 Minisite Templates

Template 8: Ecover Templates – Vivid Bundle

Template 9: Ecover Templates – Dark Bundle

Template 10: Kindle Cover Templates

Template 11: Vector Stamps

Template 12: Banner Templates

Template 13: Graphical Headlines

Template 14: Viral Quotes

Template 15: Vector Backgrounds

Template 16: Headers

Template 17: Feature Boxes

Template 18: Mobile Responsive Landing Pages

Template 19: Add-Cart-Buttons

Template 20: Ready to Print Flyers

Template 21: WSO Sales Page Design

Template 22: Flyers

Template 23: Business Cards

Template 24: Pricing Tables

Template 25: Royalty-Free Photos

Template 26: Mascot Characters

Template 27: Hand-Written Fonts

Template 28: Text Layer Styles

Template 29: Powerpoint Presentation Templates

Template 30: Character Pack

Get Access To DIY Graphic Designs!

What Makes DIY Graphic Designs

Unique From Any Other Design Packs?


99.9% Unique, Brand-New Graphics – Most of the designs were created lately and are completely NEW.
Renew your site’s look and feel with these instant, high-quality graphic templates now!


Quick and Easy to Edit – These ready made graphics are quick and easy to edit. In fact, some files won’t require Photoshop.
If you need to edit the PSD files but don’t have Photoshop, you can use


Comes With Full Developer’s License – Design high-quality graphics for your own clients for quick income.
Create high-class, high-converting sales pages, web banners as well as video backgrounds that will surely impress your clients!


Based On The Latest Design Trends – All the templates are based on the latest fancy trends so
be assured that your site always looks new, modern and highly appealing! That means your customer will respect you more and be willing to send you more money!

Convinced? Well, This Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg!

I’m confident that after inspecting the contents of this awesome, uniquely designed premade graphics templates you
now appreciate the enormous value that this package has.

But wait, there’s more!

For a Limited Time Get 8 Special Bonuses

Completely FREE But Only If You Act Now!


A Quick Report On Where to Find Free Graphics Online

Revealed inside this short report are not so popular places on
the internet where you can find free but high quality royatly free images, patterns/textures, vector graphics, icons, backgrounds, fonts, and many more!

  • FREE to Use Royalty Free Images
  • FREE Patterns and Textures
  • FREE Vector Graphics
  • FREE Icons
  • FREE Fonts
  • FREE Mock Up Graphics
  • FREE Cool Text Generator


412 Web Icons

This package is a big collection of over 400 website icons that you can use to enhance your blog, website, landing page, and sales pages.
It comes with the newest and high quality feature icons and designs you haven’t use yet.

All icons comes in .CHS format (Photoshop Custom Shape), PSD format, and PNG for easy editing and usage.


Big Bundle Of Mascot Cartoon Characters

You’ll get over 20 sets and 200 different niche mascot characters – all designed and created by professionals!

Create your own mascot in 60 seconds and boost your conversions by up to 150%. You can use these mascots for:


Web Banners Bundle

Upgrade your old-looking banners with modern and prefessionally designed web banners. You’ll get 30 sets of ready made web banners templates in PSD (Photoshop) format.
Each contains up to 12 different banner sizes.

Banner sizes includes: 120x240px, 120x600px, 125x125px, 160x600px, 180x150px, 200x200px, 234x60px, 250x250px, 300x250px, 336x280px, 468x60px, and 728x90px.


Big Bundle of Background Graphics

This is a huge collection of ready made background graphics that you can use for your website, PowerPoint slides, and video presentations.

  • Blueprint Backgrounds
  • Blur Backgrounds
  • Bokeh Blur Backgrounds
  • Clean Paper Backgrounds
  • Colorful Diagonal Lines
  • Colorful Stage-Backgrounds With Curtain
  • Colorful Studio
  • Fancy Showcase
  • … and many more!


PSD Logo Templates

Have you ever tried to create a logo for your website or for a client? If so, then you know how hard it can be!

Now you can get 300 high quality logo templates in Photoshop format (PSD). Also included are .rdw formats (Real-Draw).

Absolutely free when you buy this DIY Graphic Design Package.


Amazing Infographics

Get over 250 very cool infographics that you can use for your marketing efforts!

This new set of ready-made infographics template comes in PSD and PNG format for easy editing and usage.

With this graphics, you can enhance not just your creativity but also your Facebook and Twitter followers and eventually your profit.


Step-By-Step Video Tutorials on

HowTo Customize Your Graphics

If you’re new to working with graphics, you can watch included video tutorials on how to quickly edit and customize these graphic templates.
Within minutes you be able to do some changes and make a particular design template completely unique. It’s going to be a lot of fun using Photoshop!

NOTE: If you don’t have Photoshop, you can edit most of the graphics by using a free online graphic editor called
For each graphic inside DIY Graphic Designs package, an additional “No Photoshop” version is included so that you will be able to edit it on Pixlr.
Additional video tutorial on how to customize your graphics in Pixlr is also provided.

For Such An Exclusive Graphic Package

You May Expect to Pay $199, $299 Or Even $499

The fact is, it’s totally worth such a price.

I’ll make it simple for you.

The total cost for all this premade graphics templates is well over: $1,000.00

Think about outsourcing just 100 unique sales page graphics. For $14 a pop that’s $1,400 right here!

Well, you may opt to design the graphics all by yourself and spend days or even weeks simply trying to learn how to use Photoshop. It’s your call.

The other option is to buy expensive, commonly used graphic templates from marketplaces like
But be ready to shell out more money than what you are willing to spend.

Before revealing to you the final price, let’s sum it up together.

What You’ll Receive…

Number of Graphics

TEMPLATE #1 – Facebook Cover Templates


TEMPLATE #2 – Youtube Cover Templates


TEMPLATE #3 – Google Plus Cover Templates


TEMPLATE #4 – Social Icon Badges


TEMPLATE #5 – Mobile Squeeze Pages


TEMPLATE #6 – Web 3.0 Minisite Template


TEMPLATE #7 – 10 Minisite Templates


TEMPLATE #8 – Ecover Templates – Vivid Bundle


TEMPLATE #9 – Ecover Templates – Dark Bundle


TEMPLATE #10 – Kindle Cover Templates


TEMPLATE #11 – Vector Stamps


TEMPLATE #12 – Banner Templates


TEMPLATE #13 – Graphical Headlines


TEMPLATE #14 – Viral Quotes


TEMPLATE #15 – Vector Backgrounds


TEMPLATE #16 – Headers


TEMPLATE #17 – Feature Boxes


TEMPLATE #18 – Mobile Responsive Landing Pages


TEMPLATE #19 – Add-Cart-Buttons


TEMPLATE #20 – Ready to Print Flyers


TEMPLATE #21 – WSO Sales Page Design


TEMPLATE #22 – Flyers


TEMPLATE #23 – Business Cards


TEMPLATE #24 – Pricing Tables


TEMPLATE #25 – Royalty-Free Photo


TEMPLATE #26 – Mascot Characters


TEMPLATE #27 – Hand-Written Fonts


TEMPLATE #28 – Text Layer Styles


TEMPLATE #29 – Powerpoint Presentation Templates


TEMPLATE #30 – Character Pack


SECRET TEMPLATE #31 – Hand-Written Graphics


FAST-ACTION BONUS #1 – A Quick Report On Where to Find Free Graphics Online

FAST-ACTION BONUS #2 – 412 Web Icons


FAST-ACTION BONUS #3 – Big Bundle Of Mascot Cartoon Characters


FAST-ACTION BONUS #4 – Web Banners Bundle


FAST-ACTION BONUS #5 – Big Bundle of Background Graphics


FAST-ACTION BONUS #6 – PSD Logo Templates


FAST-ACTION BONUS #7 – Amazing Infographics


FAST-ACTION BONUS #8 – Step-By-Step Video Tutorials on How To Customize Your Graphics


2,272+ graphic templates could easily cost you more than $1,000 in the graphics market.

Yet you won’t need to pay that much! Not even $200 or even $97… Not $67 either.

Take Full Advantage Of An Insane Discount

and Get Full Access Right Now!

Since this is a brand-new offer, I’d like to give you the opportunity to try it out almost risk-free…

Today is such a special day for you…

So here’s the deal: your total investment today will not be $67.00, although that should be the regular price.

Today, You Can Download All DIY Graphic DesignsFor Only $19.95

Yes, you read it right. For just $19.95 you are granted full access to this awesome collection of the latest and
high quality graphics design templates including all the bonuses!

That’s a crazy bargain! A whooping 70% discount.

Just think about it for a second. You’ll get a lifetime, unlimited access to 2,272+ stellar-quality graphic templates for
less than $0.027 EACH!

Here are the main reasons why I’m charging only $19.95 for this premium package.


$19.95 is a price most people can afford. With that, I’m able to capture a wider market and get more customers.
In the future, I’ll then be able to offer them more high quality graphics products and eventually expand my business.


I want every individual to have the opportunity to try my proven conversion boosting graphics.
I love seeing people go from ZERO to amazing success, and I want the same for you too!

If you still can’t wrap your head around this expense, skip getting a coffee at Starbucks once this week and it’s paid for.

Love It Or You Get 100%

Money-Back Guarantee

Guarantee #1

Try “DIY Graphic Designs” risk free for 60 Days and if for some reason you are not totally satisfied with these awesome graphic products,
feel free to contact us using our Contact Form
and I’ll gladly refund your money with no questions asked, no hassle!

Guarantee #2

If you actually used these graphic templates on your projects and you won’t notice any significant changes, feel free to contact me and I’ll refund all your money.

DIY Graphic Designs Team

Here’s another reason why it’s an absolute no-brainer:

Money Back Guaranteed

Full 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

No Questions Asked

100% Secure Checkout

Verified and Secure Checkout via Clickbank*.

Pay Via Credit Card or PayPal

Frequently Asked Questions

Would I Need Photoshop To Edit These Graphics?

Many of the graphics do not require Photoshop. There’s a separate folder for No-Photoshop version which you can open using a free online graphic editor like With this free tool you’ll be able to edit your templates quickly and easily. There’s also a super simple video training that show you how to edit the templates!

Many designs are also “plug-and-play” templates. That means, you can just copy and paste on your site!

How Do I Access My Products After Purchase?

Immediately after payment, you will be given a special link to finish your registration and setup your username and password. As soon as that is completed you will be able to login and download all products promised in this page including bonuses and product updates.

It was set this way so that you can always return and redownload everything. No more worries about losing your graphics just in case there’s a computer crash.

Do You Own A Full License To All The Templates?

Yes! I have the full rights to all the graphics listed here. For images, we only used royalty free images from free resources which allows us to include in this pack.

Does It Work On Mac/Windows?

Yes, the graphics work on both Mac and Windows.

Can These Templates Be Used In WordPress/OptimizePress/LeadPages?

Yes, you can use these graphics anywhere. For WordPress, simply use the upload option.

Is There Any Recurring Payment?

No. This is a one time payment only. No hidden cost. No Sales B.S. Access all graphics for lifetime.

Do You Provide Any Support/Trainings?

YES, absolutely! Once you get your package you’ll receive a tutorial video where you’ll learn how to edit the templates. You can always contact me for help, just send me a message and I’ll answer any issues within 24 to 48 hours.

Does It Come With Developer’s License?

YES, it comes with a developer’s license. Feel free to use it on unlimited projects of your own or on clients projects.

To Your Success,

DIY Graphic Designs Team

P.S. Keep in mind that we are taking on all the risk with our 60-day no questions ask, no hassle money back guarantee.
You see, I’m 100% confident that you will really like and use what you receive when you buy the “DIY Graphic Designs – Alpha Vault“…
You have nothing to lose and all kinds of profits to gain!

Get “DIY Graphic Designs – Alpha Vault” Risk-Free!

P.P.S. Think for a moment how much time and money you will be able to save with this beautiful sets of graphics.
No more wasted time trying to find the right graphic designers and no more waiting for weeks. Finally, you will be able build professional grade websites,
create your own client-attracting porftfolio, or turn your old and dull-looking design projects into high-quality work that demands respect from your
colleagues as well as competitors.

YES! I Want To Turn My Website Into (Beautiful) Money Machines!

  Get Access To DIY Graphic Designs Now!

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