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This is your chance to grab 100 great products WITH Master Resale Rights for mere pennies on the dollar! Don’t Miss Out On This CRAZY Deal… Dear Friend, I won’t waste your time talking about how beneficial getting products with Master Resell Rights can be.  I’m sure you already know that getting these kinds of…

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This is your chance to grab 100 great products WITH Master Resale Rights for mere pennies on the dollar!

Don’t Miss Out On This CRAZY Deal…

Dear Friend,

I won’t waste your time talking about
how beneficial getting products with Master Resell Rights can be.  I’m
sure you already know that getting these kinds of products is one of the quickest,
easiest, and least expensive ways to get products to sell and start making

The hard part is finding quality
products to sell . . . and quantity.  I general, you will never
get rich selling just one ebook.  No matter how many copies of the ebook you
sell, you will always be leaving money on the table.

You need plenty of high quality products
to sell on the front end AND the back end of your business… that is, you need more products to sell to
your customers after they buy that first product from you.

Of course, you could spend the time and
money to create all of these products yourself.  Or, you could spend
the time (a lot of time, actually) and money to find quality products that
have resell rights that you can turn around and sell to your current

But, the most cost-effective and
time-effective option is to have a good look at this CRAZY DEAL that I have put together for you here. 

First, take a look at all the products
you’ll be able to SELL once you download this package (you can also use them for yourself of course)…

Hot Product #5 –

Building Explained

Finally! . . . An
Way for Newbies to Understand List
Building, and How Even the Newest Internet Marketer
Can Start Building Their Own High-Powered Email

  • 5 simple proven ways
    to build your list in just minutes.

  • Learn how to
    design subscriber pulling web pages so
    people visiting your site automatically
    jump to sign up for your list.

  • The secrets
    to double opt-in lists, and how you can
    use them to guarantee your success.

  • And More!


Hot Product #9 –

Marketing Secrets Revealed

Discover How to Make $100 – $200 or More Each Day
with Bum Marketing!

  • The secret to
    writing great articles fast – what you
    read here is sure to surprise you!

  • How to find
    hot niches that will explode your
    profits – it’s much easier than you

  • How to find
    the most profitable products – and then
    fit your articles to those products

  • And More!


Hot Product #19 –

Zero to
Fifty in 30 Days!

Give Me 2 ½ Minutes
And I’ll Show You This Brand New System That Will
Have You Making At Least $50 A Day . . . In Just 30

  • It will NOT take you
    years to learn everything you need to

  • You do NOT
    need a lot of money to start.

  • You do NOT
    need to know everything there is to
    start earning good money.

  • You do NOT
    need to come up with anything


Hot Product
#21 –

Buy Me
A Word

Here’s How To Make
$27,979.00 From Software
That Does (Almost) All The Work For You…

  • “Pick and
    pay” buttons make the selling process
    automatic. You simply find the money in
    your bank account!

  • Randomized
    display of words ensures each advertiser
    has equal awareness power

  • Sell
    each keyword for whatever price you want
    — even offer different keywords for
    different prices

Private Label Rights Included!


Hot Product #22 –

Time Offers Uncovered

Discover How You Can
Double Or Triple Your Sales By Using The “One Time
Offer” Effectively

  • How to create an
    interesting OTO that heightens the
    customer’s buying experience.

  • Proven
    techniques for pitching clever OTOs that
    work almost every time.

  • What the best
    OTO is and how to incorporate it when
    selling anything, anytime, anywhere.

  • And More!


Hot Product #23 –

Your Way to Profits

Do You Know How To
Properly Test Your Website To Make Sure Your CTR Is
The Highest Possible?

  • Learn How To Do
    Comparative Site Testing On Every Single
    One Of Your Sites!

  • Learn The
    Right Way To Track Your Results To
    Provide Accurate Data!

  • Find Out How
    To Organize Your Results So The Profits
    Keep Rolling In!

  • And More!


Hot Product
#29 –

Offer Manager

– Or Anyone – Can Make More & More Money Online With
Simple Yet Very Powerful Tool For
Displaying Special Offers OR, One Time
On Your Website…

  • Create time limited
    special offers for your website

  • Ability to rotate
    unlimited offers or only use for single

  • Your subscribers will
    know you mean it when you say Special
    Offer, causing Urgency resulting in more

  • No ploy, no gimmick.
    The real deal. It’s a fact and Now they
    will believe it and take you up on your
    next Special Offer for fear of missing


Hot Product
#31 –

Traffic Secrets

Use These
Simple, Unique and Little-Known Forum Marketing
Techniques and Be In Profit in Less Than 24 Hours-
100% Guaranteed!

  • Why forums are one of
    the most overlooked goldmines on the

  • How to pick a forum
    “username” that will help you make more
    money (short-term AND long-term).

  • How to
    use forums to find out what your market
    really wants to buy…

  • How to increase the
    profitability of your signature file by
    200%, 300% or even 400% – instantly!

  • And More!


Hot Product
#35 – My Internet Marketing

Publish Your Own
Wildly Successful (And Profitable) Newsletter
Without Writing One Single Word Yourself & Become A
Recognized Expert In The Internet Marketing Field
Almost Effortlessly!

  • 100 Newsletters To
    Cover Your Publishing For Years

  • High Quality

  • Perfectly

  • Quick Copy &
    Paste Setup

  • Profitable
    Information You Can Use Yourself!


Hot Product
#39 – Traffic Generation

Discover AMAZING Secrets You Can Use to Consistently
Drive Steady Streams of Targeted Traffic to ANY

  • The two
    strategies of traffic generation

  • Three
    ways traffic can generate piles and
    piles of money for you

  • The
    single best way to start receiving free
    traffic immediately

  • Traffic
    generation techniques to avoid

  • How to
    use article marketing to send your
    traffic skyrocketing

  • And


Hot Product
#42 – Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction: The Secret to
Fulfilling Your Heart’s Desires Without Ever Leaving
the Privacy of Your Own Mind

  • How your attitudes affect your daily

  • How to change those attitudes to draw
    what you want most in life to you rather
    than you to it

  • The true secret to success, and

  • What the people of the eastern nations
    have known for years that we are just
    beginning to figure out


Hot Product
#43 – Outsourcing Secrets

Tips And Secrets To Help You
Outsource Successfully… So Anyone Can Avoid Costly
Errors And Outpace The Competition Without Breaking
A Sweat

  • What outsourcing
    really is and how you can use it to
    bolster your success and encourage
    diversity within your business

  • The 3 core
    concepts underlying outsourcing that
    will ensure your business success

  • The top 3
    jobs to outsource and places you can
    find competent and professional

  • The #1 place
    to find outsourcing programmers, writers
    and related contractors to save you time
    and money while working


Hot Product
#55 –


Not Making Money With
PPC Anymore? Explode Your Profit Potential With CPA
. . .

  • Understand What CPA
    Is And How It Can Make You Money

  • Generate The
    Targeted Leads That Companies Pay The
    Big Bucks For

  • Launch Your
    Very First CPA Campaign

  • Get Some Of
    The World’s Biggest Companies To
    Recommend Your Campaigns

  • And Much


Hot Product
#58 –

Profitable Niches

Incredible Insider Secrets Revealed

How To Find Your Very Own Massively Profitable

  • Learn this easy step
    by step approach to brainstorming and
    qualifying your possible niches

  • Discover The
    best FREE resources to research your
    most suitable niches

  • See in a
    glance if any given niche will be
    profitable or not

  • Discover how
    to Build Your List before you even start
    to produce a product

  • And so
    much more!


Hot Product
#59 – Article Marketing 101

Discover How to Use Article Marketing to Send Your
Online Profits Soaring Through the Roof!

  • How to
    write articles that will grab your
    readers’ attention and never let go

  • How to
    create a resource box that will compel
    readers to click on your link

  • 5 tips
    for writing articles

  • 6
    common article marketing mistakes

  • How to
    use article marketing to create free
    reports for viral marketing

  • And


Hot Product
#63 – Opt-In List Building

Discover How to Build a Large Opt-In Subscriber List
& Send Your Sales & Profits SKYROCKETING … in No

  • How to
    create a website that makes people feel
    like they absolutely must opt-in to your

  • 5 keys
    to building your list as fast as

  • How to
    use landing pages, squeeze pages, gift
    pages and benefits pages to draw
    prospects to your opt-in email list like
    ants are drawn to a picnic

  • And
    Much More!


Hot Product
#64 – Adsense Profits

Discover The Simple
Steps To Creating As Many Niche Websites You’d Like
— Each One Sucking In Cash Using The Power of

  • The ins and outs of
    Adsense and how to start using it to
    your advantage

  • How to develop and
    design a niche Adsense website – follow
    this simple guide to get the highest

  • Exactly what content
    you will need for your niche Adsense
    website. Content is king but knowing
    what to write can be confusing

  • And More!


Hot Product
#67 – Affiliate Review
Riches Exposed

They laughed When
I Said I Could Generate

Residual Income
With Just


Little Review Site
But When The Affiliate Commission Started Coming
In By The Thousands . . .

  • The
    Concepts Behind Monetizing Affiliate
    Review Sites

  • How You
    Can Implement These Strategies No Matter
    What Niche Market You Are In

  • Techniques On How To Find The Right
    Product To Promote

  • How To
    Rake In Residual Income… Month After

  • And


Hot Product
#69 –



following information may help you actually start –
USING – all the PLR content you have collecting
“Digital Dust” on your Hard Drive . . .

  • The Big Profit PLR “Broker” Strategy

  • The Fast Way To “Niche-ify” PLR Products
    For Maximum Sales, Better Conversions &
    Higher Profits

  • The Real Reason

    PLR Content (Used
    Right) Can Be Even An Average Writer’s
    “Secret Weapon”

  • And Much


Hot Product
#73 –


Who Else Wants to End
Countless Hours of Rebellion and Come Over From the
Dark Side to Learn How to Become the Ultimate Search
Engine Optimization Jedi Master!?

  • On page tricks to
    getting high rankings

  • Linking
    tricks that get traffic quickly

  • Getting
    listed faster than you ever thought

  • Hybrid

  • Easy
    submission guidelines

  • Secret
    tools list

  • Easy to
    follow system!


Hot Product
#76 –

Feedback Analyzer Pro

Software For BOTH the eBay Buyer and eBay Seller!

  • Instantly separate the positive, neutral
    and negative comments into separate
    easy-to-read tables!

  • The UNIQUE
    eBay Software For BOTH the eBay Buyer
    and eBay Seller!

  • Edit
    any feedback list using the integrated
    filtering option.

  • Extract
    your own feedback comments, then use the
    NEW ad creator tool to create highly
    attractive feedback ads you can insert
    into your ebay auctions … then watch
    your sales dramatically increase!

  • And


Hot Product
#78 –

Creating and Writing Your Blog

A Cash-Sucking Blog
Isn’t Born Overnight . . . You Need to Learn How to
Effectively Create Content For Your Blog That Will
Have Your Visitors Begging For More!

  • How to write great
    blog content

  • Ten tips on
    writing a blog post

  • How to write
    killer blog titles

  • Developing a
    writing style and voice for your blogs

  • The how and
    why of blogging

  • How to start
    blogging for profit

  • The different
    types of blog posts

  • And More!


Hot Product
#81 –

How to
Sell Services For Instant Cash

If You Can Brush
Your Teeth In The Morning . . . Then You Have The
Skills to Start Making Instant Cash With Highly Paid
Services Starting Today!

  • Video 1 – How To Sell
    Services Online For Instant Cash

  • Video 2 – The
    Internet Is Overflowing With People Who
    Want To Pay You Money!

  • Video 3 – How
    To Set Yourself Apart From The
    Competition- Permanently!

  • Video 4 – How
    To Use High End Services To
    Revolutionize Your Profit Funnel

  • Video 5 –
    Your High End Profit Funnel


Hot Product
#83 –

Internet Copywriting Success Starts With The Basics

You’re About to
Discover How Proper Copyrighting Skills Make Big

  • The
    Difference Between Offline and Online

  • How

    The Right Attitude Really Goes a Long

  • The Fine
    Art of Short and Sweet Copywriting  

  • How To
    Create Impulse Buying With Your Words

  • The Secret
    To Headlines and How To Make Them Shine


Hot Product
#85 –

Hat SEO For Beginners

Quickly And Easily
Outsmart Your Way To Six Figures Using These
Powerful Black Hat Strategies!

  • Gain Better
    Understanding Of The Games Search
    Engines Play With Website Owners

  • Enjoy
    Full Advantage From Your Keywords
    And Keyword Selection!

  • Optimize
    Your Pages For Better Search Engine

  • Quickly
    Generate Hundreds Of Backlinks To
    Your Sites!

  • And More!


Hot Product
#87 –

ClickBank Exposed

Discover The Secret
Baby Steps to Making a Personal Fortune From Selling
Other People’s Products — Starting As Early As

  • Exactly how Clickbank
    works, and how you can start collecting
    payments using its built-in merchant

  • How to
    take advantage and understand the
    Clickbank “Marketplace”

  • How to determine
    which products you will have success in

  • 10 Clickbank super
    tips to give you a boost and kick-start
    with Clickbank

  • And More!


Hot Product
#88 –

Lightning Fast Product Creation Tactics

Quickly Create E-products In A Flash
And Get Your Own Sales Letter And Selling For You…

All Within 24 Hours!

  • The
    Concepts Behind Creating Products Super
    Fast! In this book, you will learn how
    you can create your own product within
    24 hours!

  • A
    Simple, Yet Complete Blueprint That
    Teaches You Step-By-Step

  • How To
    Literally Get Others To Create The
    Content For You, FREE OF CHARGE!

  • Write
    Your Own Sales Letters EASILY!


Hot Product
#91 –

Blogging On Steroids

Throw Away All That
Junk Load You Got About Doing A Living Online And
Start Making Real CA$H Through Blogging On
Steroids TODAY!

  • What are the

    tools for a
    successful blogging business

  • What is that
    little thing which will
    your visitors coming back
    your blog all day, eager for

  • How to
    write posts the real S.M.A.R.T. way

  • What are the
    best free
    and how to
    effectively use them

  • How to

    your blog like a money


Hot Product
#93 –

Online Business

If You Could Start
Your Own Online Business,

In Just a Week or Two, With Almost No Expense to Get
Started . . . Would You Do It?

  • The 4-Step process you need to follow to
    get a product done and actually making
    you money

  • Ways to develop killer product ideas,
    and to get them turned into high-quality
    products quickly

  • Proven processes for getting a book done
    quickly, even if you hate to write

  • The three most effective ways to get
    people to visit your sales page after
    you’ve completed it

  • And Much More!


Hot Product
#97 – Copy the Super
Affiliates to Success!

Who Else
Wants To Discover How The Super Affiliates Make Huge
Commissions Every Time They Promote And How You Can
Copy Them To Success?

  • What
    Super Affiliates Focus On That Average
    Affiliates Do Not

  • Discover The Sure
    Fire Way To Increase Your Sales With
    This Hot Tip

  • The 4 Steps To
    Writing The Perfect Testimonials And
    Getting The Sale

  • ‘Force’ People To Buy
    An Affiliate Product Through Your Link

  • And So Much More!


Hot Product
#98 – Killer Video

Discover The 7 Brutally 
Secret Video Techniques That Literally 
Viewers Away From YouTube And Straight To 

…Time After Time

  • 3
    Reasons Why ‘Watermarking’ Your Videos
    Isn’t As Effective As You Might Think,
    And What You Can Do About It

  • Force
    viewers to your website…easily…by
    stealing this method, dating back to the
    silent picture era

  • How To
    Correctly Craft Your Title

  • And


Buying all of these products
individually could literally cost you thousands of dollars
Many of these products regularly sell for upwards of $67
(and sometimes more).

What Can You
Do With This Package?

That’s the great thing about this package –
you have many different options here . . .

  • You can use the products for back-end monetization and One
    Time Offers.

  • You can sell each of these products

  • You can use the products for yourself
    and learn from all of this top quality information.

  • You can break break this package into various bundles and special offers.

  • You can create bonus packages for your other products.

  • You can create a membership website.

No matter what you do with this package, you have the potential to see
a great return on your investment!

To secure your copy of this package, simply click on the button
below. In just a few minutes from now, you can be setting
up your very own products for sale, ready to generate profits!


Only $10

click here to order

You will have instant access to the entire package.

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! If you are not satisfied with this package, just let us know within 60 days of your purchase and we will refund 100% of your purchase. After 60 days, all sales are final.

If you need assistance, please open a ticket at

To your success,


Eric Holmlund

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