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From: Geoffrey Woodruff Date: Face it. If you want to stand out online and make people notice your website, you NEED sizzling hot designs and high quality graphics for every offer you create. With hundreds of competitors in your market, sometimes the ONLY difference between gaining a customer or losing a sale, is in the…

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From: Geoffrey Woodruff


Face it. If you want to stand out online and make people notice your website, you NEED sizzling hot designs and high quality graphics for every offer you create.

With hundreds of competitors in your market, sometimes the ONLY difference between gaining a customer or losing a sale, is in the “cosmetic appeal” of your website.

Think about your own experiences when buying online. Would you rather purchase a product from a website that looks like it’s been slapped together by an 8 year old playing around in Paintshop Pro, or from a website with crisp, clean and high quality graphics that truly represents the product and adds instant “perceived value” to the offer?

High quality, professional designs and graphics will win them over every time.

Graphics help potential customers visualize the products they are purchasing and for many, graphics will capture and hold attention easier than ANY other element of your offer. Your visitors eyes will be drawn to the graphics, and you can use this to your advantage by highlighting positive points and important benefits of your product or website!

In the web development arena, we call this “graphical eye candy”, and when used effectively, this technique will literally skyrocket your sales, instantly!

But before you rush off to hire an expensive web designer or graphic artist (at up to $200 per hour), let me show you a brand new, easy way to add sizzle to your sales pages and websites without having to pay a fortune AND without having to lift a finger yourself.

We’ve called this special collection, “Copy Dazzle”, because it was designed with ONE thing in mind >> to capture the attention of your visitors and dazzle your audience with gorgeous, professionally designed websites and sales page elements.

With our exclusive collection of sales page elements, scruffies, buttons, bullets, fully loaded minisites, opt-in boxes, WordPress themes, testimonial boxes, accents, arrows and just about anything else you’ll ever need to create stunning sales pages with VERY little effort on your part!

You’ll find THOUSANDS of killer graphics within our Copy Dazzle collection, and to give you even more incredible value than ever before, we’ve also created a FULL set of high quality minisites, with matching squeeze pages AND WordPress designs!

Check out EVERYTHING you’ll get with our brand new, fully loaded collection!

8 Brand New Minisite Designs with Headers, Footers, Backgrounds & More!

Minisite DesignsWe’ve created a full collection of gorgeous minisite designs spanning across the hottest markets and niches online!

All of these minisites were created exclusively for the “Copy Dazzle” collection, so you won’t find them anywhere else!

They come with headers, footers, backgrounds, pre-created HTML templates and PSD files so you can easily edit them to reflect your domain and offer!

Note: You will also be given over 20 other minisite designs not shown on this page PLUS squeeze page designs and matching WordPress themes!!


eCovers AND Action Script Included!

We’ve also included pre-compiled ecovers for every one of our minisite packages, so you’ll have a gorgeous product image to use with your marketing campaigns!

And to make it even easier, we’ve included the exact ecover action script we personally use, so that you can make changes to the graphic easily!


Add Sizzle To Your Sales Pages & Offers Instantly!Scruffies


Sales page “scruffies” can help draw attention to important points, and keep your visitors attention.

We’ve created a full inventory of handwritten scruffies that will instantly spice up your sales pages, blogs and websites!


* Call to action handwritten scruffies

* Handwritten phrases

* Marketing prompts

This package also includes all handwritten font styles and PSD images so you can easily create additional scruffies and elements if you need them!

Dozens of high quality scruffies and graphics broken down into colors and styles!

Perfect for “Internet Marketing” sales pages and offers AND niche based websites!


Dazzle Your Visitors With Gorgeous Sales Page Elements!

ScruffiesSales pages wouldn’t be complete without graphical elements highlighting important benefits and features of your offer.

With Module #3, you’ll get a full inventory of arrows, accents, buttons, stars, checkmarks, numbers, testimonial boxes and MUCH more!

PLUS – you’ll receive PSD files for all included graphics so you can easily change the color, size or style of every single graphic!

Use accents to emphasize bullet points! Use arrows to instruct visitors into taking action, and use stars, buttons and icons to add pizzazz to your sales page, and keep your visitors attention!

Over 100 graphics included in this module!

Building a List has NEVER been Easier With Pre-Designed Squeeze Pages!

SqueezeWe’re making it easy to start capturing leads and build a targeted mailing list!

With Module #4, you’ll get a full inventory of matching squeeze pages, complete with headers, footers, backgrounds and opt-in forms that are easily edited and customized!

Just plug in your opt-in code and these dynamic squeeze pages will come to life – collecting leads from every visitor to your site!

Squeeze pages match the Minisite templates that are included in Module #1 so you can easily set up an entire sales system!

Note: You will also be given other squeeze page packages, including “alternate” squeeze designs and our new squeeze page styles!

>> Check out alternative layouts here & here!


Customizable Headers For Your Website, Adsense Site, or Blog!


Module #5 provides you with a full set of gorgeous website headers, that include PSD files for easy editing.

Use these headers on your squeeze pages, websites, Adsense sites or blogs!

Includes over 20 different headers with a bonus collection of additional headers (including blank headers where you can easily add your website or product title!).

Headers cover Internet Marketing, Business and Niche topics for a well rounded variety!

Every successful offer needs a headline. You’ll have everything you Need!


Headline styling is an important component of a successful sales page, and with Module #6, you’ll have ready-made headlines that you can instantly customize and use with your offers.

There are 9 different headline styles in PSD and JPG format, AND we’ve included “copy & paste” css headline “cheat sheets” so you can create stunning headlines and sub headlines without Photoshop or any other graphic editing program!

Just copy and paste our pre-created css styling’s to your sales page following our simple instructions.

Module #6 also includes stylized text boxes that you can use for disclaimers, terms of service, guarantees and more!

Matching WordPress Themes!

Wordpress Themes

With Module #7, you’ll be given direct access to 8 WordPress themes that match the Minisite and Squeeze Page designs from Modules #1 and #4!

Use these WordPress themes to create gorgeous blogs around your market, and with PSD files included, you can easily customize the designs to suit your needs!

Wordpress themes are VERY easy to use. Just upload the entire folder into your wp-content directory, activate it from your WP admin panel and it’s ready to go!

Copy Dazzle was created to eliminate time consuming, costly work so you can get your business online faster and easier than ever before. Grab your copy of our exclusive graphic and design collection and maximize your income with premium, high quality graphics and designs!

This Massive collection contains over 10,000 files and is over 3.5Gb in total!

Think about how much money you’ll save by never having to hire a graphic or web designer again!

Professional designers would charge at least $97 for just ONE minisite design, but for thislimited time deal, you’ll get 8 brand new minisite designs, 8 matching squeeze pages, 8 WordPress themes, and over 8,000 other graphics, minisites, review templates, and designs!

PLUS, you’ll be given valuable ‘source files’ which are always closely guarded by seasoned designers because with these files you’ll be able to create an UNLIMITED number of designs from a single source!

Whether you’re a new business owner, a seasoned marketer or a website developer yourself, our Copy Dazzle package will instantly save you time and money!

Grab your copy now and lock in the special introductory price for the entire collection! The price WILL go up (and without notice)!

Best of Success!

Geoffrey Woodruff,

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